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Raising Noah

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 4 - Taking it Slow


<Sandy Beech POV(Point Of View)>

After our shower Bastian got dressed – light orange cargo shorts and a light blue t-shirt. This presented me with a problem. I wanted to dress in shorts and a t-shirt but I didn’t have any that would complement what Bastian was wearing.

While I was thinking about this I was of course staring at Bastian.

“What?” asked Bastian.

“Oh, sorry I was trying to figure out what to wear,” I half mumbled.

The door opened and Michael said, “Times up, guys. And Bastian you need to get Noah into his car seat.”

I sighed and grabbed a pair of dark blue shorts and a bright yellow muscle shirt.

“Go ahead I’ll be out in a second,” I said to Bastian.

Bastian left and I finished getting dressed. I wondered if he thought I was nuts because I was puzzling over what I should wear. Then another thought crossed my mind. He said he loved me not because Noah loved be but because he loved me. An avalanche of confusion seemed to hit me as I stood looking at myself in the mirror but not really registering anything because I thought, “do I love Noah because I know he’s Tommy? If Noah isn’t Tommy would I still love him. If Noah wasn’t in the picture would I love Bastian? Do I really love Bastian or do I love him because he has Noah who I think is Tommy reincarnated?”

“Sandy, are you okay.” I heard Brian asked as I stood staring at the mirror but still didn’t register what he said.

“Huh? What?”

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

“Yeah, no, I don’t know. I’m all confused and everything in my life seems to be travelling at the speed of light. I don’t know what to do.”

Brian smiled. Damn he was a handsome man. Bastian has is smile. “Well, I tell you what lets go eat and when you’re full you can tell all about it and maybe even sing me a song.”

I laughed. “I’m sorry. I’ve unloaded on you and Bastian so much…”

“Hey, don’t apologize. It’s not necessary. Now let’s go eat.”

I nodded and we left.

I rode with Bastian’s family because Noah insisted I did. He was a bit upset because the way there seats were configured his car seat was behind the driver and Bastian normally sat in the second row of seats. He wanted his car seat to be moved to the middle of rear row of seats so I could sit on one side and Bastian could sit on the other side.

I sat in the back behind him. He was throwing quite a fit about the whole thing. Before I buckled in I looked over the seat. He had such a sad face complete with a tear rolling down his cheek. I smiled which upset him even more and he try to take a swipe at me in protest.

I laughed and said, “Noah, whatever you do just don’t start laughing on our way to iHOP because you’ll make me start laughing to and that will probably annoy everybody else. Okay? So, please keep whining and no matter what don’t laugh.” I said obviously trying to be stern but also looking like I was about to laugh.

I sat back buckled up and waited. I didn’t know if it would work or not but it did. He started to laugh almost as soon as we began moving. Of course as soon as he did I said, “Noah, don’t laugh.”

Have you ever gotten into a laughing thing where you and others start laughing uncontrollably and then finally you get yourself under control until someone starts laughing and is sets you off again. Well that was the way it was between Noah, Bastian and me the whole way to iHOP. Bastian has the most infectious laugh which even got Brian and Michael going. Bastian would calm down and it would get quite in the car for a second or two and then I burst out laughing or Noah would and the whole cycle would start again.

In the restaurant Noah got his way. He got to sit between Bastian and me. When the waitress came over he proudly announced. “I have two daddies! This is my daddy and this is my other daddy.” I think I seriously blushed at Noah’s next proclamation, “My daddy loves Beech and Beech loves daddy and my daddy and Beech were lying on the floor kissing on the lips for a long time and Daddy said he wuved Beech and Beech said he wuved Daddy.”

My mom and dad burst out laughing and I think the others were chuckling too. Me, I was wishing I was elsewhere. I didn’t hear Bastian laughing so I suppose he was feeling as embarrassed as me. I glanced over and was a bit relieved that his ears were red. So I wasn’t the only one totally embarrassed.

When waitress got our order and left my dad laughed, “Paybacks a bitch, eh Sandy?”

I knew then it was going to be my parents telling stories about how I embarrassed them in public. I had heard them all before ad nauseam. “I’ve heard all these stories at least a hundred times before so I think I’ll adjourn to the restroom and relieve my bladder.

While I was peeing I started thinking and sort of phased out a bit. What is Love? I was trying to figure that out and that lead me to thinking about a music video I’d seen a while back. Rob had insisted I watch - what was on video by a couple of cute guys – well the one I watched only had one cute guy but I seen him with another guy singing Numa Numa. I thought about Noah and I remember I thought he was a cute kid before I knew he was or had been Tommy and we got along so well.

I started thinking about Tommy. Before he had told me that he was straight I knew he was straight even though I hoped differently. It never bothered him that I was gay and in love with him. There was never that much love in his family – his birth had been an accident and his parents were forced to get married. They seemed to resent each other and sometimes he felt they resented him. He said that if I’d been a girl or if he’d been gay I’d have lost my virginity after the first time we hung out because he found love. He had guess pretty early on that I was gay and totally in love with him.

The first time we hung out together he told me he knew I was gay I freaked out. I was sure he’d out me or hate me but he didn’t.  He said I was the younger brother he never had but always wanted. There were times he’d ask me my ideal for a boyfriend; most of the time I’d say ‘You, someone like you but gay’. He asked me what about him made me fall in love with him. That took a while to figure out but I told him it was his smile.

That’s what first attracted me to Bastian. Bastian has a killer smile. He looks a little like Jake Walmsley of Syncasta. Jake is a UK hottie with an awesome smile but Bastian is cuter and his smile is – I don’t know let’s say this if Jake smiled at me my heart would beat about 10 beats a minute faster where as when Bastian smiles at me it’s like so fast I forget about counting. Besides all that is I have no idea if Jake is straight or gay and really I don’t care because he’s much to old for me and live too far away and finally he prolly wouldn’t give me a first look much less a second look; unless he likes young cute, hot sixteen year olds.

The words ‘are you okay’ startled me back to reality. I look to see Bastian staring at me with a smile. I’d finished pissing and was still holding my dick and had been staring at the wall in front of the urinal for God knows how long.

“Huh, uh, yeah, uh I guess I sort of was thinking about things,” I said feel very embarrassed and quickly shaking my dick and put it back in it’s place them zippered up my pants.

“Are you sure cuz you were staring at that wall for at least two minutes? I wasn’t sure if I should interrupt you or not but the food has been served.”

“How long have I been in here?” I asked as I washed my hands.

“About fifteen minutes. Noah is a little upset because you didn’t come back.”

“I’m sorry. I told him you were probably trying to poop and sometimes that takes a long time. It must have been something serious you were thinking about. Care to share?”

“Yeah, well, uh, sure…you and Noah mainly. I guess. I really like you…a LOT and well we need to talk but not here not now…I’m sort of hungry and.” I saw a bit of worry on his face.  “Look things are moving so fast and I – I never felt this strongly about anyone so quickly and it sort of scares me. And, and I really don’t want to talk about this in the Men’s Restroom while I’m hungry.”

Bastian smiled, “Okay, let’s go feed you and then later we can talk and sort things out.”

We got back to the table and Noah said in a louder voice that I would have liked, “Did you get your poop out, Beech?”

“I wasn’t pooping. I was thinking,” I replied.

“About what?”

“Just stuff. I am really hungry right now and I need to eat. Okay?”

“Okay. You want a bite of my pancakes?”

“No thanks.”

I notice Brian looking at me and smiled, “I’m really hungry. I’ll be fine after I eat.”

“Yeah, you’re like a bear when you don’t eat,” laughed Mom.

The rest of breakfast went fine the parents had decided that we would have a cook out at the McCormick’s. Mom, Dad and Robert would return home and I would spend the day with the McCormicks and help out with the preparations, Mom would bring her ‘famous’ cheesecake and a potato salad.

Noah didn’t throw a fit about the position of his car seat. I wondered if it was because he’d been hungry or was it because I was coming home with him or because I was sitting in the 2nd row with him and Bastian was sitting in the third row.

When we arrived at their place Noah had to show me his room first. As I sort of expected his room was totally ordered and neat. Tommy had been the same. The only thing missing from his room was a bed.

“Where’s your bed?” I asked.

“In Daddy’s room,” he answered.

“Why were you scared to sleep alone?” I asked.

“No. Daddy was sad. He missed his Leo,” he responded softly, “You won’t let Daddy be sad, will you Beech?”

“I’ll try not to make him sad. I’ll try to make him happy,” I answered.

He then took me to Bastian’s room and announced, “Daddy, I want my bed in my room.” So Bastian and I moved his bed back into his room.

“Beech, you wanna play?”

“Well, I’d love to play but I need to talk with your daddy for a while. Is that okay?”

He smiled and nodded his head.

Bastian and I returned to his room and Bastian closed the door.

He took my hand and led me over to his bed and told me to lie down and get comfortable.

“How did you ever convince him to move his bed?” asked Bastian.

“I didn’t. I asked him where his bed was and he said it was in here and I asked him if he was scared to sleep by himself and he said no.”

“I thought that was why he insisted upon sleeping in here. So did he give you a reason?”

“Yeah, he said you were sad because you missed Leo and he thought that being in here would make you happy. He’s an amazing boy. He cares so much about you and I think he made the right choice in picking you as his father.”

“It was Marcy that chose me to be his father,” said Bastian.

I shook my head ‘no’, “I’ll never believe that. She may have been the one to tell you but I think he was the one to tell her.”

“Perhaps you’re right; Marcy told me that he always called me Daddy when she would show her the picture Michael took of me holding his as a newborn.”

For the next three hours we talked about Leo, Noah, Bastian’s adventures and he showed me a lot of the photos he’d taken. I told him some about my life and sports.

“So, why were you staring at the wall in the restroom?” asked Bastian.

“I’d sort of hoped you forgot about that,” I smiled, “I was lost in my thoughts about you and me. I’m not so lost now because – well we’ve been talking. Everything seems to be moving and happening so fast…but then it did with Tommy too. I mean when I first joined the team I hated him even though I thought he was hot. Then a week later after I pitched my first game – it was like I was totally in love with him. In the beginning after that game I’d only see him at practice or a game but after a few weeks we had a Friday night game and he asked me if I wanted to hang out the next day.”

“Of course I said ‘yes’ and then suggested he sleep over at my house then we would have all Saturday together. His response was ‘sure, but I sleep naked’. Oh, man I thought my wildest dream were coming true so I said, “Me too” which was a complete lie.”

I smiled, “I was so sure that he was gay at that point but when we got home he wanted to watch TV. We watched TV for a while then I pretended I was getting sleepy – he wanted to continue watching a movie which I’d seen a hundred times. He told me to go on to bed he’d be there as soon as the movie ended. Guess what?”

“You fell asleep,” laughed Bastian.

“Yep, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning. Sure enough he sleeps naked. He was lying on his belly looking at me when I woke up. I chanced a look at his naked butt.”

That got me remembering the whole incident…

“I got a sexy butt; don’t cha think?” Tommy said.

“Yeah, I-I guess.” He caught me checking out his butt.

“Beech, I want to ask you two questions and I don’t want you to freak out, I want you to be totally truthful. Okay?” he asked.

My heart was beating so fast I figure I knew what was coming and I was determined to be honest so, I nodded.

“Beech, are you gay?” he asked softly and non-threateningly.

He was the first person I ever admitted the truth to about my sexuality. He showed no reaction to my answer which was “Yes.”

“Second question, are you in love with me?”

I was so I told him the truth, “Yeah, I love you, Tommy.”

“Thanks for being honest with me, Beech. Well, now that, that’s settled I saw that you guys have a hoop so let’s get up and go shoot some hoops.”

I wanted so much to hear him admit to me what I’d just admitted to him. But he didn’t he completely changed the subject and started putting on his clothes. I felt devastated. I turned over in bed facing away from him. Was he now going to tell everybody that I was a faggot? My life would be over if that happened.

“Come on dude, get out of bed and let’s go shoot hoops,” he said cheerfully, “I’ll bet you’re pretty good at shooting. But first, I have to go pee”

As soon as he left the room I got up and threw on some clothes not caring how I was dressed. I had to get out of there before I started bawling.

Mom was up and in the kitchen. “Mom Tommy will be here in a few, can you give him a ride home. I have do go for a ride on my bike?” Mom was used to me going for a ride or ride on weekend mornings.

“Isn’t your friend going to go too?” she asked.

“Nah, he doesn’t like biking. Later,” I was out the door, grabbed my bike and was gone.

I rode as fast and furious as possible for nearly and hour before returning home exhausted, hot and sweaty. As I entered the kitchen Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table taking it easy and drinking coffee.

“Sandy, your breakfast is in the microwave when you’re ready. Oh, and your friend, Tommy changed his mind he’s playing games with your brother.”

I went straight to my room, stripped and got into a hot shower. I felt worse now than I had when I left. It was so plain to me that he simply didn’t care and didn’t love me now that he knew I ‘m gay and that hurt so much. I began to cry.
The bathroom door opened and I heard Tommy say, “Beech if you ever run away from me like that I’ll – Beech? Are you crying? Oh, Beech, don’t cry. Please, don’t cry. I’m sorry.”

Instantly, he was in the shower with me.

“You hate me now, but I still love you Tommy.” I cried.

“Beech, I do love you. I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else in my life, but I’m not gay. I care about you Beech. You’re the most awesome person I’ve ever met,” he said as his arm wrapped around me and he held me tight.

I came back to the present and looked at Bastian and smiled, “You’ve got a sexy butt too. But away…” I sighed.

“Yeah?” said Bastian.

“Well, I just hope I live up to your expectations,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never had sex before and uh, this is so hard for me to talk about. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to fuck up, oh, I mean screw up, I mean you know not make you happy,” I think I was deep scarlet by the time I finished saying that.

Bastian giggled, “You know you are so damn cute. I’m a bit nervous too even though I’ve had sex. You are so awesome I just want to be perfect for you. I don’t know but when I first saw you something scared me inside. I felt I was letting go of Leo. I’ve held his memory so close for so long and then you came along and he started slipping away. At first I felt it was wrong but then I realized that it was a natural course of events. You are here and Leo isn’t and if I were Leo I would want me to let go and live in the present so I can have a future. We’ll take it slow okay?”

I nodded. He kissed me. At that moment if you’d asked me anything about Tommy I would have said Tommy who.

I returned the kissed with all the pent up passion I’d had for Tommy but could never express. With Bastian I knew I could do, say, feel anything and he’d be there with me.

In a matter of seconds we were naked and I was kissing my way down his torso. I looked at his perfect penis – yep that was what it was – a perfect penis. I kissed it, licked it, and devoured it. Listening to his groans and moans I learnt what he liked. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. The taste of his precum seemed to send me into a feeding frenzy. I was totally enjoying myself. I couldn’t believe sex could be this fantastic. I was getting off by pleasuring him. “Ohmigod! Sandy I’m about to cum!”

As the first blast of cum shot hit the back of my throat I knew I was so close to cumming too and before I knew it I had the best orgasm I’d ever had.

After a few minutes while we were still coming down from our sexual high Bastian giggled, “Well, so much for taking it slow. And by the way, when it comes to sex you have nothing to worry about. Sandy Beech, I love you.”

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