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For all the goodness than comes with closeness, between friends and more.
For all the beauty, obscured and obliterated, by the actions of idiots,
To all the ones who can tell the difference,
and especially to the ones who live the difference...


Ray's Circle

Chapter 8

Thursday Morning: Getting It Off

present day


Ray was dreaming of man-sized talking sausages that wanted to buy him.  He was for sale at auction, chained like a slave, wearing only a loin cloth that only barely covered, and only in front.  The six foot tall sausages were haggling over his price, and it was getting higher and higher.  One was dressed like a rich country cowboy type from Texas, the other like a New York millionaire.  He didn't want to go with either one of them, but they seemed attractive, somehow, someway, that Ray couldn't pin down.  His price was about to go over some record when suddenly his father was calling for him from the crowd...

"Son!  Son, you awake yet?"

Usually Ray's alarm clock was the first thing he heard school mornings, but not today.

"Mrmph," followed by, "Mmm, yea, what?"

The door opened and Ray's dad said, "Look out the window, you vampire, open your shades!"

Ray sat up and wiped his eyes, took steps to hide his morning wood from his dad by rolling a bit in bed, and turned the rod to open the blinds.  It was the butt-crack of dawn as it came in early March in the upper Mid-West.  This morning, gray, heavy clouds gave only a hint at where the sun was rising, and gray-white snow covered everything.  If it weren't for the hedge and fence out front, it would be an unbroken field of white clear across to the big house over the other side of the street.  Smooth, drifted over two feet in places, no sign of the driveways, curbs or the street. 

It was just like those stupid stories describing winter wonderlands and candy cane trees; something from an insipid, sickly-sweet, Christmas story for little kids, Ray thought.

"Snow!" Ray exclaimed.  "Wow!  They call school off?" Ray asked, now waking up.

"Yes, they did.  Heard it on radio a while ago.  Two hour delay and alternate schedule.  You can stay home if you want.  Got any tests you can't miss today?"

"Nope, just a quiz in electronics that even if I fail, and Roberts will definitely let me make it up if you called, wouldn't hurt my average even if he made class anyway," Ray answered hopefully.

"Okay, son.  Want to go or stay home?"

"Is it that deep?" he asked, looking out to the completely snow-covered world, knowing it was.

"Yea, and maybe more on the way today.  Going to be hard to get anywhere on bike today, unless you ride the roads, and I don't want you to in this mess with those idiots out there," his dad said.

"Cool, okay, extra birthday gift, I guess!"

"Okay, we'll call before we head out.  Hal has a four-by-four and says he isn't going ta' miss work today, and I and your mom are riding with him.  We'll drop her at Laughton, which is probably clear and plowed.  The city says the buses are runnin' an hour late, so she can catch a bus no problem from there straight to work."

"Okay, cool.  Call me, and tell mom to call me, so I know you guys got to work okay.  I don't want mom stuck on a bus stop for hours in the snow and no one know," Ray said.

"She's already going to call me when she gets to work.  I can call you from work and let you know about nine-thirty I guess.  What are you going to do today?"

"Probably play with my gifts," Ray said.  "And don't say it, I won't start the van!"

"Yes, you will.  I'm not stupid, you know!  Just make damn sure you open the overhead door a crack.  And don't run it long!  And take the cordless phone so I can call and make sure you're not passed out in it!" his dad warned.

"Dad.  I tell ya what.  I won't even start the thing.  I'll wait until you guys get home, promise.  You can take the cap of the distributor if you wanna," he offered.

He had no intention of starting the van.  His dream was vivid in his memory now.  If it was a dream, he wondered.  Either way, he intended to heed it.

"No.  If you promise, I'll take that promise.  I know you won't take it out of the garage either, son."

"Yea, right," Ray said, realizing the tracks in the snow would be a rather obvious dead give away, unless he shoveled the driveway to get rid of them.  He didn't want to mention that though.  "I know you have the mileage written down somewhere, anyway!  I ain't stupid either!" Ray said, smiling widely, believing he had his dad dead to rights about that.

"No, I don't," his dad stated.

"Yea, right!" Ray stated back.

"I don't!" his dad insisted, straight-faced.

Ray, knowing his dad wasn't lying, especially about something so trifling, suddenly knew, "Oh, okay, you memorized it!"  Then added, "Smart ass!" way too softly for his dad to hear.  He didn't mean it in any derogatory way, but rather, affectionately.

His dad answered that with a smile and, "Have a nice day, son," and closed the door.

The door reopened, and his dad stuck his head back in.  "And I had hoped you would have shoveled the drive by then, even if not to hide the tire tracks."

"Go to work!" Ray said, throwing one of his pillows at him.

His father ducked and watched the pillow make it to the turn in the stairs before stopping.  "I should leave that there, but it might still be there when I get home, so," he walked down the stairs, picked it up and threw it to land near the open door.  "If you don't shovel the drive, you might clean up your room some!  You mom says it smells like a locker room!" he called, going back down the stairs.

A plan came to Ray's mind; he would shovel the drive way from the street to the side door, so his parents could get in without trudging through snow when they got home, but would 'get too tired' to finish, leaving just a foot or two right at the garage door.  Just enough undisturbed, fresh, smooth snow to make it obvious that nothing had come or gone from the garage since before the snow had fallen.  Just to make his point.  Maybe his parents won't even get it, he thought, but they would still know the van hadn't moved.

He lay back, thinking about that dream, or whatever it had been.  He had been warned not to start the van, not without his dad there with him, months before his birthday and receiving the van to begin with.  Ray remembered how he had no idea what van Toby had been talking about.  It had been so real.  But it was impossible for Toby to have been there to tell him.  Not just because he had gone home earlier, back to Georgia, not only that, Ray remembered, his heart suddenly sinking in his chest.

No, too painful to think about now, Ray thought to himself.

Ray let his mind wander, his morning woody since deflated during the short talk with his dad.  Instead of waking it he let it lay, though it twitched and promised to come straight to attention at his least call to do so.  Ray let his mind run over the events of the previous day just as he had done before falling asleep last night.

"Oh, wow!" Ray thought as he realized this was the first morning of the first day that he was 'out' to his parents!  So far it just seemed like a normal day, except for the snow and missing a day of school. 

His dad acted no different talking to him this morning, at least not that their brief chat had revealed.  He didn't have to worry about his parents finding out any longer!  They had done all the hard work for him.  Then it dawned on him, just how hard that must have been for them!  How long they must have mulled it over, discussing it late at night or when Ray wasn't around.  As tough as it was for Ray, or Tom, it must have been at least as hard for them!

I really do have the best parents around! Ray reasserted.  And the best friends.  And now I'm sixteen! he crooned inwardly.

He threw back the blankets and danced around his room in his under wear.  A loud horn sounded outside, very close.  Ray leaned up to the window across his bed and saw the black truck waiting in the driveway.  He heard his parents shout from downstairs as they left and then the front door closing.  Ray watched them walk through the fresh snow, as deep as their shins, and get into the car.  It backed out into the street and headed off smoothly through snow as deep as the center of the big wheels.

FREE! he wailed inside.  No more worrying about his parents finding out about his sexuality.  No more worries about the magazines in his footlocker, though it would still be mortifying should anyone see them!  No having to pretend to look at girls on the teevee when watching with his parents.  FREE!  He literally danced to his door and yelled down the stairs "I'm sixteen!  I'm gay!  And there ain't nothing you can do about it!"

To his utter surprise, a voice responded, "I can so do something about it!"

Tom came bounding up the stairs and through the open door.  "I guess we're in a good mood this morning?" he finished, just barely breathing faster than normal.

"Oh, so, a spy in the house!" Ray answered back, totally unconcerned he was standing in his white undies.  It was his room after all, and Tom had seen this particular sight more than Ray could count during the last couple of years.

"Hey, when mom said that school was cancelled, I had to promise to shovel the snow before she got home and I could come over here!"

"Cancelled?  Dad said it was delayed, is all," Ray stated, surprised.

"It was.  About ten minutes ago, the radio said they changed to cancelled with alternate schedule," he answered.

"Ah, cool!  So you're off all day too!  Why did you come over so soon?" Ray asked him, looking at the clock.

"Mom got me up early so I could get to school on time when she saw the snow.  Later she heard the delay but I was in the shower by then. We just finished breakfast when we heard cancelled, so, mom made me promise to shovel before she got home and I could come over here.  So, here I am!"

Right then, timed perfectly and as if on cue, Ray's alarm clock went off.  Both boys laughed at the coincidence as Ray shut the thing off with a contemptuous slap.

"Okay, so I just got woke up.  You know what I like to do first thing in the morning, now don't you?  And since I was too tired last night, and we didn't have the time..." Ray trailed off, his intentions clear as his erection began pushing against his tight white LTD briefs.

"You horn dog!" Tom chirped out.

"As if you weren't thinking the same thing when you came over here so early!  Were you hoping I was still asleep in bed and you could wake me up?" Ray asked crossing his arms, letting Tom see his growing harness.

"No, I knew you would be awake, I saw your parents drive out, stupid!  I waited until they left, I didn't want to just walk over and have them thinking, well, you know what, with us alone all day, and stuff.  And they would no way leave today and not have at least talked to you about school!  I was, kinda, hoping, I could maybe surprise you, though, maybe in the shower or something.  I want to give you your private birthday present!"

"Oh, really?  Well, do tell!" Ray pleaded.

"I don't know, I didn't plan anything, I just, thought..." Tom tried to explain.  "You know, something for your birthday yesterday.  We never got to celebrate, like you said..."

"Cool, thanks dude.  How about you come show me what you would have done if I was in the shower just now?"

"Well, nah, screw it.  Just get those things down!" Tom decided.

"You come take them down!" Ray demanded, taking an even more rigid stance, accentuating his hardness in the thin white material of the briefs he was wearing. 

Tom obliged, approaching and going to his knees in front of Ray.  He reached up with both hands, and taking the elastic waist band in them, smoothly and quickly drew them down to Ray's ankles, helping Ray step out of them.

"Good morning, Little Ray," Tom said, taking Ray's stiff rod into his mouth, locking his lips around the head and sucking it like a baby on a bottle.

"Awwwwww, yea, Tom, fuck yea," Ray crooned as he felt Tom's mouth close around his hard wood and the sensation that only suction could provide begin in the center of his sixteen year old self.  "Tom, dude, that feels sooo excellent!  I have trained you well, young one!" he teased, using the term he used when teaching Tom something new sexually in the past. 

But, those days are over, Ray thought.  Tom knows everything I know, and we have done it all!  Who would have guessed it! 

All those years ago, when Ray was seducing his friends, Tom was the one Ray wanted the most, but since Tom was the shy one, the one Ray was least sure he could talk or trick into doing something sexy, Ray never made many attempts at anything.  Jon, Jeff, Eric, Brent, Ryan, even Todd, had fallen to Ray's advances and suggestions.  Tom was last.  And now Tom ended up being the most receptive, most accommodating, the most fun, and the one that ended up doing these things for the longest period of time.

Over two years now, Ray remembered.  And Tom wanted to stop, but here he was sucking my dick first thing in the morning, again.  And doing it as good as anyone else had ever done it, too!

Tom pulled off Ray's cock by sucking the entire time, keeping his lips wrapped around the cock until the head, even the hole in the tip, had passed out through Tom's sealed lips.

"This is so good," Ray said.  "You are so good at it!" Ray said softly.

"Hey, I had the best teacher!" Tom said, standing now, looking into Ray's face.  "But, seriously, we have to quit, someday," Tom reminded him.  "I don't mean today, or next week, but soon."

"I know.  You like the chicks, and Helen 'specially.  And I'm okay with that.  Helen and  wanting to stop," Ray said, staring back at Tom.  "But, this is sure fun as hell for now!" Ray added.

"Oh, yea!  And we got the entire day!  All I gotta do is some snow shoveling, and I can get that started about four or so!  So we got hours and hours!"

"And we are going to use them!" Ray said, dropping to his knees before Tom and undoing the button and zipper of his jeans.  He literally ripped them and the white under shorts down to get to Tom's privates.  As the under wear passed it, Tom's short, textured and slightly upward curved penis popped out to it's usual forty-five degree position and his smallish balls and sack fell to their accustomed spot. 

Once he had them exposed, Ray started kissing around Tom's thickening, black bush while fondling the cock and balls with his hands.  Tom had been rock hard well before his pants came down, Ray knew as he played with his favorite toys, noticing the pre-cum at the tip as he played with it. 

That wide-spreading head with it's short length looked like a World War One German helmet.  It was only about an inch from hole to curved edges, blunt and wide.  The rest of Tom's cock was bumpy, lumpy and slightly curved upward, something over four inches long.  It was darker on the front half where the circumcision scar was, but pale below that until fading into the black bush.  You had to be close to notice the curve; close, like Ray was right now.

How much it's grown, Ray thought, holding that familiar dick in his hands.  When we started almost two years ago, it was shorter, thinner and less blunt.  Now, it looks like a squat mushroom.  It had grown much wider, curving outward on both the left and right sides along the shaft, the urethra now full and thick, almost to the head. 

After kissing all around, including the balls, Ray slid his mouth over Tom's cock, licking and sucking lightly.  It was a tight fit.  In the past two years, Ray had watched as it grew fatter and fatter, though not much longer.  Getting his mouth around it was now not as easy as it once was.

"Mmmmmmm, slow, man, slow.  I want an hour long blow-job this morning!" Tom said, beginning to hump Ray's mouth.

Ray was only too happy to oblige.  He kept the sucking to a minimum for now, letting Tom use his mouth like a pussy, thrusting in and out of the lips Ray kept tightly over his teeth.  Tom humped his mouth slow, keeping a lazy, relaxed pace.  Ray played with the balls that had grown too, but were still smaller than average, and much smaller than Ray's own.  They hung down, now, in a wrinkled sack that let them move around somewhat.  That had happened only weeks after they had started having all this fun together.  At first Tom's ball sack had been tight, smooth and kept the globes of joy from having much room to move around.  His fingers teased Tom's puckered butt hole, only touching the outer surface, brushing it lightly from time to time.  Occasional tugs on Tom's balls and sack interspersed with the hole play had Tom leaking pre-cum in large amounts. 

Nothing new there, Ray thought.  Tom's dick leaked more pre-cum than some of the guys Ray had been with actually shot when they came.

Ray would of course lick and suck that fluid as soon as he tasted it.  No cum tasted like Tom's, Ray thought again.  Earthy, like loam smelled, like the woods felt.  Like mushrooms.  And how fitting, considering his mushroom-like cock, Ray thought, again, not for the first time.  And there is almost always a hint of sweetness.

"Ray, wait, getting close," Tom said, pulling away and stepping out of his jeans and under wear.  "I want us to take some time today, don't' rush it, make it last," Tom stated as he threw his clothing on the foot of the bed and took to his knees in front of Ray once again.  "I don't' want us to cum for a long time."

"You know, for a guy who doesn't want to do this stuff, you sure know what you want, and how to do it!" Ray smiled, taking a break from the other use for his mouth.

"Ya, well, man, as long as we're doing it, we might as well do it right," Tom said. 

After two years of these sex games, Tom was getting pretty good at it.

"And often!" Ray insisted.  "So, since you want long blow-jobs this morning, no reason to stay in the bedroom!"

"How about we break in the van!" Tom said, realizing what Ray was hinting.

"Exactly!  Like the guys said last night, you're the first!" Ray said, immediately regretting it.  It obviously had the wrong impact on Tom.

"Man, I don't wanna  think about that.  Why did you mention it?" Tom asked, dropping onto the bed.

"Sorry, stupid," was all Ray could offer in apology.

"Okay, I just, you know, now I don't feel like doing anything," he said, meaning it.

Ray knew he had made a mistake the moment he heard himself say it, and he berated himself for such an obvious stupidity. 

"Sorry, dude, really.  I don't blame you.  We can take a break, or, not even do anything-" he said before Tom stopped him.

"Oh, were doing something!  No way I'm gonna have blue balls because of it!" Tom said, groping his flagging dick.  "Just later, okay?  You had breakfast yet?"

"Nope, and I'm starving!" Ray answered.

Tom reached for his clothes, but Ray stopped him with an offer,  "How about we not wear anything?"

"At all?" Tom asked.  "Okay, but one thing," Tom said as they made the journey.  "Don't mention what the guys think, or know, or anything about that. Okay?"

"Agreed, dude, and I don't know what you're talking about!"

A little like that first Sunday morning, except, this time, we're alone, Ray thought as they bounded down two flights of stairs and invaded the kitchen, one boy with a semi, the other still fully hard.

During breakfast Ray remembered to ask Tom all he knew about Jeff's moving away.  Ray memorized the information, feeling a bit down, but he couldn't get far down, not with Tom's foot massaging his package under the table! 

Tom had discovered that his legs could reach across the distance under the table and just touch Ray's goodies.  Ray wasn't surprised, as Tom had to lower himself considerably in his seat to pull it off, and so he had plenty of warning something was going on.  By the end of their cereal, both boys were hard and ready, as they both saw as they stood to toss the bowls in the dishwasher and put things away.  They watched each other as they cleaned up and as soon as that was done, they met at the table where they grabbed each other as they stood there.

"So, how about some ice and a blue-job?" Tom asked, since they were so handily close to the refrigerator.

"Dude, cool!" Ray answered, moving to the appliance, removing some ice and placing it on the counter where he crushed it with the meat hammer.  When he had a good pile, he scooped it into a large pasta bowl, brought it over to the table and set it on the counter.

"Who's first?" Ray asked.

"Hey, why not go to the bedroom with it and sixty-nine each other while we do it?"

"Oh, my gawd! Cool idea!  Let's go!"

"First one who comes is the bitch for the encore!" Tom shouted as they bounded back up the stairs. 

Ray had purposely fallen behind before the stairs, feigning trouble running with a bowl of ice so that he could watch Tom's ass go up the stairs ahead of him.

"You're on, bitch!" Ray said as they rounded the baluster and ran up the stairs.

 When they reached the third floor, and Ray's room, Ray was just behind Tom.  The two boys fairly flew onto the bed, and both grabbed a hand full of the ice and partially filled their mouths.  They placed the bowl between them and started enjoying the double treat.  Both boys gasped as cold ice and hot lips clamped down on sensitive morning erections.

Neither of them spoke, or rarely moaned, instead concentrating their oral muscles on the task at hand.  It wasn't easy giving a blue-job while getting one too!  Thankfully, it didn't last long.  It was supposed to, or so it was said, but any time they tried this on each other, and now especially as they did it at the same time, it seemed to actually speed the climax up.  Neither boy minded though, as the sensations were so intense that they made up for the shortness of the action.

 Moans and humming sounds, along with a lot of slurping, filled the bedroom.  After only two mouthfuls of ice, both boys began thrusting and clenching, indicating that their cold, nearly numbed members were about to discharge themselves.  After so much time doing these things together, they could read each other very well.

Ray had held off for twenty-four hours now, and there had been the aborted stuff just a half hour ago.  He couldn't believe the intensity of his orgasm as it occurred.  The cold of the ice had turned the discharge of his seed into something almost entirely different.  That sensation as his hole seemed to break open to allow the cum to escape was overwhelming!  His back popped several times as he thrashed in his release and suddenly his own mouth filled with Tom's warm load, contrasting so sharply against the cold remains of the ice in his chilled mouth.  Both boys swallowed several times and sucked very softly, not licking or otherwise stimulating each other's quivering cocks except for their hot breath.  They slowly released each other and sighed, relaxing in post-orgasmic bliss.

"Okay, so we didn't make it last an hour." Ray mentioned.

"It was better, anyway!  Wow.  That was so cool, man!  We gotta remember that for future!"

Future?  "As if we're gonna forget that!" Ray said, slapping Tom's thighs.  "And looks like I'm the bitch, don't it?"

"Sure does!  But I think you like it more than me, anyway, not to be a jerk about it, but hey," Tom stated.

"Yea, and I told you, don't apologize or stuff for saying it.  I do like it more than you, being on bottom, I mean," Ray answered.  And it was true.  He would like to top more often, but Tom wasn't crazy about being butt-fucked, only relenting on rare occasions.

"Joint?" Tom asked.

"Joint," Ray complied, shaking off the shivers.






When the phone rang a couple of hours later Ray was on his bed, right next to the phone, with his dick in Tom's mouth, again: No ice this time.

"Wait, it's my dad," Ray said, glancing at the clock and picking up the receiver even though Tom didn't stop his fun.  "Hello?  Hi, dad.  Good.  Okay.  Nothin'.  AHH!  Nothing, burned my hand on, the skillet.  Cooking bacon.   Yea, just a finger, not bad.  Okay.  Sure.  Okay, bye.

"You could have stopped while I was talking, and you didn't have to do that!" Ray admonished Tom after hanging up the phone.

"It was fun, though," Tom said around the dick in his mouth.

"Yea, but if I weren't so quick, dad could have known," Ray continued.

"Oh, shut up and enjoy!" Tom said, returning his attention to the task at hand.  Or mouth.

"No problem," Ray said, sinking down a little more against the headboard, enjoying the feelings as Tom did what Tom was so good at.

Ray found something sexy about every one of his friends, not just The Circle members.  Especially Jeff.  There was something more about how he felt about Jeff.  If there was one of the guys Ray didn't understand how he really felt about, it was Jeff.  He wanted Jeff, sexually, indeed, but he was also deeply concerned how Jeff saw him.  He was terrified Jeff might think him a total fag, and that would drive him away.  Jeff was the main impediment to just voicing what he was to them all.  He could handle if Eric, the twins, Todd, or anyone else abandoned him; but not if Jeff did it.  It had almost happened already.

Ray was proud of how well he hid just how much Jeff's ignoring him hurt after that night.  No one knew much it cost to not call him everyday, go see him, chase him down in school or leave a note in his locker. 

That would seem even more faggy, Ray thought firmly.  The very last thing I want to pull with Jeff.  Jeff was more sensitive than the rest of the guys probably knew.  He was more easily hurt, his feelings more on the outside.  Not that Jeff got angry and had fits or got violent, he instead got quiet and walked away when he got mad.

But those were thoughts for another time, Ray considered, as his mind returned to Tom's handiwork.  Ray placed his hands gently on Tom's head and urged him down on himself.  Tom acquiesced and took more of Ray's cock.  Ray moaned a soft "Yes..." and rocked his hips.  "Awww, Tom, good..."

Tom sucked a bit harder and worked the shaft slowly with his hand now.  His other hand went to Ray's balls and hoisted them, rolled them and squeezed them.  Just over six inches long, same color as the rest of his pale skin, except for the circumcised area which was redder and darker, Ray's cock slid through Tom's lips again and again.  The head was about a fifth of the entire length of Ray's tool.  The shaft was smooth, mostly round and had a bulge it's entire length where the tube ran along underneath it until it disappeared near the head.

"Dude, getting close, time to switch."

The two boys traded positions and now Tom lay down on the bed and Ray lay next to him and took him into hand and mouth.  There were few things Ray liked more than sucking on his best buds rod.  Unless it was swallowing Tom's wad.  Ray swirled his tongue around the knobby head, paying attention to the hole in the top and the areas where the ridges met the shaft.  Ray was super-sensitive there himself, and Tom was as well, but Tom's weakness was his nuts.  Just about any touching or fondling of his balls made Tom twitch and squirm in pleasure. 

Ray's hands took both of Tom's nuts into hand and kneaded them softly, squeezing and tugging them at random.  Tom's balls and sack were smaller than Ray's, but most sixteen-year-old's were, Ray was gifted there.  Ray made sure that Tom's balls never lacked for attention and Tom loved it when Ray sucked on his balls directly.  "It's almost as good as a blow-job," Tom had said once.  Ray didn't feel it when Tom did it, even though Tom had sucked so hard that Ray actually felt some discomfort, but little pleasure in it.  "It's kinda boring," was Ray's description of it.

"Gawd!  Oh yes!  Yes, do that Ray!" Tom was moaning out loud.  "I love that!"

Ray decided to keep at this for a while, since Tom loved it so much.  He got comfortable and kept manipulating Tom's balls with his tongue, mouth and fingers, only occasionally stroking Tom for short periods.  Occasionally Ray's hands strayed around to the back and massaged Tom's hole while he sucked those smallish acorns.  Tom didn't mind Ray's attentions to his back door, but he had more than once said how it wasn't his favorite, by far. 

After a few minutes with his hands busy out back, circling the sphincter with one finger or another, Ray let his forefinger push into the hole and spread the hidden pucker.  He rolled the balls around in his mouth, alone and in a pair, sucking and licking them, sending Tom into writhing fits as his finger slid in and out in a slow rhythm. 

"Holy crap!  Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh, yes!  Ray, fuck, oh...." Tom mumbled as Ray changed off sucking his balls back and forth, one then the other.

Long minutes later Ray let his finger find the hard object just in front of Tom's hole and behind his sack, and began rubbing it from inside in a steady rhythm, just like he had been shown so long ago.

Suddenly, Tom bucked, tensed his legs, trapping Ray's hand between them, his balls pulled from Ray's mouth and he shouted, "Oh, oh, oh!!!" and blew a surprise wad.  The initial blast stunned Ray as he watched it land on Tom's own chin.  The second hit Tom's pecs and the third landed just above his belly button.  Two more oozed out and down the head, dripping into the sparse, black bush.  The entire time Tom was panting and screaming "YES!" over and over and no one had touched Tom's cock at all!.  It just exploded!

Ray was sucking both of Tom's nuts when he felt them pull away from him suddenly, drawing back into Tom's sack and groin in short tugs, retracting up and then falling down, over and over.  Ray watched Tom cum and saw his nuts tug with each ejaculation.  His eyes could see Tom's cock pulsate, shooting white cum like a cannon, even as the globes jumped in his sack.  He stared, fascinated.  This was something he had never seen before!

Tom lay quivering and panting, his arms akimbo and his legs now relaxing in slow release.  Long after Tom's dick had stopped jumping, his balls still rocked gently in their cocoon. 

Ray said,  "Damn!  I've never seen anyone cum without stroking, or sucking, or something!"


Laughing slightly, Ray asked, "Are you all right?" Watching Tom ooze more cum, he licked it off, just touching the hole.  Tom bucked and his dick throbbed visibly.

"whaaaaaaaaauhhhhhhhh," Tom grunted, covering his privates with both hands and curling up a bit around them.

"Dude!  That was the coolest!" Ray exclaimed, unconsciously stroking his own cock.  "I've heard of it, in magazines, but I thought it was BS.  Dude, how was it?"

"The...coolest...since...ever..." Tom replied.  He sat up more on the bed and sighed deeply.  He noticed the cum on his chin and used his finger to push it to his tongue and lick it up.  "That was real intense!  I didn't know I was going to blow until right before it did.  I felt you rubbing inside and that spot just got hot and tight and then I just knew it was going to all of a sudden and before I could say, it did!  And it felt all, I don't know, peppery.  No, sandy?  Rough, anyway!  Like my cum was sandpaper or something!  That was cool!"

"Makes me even more jealous I don't feel anything when they get sucked," Ray said, just a bit sadly.

"Yea, well, when I fuck your ass, you almost cum without touching it, don't you?"

"Yea, I do get close before I even stroke it, or you stroke it," he answered honestly.

"I bet if I fucked you, and neither of us stroked it, you would cum, too," Tom said.  "And your were supposed to be the bitch, anyway, from the blue-jobs earlier, remember?  And I think we are gonna find out right now!"

"What?  With your dick all soft?" Ray said, reaching down to grab the expectantly soft dick.  To his surprise, Tom was still mostly hard, and it grew harder as Ray wrapped his fingers around it.

"I think I could go for two," Tom said, leering.  "And we can start with the candles," he said, referring to the special candles Ray kept; red and black ones, about twelve inches long, tapered and smooth.

"I'll get one," Ray said, doing so in record time.  He also brought the Vaseline out from the bedside table.

Tom took them, opened the jar, and applied the stuff by dipping the fat end of the candle into the jar and swirling it around.  It came out with a large glob stuck on the end of it.  "I'll spread the extra around you first," he said, motioning for Ray to lay down.

Ray laid out on his back, and pulled his legs up and locked his hands across the back of his thighs.  This made Tom's job easy as he used a finger to spread the lubricant around Ray's quivering hole.  Tom took his time, knowing Ray liked this.  He placed the candle up next to the hole and applied a tiny amount of pressure.  Ray didn't push, preferring the small pressure for a bit.  This was something they had done many times over the last two years, and Tom knew to slowly push harder, and eventually Ray pushed to allow the candle entry.

He hissed in his breath as it slid slowly and smoothly into him.  Tom pushed it until at least half of it was inside Ray, until he felt that slight resistance that told him he was bottomed out.  Then he pulled most of it out, then pushed it back in.  Almost out again, the next time only an inch or so out.  One time deeply, the next only an inch or so into Ray's backside.  He kept changing the rhythm and the depth, driving Ray crazy.

"See, pre-cum," Tom said, smearing the fluid leaking from Ray's untouched dick around it's head.

"Keep going," Ray demanded.

Tom obliged.  He kept at it until Ray's cock had dripped several times into his reddish-brown bush or Tom's hand.  Tom would stroke Ray's shaft for only brief periods then spend more time fondling and playing with the large balls. 

Ray's balls had noticeably retracted when Tom pulled the candle out, just a bit quickly, and even more quickly, positioned himself to enter Ray.  Nodding, Ray indicated to go ahead.  Tom leaned down, aiming with his left hand, and pressed the blunt, rounded tip of his almost six inches against the greased portal of Ray's ass.

Both boys gasped as Tom passed through.

Without a word, Tom rode Ray with his legs up around his ears.  Slow at first, then fast, then slow again.  Tom didn't want to come too soon, he wanted to make Ray cum without being touched.  Ray was enjoying it, judging by his smile and his breathing.  Tom rode Ray for quite a while, often stopping to prevent his own orgasm. 

Twice Tom stopped and paused, playing with Ray's balls, teasing Ray's cock, or playing with his nipples until he was sure he could start fucking again and not cum right away.  As he was nearing his third pause to prevent his own orgasm, Tom again took Ray's nuts in hand and fondled them, tugging, pulling, squeezing. 

Ray said, "Dude, I, think, oh fuck!" and his colon clenched down on Tom's cock in rapid succession as he panted, "Yea!" over and over.  He shot onto his own lips with the first blast.  It startled him, cumming without touching his dick, then landing on his own mouth!  "Yea!"  and his second shot landed on the side of his neck.  "Yea!"  and the third made it to his sternum, "Yea!"  and another landed in just below his belly button.  "Yea!, Yea!" when the last two landed in his growing, reddish-brown pubic hair.

Grunting in a strange kind of sexual release than he had not experienced before, Ray shivered and gasped, still holding his legs with his arms.  "Oh, yea, yea, yea...Holy fuck!" Ray exclaimed.  "I've never shot so far! Ever! Wow!"

"Cool!" Tom said, feeling his own building release as he continued to fuck Ray after watching his explosive orgasm.  He didn't have to wait long, as the quivering and tensing of Ray's hole during his strong orgasm hastened his own.  In just a few pumps, Tom stiffened, cried out, "MAN!!" and obviously had a strong emission of his own.  He twitched with each release of his seed, filling Ray's colon as his second load of the hour pumped from his trapped cock.  With each purge of his fluids, he thrust into Ray's ass firmly, deeply, only to pull back and thrust again in time with the next purge.  Four strong blasts of orgasmic bliss, followed by four soft convulsions as Tom came down.

"Man!  Fuck, I love two-fers!" Tom declared, collapsing to Ray's side.

Ray let his legs fall and sighed deeply.  "You are more fun than any video game, computer or show," he said.

"This sure beats beating off!  By a mile!" Tom said, rolling over to look at Ray, who also rolled to be face to face.

The phone rang, startling both boys and causing them to jump.  Ray reached over Tom's naked body, pinching a nipple as he did, and picked up the phone as he lay across Tom's sweaty torso.  "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Ray?" a familiar woman's voice asked.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. B, how are you?" Ray said, seeing Tom's eyes get a bit wider.

"Well, I'm calling from work and I was just worried about Jeff," she said.

"Why? Something wrong?" Ray asked, sitting up more and holding the phone with both hands now.

"Well, he hasn't been the same lately. Since you guys had that fight the last time he stayed over at your house, he has been quiet, too quiet.  And yesterday his teacher called me to say Jeff was being resistant in class, not participating and distancing himself.  I'm worried."

Oh great, now I've fucked him up! Ray thought.  How was he going to deal with this?  Now Jeff's mom was worried, and could figure things out!  Why didn't I take more time before doing the Ice Bridge trick!  FUCK!

"And his grades are falling. He's never been an A student like you, but now he's getting Ds and Fs on some tests.  He doesn't eat much, just lays around.  And anything makes him mad, just asking him a question makes him mad and he starts yelling. 

"Last night, when he got home from your party he was better, he actually said goodnight to me for the first time for a while.  I was hoping you knew what was bothering him?  Todd thinks he is in love with someone at school, but he doesn't know who.  Do you know who she is?  Is she one of the rich girls who won't talk to him?  Is that the problem?"

"I can't think of anything.  Or anyone.  He doesn't talk to me much lately.  I guess he just wants to be alone some.  I thought you guys were moving, and that was what was bothering him?"

Tom was startled that Ray mentioned the secret he told him last night.  Ray held his hand up, signaling Tom to hold off a second.

"Yes, were moving, and I guess that could be some of it.  We've moved a dozen times, and he and Todd should be used to it.  When I told him, he got mad, more mad than usual, yea.  It was only later that night when he started acting strange, after coming home from your house.  Did you guys fight about that?  Is that why he came home that night?"

"He never told me, I heard it at school.  I don't think Jeff knows I know he's moving yet.  He didn't tell me that night.  We just, fought, over something stupid," Ray tried to explain without saying anything incriminating. " I'll call him in a bit," he offered.

"Please do, I'm worried about him, and you're his best friend, and I just want to make sure he's okay.  If you call him, it might make him feel better, I think.  He was happier after your party last night.  Was there a girl there that might be the one he likes?  He used to ride over to your house almost every day.  You guys used to spend a lot of time together, maybe he just misses that.  I don't know, but I'm worried and if you can help find out what the problem is, I would be really grateful.  Well, call him, will you?  You don't have to tell him you know he's moving, but if you tell him, it might be easier for him to talk about it, maybe."

"Okay, I'll call him in a few minutes," Ray promised.

Jeff's best friend?  Did she just say that?  Does Jeff say that to her?  He did put it on that birthday card, after all.

"Thank you Ray, you're a good friend, and I think Jeff needs you now."

"Okay, don't worry, I'll see what I can find out.  I like Jeff, and if he's sad about something, I don't' want him to be either."

"Well, thanks Ray, I've got to get back to work. Bye now."

"Bye," Ray replied and hung up.  He continued to lay across Tom's body as he thought.

Holy crap, was Jeff all fucked up now? Ray wondered.  How bad did I screw with his head?  Jeez, that was so stupid!  I've got to call him and see if I can straighten this out!  We said it was in the past, but maybe there's more to deal with?

"What was that about?" Tom asked, showing some concern, placing his right hand on Ray's back as Ray still lay over Tom's chest.

"Jeff's mom is worried about him," Ray said, laying his head down on Tom's chest, enjoying the back stroking.

"So she called you? Why?"

"She thinks I can find out why he's been acting, weird."  Ray's right hand brushed Tom's belly and above his patch of pubic hair.

"Weird how?"

"He's quiet at home, don't talk, sad and getting bad grades on tests."

"So was I before we started messing around, you know, maybe that's all he needs?"

"Not funny, and I think it's the opposite of what he needs." Ray stated, certain of it.

"Oh, really?" Tom said,  "I don't think so..."

"OH, you don't, eh?" Ray said, making a grab for Tom's exposed goodies.  He needed to change the subject.  "I guess I'll call him before we shovel snow."

"If we have any energy left!" Tom said, reaching over and under Ray to grab his cock.  It had been at quarter-mast since Ray came without touching it while Tom fucked his ass a few minutes ago.

Ray realized, that though he had just came, his dick was still hard and wanting attention.  He felt horny, sort of, still, but his balls sure felt used.  There was a relaxed kind of horniness, something new, and he liked it.  It was nice, this lasting glow.  Somehow, cumming without touching his cock left a strange yearning, as if his cock was left unsatisfied.  It had never gone down, really, and even now was still quite full, as if on the edge of becoming fully erect; definitely fuller than it was normally at rest. 

With Tom's playful tugging it was showing definite signs of arousal and readiness.  He was sexually charged, horny, but not like usual, more a biding desire.

Whatever this new method of busting a nut did, I like it, Ray thought as Tom reached over with his other hand and grabbed Ray's balls now too, rolling them around while stroking the growing cock. 

"Ready for three?" Tom asked.

"Absolutely," Ray replied, leaning over and taking Tom truly into hand.

They stroked slowly, evenly, not tight, never loose, keeping the skin moving in time with each other.  They laid down, next to each other, stroking each other, the same way they did that long ago Saturday morning, two years ago, after their first episode the night before.

This time, it was different:  Both boys had learned much, and done this particular act countless times, and this time, no fumbling for a grip, no moving elbows or forearms around, no shuffling closer or farther apart.  Just smooth, even, slow, pleasurable strokes.

"First to blow, blows the second the rest of the way?" Tom asked.

"Sure," the certain reply came.

Both boys knew what got the other off faster, and Tom had switched to the appropriate style, loose grip and concentrating on the head and upper shaft.  Ray tightened his grip, concentrating the motions from ridges to base, just the way Tom liked it.

Increasing breathing and moans told both boys they were getting the job done to the other just fine.

After some minutes of this, each boy trying to earn that blow-job finish, twitching legs, fast, short groans and bucking hips announced Ray's impending release.  It was a deep, growing ache, signaling the oncoming orgasm.  He grunted deeply and pushed up, holding, as he ejaculated a short dumbbell-shaped streamer that landed above his reddish pubic hair.  Two more convulsions brought two more shots, both barely clearing the head and landing in his sparse bush.  More convulsions brought a bit more cum, but not much more, and it smeared across the head.  He had to stop Tom immediately after his orgasm as he was simply far too sensitive.

With a sigh, he relaxed, and, like that long ago Sunday morning, he reached over and sucked Tom's cock after being the first to cum.

Tom didn't last long, wasn't far behind Ray to begin with, and released in a tense-backed, low moaning orgasm into Ray's mouth.  Ray tasted cum from the first couple of releases, but wasn't sure if there was anything much more after that.  Tom also pulled away almost immediately after his orgasm, far too sensitive for further stimulation.

Tom shook and sighed, "Whew, three in an hour!"

"Yea.  I love doing this," Ray informed his friend as they settled down next to each other, getting their breathing back to normal.

"I know.  These marathons are wicked!" Tom smiled.

Again, like that long ago weekend.

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