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Raising Noah

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 3 - Noah’s Beech Found


<Sandy Beech>

I got to my room without anyone stopping me. Noah was still on my bed sleeping so I went to my bathroom, turned on the shower, stripped and stepped in. I felt my body slid slowly down the wall as I thought of Tommy. I began to sob. A few moments later I felt a small hand on my shoulder. It was Noah.

“Don’t cry Beech, I wuv you. Daddy will make you all better, I prahmised.” Clothed and soaked to the skin the little boy kissed my head and then left. Then next thing I knew Bastian was sitting next to me in the shower with his arm around me.

“I can’t let go of Tommy, Bastian.”

“I know and I know he will always be a part of you like Leo is for me. Leo was the last victim that mad creature killed but I was the last victim. I don’t think I would have made it if it hadn’t been for a lot of friends and the two greatest dads in the world. Even now there are times when it still hurts that he’s not here with me.”

We talked for I don’t know how long but it was a long time. “I am gay you know – it’s just when Tommy died. I wasn’t anything.”

“Yeah, I know. The same thing happened with me after Leo died,” Bastian said sleepily.

“You think we should get out of the shower? You know you could have gotten out of your clothes before you got in the shower,” I chuckled.

“Nah, I couldn’t have. Being naked next to a naked you – well – it would have been hard,” he paused, smiled and then added, “just to listen.” He leant over and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was a simple little peck on the lips but I think I will remember it my whole life.

“I take it you sort of like me. Why?” I asked.

“I know a lot of people and have a lot of friends, good friends. Some of them are gay and some times hit on me but I was never interested and besides I have a son and he is numero uno. I don’t know what happened but when you walked out on to the patio I thought you were so ‘hot’ and then I noticed Noah. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you and in the bubble bath you two played like old friends.”

“Yeah, there’s something about him that seems so familiar. He’s a great kid and so lucky to have you as a dad. So you like me because Noah likes me?”

“No, I like you because I like you. That Noah likes you too makes it awesome.”

We walked out of the bathroom and there on my bed was Noah naked and his wet clothes neatly folded on the floor.  What shocked me was the way they were laid out.

“You okay?” asked Bastian.

“Yeah, it’s just his clothes.”

“He always does that. He likes sleeping naked and he always folds his clothes like that. I suppose Marcy taught him that. I made the mistake of picking them up once and he threw a fit the next morning,” laughed Bastian quietly, “Oh and by the way, my dads are gone so we’re sleeping with you tonight if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, it’s cool.” I carefully scooted Noah’s body over so he was in the middle got into bed and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning I began waking up because someone was blowing in my face.

“Tommy, stop it I’m trying to sleep,” I mumbled sleepily.

I heard a little boy’s giggle and then someone blew in my face again. This time I opened my eyes to see Noah giggling. Somehow I was in the middle. Bastian had a leg and arm over me. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of his body next to mine until Noah blew in my face again. I jumped up to grab him but he was expecting it and jump away. Of course Bastian woke when I jumped up and he heard me chasing Noah around the room both of us laughing and giggling. I nearly caught him but then he said giggling, “Shorty can’t catch me.”

It stopped me dead in my tracks and I sank to the floor.  Last night when I first met Noah he said, “Go Beech. Beech, beech, beech!” That was what Tommy used to do at the games. He’d get our teammates shouting that when I’d get to bat. The way Tommy did his clothes and the fact that he always slept naked was what Noah did last night. If I fell asleep Tommy would always blow in my face to wake me up. Noah was Tommy.

The tears were falling from my eyes and I could hardly see but I swear on my life I saw Tommy, “Tommy,” I cried, “You found me.”

“I pramised I would find you, Beech. I wuv you but I’m not Tommy any more. I’m Noah. Please don’t cry, Beech, I still wuv you. Daddy wuvs you too. Right Daddy?” said Noah.

“I love you, Beech,” I heard Bastian say.

 “Daddy, can I have two daddies like you? Daddy Beech and Daddy Bastian, huh? Paweeze,” said Noah.

Bastian moved beside me on the floor at the foot of my bed where I was sitting with my tears still flowing.

“Beech, when I first saw you yesterday I felt something I haven’t felt for over a year. I felt alive. I felt happy inside. I want you in my life forever even if it’s only as a friend. I need you. Noah needs you.”

My tears had stopped for a few moments but they seemed to be back again. And Bastian began kissing me – little kisses.

“When Tommy and I were together he was almost two years older than me. I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me. We were like best friends and it seemed like we had to be together to be happy. It was weird we slept together naked but we never had sex I thought it was because he was afraid his parents would find out. They were the epitome of homophobic parents.  And to be honest it was like he was an older brother. I mean one time we almost did something together but we both had the feeling it would be wrong – sort of like incest. We would kiss and sometimes grind into each other but that was the extent. Before he died we were talking and I was so upset because I knew Dad’s contract was coming to an end and we’d move again. I hate moving. I told him if Dad moved I would go I’d live on the streets just to be with him. He told me…” I started crying again.

Bastian held me whispering, “You can tell me, I’ll always be here for you, I love you Beech. I love you.”

“He told me he loved me more than anyone or anything in his life but that he knew that he was straight and I was gay. I was like his little brother. I told him I knew what he was saying was true but I just wanted to be a part of his life. He told me I would always be a part of his life but I had to stay with my parents because they were good parents and no matter where I moved, no matter the odds against him he’d find me and he’d find me someone to love. He said I’ll find you a life partner Beech someone who will love you like I can’t. I love you bro. I love you so much. I swear I promise I’ll find you. And he did. I’m sure of it.”

“Yesterday, when I first saw you, I thought you were hot and for the first time in a long time I thought maybe I was gay. When you smiled at me I thought for you I’d be anything. When you told me you were gay it made me happy, really happy. I feel so safe with you. When you asked me if I was gay, I wanted to say YES, but I sort of gave you a maybe type answer and you called me a tease and Noah confirmed it. Last night in the shower I knew I loved you and the kiss. I will remember it forever because I knew then I wanted to be in your life forever. I love you Bastian. I’ll love you forever.”

We kissed. It was my first really passionate kissed which we broke when we heard a little boy giggling and then start saying, “Go Beech! Beech! Beech! Beech! I’ve got two daddies!”

As he left the room we resumed our kiss which was broken when we heard Rob say,”Whoa dudes! Get a room! Oh, wait you got one. Go Beech! Go Bastian!”

We both gave him the finger and he laughed. Of course then we heard the chanting of my dad, mom and Bastian’s dads chanting loudly as they came down the hall lead by Noah, “Go Beech! Go Bastian!”

Mom looked at us. We were still in our boxers and Bastian was lying on top of me and I knew he wouldn’t get up because we both had hardons. “What are you boys doing?” she asked trying to look serious but utterly failing at it.

“Well,” said Bastian, “I’m lying on a Sandy Beech.”

I almost couldn’t believe what I said but my mouth must have been on automatic, “And I’m trying hard not to sprout a palm tree.”

“I wondered what that hard thing was that was poking me,” said Bastian.

Everyone broke out in laughter except Noah. “Why is everyone laughing?” he asked so innocently.

“Sweetheart,” said Bastian, “Remind me when you are sixteen to tell you why everyone is laughing.”

“Okay, Daddy, I will,” replied Noah.

“Okay, you guys,” said Brian, “Get cleaned up and we’ll go to iHOP for breakfast.”

“Yeah, and Sandy, don’t take half the day trying to figure out what to wear,” Dad said to me.

They all left and shut the door but then the door opened and Michael stuck his head in saying, “Bastian, I’ll put clean clothes on the bed and don’t worry about Noah. His new grandma is going to bath him and get him dress.”

The door close for a second and then opened, and Michael said in a really gay voice, “Oh and have fun boys – but just remember Noah will be in here in 30 minutes and you better be dressed.” The door closed.

“Oh, I hate it when does that stereotype gay voice,” said Bastian and then we resumed our kiss.

With the way we were grinding I knew I was about to come. “Bastian, I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too!” he said and we did. “Oh, I love you and tonight we are going to make mad passionate love all night.”



Thirty minutes later we were on our way to iHop.

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