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For all the goodness than comes with closeness, between friends and more.
For all the beauty, obscured and obliterated, by the actions of idiots,
To all the ones who can tell the difference,
and especially to the ones who live the difference...



Ray's Circle

Chapter 3

The Saturday Morning After

two years ago


Ray woke with wood, as usual.  Just as he was reaching for it though, he realized Tommy was laying next to him in his bed.  He could feel his breath on his neck and his body heat on his back.  He turned his head to look over his shoulder.  There indeed lay Tommy, seemingly sound asleep, his face smooth, relaxed, his breathing low and even.  He looked like an angel, Ray thought.  That smooth, white skin, the thin, dark eye brows, his dark, ruby-red lips, only slightly parted.  Ray realized that the two of them  were almost spooned, just inches separated them.

Ray reveled in the memories of last night.  At one time, Ray thought he knew that Tommy was never going to do anything of these kinds of things with him, and that anything he ever did with him would just be the normal 'fooling around' stuff all the guys did.  Of all the guys, though, Tommy was the one Ray most wanted to do those things, and so much more, with.  Tommy was always the shyest of the group, and by far the shyest of The Circle; yet, last night, Tommy had not only let down his guard against any 'gay talk', he had actually initiated, sustained and followed through.  That had surprised Ray to no end.

Ray slowly rolled backward until he felt the warm contact along his spine.  Then he lifted and scooted his butt back a few inches.  Tom's breathing stayed slow and deep.  Surely he was deep asleep, Ray thought.  I've done this enough to know when someone starts to wake up. 

Carefully, and slowly, Ray scooted his butt back another two inches or so, as if he were simply moving in his sleep.

Yes, that's it, Ray smiled.  He could feel Tommy's hips, and he was certain, a little something hard and pointy at just about the right spot.  Ray leaned back a bit to firm up the contact and rested there, wishing this was more than what it was; his getting a cheap thrill. 

Even now, it was almost impossible to believe what Tommy had done with him last night.  Ray had done that, this, and more, with other boys, experiments and explorations with each other, playful touching to serious sex acts, but Tommy was the last of The Circle that Ray had done any of these things with alone.

Ah, if only Tommy would put his arm around me, grab my crotch and say "Good morning!" to me! Ray dreamt.  But, this was pretty good.  And after the great time last night, this was hot.  Ray lay there for quite a while, just feeling Tommy against him, as his mind dealt with the wonderful realization of having finally done something with Tommy.  No, Tom, Ray thought.  He doesn't seem like a Tommy anymore, and I'm the last one to still call him that anyway. Yea, Tom, now.  And I jacked-off with Tom. 

What more would Tom be willing to do? Ray considered.

Every once in a while, Ray would wiggle his hips, just a bit, for the feel of Tom against him.  It was wonderful.  After nearly an hour of this, Ray gently rubbing and tickling himself through his tighty-whities, he was tingling and tense with pleasure.

I'd do anything to get Tom to want this and so much more, Ray's mind kept returning to this same thought, again and again, as well as wondering how to initiate further activates with Tom, and not screwing things up.  He would rather keep Tom as his best friend and never touch him again, than do anything that would sever their friendship; like what happened with Jeff.

Tom rolled toward Ray, bumping him with his erection and his hips, and grunted softly.  Tom then rolled away and lay still momentarily.  Ray lay unmoving, his eyes now closed, feigning sleep.  Groaning softly, Tom moved enough to shake the bed and soon Ray saw him walking toward the bathroom, scratching his butt through his white briefs.  Ray watched through squinted lids so that Tom didn't know Ray was awake in case Tom looked back. He went into the bathroom and out of sight. 

As he stood in the bathroom, taking a morning leak, holding his almost hard dick in his hands, watching the stream come faithfully out of the tip, Tom considered what he had done last night; he smiled and secretly blushed.

Afraid of someone calling him a fag, or of his friends abandoning or ridiculing him, Tom kept the tightest lid on his thoughts, eyes, and what he said.  He thought out every sentence, every word, every possible meaning before he spoke during these late night sexually charged sessions of The Circle.  He never, ever, thought that any of the other guys had any thoughts about each other like he sometimes did.  Thoughts about touching, feeling, stroking, exploring, knowing more than a guy is supposed to know about another guy.  Tom was indeed curious, about everything; especially the forbidden or the extreme.  That was Tom's weakness, if he had any one particular one; his burning desire to experience everything.  Other than that one drive, Tom was as shy as could be, even for a shy fourteen year old boy in eight grade.

Now that his bladder was empty, his morning woody was wanting attention.  Might as well, Tom thought, standing before the porcelain throne.  He could get it off into the toilet and flush it before going back to bed.  He was worried that Ray had caught him spooning him during the night, but he couldn't help himself.  He wanted to know what it was like to hold someone all night.  He figured if Ray moved, it would wake him up, since any movement his brother made at night certainly did!  Tom remembered slowly, so slowly, nudging up closer to Ray's back.  He could just see the outline of Ray's form in the almost pitch black, and kept the sheets out of the way with one hand as he used the other to scoot closer and closer.

He had just closed his eyes, remembering the touch of his chest, groin and legs with Ray, and was starting a good jerk-off, when he heard a noise from the bedroom and he froze.

Ray heard the sound of a morning piss and waited to see what would happen.  He debated whether he should go for it and have a fast wank to gain some release or not.  He might have enough time, and it was likely Tom was doing much the same in the bathroom right now.  The sound of peeing had stopped a short while ago and no other sounds had come out of there. 

Ray's dick twitched and tingles ran through him and his cock pushed out more pre-cum into this shorts as he thought about it.  But, what a waste, Ray thought.  When he could use it so much better together, Ray wished.  He rolled over to adjust his shorts and the thin sheets, and as he did, the remote for the teevee fell out of the covers, striking the leg of the table beside the bed before hitting the floor. 

Ray froze.  He knew Tom had to have heard that.  He slammed himself back on the sheets and closed his eyes.  He heard the toilet flush and after a few seconds he felt the bed move as Tom crawled back in it. 

SHIT! Ray exclaimed inside.  In his rush, Ray had dropped onto his back, and not the same side he was on when Tom got out of the bed.  And, of course, his hard-on must be obvious in this position through the thin sheets!  There was no way he could cover it, now!  Any movement he made to cover it would only point it out, if Tom hadn't already spotted it! 

Ray lay motionless for some time, listening to Tom's breathing; fast and a bit shallow, as if he had just finished running up a short flight of stairs, and it was kind of close.  He cracked his right eyelid and turned his head to his right, toward where Tom would be laying. 

Right into Tom's dark brown, almost black, eyes. 

"I didn't think you were asleep," Tom said, smiling, sitting there uncovered, his right hand inside his under shorts. 

"Yea, I knocked the remote off the bed. "

Tom slunk down the mattress until he was laying on his left side, facing Ray, his right hand still in his shorts.  "Um, Ray, I wanna talk about. . . "

"I thought you might," Ray replied.  Here it comes, the 'It was fun, but we can't be fags together; speech.

"Well, first, it was cool.  I mean, I learned a new way, and I really liked it.  And how did you figure that position out?" Tom asked, surprising himself with how casual he felt, laying here with Ray, his hand in his shorts cuddling his pecker.  But hell, he saw the wood Ray was sporting this morning, and now knowing Ray was awake, and had to know what he was showing off under the thin sheets...

"The kneeling-ball-bash or the side-fist-fuck?" Ray asked, laughing. 

After sharing the laugh, Tom asked "Either one!  Man, I'm gonna be on my side a lot from now on!  That was cool!  Where did you pick that up?"

"I, really, well, would rather not.  Just say, I, I've experimented some," Ray said, red-faced and no longer looking at his friend.

"Um, you done it with somebody before?" Tom asked slowly, almost stating it instead of asking.

"Uh, well, can I tell you?" Ray said, looking back into Tom's dark eyes.

"Yea, like then, like now, like always," Tom replied, holding his hand out between them, palm vertical.  The hand that has just been inside his under wear, wrapped around his wood.

Ray extended his own hand, laying palm to palm with Tom's, and added, "Like then, like now, like always." while locking eyes with Tom as they slid their palms across each other's, locking fingertips for a moment, then pointing to each other as if their hands were pistols, firing once.

"Okay.  Yea.  I did some stuff with some guys, sometimes," Ray admitted.  Gawd! That was tough! Ray declared internally.  How in the hell did I say it?!?  It just came out!

"Wow.  I know em?" Tom asked, then quickly added, "NO!  Don't answer that!  I honestly don't wanna know! Okay!  It don't matter and none of my business.  Like us, ain't nobody's business if we do," Tom stated with a chopping motion of his open hand.

"Exactly, that's why I don't wanna talk about it.  Much.  Maybe some stuff, like I told you about Roger, and when I wanna, okay?" Ray asked.

"Okay, but how about the kneeling ball thing?"

"That, I discovered by myself.  I just wanted to be like, in the doggie position and when I tried to move like I would if I were fucking, my balls just started doing what they do.  I liked it so I did it after that sometimes."

"Sure it wasn't while butt-fucking Jon?" Tom asked, laughing, referring to his older brother.  "It was a good time, really, Ray.  I want to do it again, soon," Tom said as matter-of-factly as if he was asking for another game of chess. 

"Really?" Ray asked, trying hard to keep his voice sounding normal.  Oh, gawd!  It's not a 'not again' speech!  It's a 'let's do it again' speech!

"Yea.  'Cause, it was wicked!  My dick is still sore, kinda," Tom said, still fondling himself as he lay on top of the covers. 

"You know, mine is hard as a tire iron again," Ray said, putting both his arms under the covers and obviously resting them on his crotch area. 

"Yea, I noticed!" Tom said, glancing down at the area where Ray's erection had been so recently obvious.  "So, you wanna go again?" Tom asked. 

Ray felt his stomach contract tightly, his spine tingle and his breath catch.  There it was!  Oh, yes!!  Again!  And again and again!  Please!  "Dude, if you're up for a morning wank, I know I am," he answered, smiling right at Tom, who returned the big smile and helped throw the blankets back. 

Both boy's white briefs had varying yellowish stains across their fronts, including a new wet spot where both their heads had been.  It took only seconds for both boys to pull their briefs down to their knees and have things well in hand. 

They began playing with their morning salutes, Tom, as usual, had his hand wrapped tightly around his almost five inches, pulling the loose skin over his shaft, from bush to prominent head ridges.  Ray was gently and loosely rubbing his dick between the head flares and the top of he circumcision scar with only a ring made of his thumb and forefinger, barely brushing his skin.

Both boys caught each other's eyes watching each other jack off. 

"We do it so different.  I wonder how many ways there are to do it?  Wanna do each other?" Tom asked. 

Of course, I've fantasized about it a hundred times!  Ray wanted to say.  His mouth settled for, "Okay, if you want to."  How can this be happening? Ray asked himself.  He watched as Tom reached with his left hand and gripped his dick as Ray moved his own hand away.  Ray used his right to reach over and take a firm grip on Tom's shorter cock.  It was awkward at first, for both boys, many changes of arm positions, who's arm was on top, where to bend the elbow to, how to grip the strange dick and so on.

Ray was used to his own dick, a full six inches at fourteen, but Tom's shorter dick was also thinner, and Ray had no problem wrapping the fingers of his right hand around it, his thumb overlapping his forefinger.  He had to re-grip Tom's stone-hard tool several times, and gasped as Tom began to stroke what he held. 

Tom was left-handed in most things, including his own sexual manipulations.  It was almost natural, as if ordained, that the two boys should end up doing it this way, he thought.  Tom's natural left-handedness lent itself perfectly to this arrangement.  Ray's dick was longer and thicker than Tom's, but he managed to wrap his hands around it and slide the skin over the hard inner core.

Both boys used a tight and fast grip once they got used to holding another dick than their own.  Both boys had also leaked enough pre-cum to lubricate their heads and make noises as the skin from dicks and fists mixed it around.  They lay back, hips and legs touching, arms crooked over each other's chests, hands doing a familiar task to an unfamiliar part. 

Tom had never, not once, touched some other guys dork.  Not that the thought hadn't been in his mind now for some time, especially since finding those magazines in Ray's trunk.  This is so awesome! he thought silently.  So much better than doing it myself!  Oh, man!  Ray, do it to me!

Tom had been curious about other boys ever since The Circle started getting high and looking at the mags his older brother, Jon, was happy to supply them with.  Where Jon got them, or how, Tom never bothered to wonder, let alone ask,.  Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy and others, all usually old, worn and stained, sometimes sticky between some pages.

In seconds, the room was full of low noises; the boys moaning softly, the sound of wet cocks being beaten and the occasional gasp as one boy or the other got a stroke wrong, either pinching or scratching the other, usually followed by nervous laughing from them both, and an occasional  "I liked it!"

Ray had mostly been watching his own hand working Tom's cock, taking frequent looks at Tom's working of his own shaft.  This was so awesome! Ray's thoughts echoed in his mind.  Ray groaned after Tom stopped momentarily and then gained a near-perfect grip and started going to town with some skill.  "Mmmm-gaaahhhhh, yea, Tom, that's it," Ray changed his own speed to match and with his other hand cupped his own balls.

Tom whispered "This is hot, dude! I ain't gonna last much longer. . . " Tom said, his own breathing coming in short rasps and his face flush with pleasure.  His dick is so thick, and long, and those balls!  Man, they must weigh a pound each!  I bet they shoot more cum at once than I do in a week! Tom thought as he watched his own hand stroke his best friends cock.

Less than two minutes passed before both boys' legs were twisting and writhing on the bed. Their breathing fast and loud, moans and groans barely covering the sounds of wet dicks being beaten furiously.

"I'm right there. . . fuck, I'm close, dude . . " Ray whispered, his left hand cupping and squeezing his own large balls.

Tom could feel Ray's cock twitching, the swell and spew it's load as Ray's hips pushed up off the bed.  "Yea, shoot it, Ray, shoot it!" Tom moaned, smiling widely and licking his red lips. 

Hearing Tom talk to him, TOM, to HIM, this way, sent Ray even further into ecstasy.  Ray did a sit-up and folded over his groin and threw his head back, "Oh. . . gawd. . . Tom. . . so. . . coo. . . ool!" Ray said in pauses around orgasmic convulsions.  Four visible streamers of cum were ejected from Ray's purple head, ranging from his left nipple to his belly-button.  The last two pulses of cum barely made it out of the dark red head and was instantly smeared all around it.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssss, oh, man," Ray moaned as Tom continued to stroke his sticky, sore cock. 

Tom enjoyed watching Ray cum.  He did shoot a lot! he thought.  "Dude, faster, faster," Tom pleaded as Ray had paused during his own orgasm in his attentions to Tom's needs.

"Sorry, lemme take care of that," Ray said, releasing his own balls he had been kneading with his left hand and leaning in closer to Tom.  His own cum came to rest in stretched strands, hanging from his chest to his tummy.  He sat up Indian style next to Tom and placed his left hand on Tom's balls where he began to massage them.  His right hand began to beat Tom's cock nearly as fast as he was able.  Tom lay both arms at his side, his hands tightly fisted, and started bucking his hips, trying to time the movements with Ray's furious pounding, and closed his eyes.

It was wonderful to have Tom's junk in his hands, just as he had envisioned so many times, Ray thought.  He noticed Tom's eyes closing, and took his opportunity to give Tom's naked form a good look over, from head to feet, soaking in the entirety of his friend's form.  Naturally, his attentions focused on Tom's manhood.  His cock was thin and very hard and the knobby head seemed to jut outwards at all angles around the end of the shaft, flaring like the old helmets from World War One.  The shaft was textured and lumpy, the veins showing clearly and the skin convoluted, as if roughly carved from some pale rock.  Ray noticed a slight upward bend in the shaft, very slight, only enough to be noticed when closely examining it, as he was now doing.  Only the circumcised area was dark, and now growing darker with Ray's attentions.  Tom's balls fit easily into Ray's hand and he enjoyed how they felt.  About half the size of Ray's, they were also much firmer and rounder, but never dropped far from his dick, his sack still small and tight.  He found out Tom liked having his balls bounced, because as Ray did it, Tom moaned and grimaced and instead of fucking his fist, his hips nearly locked in the up position, holding his butt above the bed sheets, his arms acting as cantilevers, his fists clenching the sheets in bunches.

Ray leaned and put his face directly over Tom's cock, right above it and his pumping fist.  He knew what he was going to do, his stomach was tingling right through to his crotch, and his balls tugged upward as his dick started growing hard again.  He stared right down the hole as more pre-cum bubbled up and around it.  He knew he was going to do it, what he didn't know was what Tom was going to do, when he did it.  He paused, breathing in the smells of Tom's rigid and wet cock; his sweat, the smell of his stale semen from last night, and the pungent odor of fresh pre-cum.  Two breaths, and Ray did it.

"Holy shit! Fuck! That'll do it!" Tom grunted as he convulsed, shooting his wad what felt like twenty feet.  He had closed his eyes just after Ray had sat up and started to pump his dick for real.  His mind was whirling with lust and sexual energy.  Tom was a sensitive boy, not just emotionally, but physically as well.  The sensations as he stroked his own cock alone were so powerful he was unable to register any sensorial input from around him as he neared orgasm.  The even stronger and more powerful sensations as Ray pounded his cock for him, he thought,  prevented him from knowing had a small explosion occurred in the bedroom right then.  And an explosion was about to occur, indeed.

His eyes remained closed through the couple of minutes he lasted and he kept them closed even as he pushed one final time, felt the top of his cock get wetter and hotter, seem to swell beyond anything before, over and over, then the strange, tugging, pulling, never-before-felt felling came, and he came.  Hard!  Buckets!  Tons!  Gallons!  His eyes were scrunched closed the whole time his cock convulsed and fired, until after his ass fell to the bed and he let out a loud "Whoo!"

Ray was licking his lips as he swallowed what he had captured, and he kept an eye on Tom's face as best he could as he sucked him off.  Ray had slipped Tom's cock, just the head, in past his lips and began to suck right away while pounding with his fist.  He felt Tom's cock enlarge and jerk, going into a rapid series of spasms as Tom's explosive ejaculations occurred.  When they ended, Ray pulled his head up from Tom's cock, and when Tom finally opened his eyes, Ray was back to an upright sitting position and Tom was none the wiser to what had just happened.

Tom began looking for where his cum had landed, curious where what felt like one of the biggest orgasms he had yet had went to.  He didn't shoot much yet at fourteen, but he knew there had to be a few splotches of cum laying somewhere, and he wanted to see how much there was and how far it flew.  It had just started flying out, instead of seeping out, a couple weeks ago and he was proud of that.  It started the night after finding Ray's hidden magazines in the footlocker. He had been stroking himself the next night, thinking about the possibilities if Ray were interested in such things too, when he felt his first orgasmic squeeze, intense and powerful.  His cock seemed to actually recoil as he fired his semen.  Right after his post-orgasmic bliss had begun to wane, he noticed something wet and warm on his abdomen near his belly button.  He was even more surprised when he felt more wetness near his bush, lower that the first, but still further than ever before.  When he felt around, and realized what happened, he was overjoyed.  He knew it should shoot, not just ooze, and now he no longer had to wonder why he was different!  He wasn't different after all, he just took a while to start shooting.  When later forays proved it no fluke, this new confidence added to his boldness, enabling him to allow the activities of the last twelve hours with Ray.

"What?" Ray asked, not understanding why Tom was looking around and at himself.

"Uh, where, you know, where did IT go?" Tom asked, still looking.

"Oh," Ray said, surprised.  That hadn't even entered his mind when he suddenly decided to do it.  He never considered Tom would actually look for his spilled cum.  That was when Ray noticed he was absently smearing his own around on his chest and stomach.  He had to think up something fast. "I think most of it went over the headboard, dude.  And some on the sheets, but don't worry, I'll put them in the laundry later," he said.

"Whooooo!" Tom exclaimed, shivering. "That had to be the best, yet," he continued. "Man, it felt like someone was pulling beads out my dick there at the last! That is sooo much better than jerking off alone," Tom said as he got more comfortable in bed.  "You wanna go back to sleep a couple hours?" Tom asked, noting that it was just after eight and looking forward to the sensation of cuddling or spooning again.

"Nah, I gotta get a shower," Ray said, still smiling, his hands stirring the sticky, drying cum on his chest and stomach.

"Okay, you first, I'll get my clothes ready and go next," Tom offered and without waiting for any answer, rolled over on the bed and began rummaging in the bag on the floor on his side of the bed.  This gave Ray a view he had often been curious about;  Tom's pink hole was clearly visible, surrounded by a slightly dark ring between his white cheeks. 

It was awesome! Ray so badly wanted to reach out and finger it.  And so much more!  But he had a mouth that tasted still of Tom's cum, and that was something unexpected, and quite wonderful, and his front was sticky with his own cum and he smelled his own sweat. 

He ran his tongue around his mouth, savoring the taste of Tom's cum.  It tasted like most cum, that salty, almost bitter and earthy flavor.  Ray thought he tasted sugar-sweetness, but figured it was his mind playing tricks because it was Tom's cum. TOM's cum! TOM's CUM!

"Oh, man," Ray whispered as he took in the sight and savored to flavor. 

"What? Forget something?" Tom asked, still rummaging in his pack.

Ray saw Tom's pucker shift and change as he spoke and moved.  It was too much.  He didn't want Tom to think he was a total pervert, so he got up from the bed and went to his dresser to get clothes and shower.  He was hard again, and he needed to take care it alone, this time.  As he gathered some clothes, he could see Tom in the reflection in the mirror of his dresser, and Tom was looking at Ray.  Or, at Ray's behind.  And Tom was taking a good look, too.  Ray decided to give him a show. 

Ray took his time looking for sox and underwear, apparently searching every drawer, the bottom ones at least twice each.  Eventually he headed to the bathroom, clothes in arms, without looking back at Tom, and never turning to reveal his hardness.


* * *


After the boys had showered and brought plates of toaster-waffles back upstairs, they spent the morning playing the only game Ray had for his new computer.  It was a good space-warrior shooter game with lots of gore and blood.  The boys loved it.  When Ray's mom called up and announced lunch was ready, both boys had managed to finish the first stage and had moved on to where the game had gotten a bit harder. 

Over lunch, Ray's parents inquired as to the boys' intentions for the day.  Play some games, call some of the guys and see what happens.  It was the answer both parents knew was coming.  The same plan every Saturday. 

"So, how did you two handle your first meeting of the Circle all alone?" Ray's dad asked as lunch wound down. 

Both boys choked and blushed and smiled. 

"Fine," and "Okay" were offered in reply. 

"Well, your mom and I are going to play cards with Bill and Beth, so if you hang out around here tonight, you better not make any messes," Ray's dad offered, knowing full well the possibility was remote, at most.  Ray was a good kid, didn't like to lie, thought stealing was for idiots or loosers, got great grades and was a top student, had decent seeming friends and was smart enough to know how smart he was, and wasn't.  He also wasn't a partier. Not so far, and not so far as he parents knew.

"Nah, we'd probably just keep playing on the computer.  That game that came with it is cool!" Ray spoke up.  "And thanks again for the computer."

"As long as it helps with the schoolwork too," his mom said.  "Your grades start slipping, we start wondering if that thing was worth it or not. "

"I know, and it already helps with papers.  I got twice as much stuff done once I learned the word processor, and printing them will sure look better and take less time than handwritten ones," Ray stated. 

"Yea, when he shows you his AV Biology report you are gonna die!" Tom said. 

"Oh, that good, eh?" Ray's dad asked. 

"I bet I get an a plus," Ray said confidently.  "When you and mom leaving?" Ray asked as nonchalantly as he could. 

"Probably about five.  Be back before midnight, like usual," he said. 

"Okay.  Hey, the frozen pizzas still in the deep-freeze?" Ray asked. 

"Yea, and leave one for later, will ya," she said, wagging a finger. 

"Yea, okay.  Maybe," Ray said with a snicker. 

Finished with his lunch, Ray punched Tom on the shoulder and said, "You're seconds," and ran upstairs, obviously to the computer and the waiting game. 

"You guys like the computer, eh?" Ray's dad asked Tom.

"Yea.  The game that came with it rules, and I'm telling you, his Biology report should get an a if any report does."

"So, tell me about school.  Ray got any troubles, or problems, or anything you think I or his mom might help with, or should know about?" he asked.

"Huh?" Tom said, the next to last bite of breakfast at his mouth.

"You know, anything you think you should tell us, or anything that might be important or Ray might be shy about telling us?" he probed.

"No.  We only have math together, third period, and I see him for lunch, but you should ask Jeff, he has classes with him all the time," Tom offered.

"Well, we wanted to ask about that, too.  See, Jeff was over here a while back, and you know, Jeff and Ray were pretty close until recently, but Jeff was supposed to stay over but left before breakfast the next morning and hasn't been around here since.  He doesn't come around, call or visit anymore.  And Ray just shrugs it off.  We just wondered if you knew what happened between them?"

"No.  I didn't even know they were mad at each other," Tom said.

"Well, okay, but if you ever want to talk to us, about Ray, yourself or someone, we'll be glad to listen.  Questions, worries, stupid stuff you just don't know who to ask?" Ray's dad offered.

"Okay.  I don't know what, but I'll remember," Tom said, gulping down the last spoonful and racing after Ray.  Once upstairs, Tom saw that he was indeed going to have to go seconds as Ray already was firing and running through the new corridors. Tom sat in the directors chair next to Ray and settled back to watch and see where he could avoid trouble on his pass. 

"So, you and Jeff mad at each other, huh?" Tom asked.

"What? Why do you ask?" Ray questioned, surprised by the bizarre unexpected line.

"You're daddy is worried about you.  He says you and Jeff had a fight or something and he hasn't been around. And they wanted to know what I knew."

"Which was?" Ray asked.

"Nothing.  But, what happened?"

"Dude, it's one of those things I'll tell you sometime, when I feel like it," Ray answered.

"Dude, you did it with Jeff?  I was joking when I said that earlier!  I didn't know, honest!" Tom stated firmly.

"Dude, we did something and we didn't like it.  And we felt weird about it, and he wanted to go home, and he did. Nothing else to say," Ray intoned as he barely avoided getting his character splattered.

"So, anyway, get busy," Ray said. 

"Huh?" Tom grunted. 

"I said, what are you waiting for, get busy. "

Tom paused, looked at the open door, got up, closed it, and sat back down.  He leaned toward Ray and placed his hand on Ray's crotch.  He could feel Ray's entire package through the sweats, and the white briefs he knew Ray was wearing was keeping everything together in a nice, hand-sized pouch at the moment.

Ray looked away from the screen and into Tom's eyes.  Those dark eyes.  "I mean, uh, rolling one up."

"Oh," Tom replied, looking a bit beat down. 

"But, hey, if you wanna," Ray said, putting the controller down and ignoring the fact his character was about to be dismembered.

"I'd rather do it stoned," Tom said, rubbing Ray's growing stiffness. 

"So, you just keep up what you're doing then, and I'll roll it," Ray offered, reaching for the stash, roller and papers behind the left speaker.  "Feels real good," he said with a snicker while opening the baggie. 

"Ya, from this side, too," Tom replied.  After a long pause during which Ray had cleaned a useable amount of the weed, Tom said, "I wanna ask you something else.  Last time The Circle stayed here, the week after you got the computer, I found something in your locker. "

Ray's hands stopped for a moment.  "Oh, what?" Ray asked. 

"You know, the other magazines," Tom answered.  "The ones without the girls in them?"

Ray swallowed, as difficult as it was.  "Oh. "

"It's okay, and all," Tom offered, feeling Ray immediately begin to soften and droop in his briefs.

"The guys see them?" Ray asked, his hands still unmoving.

"No.  They were all asleep.  You left the lock off and I always wondered what you kept in there. "

"You didn't show anyone?"

"Nope.  Didn't mention them either.  No one knows, except me. "

"Is that why, how we, why what happened, happened?" Ray asked as he finished filling the machine and began to roll the joint with his shaking hands. 

"Maybe.  It's why I decided to see if it was true."

"Is that why you did it? Too see if I was a fag?" Ray asked curtly. 

"Hell no!  No way!  I wanted to!   And, if you wanted to, I wanted to with you, too," Tom answered, giving Ray's crotch a comforting squeeze. 

"Okay.  So you know," Ray answered.  There, there it was, out in the open for his best friend to know.  And Tom seemed unsurprised, unconcerned and unchanged over it!   "Are you?" he asked, hoping for a firm yes!

"I don't know.  Maybe.  I think I like girls, though.  They look prettier than you!  Even though I like playing with your dick, too" he said, rubbing Ray's head through the sweats and briefs.  "You, like, like any girls?"

"Yea, sorta.  But guys. . . I don't know," Ray tried to explain.  "Guys, cute guys, get me hot.  Pretty girls are okay, but, man, do you know how gross they are down there?"  So, there it was.  Tom was okay with what they were doing, but liked girls.  He wasn't gay, but he was okay with Ray's revealed homosexuality.

Laughing, Tom leaned onto Ray's shoulder, worked his friend's package, and asked,  "Are you totally gay?"

"Yea."  Final confirmation.  No backing out now.

"Totally?  Like, never want a pussy, rather suck a cock than a tit, TOTALLY gay?"

"Dude, I think so.  I don't know!  Maybe I'll start liking girls more, maybe not," Ray offered with a shrug.

"I gotta tell ya, seriously, Ray, what we did, I don't think it's gay.  Well, sorta, be we're not, like, in love, or like, I don't know!  Maybe we are gay!  But I still like girls more!  So don't expect me to not be fucking Helen!" Tom said, smiling and punching Ray on the near shoulder.

"Yea, sure, you fuck Helen by graduation and I'll never suck another cock!" Ray laughed.

"OH, so you've sucked a cock!" Tom said, pointing, then making gestures with his fist as if he were holding a cock in it and performing a blow-job.

"OH! So, you've sucked cock too!  You got the moves, big boy!" Ray laughed back, imitating the gesture.

"NO!  I just know how it's done!" Tom said firmly.

"You ever had a blow-job, really?" Ray asked.  He had asked Tom before, in public and private, but he suspected that right now, Tom would be as honest about it as he ever would.

"No, I know I've said I have, in The Circle and other, but not really," Tom said.

Ray almost told him that he actually had gotten a blow-job, just this morning.  Almost.  Sort of.  He opened his mouth, to tell him what he did earlier, was going to say it...

"Give me one?" Tom asked.

Holy, fucking, orc-horde, shit! was Ray's only thought.

"Well?" Tom asked again.  "Seriously.  Since we jacked each other, what's to stop us?  You seriously done it, right?" Tom asked.

"Yes.  Seriously.  I've done it.  And, well, okay, if you do too, and we get high," Ray added as an almost after-thought.

"Seriously, okay," Tom said back, starting to pay more attention again to Ray's growing bulge.  "I want one.  And, hey, if by gay best friend can't give me one, who can?"

Ray fished the joint out of the roller and reached for his lighter.  "So, now you have a gay best friend," Ray said.  "You, still, want to be best friends?" he asked as his stomach felt queasy and his bowels clenched and roiled.

"You remember when we cut our palms and made blood-brothers together?" Tom asked.

"Of course," Ray answered, lighting the straight, smooth joint. 

"I meant what we said.  Ray, if anyone hurts you, I hurt them back. "

"Tom," Ray said around the joint, " If anyone wrongs you, I wrong them back," Ray replied in time-honored fashion. 

As they repeated in unison, "Like then, like now, like always,"  they shared their secret handshake, the one only The Circle used, the one that sealed a deal as good as blood, money and blackmail.

They sat in silence as they smoked the joint, touching each other and sharing a moment they would treasure the rest of their lives.  By the end of the joint, they were arm in arm and head to head.  Their hands roamed from heads to knees.  Nipples were rubbed, thighs caressed, abdomens stroked and hair tousled. 

This was so perfect, Ray thought.  The cold, gray, winter skies outside created a soft edge to everything in the room.  The shadows were muted and pale.  Ray felt as if the world had opened his mind, read the dreams inside there and created a reality expressly for his enjoyment.

So Tom wasn't going to be a long-time thing, wasn't going to be an actual boyfriend, or lover, but he was going to be a lot of fun!  Tom was the last of The Circle that Ray had been intimate with.  Tom was the last one to actually do it, but he was the first one Ray ever wanted to do anything with.  And it seemed Tom would be the one he would be doing the most with too! 

When Tom moved in almost next door five years ago, Ray had no sexual desires or thoughts at age nine.  Only later, after being made sexually aware by experiences when he was twelve, did Ray start taking an interest, sexually, in his even then, best friend.  Ray couldn't help himself, he leaned over and kissed the top of Tom's head. 

"What was that about?"

"I love you for finding the mags, not telling anyone, keeping it a secret and doing this stuff with me," Ray said. 

"Hey, I like smoking pot, but it's not like you're the only one I do it with," Tom said flatly.

"I didn't mean, getting high, doofus.  I mean, doing, this stuff!" Ray said, passing the now lit joint with one hand, and grasping and fondling Tom's obviously growing bulge with his other hand.

Tom's breath caught.  He swallowed, finally. 

"I didn't mean to scare you.  I'm not like totally in love with you, it's just that you're my best friend, and I always figured you would be the one around here I did it with.  When it happened with some other guys, I was always wondering if it would with you ever." Ray explained when he saw he had startled Tom.

Tom didn't know what to say.  When had he found the magazines inside the big, blue locker at the foot of Ray's bed that night, he had been blown away.  He knew he couldn't show the guys, or ever let them see.  Ray was the best friend he had ever had, and he would protect him from anything bad.  And Tom hoped, prayed, that perhaps, Ray had some of the same feelings he had; about boys, and sex, and stuff.  He had hurriedly flipped through two of the magazines, feeling his dick grow harder and hotter.  He rubbed his sensitive head for a little while, until one of the sleeping boys stirred and Tom stashed the books back in the chest, put the lock through and snapped it closed as quietly as he could. 

Tom had snuck back to his sleeping bag and wondered:  Was Ray?  Would Ray?  Could he and Ray? 

Tom was shy in his ways.  When he got caught in a dare involving any sex play, he usually did as little as he could be forced to do.  When the guys were all around rubbing themselves, Tom's actions were more subdued and restrained than about all the other boys.  Not that he was afraid of any of it, or that it bothered him, it was that he liked it, or that it just seemed fine with him, and he didn't want to let on about that to the others.  He was afraid the other boys would find out, consider him gay, and that worried him no end.  He always played down when he could, joined in in the gay jokes, and made sure he never let on to anyone, even his best friend.  But now, he knew his best friend wasn't hung up on the gay thing either, and might even be more curious, or even possibly,  ACTUALLY gay!

And now, today,  Ray had just come out to him! This was fantastic!  Tom loved the idea that he had a gay friend.  To him, it was a big deal, but not a bad one in any way, and was, in fact, totally neat!  For years, Tom had wondered what a gay guy was like, how they were different, what made them gay.  And here, the whole time, Ray was gay! 

Gay guys are just normal guys, after all, Tom realized.

"I'm glad we did, man.  Like I said, it feels awesome and way better than yourself doing it.  But, I think I like girls more.  I love you.  Not like that, though.  Brotherly, too, but not only.  I just know..." Tom trailed off. 

"Hey, don't get down, okay?  If this is going to make you all sad, we ain't doing anything!  I would rather we were happy around each other and never did this stuff again, than have you sad because we do do it.  Did that make sense?"

"I know what you mean, man.  Really.  I agree.  And it ain't that that is making me sad.  It's you, though. "

"What?  What do you mean?" Ray asked.

"You're gay.  You're gonna have to take a lot of shit in the future, man.  You know what I mean?"

"Yea, if I say anything.  I don't plan on announcing it, ya know," Ray said. 

"You gonna stay that way forever? Never tell anyone?"

"I don't know.  Man, what do you want, I'm fourteen! I ain't gonna tell everybody I like to suck cock!"

"You do, huh? Sucked that many?" Tom asked, his smile returning. 

"Hey, I've sucked enough to know I like it!"

"Prove it!" Tom said, sitting up straight and taking his hand off Ray's groin, placing both hands squarely on his own hips. 

"Oh, man, not now.  My parents leave in less than four hours.  Just put it on the back burner for a while, will ya?"

"Oh, you fucking prick-tease!" Tom exclaimed, smiling widely. 

"This ain't no tease.  One thing I learned, is, the longer from the time you start, to the time you blow, the harder you blow!" Ray said. 

"Really? You mean including, like, foreplay?"

"That too.  What I mean now though, is teasing your prick for a few hours.  Keep getting it hard from time to time, let it go down, wake it up.  Later, when we get busy for real, and you cum, you are going to want to kiss me!"

"Yea, we'll see!  It better be fucking worth it!"

"Dude, we do it right, serious, you won't know how to thank me."


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