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For all the goodness than comes with closeness, between friends and more.
For all the beauty, obscured and obliterated, by the actions of idiots,
To all the ones who can tell the difference,
and especially to the ones who live the difference...


Ray's Circle

Chapter 5

The Saturday Afternoon After

two years ago



"Ray! Tom! We're leaving!" Ray's mom called upstairs. 

Two simultaneous "Okay"s echoed her words. 

"Don't forget, we're doing the gutters and sidewalks tomorrow morning, Ray," his father called up.  "Don't be up too late, I want an early start!"

"Yea, okay," Ray called back. 

The two boys smiled at each other in conspiratorial glee.  After the hand-jobs, and the secret blow-job, of the morning, then agreeing on turning the afternoon into a tease-fest, both boys had called around and talked to the various other boys.  Each had told the others that Tom was going with Ray to visit some of Ray's relatives today and tonight, so they would be busy until tomorrow when they would catch up and see what was up. 

The boys also smoked another joint, right after the phone calls, and had spent the rest of the time teasing each other with their hands.  At one point, Tom made a stupid mistake in the video game and Ray punished him by gently twisting both his nipples for an extended period.  He kept it up until Tom had passed the point of his previous mistake.  After making the same mistake several more times, Tom's nipples were red and hard.

Both Ray and Tom had been leaking pre-cum all morning and afternoon, and by now their balls ached and wanted to expel semen, and they wanted to expel it now!

Tom reached a save point and immediately hit it.  He sat back and sighed. 

"Okay, perfect timing," Ray said.  "Pause it and let's go downstairs,"

"What for?" Tom asked. 

"I have something to teach you, young one," Ray said in his best Yoda. 

Ray had a plan, a plan he had fantasized about several times over, one that he had learned from another by being the one surprised.  And one he could pull off on Tom, Ray was sure.  And, one that ended in disaster, not that long ago.  But Ray knew Tom was different, he was a wild spirit kind of guy, and doing new things gave him a charge.  Tom was adventurous, in ways, as long as there wasn't a crowd or an audience involved.  Jeff wasn't, Ray realized for the first time consciously.  No wonder it was a mistake to do this to Jeff!

Tom rolled his eyes, smiled, and followed Ray downstairs, where he was led into the kitchen.  After checking that all the doors were locked, Ray opened the freezer and pulled out two ice cubes, walked over to the table where he laid the rectangular cubes on top of it and said, "Drop 'em, big boy," as he did the same. 

Tom followed suit, curious as to where this was going.  He had heard some vague thing about blow-jobs and ice, but he didn't know what to expect. 

Ray picked up one ice cube, and placed it in the sling of his underwear, right about where his balls would lay.  He then pulled his under shorts, the usual tighty-whities, up slowly, keeping the cube centered.  When he got the shorts up to where the ice cube came into contact with his skin he hissed a sharp intake of breath and pulled his legs together.  He then pulled the front of the shorts up with one hand and held the cube in place through the bottom of the underwear with the other. 

"Get it right behind your sack, right where that swelling is behind your dork, okay?" Ray said, adjusting his own junk as well as the cube in his shorts. 

Tom looked a bit, unsure. 

"Trust me," Ray said, grabbing the other cube and bending over, placing his face near Tom's growing prick, and putting the cube in the center of Tom's white briefs.  "Pull them up, slow!"

Tom did so, and Ray made sure the cube went right on target without being a bit shy about it.  As the cube slipped home, Tom gasped and twitched.  Ray took that moment to kiss Tom's swelling, purple head.  Tom stopped pulling up his shorts and stood there shaking for a bit with Ray's right hand cupping his shriveling balls.  Tom's dick finished swelling upwards in fits as Ray licked only the very tip, around the opening, with his tongue.

"What'dya think? Ray asked, giving the globes in his hand a small squeeze.

"Ohhh, cold, and wet.  Maybe nice." He said after a few more seconds, "But I really liked what you were doing with your tongue!" 

Ray then gave Tom's shorts a final adjustment and removed his hand, placing it back to cup Tom's balls after the shorts were back in place. After a final adjustment of the cube, he remained there, his face in front of Tom's crotch, just taking in the view.  Tom's dark pubic hair, what little there was, was visible as a shadow behind the thin, white fabric around the root of the cock.  The head, dark purple and bulging, was prodding outward at the material, throbbing, spreading pre-cum into the weave and twitching.  His small balls made less of a bulge now than the ice cube just behind them. 

Ray reached out and gave the cube a gentle nudging.  Tom inhaled sharply and quivered.  "Man, that is cool, for real!" Tom replied.  "Do we just leave it there?"

"Yup, until it melts. " Ray said as he stood, adjusting his own cargo, both warm globes and cold cube.

He pulled up his sweats and motioned for Tom to pull up his and then led the way upstairs.  He could clearly remember the day this very 'trick' had been pulled on him.  And the day he had pulled it on Jeff.  What a mistake! he knew, now.  Glancing back over his shoulder at Tom, as they made their way up the stairs, he was pretty sure this would work out much better with him. 

As Tom followed Ray up the stairs, casually watching Ray's butt cheeks working in those tight, white shorts, his own dick as hard as it has ever been, the ice cube sending strange, new thrills through his crotch, Tom wondered what was in store.  The thrill of the unknown warmed his insides, even as the ice cube fought to chill him to the bone.  And it was! Tom laughed inside.  That ice cube was doing things to him he had never imagined.  My balls are trying to crawl up inside!  I like it! he thought as they came off the top of the stairs and through Ray's bedroom door.

Ray said, "Lay down on the bed on your front," as they entered his room. 

"Yes, sir," Tom answered. "Should we close the door?"

"Nah, they won't be home for a couple hours, leave it open so we can hear in case they do come home early, though.  You'll love this, I think.  And drop those sweats before you lay down" Ray said

Tom dropped his sweats, pulled his feet free of them and lay down.  Ray sat on the edge of the bed near Tom's knees, so that he faced up toward Tom's head, his right hand nearest Tom.  Ray placed his hand squarely across Tom's butt cheeks, his middle finger in the crack about where the backbone ends, just below the waistband of Tom's shorts.  The dark crack was clearly visible behind the white veil.

"Shivering?" Ray asked, feeling it happening.

"Yes.  Feels good.  What's next?" Tom asked, thrilling inside to this new sensation and experience.

Ray let his hand lay there, motionless, for several seconds, savoring the feel of Tom's ass through the thin, tight, white shorts, as his own meat began to throb and pulse against his under wear.  He used his palm to rub the cheeks in a circular motion, just enough to make them open and close again slightly.  One side, then the other.

He turned his fingers back toward himself and slipped his fingers into the depths of Tom's crack where his ass-cheeks met his legs, up where he could feel the cool moisture of the melting ice cube against Tom's pelvic floor.  He found the shrinking cube and rubbed it around Tom's prostate, keeping it between his sack and his hole. 

Tom had already moaned a few times, and was squirming quite a bit by now.  His skin was covered in goose pimples and his dick was solid as a rock, throbbing below him against the bed.  By the time the cube had melted, so had Tom.  Every muscle in his body was as slack and as relaxed as he could ever remember them, except his groin.  There, his muscles were taught, tight, pulling against each other in a fight to keep the testes warm and cozy.

"Tom?" Ray asked quietly. 

"Huh?" was the muffled reply. 

"Help me take your shorts off," he said, taking hold of the waistband with both hands and starting to pull downwards.

Tom pushed his hips up off the bed as his shorts were taken down and off.

"Moans help.  Seriously.  Getting into it, and there ain't nobody to hear.  Let 'em out," Ray said as his thumb found the warm circle between Tom's cheeks.  He applied some pressure.  He could feel Tom raise his ass to meet his thumb.  "Moan, Tom.  Let it out.  Find the sound that matches the sensation, and make the sound," Ray advised, repeating the advice he was given what seemed so long ago. 

Tom groaned.  Then moaned.  Ray continued to work the hot pucker with his thumb.  Tom started making various sounds, ranging from squeaks to grunts. 

"Good.  Find the match," Ray urged.  Damn it!  This is making me hot! Ray thought.  I've got Tom's ass in my hands!  And it feels so good!  Why can't this just go on forever?

"Mmmmm, hmmmmm, uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.  I never knew my butt hole was so sexy to do."  Tom really liked the numb feeling the melted ice cube had created between his legs.  It felt as if a strong pressure were present, pushing his skin between his asshole and scrotum up into him.  It was certainly new, and that appealed to him.  It felt different, good, strange and forbidden, all at the same time.  Tom loved it.

"Then, you are gonna love this," Ray said, barely spreading Tom's legs apart and softly stroking the fine hairs on the insides.

Tom laughed in a hissing way and sucked spit back through his lips. 

"Remember when you asked why I rolled a bunch of joints ahead of time?" Ray asked. 

"Yea. . . " Tom moaned out. 

"Be right back.  Don't hump my bed!" Ray said as he slapped Tom's butt, striking both cheeks with a soft smack.  "Just don't move."

Ray returned, now naked with a raging erection and with a doobie and lighter.  He straddled Tom's legs, pushing the knees together with his own.  He lit the stick of ganja as he sat with both knees on the outsides of both of Tom's knees, his ass cheeks on resting on and his pendulous balls laying between, Tom's calves.

"You better not do what I think you're going to do," Tom warned gently, looking back and up at Ray over his shoulder as he waited for the joint.

"No, I doubt I am, dude," Ray said with a mischievous smile.  He took a hit and handed it down to Tom.  While Tom hit it, Ray massaged Tom's shoulders and upper back, he watched as his hips moved his dick up and down past Tom's ass, the hair on his hanging ball sack just barely brushing Tom's peach-fuzz fine hair on his thighs on occasion. He got several pops out of Tom's spine and even a shoulder before he moved downward, now working Tom's lower back.  More pops and moans  Soon, Ray was working the lowest area of Tom's back, touching the tops of Tom's ass cheeks with his hands.

Tom grew more relaxed and receptive and high with each hit.  Ray grew more horny and bold and turned on with each hit.  Tom was a light-weight when it came to pot, even more so than Ray.  Tom only smoked it on Friday nights with the Circle, one, maybe two joints passed among three, four or more boys.  Ray smoked it most weekends and holidays, and rarely during the week, just the days he picked it up.  It was an old custom, Tim had told him; when you buy a baggie from someone, you smoked one with them.  And he had to smoke something else to pay for it, but that is another story. 

Ray had just received the joint, now just over halfway smoked, when he waddled up Tom's legs and rocked forward just enough to see where his dick would hit if he leaned further forward.  He lined it up right at the base of the cheeks and shuffled a bit on his knees to do so.  His balls were now laying between Tom's upper thighs, his knees now at Tom's waist and his ankles along side Tom's knees, his pecker resting on the bottom of Tom's crack.

"Um, again, you better not be planning what it looks like you're planning," Tom said jokingly while looking over his shoulder at Ray.  He trusted him that much anyway. 

Ray positioned the head of his dick between the warm, soft buns with his right hand and brought his feet together, forcing Tom's legs together. 

"What? Bugger ya? Dry? Without warning? Like THIS!?" Ray said, thrusting forward and falling over Tom's back with his chest, using his right hand to aim and guide his cock as he fell forward, thrusting it deep on target.  He pushed himself into the warmth and moisture between Tom's legs until his balls compressed against Tom's thighs and his bush was pushed flat by Tom's cheeks.  The sharp pain as the skin was forced back along the shaft was almost too painful to enjoy, almost.

Ray had placed his left forearm across the back of Tom's neck as he fell onto him, and Tom, who had no breath now that Ray had fallen onto him, could only gasp for air uselessly.

"OH, GAWD, YES!" Ray cried.  "FUCK YES! It's so hot and tight!" Ray exclaimed, slowly moving just an inch or so in and out of the warm, slightly moist confines. 

Tom jerked in a short violent spasm, unable to gather breath to make a cry of surprise. 

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you!  Now," Ray whispered, "I am going to lift off of you, just a bit.  You can inhale, but are going to inhale off this doobie.  If you try to get out from under me, I will," at this point Ray pushed himself even harder into Tom, "only go deeper.  Does it hurt bad?"

Tom, unable yet to breathe, shook his head no.  Suddenly, Ray's weight lifted and Tom was able to breathe in.  He remembered to inhale off the joint and sucked in a good hit of the sweet weed as Ray held it for him.

It didn't hurt as much as he thought it would.  Of course, he didn't suspect it was coming, and all the magazines said that it hurt that way.  It didn't, it felt weird, hard and soft, like nothing he had ever felt before.  The ice must have numbed and loosened me,  he thought. He thought he knew it would hurt, especially the way Ray did it, which shocked him, but it really didn't hurt at all!  He was afraid, though, to twitch his hole or move a single muscle back there.  The thrill of a new sensation was all Tom needed, or wanted, and he was getting it!

Ray held the joint to his own lips, inhaled and held it.  He leaned down to placed his lips near Tom's ear, and whispered as he exhaled, "Like it?", wriggling his hips. 

Tom laughed and said, "It doesn't hurt, but it feels kinda, weird."

"That's because I missed," Ray answered, arching his back and pushing his pulsing dick further into the warm cocoon.


"I only slipped it between your cheeks and legs.  Right now," Ray pushed his hips even harder against Tom's cheeks, "my head is between your sack and your hole.  Right, about, where, the ice was."  And Ray was certain of that, as he felt the cools skin already warming as the head of his cock brushed it firmly.

"Oh, I get it!  I fucking thought you impaled me, man!" Tom said, laughing and experimenting with his butt muscles.

"Believe me, ice wouldn't have helped that, until after anyway," Ray laughed. 


"Never mind, not important right now," Ray said, relaxing his tense body and laying more gently and comfortably onto Tom's backside. 

"So, does this mean I'm still a virgin?" Tom asked, laughing.

"Well, for right now, anyway," Ray replied.  "Right now, let's finish this joint, then we can get down and serious. "

"Where did you come up with this?" Tom asked. 

"The Ice Bridge?"

"Ice Bridge?  Is that what it's called?"

"Yea, and if you shut up, smoke this doobie, and let me smoke too, I will tell you a story," Ray said before taking a deep hit. 


* * *


Last summer, when I went to stay with some family in Indiana, my 'cuz, Dallas was about 15.  He taught me some stuff last summer that I will never forget, including this trick. 

When we got to his house, he was out in the back behind the woods, hittin' rocks across the pond with a bat.  He had grown! A lot! He was taller than me and had a patchy beard and an almost real mustache.  He wasn't wearing a shirt, so I noticed his underarm hairs, they were dark too, and that he was starting a patch of hair on his chest between his nipples and another streak of hair between his belly button and the top of the loose jeans he was wearing.  That was all darker than his medium-blond hair on his head.

I think he noticed my noticing, 'cause when I looked back up at his face, he smiled and said "Yea, I got a lot more hair there, I'll show ya later!"  Then he cupped and bounced his package and laughed.  I had seen it, and him, totally naked, and we done some stuff together the year before, so I knew what he meant, and I knew he was for real, no joke and no tease either!  And I was so looking forward to it!

Last time I saw Dallas, he and I jerked-off in front of each other, and some other stuff too.  I didn't cum yet, and he did, and it was the first time I ever saw a guy cum, up close, but, those are some other stories for later, dude.

We went and checked out the horses and messed around for the afternoon.  No, not like that!  We just did what stuff there was to do.  He grew some plants out by the creek and we smoked some of his harvest.  Nice stuff.  Anyway, it was fucking hot so we went to swim.  When we got to the pond, he just dropped his jeans, and he wasn't wearing anything under them.  He just let it flop out and stuff.  It was pretty darn big!  Long, kinda thick, head just a bit wider than the shaft where the head sides stuck out.  Big, bushy patch of dark brown hair and his balls were about as big as mine are now.  He was hard and smiling. 

I knew what he wanted to play, and I'd been hoping he would want to play again this year.  I striped and showed him how I could get all nice and hard and stuff.  I had grown a lot since he last saw me, too.  I had real pubes and cum this time.  And a longer dick, it grew fast then, and some fuzz on my sack.  My balls were already big by then, but anyway, he says...

"Let's play first, then we can wash off with a swim," and started stoking his big dick. It was as big then as mine is now, probably bigger now. 

I smiled, said sure, and walked up and grabbed his dick from him.  He smiled and said something about growing more balls than "just these big ones here" that he grabbed and played with for me.

I stroked his dick, faster then slow, the way he showed me before.  I asked if he had a girlfriend.  He said sometimes, but they didn't do much.  If he got her pregnant, her dad would probably beat him all the way to the church to get married.  And she was real paranoid about it.  He told me how she gave head, but just didn't do it right and never did it very long and never did it until he finished.  I asked if he got much of the real thing from her and what it was like.  He said that a tight ass was better, and a good blow-job just as good.  And there was no babies waiting to take over your life either of those ways. 

I smiled and agreed with him, but for slightly different reasons.  I just wasn't as interested in girls, like you know now.  His girl wasn't interested in good sex.  So, we made each other happy. 

I knelt and blew him.  Slow, soft and easy, like he showed me.  I was proud of myself.  And I enjoyed it a lot.  His cock fit good in my mouth.  I could get down half way on it, and could take almost all of it for short periods.  I remembered to use my tongue and the roof of my mouth as I moved my head forward and back.  I even used my hand on it at the same time for a while before he started trembling and saying, "Yea, gettin' there, dude. "

I felt it cum in my mouth.  I swallowed the first shot, and the second, and I think there was more, but I couldn't tell with all my spit and his cock going in and out and jumping around.  It was cool though. 

He had to sit down and then reached out to my hard-on as I still knelt where I was while blowing him.  He jerked it and told me to stand up. 

He did as good on me as I did on him.  I lasted about two minutes, at most, before I felt my cum getting ready.  I held onto his ears as he swallowed everything I shot.  Which wasn't all that much, I didn't cum much of a wad when I came yet back then.  Still, it felt like half of me shot in him. 

We laid on the shore for a while to catch our breath. We were sweaty and got covered in forest junk, and took that swim.  . 

We spent the rest of the day playing around and having a good time like normal kids.  We smoked some more of his harvest and had a good time the whole weekend. 

That weekend, he taught me the ice cube trick, the Ice Bridge, he called it.  And about moans and groans and how to let it all out and enjoy it more.


* * *


"That first night, he did it the same way to me as I just did to you.  Got me high, relaxed, mellow, then the big surprise!  The stuff about voicing your lust, as he called it, he told me about next day.

"When he pulled it on me, I thought he had really done it too!  And I liked it, and remembered it.  And tonight, I wanted to share it with you.  You keep asking about some of the things I've done, so, now, I shared a couple," Ray finished.

That was the first time Ray had ever told anyone about anything he had ever done with someone else in such detail.  It felt great!  The sharing.  The relief.  The cleansing.  The emotional high.  It was all great!

The entire time he was telling Tom the story, he had kept his hard dick buried in Tom's crack, occasionally sliding it in and out a bit, keeping it hard, and, he was sure, keeping Tom hard, too.

"That's cool," Tom said.  "And, by the way, if I humped your nice, new, clean sheets for a few seconds, you're gonna have to wash 'em."

"Oh, yea? Then, if I go like this, and you let me snake this hand under you, you shouldn't last long at all," Ray said, beginning to fuck Tom's crack and sliding his right hand under Tom's pelvis, grabbing his cock and wrapping it tightly.  Ray then put his weight on his lower legs and knees and his left elbow, placing his left hand, palm up, under Tom's chest and rubbing his nipple.

Ray began fucking Tom's ass-crack, his dick sliding over Tom's raging prostate from the outside, Tom now squeezing his legs together and tightening their grip on Ray's member.  As Ray came down, it forced Tom's pelvis down, in turn forcing Tom's prick to slide through Ray's tight fist.  Tom soon figured out to raise his own hips just a bit as Ray did, fucking Ray's fist even while Ray fucked his crack.

With a groan, Tom replied, "Nope, not long at all. . . ooooooo"

Ray began to pick up the pace.  His hard, hot head rubbing against the hard but yielding lump between Tom's hole and his small sack and nuts.  His right hand held tightly Tom's hard, hot, thrusting cock as Tom moved his hips slightly with Ray's stronger jabs.  Ray could feel Tom's pubic hairs moving across his thumb and the bulge of Tom's small sack on the tip of his own cock when he pushed deep.  The cold from the ice cube was now fading away, replaced by the heat of Tom's body.

Fucking awesome! Ray repeated over and over to himself. Not only was he seriously messing around with Tom, he was doing some of the things he always fantasized about doing with him!  The trick he had just done to Tom was one he had shared with someone else a short time ago. When he had tried it then, it was a dismal failure.  But, Jeff wasn't' the right person to have done it too, Ray now knew.  Especially so soon.

Ray was now rocking faster, plunging deeper, the bed beginning to complain.  It didn't matter, there was no one else at home, so Ray continued to increase the speed and force.  Ray let his groans and moans out in mostly short gasps of, "Oh!" and "Ah!"

 Even though sweat and pre-cum kept things inside Tom's crack lubricated, his head was being rubbed back and forth on his shaft, sending electric tingles up his rod and into his hanging, swinging, banging sack.  As Ray caught the harmony, his balls slapped against Tom's inner thighs and the sweat building up there added a moist tugging as Ray pulled up and his ball sack wanted to stick to Tom's thighs. 

The rhythm now locked in, Ray pounded his cock into Tom's crevice again and again, both boys moaning and crooning, enjoying the ability to be as loud as they liked.  Soon, both boys were panting "Yes!" and groaning loudly.

After the three hour tease, the ice, the fake rape, the story, Ray's cock nestled in his most intimate crevice, and now his cock being trapped in Ray's fist, Tom's cock was hot as molten metal, his balls desperate for release!  As Tom's cock, stimulated by the pressure of Ray's fist caught between him and the bed, jerked, twitched and released a load of Tom's cum into Ray's fist and the sheets, he groaned loudly with each contraction of his gland as Ray's cock continued to rub past it, "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhh-Ooohhhhhh..."

Ray felt the contractions in Tom's crotch, and it was unbelievable!  Tom's legs, ass and groin tensed and spasmed, squeezing Ray's cock in a warm, wet cocoon.  Even more, Ray had his right hand around Tom's cock at the same time and the twitching, swelling and pulsing was fantastic.  He clearly felt at least four distinct explosions from Tom's cock and prostate simultaneously.  It was almost like holding his own as he came, but different, and TOM's!  The warm, slippery cum lubricating his fist and Tom's cock was too much, and soon, shortly after Tom finished ejaculating, Ray's cock spasmed and four of his own squirts filled the tight confines between Tom's cheeks and thighs. 

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!  Oh, fuck, oh, yessss..."

Tom's groin was a slippery, sticky, slimy, hot hole as Ray pumped a few more, ultra-sensitive times, before collapsing onto Tom with moans and sighs. He rolled off to the right, remaining partially over Tom, his left arm and leg draped over the shivering, pale skin, his sticky penis clinging to Tom's right butt cheek, caught there along with his sweaty sack under his own thigh.  He kept his hand on Tom's dick, feeling the warm, slippery mass contracting, occasionally twitch.

"Oh.  My.  God," Tom declared. 

"Yea.  I could feel you cumming, it was so cool! You likie?"

"Huh?  Good word," Tom said as he turned his head to face Ray. 

"If you liked that, wait until it's your turn on top!" Ray said. "But not until I get a rest,"

Tom replied.  "What time is it?"

"Ten 'til ten," Ray read off the clock. 

"We ain't got much time before your parents get home," Tom said.  "and I couldn't get it hard before then if I had too.  We got all tomorrow, though!"

"And we are going to make good use of it!"

"And right now, I'm making use of the shower.  Man, sex is messy!" Tom declared, rolling away from Ray slowly, since Ray had a death grip on his tool.

Ray let go of that sticky, slippery toy so Tom could get up, reluctantly, and made sure to touch nothing with his right hand.  He spotted the wet patch on the sheets, white spots still visible in the spreading stain. 

Tom got up off the bed and said, "Be out in ten," as he walked naked into the bathroom.  Ray tossed Tom's dirty shorts casually aside, remarking on their location.  All the time I need, Ray thought, watching Tom go.  He sure has a great ass, Ray thought. 

Once he heard the water running and the curtains pulled, Ray held his hand to his face and inhaled, deeply, several times.  He spotted the largest deposit and liked it from his hand, savoring it.  Earthy, a little bitter, salty and, still, that sweet hint.  Many stories that described what it tasted like used the word sweet, but Ray had yet to taste cum that was actually sweet.  Tom's came closest, though, but it was overwhelmingly Earthy.  And good, Ray thought, liking his palm and fingers. 

By the time he remembered the deposit on the sheets, it was too late, it was now just a wet spot, any signs of white now soaked into the material.  He replaced the sheets with fresh ones and did his version of house cleaning, which consisted mostly of tossing stuff around and rearranging the chaos.  He conveniently lost Tom's under wear under his mattress and stuffed the sheet in his closet where his mom wouldn't find it, both for later.

In the shower, Tom was enjoying the images of what had just happened as he played them over in his mind.  Being so adventurous, Tom had done many things his other friends had not.  He thought he had just done another; he didn't know he was the last of The Circle to do any of them.  That was really fun, he thought.  Jacking off was awesome, but being jacked off, was way better!  And Ray knew some cool stuff!  I thought he really stuck it in me!  So, what if he had?  Would it still have been okay?  Or would I have freaked out?  Would it have hurt?  Would I have run, like Jeff?  Did Ray actually stick it in Jeff, and not 'miss'?  Is that why Jeff ran off? 

Tom slipped his finger back there, in between his cheeks, where he had never really considered sexy on himself.  The stories in the magazines mentioned it a lot.  Mostly girls getting fucked up it, sometimes girls slipping a finger in there while sucking the guy off, just as he came, to make it better.  It had never made sense to Tom before.  All the jerking off he had been doing the past year or more, and he had yet to finger his ass hole.  It was something some people did, but nothing he thought he would enjoy. 

He tried it a bit now, in the shower, after Ray had so vividly pointed it out to him.

He spread his cheeks and probed with his finger.  He rubbed it, around it, over it, and pushed against it.  His blunt fingers, with their chewed back nails, were dull and smooth.  He pushed in with it gently, never forcing, just probing.  He pulled his hole tight, like when pinching a log off, and felt how his hole changed.  He tried a tentative push, like making a floater, and noticed the difference.  After reading time and again how girls managed to let a man's cock up there, he pushed again, with his finger and his ass, and his finger slipped in.

With his finger up to the first knuckle, he kept it there, feeling his finger and his pucker.  It was strange!  Kind of nice.  He pushed in a little more and then probed around for a while, just a couple minutes, finding the sensations rather neat.  He placed his forefinger and second finger against his pucker, together, and pushed with fingers and hole.  They slipped it, with some difficulty, but they went in, and while it was a bit uncomfortable at first, it was okay after a short time longer.  Now both fingers were in up to the second knuckle, moving in and out slowly.  I could get a dick in there, he thought.  With some lube, for sure. 

I wonder if Ray wants to fuck my ass?  Should I let him if he asks?  Or acts like he wants to try it?  His dick isn't huge, or anything, but it would sure be bigger than my two fingers!  But it would give more, wouldn't it?  Should I ask him about it?  Would he think I was wanting to?  Hell, I do want to!  I bet if I brought it up, he would be willing to try it!  I bet he has, done that, with someone before.  He's done almost everything, he has to have by now, with someone, sometime, I bet.  I'm going to ask him, he decided, removing his fingers and finishing his shower.

Once he was done in the shower, walked out of the bathroom and into Ray's room, naked, with only a towel he was using to continue drying his hair.  Tom had to stare. 

"Take a picture, it might last longer," Tom teased, wiggling his hips and sending his short dick into a rapid swing.

Ray smiled widely as he approached Tom on his way to the bathroom and smacked Tom's bare ass as he passed, smiling widely

Ray had his turn in the shower.  Ray's was a business only affair, just cleaning and back to bed, with Tom.  The boys laid next to each other, naked, side to side, smiling and not saying a word for a long time.  Their eyes were heavy and breathing slow, and Tom broke the silence by asking, "Should we close the door in case we fall asleep?"

"Nah, I ain't that sleepy, and we can hear them when the come home this way," Ray answered, his eyes half open and in a state of total relaxation. "So, was I right?  Was it so good you'd wanna kiss me?" Ray asked.

Tom leaned in, kissed Ray right on the lips, held it for an all too brief for Ray second, then released.  He smiled at him and said,  "Yea."

Wow!  Ray thought.  I finally kissed those red lips!  Too bad he didn't french, though.  But, don't rush him, Ray.  Don't pull another Jeff.

Wow!  Tom thought.  I finally kissed someone on the lips!  Too bad it was a guy, though.  But, hey, it was Ray.  He's my best friend and we've had out cocks in each other's mouths anyway.

Both boys sighed and relaxed into each other.  The two boys laid naked next to each other, just touching at hips and shoulders, enjoying the closeness and comfort of another naked body so close, only the ignored television filling the silence.

They were woken by "Goodnight, boys!" from Ray's mother.

"Oh, crap!" and "Uh- oh" were mumbled as the boys woke and realized they had drifted off and the adults were home.  They were naked, next to each other on the top of the sheets.

Ray flipped himself into a sitting position and shot off the bed to close the door. Maybe he could get there before anyone came up the stairs, if they did. "The door is shut, you do that?" he asked after coming to a stop half way there. 

"Huh? No. I was asleep," Tom answered.

"The teevee!  Did you at least turn that off?" Ray asked, his eyes wide.

Tom only stared vacantly at the door then at Ray.  He shrugged, "Nope, not me..." as he slipped on some sweats.

They had gotten bottoms on, each others, and were sitting at the computer before Ray's dad knocked once and opened the door.

"Have a nice night?" he asked casually.

"It was okay," Ray answered.

"Okay, we just came up to say goodnight, so, goodnight.  Oh, and it's raining and will probably rain all day tomorrow, so we won't be working outside.  Maybe your mom and I will find something else inside for you to do."

"Great," Ray said, obviously not too enthused.

" 'Night boys," he said as he closed the door.

"Are you sure you didn't close the door?" Ray asked again.

"Man, I told you, I never got up," Tom repeated.



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