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For all the goodness than comes with closeness, between friends and more.
For all the beauty, obscured and obliterated, by the actions of idiots,
To all the ones who can tell the difference,
and especially to the ones who live the difference...

Ray's Circle

Chapter 7

The Saturday Night After

two years ago

After watching the Saturday Night Midnight Horror Theater on teevee--an old Godzilla flick--while smoking another doobie, they were back in bed.  After the Godzilla movie was over and the teevee announced that Planet of the Apes was next, Ray got up and went to the bathroom, and when he came back, it was obvious he had rested up.

Tom noticed, and as Ray laid down on the bed, Tom asked, "So, how about that turn on top? I wanna try that!"

"Reach over into the bed table. There is a jar of Vaseline. Get it out," Ray said as he rolled over onto his stomach, his butt twitching in anticipation. He could get Tom to do it, and he could get Tom to do it the right way, he knew it.

"Okay, got it, now what?" Tom asked.  "I don't remember Vaseline from last night..."

"Been too long to bother with another Ice Bridge, but we can still do it that way if you want.  This is easy," he said as he rolled over and took the jar.  He dipped three fingers into it, pulling a blob of the stuff out.  He reached down and applied it to Tom's dick, having a good time while he was at it.  He rubbed Tom's dick a lot more than was needed to apply the lubricant, stroking Tom's cock over and over, taking the closest and best look so far. 

Tom really has a unique cock, Ray thought.  Just look how much his head's edges stick out around it!  And his shaft, not smooth anywhere, covered with veins, bumps, lumps and depressions.  The shaft just had the barest upward curve, just enough that only close inspection would reveal it.  The hole in the tip of his short, wide head was always open, more a slit than a hole, and it was red, furious red.  The triangle of black hair had not yet filled in and was more a ring of black hair, short and fine, extending outward from around the base of Tom's cock for about two inches.  A very few random hairs had taken root on his small, tight ball sack. 

Once Tom's shaft and head were well coated, and Ray had gotten a full eye and hand full, he reached down between open legs from the front and applied some to his own ass hole. He put the jar on the floor, wiped his hands with a towel from a shower earlier, and lay down on his stomach. 

"You want me, to, really, do it?" Tom asked, seeming unsure. 

"If you want.  Just go slow, and take your time.  I'll coach ya, find it with your finger, first," Ray directed as he spread his legs a bit further apart.

"Yea, I got it, right here," Tom replied and probed ahead with his forefinger. "I read the same stories, ya know," he said, slipping his forefinger against the pucker.  Tom leaned down to get a better look at what he was going to fuck.  Ray's hole was dark inside the white cheeks, the lubricant glistening down there.  Tom rubbed the hole for few seconds, exploring the strange, new, slippery territory.  He slowly rotated his blunt fingertip, pushing gently against Ray's hole.  His finger slid into Ray up to the first knuckle.

"Yea, you read the same stories, but I've done the real thing. So, slow ahead. . . .yea. . ."  Ray felt his cock pulse and swell momentarily in excitement and pleasure.  "Stroke it in and out.  Yea, just like that!"  Ray moaned, savoring not only the sensation of Tom's finger in his ass, but the feeling of going so far with Tom.

"Does it hurt or feel good?" Tom asked in amazement.

"Dude, it feels pretty good!" Ray replied.

Tom slid more of his finger inside Ray.  His other fingers were drawn into a fist, but still prevented Tom's getting his entire finger up inside Ray.

Ray coached Tom for a while before Tom asked, "Ready for two?"

"Hell, yea!"

Tom slid his single finger out and rubbed his second finger in the Vaseline around Ray's dark hole.  He placed both fingers together and placed the longer finger against Ray's greasy hole, applied pressure and gently twisted as both fingers parted the circle.

Tom is plumbing me and is gonna fuck me in the ass!  Ray was wildly proclaiming inside. This is just too cool!  Years of thinking Tom would never go past what The Circle did together, and here, Tom was ready to fuck him. They had talked enough that Ray knew it was just a fling, an experiment, something fun to do, for Tom.  He could deal with that, even though it did crush him just a bit.  He would be so happy if Tom would come over to this side of the fence, but Tom made it clear it was not to be.  But this could be, and this was fine!

Tom started finger-fucking Ray's hole in earnest.

"Okay, now slip the real McCoy in," Ray said, "Come on, let's get this party started!"

"All right," Tom said as he pulled both fingers from inside of Ray.  Tom used his discarded shorts to wipe his fingers as he straddled Ray's legs with his own, moving into position so that his hard cock's head was just at the crack of Ray's butt.  He took position by scooting up just a bit more and moving his hips forward. He used his fingers of his right hand to spread Ray's butt cheeks and placed the blunt tip of his greased dick up against Ray's hole with his left hand, and said, "Ready."

"Okay, on three, push, not hard, but push and keep pushing, just not hard," Ray instructed.  "One...two...three...

Both boys pushed. Tom, forward with his hips and straining cock, Ray with his hips and straining sphincter.

They met, touched, mingled, intermingled and conjoined. One organ engulfed, one penetrated, both straining and quivering. Both boys continued their efforts, the organs becoming more intertwined, more engulfed, more penetrated, until black pubic hairs brushed reddish-brown butt hairs. Until the small pouch of flesh below Tom's engulfed cock nestled between reddish-brown haired thighs.




It doesn't matter who said which, nor would either boy remember. Not later, not tomorrow, not ever. They would both swear they both said it in unison. Perhaps they did.

"You're in," Ray said in a glow of sexuality. Tom was inside him!  So inside him! That bulging head simply popped right through his rings and buried itself in his ass like it was made to fit in there.

"Yea, I can feel it, man!" Tom said, beginning to experiment with his first piece of ass.  His best friend's ass.  He pulled his hips up, drawing his cock back to where his head felt the tightness of Ray's hole, then he slowly pushed back in.   It didn't take him long to find the stroke and position best for him.  He soon found out his hips wanted to thrust further than his dick was long, and he often pulled out and had to reinsert. Before long, he was plowing in and tugging up with ease, only rarely popping out. 

For a while, he lay on his straightened arms, later he came down onto his elbows. Minutes later, he had his legs inside Ray's and was truly pumping ass.  The whole time, Tom would utter guttural moans and grunts, vocalizations from deep inside.

"Tom, you're a natural!" Ray said between receiving Tom's cock. It was a great fit. Not too wide and just long enough to do the job. Ray could take it without pain or discomfort.  It wasn't the biggest Ray had already taken in the ass by fourteen, but it was the finest.  Tom's knobby head bumped in and out between the two rings of Ray's sphincter like a custom-made tool. When Tom pushed forward and in as far as he could, the tip just brushed Ray's prostate from inside, sending thrills and chills all through him. He lifted his ass so that he could get his fist around his own throbbing member, to fuck it like an ass, too. 

The front of Tom's hips make slapping noises on Ray's butt as he thrust in again and again.  The sound of the Vaseline squishing around Ray's hole and Tom's cock was covered by the sounds of the skin meeting and the boys' moans.

Rays cock was wetting his palms and he was nearing his point of no return when Tom started grunting and thrusting even harder and deeper. "Not. . . long. . . " Tom groaned. A few thrusts later and a long, undulating groan came from deep in Tom's core.

Ray felt the cock in his ass swell, and twitch, and pump.  It set him off.  His hole began to twitch with his own explosive orgasm, adding to Tom's pleasure.  His own fist and sheets received Ray's dribble of cum.  It was nearly painful, this orgasm, as his balls ejected what little they could, and his sensitive urethra passed the small, almost chunky, load out the sore tip.

"Oh, my, God, a-fucking-gain!" Tom exclaimed, flopping onto Ray's back as Ray's last wave washed over him.  "I could feel your cumming through your ass!"

"Fantastic!" Ray exclaimed.

"Really, did I do it right?" Tom asked

"Yes, you did, Tom. It's hard to do wrong, but you did it great! And I knew when you came, I felt you harden and bulge, man!" Ray said, smiling and laughing.

Both boys were nearly panting, exhausted, spent.

"Dude, I don't care if I don't fuck for a week!" Tom declared. 

"I need a shower, and we'll see about that later," Ray said, rolling out of the bed.

"Guess so," Tom smiled at Ray's backside as he watched Ray get clean shorts and sweats and head into the bathroom, leaving the door open behind him.




Between the old sci-fi movies on all day and playing games, they spent the afternoon quickly.  By dinner, both boys had started talking and hinting with sexual undertones, and growths in their sweatpants revealed the fact that more fun was in the near future.  Both boys had decided to go commando in their sweats after the fucking earlier.

During dinner, the boys talked with Ray's parents about the bad weather and other topics quickly forgotten.  After a desert of peaches and whipped cream, the boys returned to their private world in Ray's bedroom.

"Dude, I so saw your boner when you got up from the table!" Ray said, making a grab at the aforementioned item.

"SO!  I bet both your parents saw you trying to hide yours!"

"So, what do we do with these bad boys?" Ray asked as both boys stood face to face, firmly grasping the erect member of the other.

"We could just stand here and do this," Tom offered.  "This is pretty cool.  Just the fabric between, and it pushes on the head nice!"

"Keep it up, it won't matter much longer," Ray stated, wrapping his hand around the material of Tom's sweats and grabbing his hard cock.

"Close the door.  Oh, man, yes.  This will definitely work!" Tom exclaimed as both boys sped up.

"Why?  This is hot.  Can't be loud, or make any noises now," Ray said with that mischievous grin of his.  He started taking small side-steps toward his bed, not breaking the stroking either boy was doing to the other.

In short order, they were standing chest to chest and chins on shoulders, stroking and moaning and hips thrusting.  In moments, the sweats were down and naked dicks were being stroked tip to tip.

"Oh, fuck, I'm first" Tom hissed, beginning to shudder and buck softly.

"Let it cum, yea, I feel you doing it in my hand!  Cum Tom, cum!" Ray whispered.  A few, small globs of half-white and half-clear fluid seeped out of Tom's head to get spread across it as well as Ray's.

"Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck," Tom let out as quietly as he could.  "It hurts!" he grunted as a final dribble of mostly clear fluid seeped out the always open hole in the tip of his cock.

"Fuck! Fuck, ohhhhhhhh, gawd!" Ray hissed, his own dick releasing what little fluid his balls had left to give.  It was mostly clear with a few strings of white, and it dripped off the end of his dick until it caught on one of Tom's fingers and disappeared.

"That was almost dry, but I don't care!" Ray exclaimed.

"Same here."

They collapsed onto the bed and lay unmoving, their sweats around their ankles, as Planet of the Apes played out on the screen.

"How many times can we do it?" Tom asked.

"I don't know.  I've done it five times in one day once," Ray bragged.

"Really? Alone, or, you know, with someone?" Tom asked hesitantly.

"It was with someone," Ray admitted, kicking his sweats off of his ankles.  Tom followed suit.

"I won't ask," Tom said, sitting up and taking a bold look at Ray's wet, flaccid dork.  "Can I touch it some more?"

"Yea, you don't even have to ask, dude," Ray offered, rocking over closer to Tom, who reached out and took hold of Ray's soft meat.  He flipped it around a bit, slapping the head against Ray's small, developing pubic triangle, making wet noises.

"Can I get more comfortable?" Ray asked.

"Yea, sorry," Tom apologized.

"No prob.  Just let me get so I can see the teevee, and you can take as close a look as you like."

They arranged themselves so that both boys could see the television at the foot of the bed, and Tom could continue examining Ray's privates.  He spent about twenty minutes playing, touching, squeezing, exploring, testing and playing.  Ray did not grow hard again.  He fell asleep.  When Tom noticed, he did something that surprised him.  He leaned down and kissed Ray's cock, right on the tip.  He laid down next to Ray and then kissed him on the lips, softly, before laying back and watching the television for a few minutes before falling asleep too, naked, next to Ray.

They woke to the sound of Ray's mom calling from outside the closed bedroom door, "Goodnight!"

"Goodnight" Ray replied automatically, still half asleep, before he remembered Tom.

"Goodnight!" Tom called as Ray suddenly realized they were naked!  In his bed!  And his parents were home!  And they had left the door open, again!

"Oh shit!  The door!" Ray yelped as he hoped up out of bed.  He had taken one step when he saw that it was closed.  "Did you close the door?"

"No, didn't you?"

"No!  Oh, come on, twice?  No way!  You closed the door and'r fucking with me!" Ray said.

"No way, man!  I never left the bed!"

"Again?" Ray asked, incredulous. There was simply no way.  Once, his mom might ignore, but twice? In the same day almost? No way!  Mom would have exploded, Ray thought.

"So, they're off to bed...." Tom said, trying to raise his eyebrows.

"Dude, I'm so sore, no way," Ray replied, protectively covering his privates with his hands as he laid back onto the bed.

"Okay, I'm with ya there," Tom said, revealing his totally flaccid penis.  "This thing won't get up without a tow-truck!" he said, pulling the limp dick outward with the little foreskin he had while it was soft.

They watched Earth vs. The Flying Saucers until they fell asleep again.

They didn't wake until morning.

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