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For all the goodness than comes with closeness, between friends and more.
For all the beauty, obscured and obliterated, by the actions of idiots,
To all the ones who can tell the difference,
and especially to the ones who live the difference...



Ray's Circle

Chapter 4

A Birthday Surprise, or Two

present day



Tom really surprised me that Saturday, Ray thought.  And the entire weekend, for that matter.

Tom.  Good, old, Tom.  I keep learning new things about you, don't I?  How much more will I learn, and how much more is there to learn?  Ray thought as he watched Tom bike homeward ahead of him.

That ass!  Oh, the things I've done to that ass.  I know we aren't a match, and aren't lovers, but what we got, I can dig.  Too bad we didn't start earlier, though.  You were always the experimenter, I should have known.  You did anything that was on the wild side.  But you were so shy about anything sexy, why?  I still don't understand that.  If you had just been the same as the rest of us, we would have been at this for far longer!  And how long will we keep at it?  I know you want to stop, and it isn't the same thing for both of us.  For me, it satisfies, for you, it leaves that desire for female companionship just as strong, maybe, even stronger.  Even though I know Helen isn't the right kind of girl for you, I want you two to hook up.  Get some from her and move on, don't get all caught up in her.  And now that you aren't 'the fat kid' anymore, you can get Helen to go out with you.

 Most of his life, Tom had been heavy, almost just plain fat.  Definitely round.  He never rode a bike, the elementary school was only a block away and that ride was too long for him sometimes.  After he turned thirteen, though, Tom started riding his bike.  He even started using his older brother's weight sets.  It wasn't long before the chubby one of the group had slimmed down.  This was about the same time other changes were occurring in Tom.. He started his puberty growth that summer, growing hairs down there and filling out all over.  He never did grow in height much, ending up his current five foot and four inches by his fifteenth birthday.  His former flabby 120 pounds became his now much slimmer 130 pounds on a taller frame.  He was slight, slim, muscular and on the short side.  Ray liked it.

That was also the summer Eric and Jeff had became members of Ray's Secret Circle.  Tom and Ray were as always, best friends, but Ray found Jeff and Eric, and other boys, easier to coax into sexual adventures.  Eric, then Jeff, joined in the secret of Ray's Secret Circle while Ray and Tom went on just as they always had.  Best friends.

That was so long ago, Ray though, and then let his mind wander on the wonder of his birthday. Sixteen!  He was going to go get his license next week!  He might not be able to get a car, yet, but that was okay.  He grew up never expecting a car in the city, anyway.  Here, in the near downtown west side, his house had a garage and he could get a car, but he knew it would be hard for his parents to swing, so didn't expect much.  Ray was a realist, after all.

But what a great day!  Sixteen!  And he had a lot to be glad for.  Tom, The Circle, his parents, a great house, no girlfriend, but he didn't want one anyway.  Of course, he had to play like he did in front of everyone, but Tom was in on his secret, and being around him meant there was one person he didn't have to worry about saying the wrong thing in front of.

Over the last two years, Ray would indicate a good looking guy and wink at Tom, who knew what Ray meant.  It was another level of secrecy among the two, another tie together.  Tom still watched the chicks, and still pointed them out, even when it was just the two of them.  Now, Ray knew a good looking hottie from a scag, it wasn't that he couldn't tell, he just wasn't interested.  Best of all, Tom was fine with it.  Not only fine, but from time to time, Tom would also indicate some good looking guy and wink at Ray in conspiracy.  Often, Tom got Ray's taste right.  Mostly, Ray preferred Tom.

By the time the boys turned into Ray's driveway there was more fresh snow down on the ground, and the sky looked like dropping more.  As Ray turned up his driveway, he saw something in the snow that caught his eye.  A wallet.  A brown two-fold, just like Tom's.  He stopped and picked it up and saw that it was Tom's.  How interesting, Ray thought, tucking the wallet into his coat pocket.  This should provide some fun, later.  Tom was kicking the stand down on his bike at the side door as Ray rolled to a stop next to him.  That was when Ray noticed something else strange.  There were tire tracks in the fresh snow in the driveway.  Wide tracks, that led right to the garage.  Dad must have been home, or mom, Ray figured.  But there was something strange about the tracks.  Something Ray couldn't put his finger on.

As he stopped his bike next to Tom and leaned it in its accustomed place, Ray saw the snow was well-trampled with many tracks going and coming from the side door and obviously to a vehicle that was no longer there.

Something is fishy around here, Ray thought.  But what, and did it have to do with the party?  What if a surprise party was waiting inside?  It would fit the curious actions of everyone, some of the odd behaviors lately, and explain the tire tracks and the footprints, maybe.

Tom could tell Ray was acting suspiciously, not just by Ray's expression, but his movements as well.  Tom knew Ray was on his toes, suspicious and on guard, but he didn't know what Ray was right now considering.

"Not going to say a word," Tom warned his friend.

"I know something is fishy, dude.  There are tracks in the driveway, footprints at the door," Ray almost mentioned Tom's wallet by the driveway, but instead finished with, "and you kept me at the bookstore until your watch told you it was time."

"So?" Tom asked, all innocence and unconcern.

"Surprise party, inside, right now?" Ray asked, nodding toward the house.

"It would be a surprise to me," Tom offered with an exaggerated shrug.

After opening the screen door, Ray reached out and tried the door.  Locked.  He had his key ready anyway, and unlocked the door, swinging it open without stepping in.  He paused, listening, before taking a single step inside.  He paused again, now blocking the doorway, until Tom stepped up and shoved him on both shoulders, pushing Ray inside.

"Get over yourself," Tom said, smiling.  "Ain't nobody here, man!"

After a tentative inspection of the living room, dining room and kitchen, Ray shrugged, grabbed two sodas and said, looking at the clock, "We got a few minutes, what'd'ya wanna do?"

"We ain't got time for nothing really fun," Tom smiled. "How about some teevee and your new book until they get here?"

It was agreed, and after Ray came back downstairs after changing clothes they spent a few minutes flipping through Ray's new DM's Guide on the living room sofa in front of the television.  The boys sat next to each other, touching from shoulders to ankles, examining the new book in close detail.  Ray was, anyway.  He would from time to time point out something he was willing to show Tom,  but Tom mostly watched F Troop on television

It wasn't long before the side door opened, closed, and then, "Well, if it ain't the birthday boy and his best bud!  Feeling any older" Ray's dad asked, carrying a large paper bag in his arms, oddly, laying sideways.

"No, but what you got in the bag?" Ray asked, smiling.

"Nothing you should be seeing until later.  How's that for an answer? And while I put this away, why don't you get the plates out and set the big table for everyone?" he said, walking into his den, footing the door closed behind him.

Tom and Ray got the table set before Ray's mom arrived home with a few more supplies.

"So, how was school, and everything today?" she asked as they put plastic forks next to the white paper plates on the table.

At least the plates weren't cartoons or goofy birthday ones, Ray thanked his mom silently.   "Nothing special," he answered.

"Wasn't today the day those books came out you've been hinting at for months?" she asked.

"Yea, sure was.  Uh, you didn't get me any, did you?" Ray asked.

"Why would I tell you?" She smiled back.

"Well, I, sorta, agreed to help the owner out at the store in return for some of the books, just today," Ray told her.

"Oh! Nice! Then I won't have to worry over which one to get you?" she answered.

"Nope.  I should have earned all the ones I want by summer, easy," Ray answered.  "So, you didn't get any of them?"

"Quit reaching for crumbs," she admonished.

Tom cracked-up and smiled, saying, "Hey, not that you weren't obvious, or anything," by way of apology.

"Dad!  Mom and Tom are taking sides against me in here!" Ray yelled, smiling.

"And what side are we on, son?" his father asked, entering with a huge, rectangular cake with a mounted knight with a lance facing a dragon on it.  He placed it proudly in the center of the large table.

It was amazing! Ray gawked.  He had seen this kind of stuff, airbrushed with sugar-based edible paints on thin paper, but he really didn't pay much attention to it.  Sure, it was neat, but until someone had gone through the effort and expense to have it done for him, he hadn't realized how cool it was.

"Like it?" both parents asked.

"WOW!  That is too cool to cut up!" Tom said before Ray could think of what to say himself.

"Yea, I agree!  Awesome!  The guys are gonna freak when they see it!"

"Glad you like it.  And after paying for it, I hate to see it cut, too!" Ray's dad said sadly.

A sudden flare of light and a soft, high-pitched whine told everyone in the room that Ray's mom had the camera out.

"I got that face on film!" she laughed, taking another as Ray began to protest.

"MOM! I'm not ready!  I look like a slob from the ride home!" he shouted, obviously to no avail, as his mom took another shot.

They shared a few laughs, there in the dining room, about Ray trying the trumpet last year for school, about Tom's accident with the lawn mower last fall and other meaningless chatter.  It was a nice time, waiting for the guys to show up for the party, when it all went south.

"Before the rest of the kids get here, I wanted to talk to the two of you," Ray's dad said in a serious tone, smashing the mood of the moment.

Both boys knew something dead serious was being breeched here.  Their smiles waned as they sat up a bit straighter, waiting.  Ray's mom put down the camera and leaned onto her forearms on the table.

"Well, you're mom and I are not stupid, and we've raised you from birth, so we like to think we know you pretty well, son.  We, well, we think we know about, the two of you, and, we wanted you to know, we don't think, well, badly of you."

Both boys were shocked, but afraid to show it, trying to play it off.  Furious blushes, energetic fidgeting and averted eyes told the adults about all they needed to know.

"Um, what ARE you talking about?" Ray asked, seemingly intent on watching his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.  Tom was staring at Ray, open mouthed and now turning pale.

"Son, we thought at first, it was just exploring, but, the exploring stage was over a while back, don't you think?"  After a long pause in total silence, he went on,  "You're mom and I are all right, if, you decide, that, girls aren't the right thing for you."

"DAD!" Ray cried.  "This is embarrassing! And why today?!?" he yelled, obviously tearing up.   Tom was now deathly pale and still staring at Ray.

"Son, don't be mad, or you Tom!  It's not like we aren't sure of this.  We've known for over a year, for certain," his father said, leaning across the corner of the table to put his hand on his son's shoulder, to comfort him.

Ray was in tears.  His shoulders shook and he let out deep, wet sobs that he had no control or influence over whatsoever.  His tears seemed to instantly find their way into his nose, and it started running.  His hands wiped at his eyes and his nose, brushing away the wetness and then covered his face.  He almost collapsed onto the table in his shock and sudden, unexpected grief.

"Ray, we love you, and we don't care," his mom said, coming around the table to hug her son from behind as he sat in his seat.  "We were surprised at first, but we have some gay friends at work, or from school, we've always been rather liberal on the topic, anyway," she said, wrapping her arms around him.

"But...I...didn'!" Ray stammered out between racking sobs.

"That doesn't matter, though, does it?  And it wouldn't, either.  You are, and so what?  If you prefer guys to gals, we can deal with not having grandkids.  Just don't be surprised if we have another kid on the odd chance the second one might turn out straight and give us some," his dad said, almost totally seriously.

It was the tone he used, more than the words, though they too may have worked without the change in pronunciation, that broke the dam for Ray, who's sobs turned into short hiccups of laughter before dissolving into a smile and tears more of joy than sadness. 

His parents knew, and they accepted!  And they loved him anyway!  And they didn't care!  His emotions soared back to dizzying heights from the short period in the deep valley of fright and near despair.  His laughter swelled and he stood up to hug both his parents.

Tom wiped his eyes, the movement caught both parents' attention, and they gestured to him to join them.

"Nah, you keep your mushy stuff over there," Tom said laughing too through his wet eyes.  "But," he started to add, not knowing exactly what to say.  He decided to add his own feelings to the situation, but he was being as careful as he ever was with what he said.  It was only fair to Ray's parents, and fair to remind Ray, even if it hurt a little right now.  "I ain't, well, we aren't, like, lovers," Tom stammered.  "We, okay, we mess around.  And that's about it.  We, aren't, like boyfriend and boyfriend.  I just thought, I wanted, you know, to say that."

"We aren't," Ray verified through sniffles.  "I am.  Mom.  Dad.  I am gay.  But Tom just plays around.  I told him, and he told me how he feels about it.  We won't be getting married anytime soon!"

"Period, I think," Tom added, laughing some more.

"Yea, Tom likes the chicks," Ray said, teasingly, like a grade-schooler in the playground.  "I like him, more, like that way, but he's told me he's not, gay, and, stuff."

"You really, like me, that much, that way?" Tom asked, now loosing his pallor and again blushing brightly.

"Yea.  I told you I like you, a lot, and, well, I should have said, I have more feelings for you.  I do love you, Tom.  I don't know if it is, real love, or what, but I, do, care for you a lot more than anyone else," Ray managed to confess, here, now, in front of his parents.

"Man, we gotta get you a boyfriend, or a chick, or something, and soon!" Tom said, smiling and laughing.

"Okay.  Sorry, Tom, we didn't mean to assume anything.  It was just so obvious what you two were up to, for so long now, we just figured...sorry," Ray's dad finished.

"'Sokay, it must have looked like it," Tom said.

"How did we tip you off?" Ray asked.

"Don't ask!  Let's just say, you can't hide everything, even if you are smart-asses!" Ray's dad answered, brushing a hand under his eyes.

"It's not like we arrived full grown in the world.  We had to grow up, and were kids too, you know.  And we weren't all fields of clover and wide-eyed innocents either," his mom said, sharing a smile with her husband while wiping her own damp eyes.

"You want to know the strangest thing about this?" Ray's dad offered.

 "I guess so..." Ray nodded

"Well, last night, you're mom and I were talking, about what we would say today, and working up the words and how to go about it.  We wanted to do it and get it over before any of your friends came over.  Tom had already volunteered to be here today to help set up, so we knew he would be here, like we would doubt it anyway.  But, we sort of realized, well, I know this will embarrass you both more, but, well, we realized that we don't have any problem, knowing, knowing that the two of you are, being close, in the house..."

"DAD!" Ray blurted out before his dad continued.

"Oh, my, gawd, and I thought being this embarrassed would kill a guy," Tom mumbled, slapping his forehead into his upraised palms as his elbows rested on the table.

"It isn't easier for us!" his best friends dad said to him, putting a hand on now on Tom's shoulder.  "I haven't had to do something this hard for years!  And I haven't been this nervous since high school.  But we wanted to say this, on Ray's real birthday, and before your friends came by.  We were worried it might ruin the night, but that was a very small worry, we know you, and that risk was small enough we ignored it. And I'm glad we did.  Now, though, we need to put those party faces back on, your buddies will be here in less than half an hour, you know!" he said, rising after a quick hug with his son.

"Yea, and now I have to wash my face or try to come up with a reason for the red eyes," Ray added.

"Just tell your buds you smoked one before we got home," his dad offered as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yea, that would work, and... What did you say, dad?" Ray suddenly asked.

"You heard your father, we know about your grass too.  At first we were going to put our foot down, this was before we started noticing what we just talked about, and we figured, we let you experiment a bit.  When you kept smoking it only on weekends, and still didn't even touch it schooldays, we started worrying less.  After a while, we figured you had it under your control and we stopped worrying about it.  Your grades stayed high and we never got any trouble calls from school, and you were fine at home.  Oh, and your dad will replace what he 'borrowed' some time.  We couldn't resist one night when you were out," she said, kissing his forehead and patting Tom's shoulder as she passed on her way into the kitchen to join her husband.

The boys sat in silence; shocked, stunned, surprised silence, for about ten seconds, before they started talking over each other in a rush.

"Man, my parents would have killed me, or sent me to military school, for doing either!" Tom exclaimed as Ray babbled, "Jeepin' freakin' Christmas!  They know everything!  And, oh, my gawd, they smoked some of my grass!"

"Oh, man, you going to tell anyone tonight?" Tom asked.

"What? Dude! What?  That my parents know I'm secretly gay? Or that my parents smoked some of my grass? Or that we're secretly gay with each other? Which one you think they will believe more?" Ray asked, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

"Man, don't even go there!  I meant about your parents and your pot!"

"No way.  Not even.  Just forget it.  They never said that, any of it, clear?" Ray ordered, holding his hand out for the official swear pledge.

"Like then, like now, like always," they pledged.

"And that brings us to something I wanted to tell you.  The old guy, at the bookstore, when he offered me that job for the D and D books, mentioned, we, well, we stand close, smile and look like we are gay together, sometimes," Ray explained, still dealing with a wet nose and eyes.

"Yea, look, about that, man, that's a reason I want to stop, you know, doing it.  I don't want to get that reputation, you know?  I mean, I'm going to have be fighting assholes who pick on your as it is," Tom said.

"Don't worry, I ain't gonna tell anyone about me.  Or, you.  I don't want the problems.  But if mom and dad and the old guy can tell, who else?" Ray asked, worried.

"Exactly.  And I have a hard enough time with the girls as it is, man!" Tom said, laughing again.

"Okay.  Yea, I know.  Anyway, okay, look, we start working on acting all butch and shit in front of people, okay?" Ray said.

"Okay," Tom said, seeming a bit worried.

"What?  Yea, don't like, pour it on, okay?  In fact, don't actually do anything, you know?  Just, we don't stand close, we don't smile at each other and we don't think about it, don't let on about it at all, okay?"

"Yea, we just watch how close we stand and we don't do moo-eyes or crap.  I won't have a problem.  You, I bet, screw up right away!" Tom teased.

Laughing, Ray replied, "Maybe, maybe not, but remind me if I do, okay?  I'll remind you if I see anything, okay?"

"Cool.  I still can't believe your parents just pulled that," Tom said.

"That was, uh, sure, surprising," Ray admitted.  "I had no idea they even had a clue!  What do you think tipped them off?"

"Oh, I don't know, cum and Vaseline on your sheets when I sleep over, cum on the carpet when I sleep over, cum on the -"

"Okay, okay!" Ray interjected.  "I get it.  And I don't doubt we got a little loud from time to time, too."

"Yea, we did for sure.  We just hoped and prayed they never heard, and I bet they did!"

"And they almost caught us a dozen times, at least!" Ray said excitedly.

"At least!  And, remember that first Saturday when we first started doing it? You're parents went somewhere and we did it all over the house, and fell asleep on the bed, naked, and woke up with the door closed?"

"Oh, gawd, I forgot about that!  I thought for sure you closed it!  I thought if my parents had seen us they would have had a fit!  I thought I knew you closed it!"

"Man, I told you, I fell asleep and the next thing I remembered was you waking me up asking me when I closed the door!" Tom answered.

"So, they knew from way back then, then?" Ray whispered.

"I bet so..." Tom trailed off.



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