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Raising Noah

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 9


<Bastian’s POV>

Treyvon and I had talked a lot over the weekend in between watching movies and playing video games. He was way better than me at video games.

Both Treyvon’s parents were civil rights attorneys. At one point he asked me about Sandy. He didn’t know Sandy but had had the same PE class. I really didn’t want to talk about Sandy but he kept on pushing me to talk about him so I did with lots of tears. My biggest fear was he would never remember our love.

He was cool about me being gay, but he wasn’t gay. He regretted calling me a faggot in more ways than one. His parents castigated him for such bigoted behavior and made him read articles about gays and lesbians and hate crimes. He said he nearly cried when he read about Matt Sheppard.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Noah got all his questions answered about brown people and he has a new best friend.

Friday is going to be my first swimming meet. I am totally excited and nervous. Teamwise we were 100% better thanks in large to my dad, Michael. Michael is a natural at coaching. He was tough when he needed to be but most of all he was encouraging us and making us believe in ourselves as a team.

Coach Butterworth and his partner were our dinner guests on Wednesday evening. After dinner Noah and I made ourselves scarce as I really didn’t want to sit around and listen to a bunch of adults.

“Daddy, I miss Beech,” said Noah as we were watching ‘Land before Time’ for the hundredth time.

“So, do I, sweetheart. I miss him so much,” I said.

Thursday all I could think about was the swimming meet and how much I missed Sandy. When I got home I found out that Michael and Dad were going out for the evening.

“Get to bed early and don’t tire yourself out swimming or in the gym. I want you well rested for the meet tomorrow,” said Michael as they left.

I confess I did workout a bit after I got Noah to bed, but I didn’t over do it. I was in bed before they got back home.

Michael and Dad were extra cheerful at breakfast.

“You guys must have had sex last night,” I laughed.

“As a matter of fact we did,” laughed Dad.

I don’t know what it is but the idea that your parents were having sex is gross.

“Gross!” I exclaimed.

“No, it wasn’t gross at all. The way Brian…”

“TMI!!” I yelled before Michael started describing their… well you know the things that they do.

When I got to school and was walking to my locker I heard someone shout, “Hey Bastian.”

I turned to see Rob Beech smiling like he got laid or something.

“Hey Rob!”

“Dude! You guys are going to win the meet today – it’s a given! I can’t wait to see your face at the meet. I’ll be there cheering you on,” he said poking me in the chest. Rob shook his headstill smiling. “What the fuck,” he said and then pulled me into his chest giving a big hug. “I love you bro…You’re going to be so great this afternoon” He released me from the hug and dashed off.

“What was that all about?” asked Treyvon as he approached me.

“I have no clue,” I laughed, “Rob has never been that effusive. Weird, but I think I like him being more out going like that. He sure is happy about us winning today which by the way we are doing. Right?”


“OF THE WORLD!” I added.

I was really psyched up for the game. I think the whole school was which struck me as odd because swimming meets usually only have a small crowd attending and today it seemed like everyone was going to be there today. All my classmates at least said they were going to be there.

We were getting dressed in our Speedos when a loud young boy’s voice yelled, “GO TIGER SHARKS! Grr!”

Yeah, my son was here. I turned to see him. He was dressed in an orange and black Speedo with matching flip-flops but that wasn’t all. He had orange mittens with black claws painted on them, orange and black strips like a tiger painted on his torso and a small tiger mask that covered his nose and made him look like a cat/tiger. He was adorable. Everyone cheered.

Michael talked briefly with the coach, said something to Noah and then left. Noah looked at me with a huge smile. I wondered what he and Michael had cooking but then the coach started giving us a pep talk and I didn’t think anything more about Michael and Noah.

The coach told us that we were to enter the swimming area once our name was called introducing each team member and not until it was call. Noah was first as he was our official mascot. I as the newest member of the team would be last.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the newest addition to the Tiger Sharks Team – the team mascot, Noah McCormick” Noah paraded out pawing the air and doing his growling thing.

I wished I could have seen him but from the audience reaction with cheers, I am sure he was putting on a good show. He really got them going and within seconds he’d had everyone chanting, “Go Tiger Sharks”.

Finally the announcer said, “The newest team member to join the Tiger Sharks, Bastian McCormick”.

As I walked out the crowd was hushed. I was sort of disappointed because all the other team members had gotten cheered.

Then someone yelled, “GO BASTIAN!” I looked up because I recognized the voice. It was Sandy. I stood there not moving my eyes fixed on him. But now everyone was cheering “Go Bastian!”

I saw Sandy mouth, “I love you.”

I mouthed back, “I love you too.” I don’t know how I kept from crying but I did.

Noah rushed over to me and grabbed my hand.

“You knew!” I said to him.

“Yep! Beech is back! He said for me to tell you he’s sorry. He didn’t mean it. He loves you more than anything,” replied the joyous boy.

To say the least we won every single race that day against the second highest team in the city. Part of it was I am sure due to the theatrics of Michael in introducing the team and getting so many students to the meet. I mean when you have half a school cheering you on and the other team has only ten people – it makes a difference. Of course it was also largely due to the fact that we are a great team and for my part because I swam like hell to impress my boyfriend.

Treyvon came over to me after our victory, “Surprised?” he asked and nodded towards Sandy.

“Speechless,” I replied.

“Your dad, Coach McCormick, is awesome he planned all this and the rest of us talked everyone else into coming to the meet. That was easy to do because it was for you and you are one of the most popular students in the school.”

“Me? Popular?” I queried.

Treyvon rolled his eyes,”Oh duh! Well, go on then. Go give your boyfriend a hug and a…” he pursed his lips and made kissing sounds.

Sandy was still sitting in the bleachers. So, I went to see him.

“I love you,” were the first words out of my mouth when I got to him.

“I’m so sorry, Bastian, I-I was so confused. I couldn’t remember anything until a few days ago after Rob and I got into an argument.”

I took Sandy in my arms, “You’re back and that’s all that matters to me. I love you Sandy Beech,” I said softly.

A soft mittened hand patted me on the back, “Daddy, Grandpa Mike says come on and get dressed and stop making out with you’re boyfriend. What’s making out mean? We are having a party! So come on!” nagged Noah.

I ignored his question, kissed Sandy on the cheek, and followed my son to the locker room.

Of course everyone wanted to celebrate our victory but all I really wanted to do was be with Sandy.

Thanks to Dad and Michael the team celebration was held at our house with all the team members and their families.

Sandy and Rob rode with us on the way home. What I didn’t know was that Sandy was going to be living with us as Michael had offered to work with him doing his physical therapy exercises.
Another thing I didn’t know was whether we’d be sharing my room or if he’d be in the guest room.

We rode in silence and I guess everyone was having their own thoughts. However the silence was broken.

“Daddy, what’s making out?” asked Noah.

Michael, Dad, Rob and Sandy burst out laughing.

“Why is everybody laughing?” asked Noah.

“Because they have a weird sense of humor," I said, “Making out is kissing – a lot of kissing.”

“Oh, like you and Beech used to do when Beech lies on top of you and you kiss him on the lips for a long time?” he asked.

I noticed Sandy blush. I think I did too. Dad and Michael were snickering. Rob went into a fit of laughter.

“Ugh, yes,” I replied thinking I’d better lock the bedroom door in the future.

When we got home Michael said, “Rob, did you get your things put away?”

“Yes, sir” replied Rob.

“Oh, good, I need your help. The caterers will be here any minute. Bastian, can you and Sandy get Noah cleaned up. His makeup is water soluble and should wash right off.”

“Sure,” we replied.

When we got to Noah bathroom I turned on the water making sure is wasn’t too hot while Noah took off his Speedo. Sandy added bubble bath to the water and I picked up Noah’s Speedo and drop it into the laundry basket. Sandy and I really hadn’t said much to each other.

“It feels like I’m starting over from the beginning,” Sandy said.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t remember very much…I know I love you, but I don’t remember things,” he said as a few tears started to fall.

I pulled him into my arms and he rested his head on my shoulder. “Babe, it’s okay. I have you back and that’s all matters to me. I love you Sandy.”

We stayed like that until our silence was broken by the boy in the bubble bath, “Beech, are you going to be my other daddy again?”

“Do you want me to be your daddy again?” Beech asked.

“Yes!” Noah said excitedly.

“Do you want me to be your lover?” Sandy asked.

“Say ‘yes’, daddy,” prompted Noah.

“More than anything,” I replied. Sandy lifted his head off my shoulder. Our lips touched and we kissed.

“Yippee!” shouted Noah as he got out of the tub while Sandy and I continued our kiss.

 A few moments later, “Ah-mmm!”

We broke our kiss. I was hard as a rock and it obviously showed because Michael stood in front of us and glanced down. Sandy blushed, he was too.

“Do you think you two could dress your son? He’s running around the house naked screaming, ‘I’ve got two daddies and they are making out!’” laughed Michael. And then in a soft voice, “It’s good to see you two back together.”

The party was great. Noah was in his element. He is definitely a people person and a bit of a show-off. The thing is even the grown ups loved him and he soaked up their praise and complements like a dry sponge in water.

Of course by the end of the evening everyone knew he had two daddies. Thank goodness he didn’t add in the part about making out.

The team accepted Sandy as just another member of our team and let him know they wanted him swimming with us as soon as he was all healed up.

I found out that it was Treyvon who got the word passed around to the students that when I was announced no one was to cheer until Sandy said ‘Go Bastian’.

Treyvon has turned out to be a really good friend not just to me but also to Sandy.

It seems a lot of today was instigated by Dad, Michael, Rob, Sandy and Treyvon.

Rob had started everything. A couple of days after the accident Sandy had been in a real funk and had pretty well stayed in that funk all this time until he and Rob got into an argument. Sandy finally during their argument told Rob that he was broken hearted because I had never been to see him. Rob told him that I had been to see him and the result of that visit.

Sandy remember the incident but thought it was a nightmare. Sandy really broke down and their parent called Dr Chalmers who called Dad. Dad and Michael went over to see Sandy on Dr. Chalmers suggestion. Between the three of them (Michael, Dad, and Rob) they managed to convince Sandy that I too was in a serious funk.

It seems the final thing to convince Sandy was Michael calling Treyvon and Sandy talking with Treyvon. Treyvon told him about when we first met (and want a shit he was) but after getting to know me he consider I was his best friend. ‘It’s hard not to love him – I think resistance is futile and that kid of his is gonna be a carbon copy’ Treyvon told Sandy.

“Treyvon made it totally clear that he was straight.” Sandy told me, “He saw a picture you had of me that sits on your nightstand and asked you if you kiss the picture and he said you said ‘Every night and I tell him how much I love him’. He said your eyes got all watery and you sniffed and said ‘I miss him so much – it’s like a big part of me is gone.’”

Rob was staying with us for the week because Dad had sent Joe Beech out to Arizona to do some preliminary negotiations with a security software company Dad was thinking of acquiring. Sandy said that they didn’t have any meetings until Wednesday so his mom and dad were going to spend a few days in Las Vegas then fly on to Phoenix.

Rob had the guest room and my wish was granted. Sandy was sharing my room which now that I think of it, is our room, our bathroom and our bed.

My life was back together again. I had my dads, my lover and my beautiful son.

“Bastian,” Sandy said as we relaxed in our afterglow, “You know it’s going to be great watching our son grow. I wonder what the future holds.”

“I don’t know but knowing Noah, I think it’s going to be interesting, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes exciting, and almost always fun. And he’ll probably drive us crazy when he gets to be our age.”


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