Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 32

Joey led the way to one of the unoccupied offices on the first floor. When they arrived, he held the door open for Alex since he was in a wheelchair and more than likely wouldn't be able to wheel himself in and the door open at the same time. Once both of them were in, he looked out to make sure no one had followed them before shutting the door and locking it.

The entire time Alex kept his eye on Joey and saw what he did. He didn't know if Joey thought he was stupid or he wasn't watching, but whatever the reason was that he locked the door, he wasn't going to be caught off guard. Now thinking that he was brought into the room on false pretenses, Alex prepared for the worst. Even though he was in a wheelchair, he wasn't going to let the likes of Joey take him down without a fight.

While Alex moved himself into the best position he could so he could get out of the wheelchair fast and into a fighting position, Joey turned and walked towards him unaware of what Alex was thinking. Joey didn't bring Alex to the office to jump him. He really did want to talk things out with him since he realized Alex and Jacob have become close friends. Since he wanted the same friendship with Jacob, he knew he had to solve the problems he had with Alex.

"I know there will never come a time that we will ever become as close friends as you and Jacob are right now. There's just too much baggage between the two of us." Joey spoke in his reassuring voice that everyone that knows him has gotten used to him using. "I would like us to try and be civil to each other since we both want to have Jacob in our lives, but best pals; we know that will most likely never happen."

Alex relaxed a little, but was still expecting the worst. "Look Joey, pal, I wanted that from the beginning, but it was you that has taken us to where we are now. You look down at me like trash, which I won't tolerate. I'm not trash and won't be treated as such. Until you are able to look at me and treat me as an equal to you, we will never get along."

"You're right, man you are right!" Joey chuckled as he leaned against one of the tables. "I have really treated you badly, but you have to understand where I was coming from. Not once, not twice, but several times you tried to kill the man I loved and still love to this day. That's something I can't just forget because you say you have turned over a new leaf."

"I'm not asking you to forget, because you won't, but not to sound rude, it isn't you I need forgiveness from. It isn't you I need to ask to forget and move on. The one I needed to ask forgiveness from, I have, and he has given it. Not only has he forgiven me, he has been able to move on. So the question is why can't you? You weren't the one I hurt."

"No I wasn't the one hurt, but I was there through it all. I was there the day you and your gang decided to shoot up our school and got Jacob by accident. I was there when he fought for his life that time and the other times you tried to kill him; when you hid out in your car and waited till you had a chance to take his life.

Yes he has forgiven you, and that's not surprise to me because he has always been a bigger person than I have as far as forgiving someone that has done him wrong. He sees the good in people and nothing else. I, on the other hand, see only the bad in people and try to stay away from those that I believe are out to do me harm. That's my biggest flaw and I'm trying to fix it.

Like Jacob, I need to see the good in people and believe that even though they have done wrong, given a chance, they can be good people. You have proven that. Time and time again you have been there in Jacob's corner, defending him and backing him up no matter what the situation was. Since I have seen you at your worst, and then now at your best, I would rather have you in my corner as a friend, not as an enemy."

Alex completely relaxed realizing that Joey really only wants to talk things out. "I made a lot of mistakes following in my father's footsteps." Alex punched the arm of his wheelchair. "Scratch that; I won't make any excuses for what I did in the past! I not only wronged Jacob by trying to hurt and kill him time after time, I wronged you as well since you were there left picking up the pieces. Not once did I apologize for that, so let me do that now."

Turning his wheelchair to face Joey, Alex softly started to speak again. "Not once did I think of the harm I was doing with my actions toward Jacob. I never thought about the others I was hurting when I tried to hurt Jacob. I am sincerely and deeply sorry for what I did to Jacob and leaving you to put him back together. Nothing I can ever say or do will make up for what I did, but I will try and prove that I'm not that person anymore. You will never have to worry that I will do you, your friends or loved ones any harm."

"I know that!" Joey walked over to Alex and knelt down so they were at eye level with each other. "Like you said earlier the only one that you needed to apologize to was Jacob, and you have. He has accepted your apology and that's the end of it. Now we need to figure out how to put the past where it belongs, in the past, and move on as friends, if not for us, for Jacob."

"Not just for Jacob, but for us as well. Jacob is a very smart man and he can see through any lie he hears. If he thinks we are putting on an act, it will get him angrier than us at each other necks. Besides that, I really want to try and become friends with you. Who knows we might in years from now be best of friends and look back at this moment of our lives and laugh."

There was no doubt by the look on Joey's face. He agreed with every word that Alex said. They both knew if they tried to pretend to be friends to try and fool Jacob, Jacob see right through it all and it will get him angry. On top of that, neither of them wants to admit to themselves let alone out loud, they want to put aside the history and become friends.

"There's a lot of history between the two of us that's going to take awhile for each of us to overcome, but I know we can for Jacob's sake and ours. We have changed quite a bit since our freshman year, believe it or not!" Joey chuckled. "Me and my ups and downs with my family, and you with your...well you know there's no need to go into detail on that. Because of what we both have been through these last couple of years, we have grown up a lot. That alone I believe will get us to the point of becoming friends for our own good and no one else's."

"That's no lie." Alex laughed as he started to move towards the entrance of the hall. "Both of us have been through lot that has forced us to grow up. In fact..." Alex stopped, looked down at the ground for a few seconds before looking up and continuing to speak. "...everyone in this place has been forced to grow up a lot faster than they should have. It seems somehow you created a safe haven for those that have had a rough life so far and no words can be said to thank you for that. Everyone in this shelter will always owe you a debt of gratitude for creating this place for them to be sheltered and given the chance to put their lives back together and try and make something of those lives."

So he could look Joey straight in the eyes, Alex turned his wheelchair around. "That's the one thing I'm going to miss when we move out of here in the next couple of days. I understand why Jacob has decided to move us to a house, but all this, the way I feel so secure here I'm going to miss." Joey smiled at Alex and just nodded his head. "We will become friends; there's no doubt in my mind now that's going to happen. Give it time, just give it time and it will happen."

Joey didn't respond to what Alex said, he just nodded his head as he walked over to the door, unlocked it and held it open so Alex could wheel himself out. The two boys made their way down the hall back to the cafeteria talking as if they never had a beef with each other. When they walked into the cafeteria, everyone turned and was surprised by their appearance.

When Matt and Caleb walked in without their better halves, the others started to wonder what was going on. When they didn't give any more detail than their better halves went off to talk with each other alone, it spread like wild fire that Alex and Joey were going to end up in a fist fight with each other. So, when they walked in without a hair out of place or a piece of clothing un-tucked or ripped and neither of them with cuts and bruises, everyone was stunned to say the least.

Neither Alex nor Joey talked to the guys about their conversation. They rejoined their significant other and just joined into the conversation that was going on at the table as if nothing unusual happened. After a couple of tries to get information from them, the guys at their tables gave up and went back to talking about what they were before the two came back in and sat down.

As the guys started to get up and head out, Sally and several members of her staff walked in. Everyone in the dining room was leaving so that the probationers could come in for their seating to eat. When the probationers started to file in, the minute they were seen by those on the probation floor, they tried to hide, but there was nowhere for them to hide. They knew why they were there, but had hoped that just maybe they would have forgotten or gotten busy and they would have had one more night of no work.

One of the probationers tried to sneak back out with some of the guys from Joey's floor, but he was caught by one of Sally's staff and was brought back to rejoin the others. They waited until everyone was seated and those that weren't probationers had left the restaurant. Once it was just those they wanted to speak to, Sally got up from her seat and started to speak.

"Come on now, you guys shouldn't be surprised to see us!" Sally laughed as she looked around at the disappointed faces that were looking up at her. "For the last couple of weeks you guys have been told this day was coming, and it is here." Several of the older probationers tried to object, but Sally ignored them and kept going.

"As part of your terms of probation you are supposed to complete certain amount of probation hours that the court assigned you. My staff and I haven't been on top of you guys to get that done because we have been setting up this place, but now we are set up, things have changed. Plus Judge Evans hasn't been happy that none of the probation hours he has assigned any of you have been done. If it was up to him, you guys would have been bused out to the grave yards around town to get them done." The guys started to boo, but Sally ignored them and kept going.

"That's neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned. You guys know that you have to complete certain amount of your hours each week, or you can either be revoked or given more community service hours on top of the ones you already have assigned. I know you guys don't either to happen, so stop all this moaning and groaning. Remember you have been given a second chance that many of those you were locked up with didn't and never will get."

Sally walked over to the kitchen and glanced in to make sure Marco or Franseca weren't doing what her probationers are supposed to be doing. She turned back around and walked back over to where she laid her briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers. Looking over to her staff members, they walked over, grabbed the papers and started to hand them out to the probationers. Sally waited until each of the boys had a paper in their hands before continuing.

"What you have been given is a schedule with your names on it and what you will be doing to complete your probation hours. It ranges from kitchen duty to the laundry room. I don't want to hear complaints about the schedule or your guys switching duties and/or days. I especially don't want to hear that you guys are forcing others to do your day. If I hear any of that, you will be brought in front of Judge Evans and trust me, you don't want that. One of my staff will have to sign off for each shift of work you complete.

After each meal, several of you are assigned to be in the kitchen or here in the restaurant cleaning up. If you are assigned to either, you will do the job to the best of your ability. It is not hard and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to do it. It's just cleaning and making sure the place is ready for the next meal. One of my staff members or a guard will be here at all times to make sure the tasks are done right and the right person is here doing the job."

The guys looked at each other as if Sally was speaking in tongues. They knew this was common, but hoped it was still ways off. Now that it has come, they aren't too happy. One of the main reasons of that's that they don't want to be seen by the others in the hotel as if they're their maids, cooks and busboys; people they can boss around. That's something they can't handle and won't allow to happen.

"If you aren't assigned to kitchen duty, you will be assigned in other areas of this facility. Either down in the laundry room where you will help out with the shelter's laundry, not of those that live in the shelter. Each individual is responsible for their own personal clothing and towels, but nothing more than that. The rest of the items like linens that are used in the rooms, the towels and anything cloth wise used in the kitchen or the ballrooms will be handled in the laundry room downstairs.

And the other areas that you might be assigned to are cleaning duties." The guys looked at Sally as if she was out of her mind. "The lobby, the ballrooms, the hallways and any other area in this facility that needs to be cleaned daily will be done by you gentlemen. That's the only way we are going to have enough work for each of you to do your community service hours without having you to go out and do them at the graveyards."

"We'd rather go out and do our hours at the graveyards than cleaning up after all those that live here. They will think we work for them." Jake jumped out of his seat. "Not only that, they will think they're better than us and then look down on us." Jake looked around, getting some of the guys agreeing with him. "And boy let me tell you that I might be a big screw up, but those guys aren't better than me because they're rich."

Jake pointed to roof, getting more and more of the probationers to agree with him. "Hold on, wait just a minute Jake." Sally interjected. "Nothing said to you gentlemen here tonight should make anyone think that they anyone is better than you." Sally pointed around the room at each of the probationers. "However, you all know that you have been given community service hours as part of the conditions of your probation. You need to complete those or you will be revoked from your probation. It is better that you do them here than outside of the shelter like the graveyard, or worse, picking up trash on the sides of the freeways."

That got those that started to get loud alongside Jake to settle back down in their seats. Jake refused to back down. He kept trying to make noise, but all he was doing is showing how dumb he was being by going around in circles on the same topics. After trying several times to talk Jake down, Sally gave up and let Jake have the floor and waited him out. Once he got tired, he sat back down and Sally walked over to him.

"Jake, I know how you are feeling, really I do!" Jake looked Sally straight in the eyes as he shook his head. "You think I don't know how you are feeling because I have never been in trouble with the law. Never been placed in places like you guys have been placed in." Everyone nodded their heads. "You don't need to be placed in the hellhole places you guys have been in order to know what is on your minds and what you guys are feeling. No gentlemen, you don't. All you need is to see day in and day out are your faces to know what you are feeling and what you are going through, and honey, trust me I have been working in this field for too many years now to not only notice what you guys are going through, but feel it as well.

But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't do my job. You guys broke the law for whatever reason and have been given a second chance here. Part of that second chance is doing community service hours where we tell you to do them. For you guys those hours will be filled here at this hotel. If you don't like it or don't want to do them here, tell me or one of my staff. We will have no problem putting you back in front of Judge Evans. But trust me, if you go back in front of him complaining about being asked to do your community service hours he will revoke you and send you right back to that hellhole that you were in before coming here."

Every single probationer in the room in one way or another said they were okay doing their community service hours at the hotel. They all knew what Sally was saying was correct on all fronts. Doing their hours at the graveyard would be worse and even worse yet, going in front of Judge Harold, they would get revoked. They realize that they have it made here and there's no way they want to screw up a good thing.

After seeing that she got the room to agree with her, Sally figured to quit while she was a ahead. She got up and started to head out when one of her staff members stopped her and whispered something in her ear that got her to turn right back around. When the boys saw that, they started to worry. They all had the same thoughts going through their minds and that she was going to deliver more bad news to them.

"There's one more thing I almost forgot to mention." Sally spoke in an authoritative manner as she looked the boys straight in their eyes. "Along with doing community service hours, you have to get a part time jobs." The boys sighed as they slumped down in their seats. "Come on, none of the stuff I have brought up today is anything new to you guys. All of you are aware of what you agreed upon in order to get in this program. The only reason we haven't executed these few items is because you all came as we were setting up the center."

Sally didn't wait for the probationers to come to terms with what she was saying. She continued no matter if they were ready to hear what she had to say or not. "In the next couple of days you will receive a list of places that are approved for you guys to get a job at and that are hiring right now. Go through that list, select at least three and then put in your applications. Once you get a job, you will be transported to and from that job.

But for now, let's not worry about that since that's a week or so away. The only thing you guys need to concentrate on is getting used to doing your community service hours." Sally looked down at the schedules that were in the boys hands. "So look at that schedule and know when you are supposed to be working. If you don't show up, you will be brought back in front of Judge Evans, and again none of you guys wants that to happen. So please don't tie my hands, my staff's hands or the guards' hands to make good on that promise. No matter if we really like you, you will do our job. We will hate it, but we will do it."

There was no need for a word to be spoken when Sally looked over at her staff as she walked out. They knew exactly what the look on her face meant. As soon as she walked out those that were scheduled to do their community service hours in the kitchen that evening were called out. The rest of the guys headed out to the elevator to turn in for the night.

All the way to their floor, they mumbled and complained about what just happened. However none of them went as far as to say they were going to test Sally and her staff. They didn't like what was said, but knew they had to go with the program or go back to lock up; something none of them wanted to do. They liked what they had and wouldn't trade it for anything except for their freedom to rejoin their families in their private residencies.

Even though Sally, her staff and the guards expected problems with the probationers, none arose. Those that pulled the first shift in the kitchen and restaurant finished their work in a timely manner with no problems at all. The boys on the floor did their normal routine, complaining about all the new rules, or should it be better said, rules that hadn't been implemented until now, but made to their rooms. They fell to sleep without anything coming of the complaints.

Several floors above them in one of the penthouses, Joey and Caleb were still awake cuddled in bed together. Neither of them had spoken a word in a while, which wasn't unusual. Like many nights before they just laid there in silence in each other's arms. They loved the warmth and feel of one another, no words were needed. The silence in the room spoke more than they could actually put across if they tried to put their feelings into words.

The silence was broken when Joey got up to turn off the bedroom light. Caleb's voice was very low, and shaky, Joey didn't hear what his boyfriend had said. Just as he made it to the light switch, he turned around and looked at his gorgeous boyfriend who was laying there with his hair a mess, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. Joey's heart broke because he knew Caleb was hurting and that hurt was caused by him.

He walked back over to the bed without turning off the light and crawled back in, pulling Caleb into him. Several times Joey asked Caleb what he had said, but all he got was mumbles from Caleb, which concerned him even more. Finally after the fourth time asking, Joey reached down, pulled Caleb's face up from his chest and asked again what was wrong and this time he was able to make out most of what his boyfriend was saying.

"I'm scared!" In a half whisper Caleb spoke. "I'm so scared after seeing what I saw at Adventure Zone that you might repeat your past." Joey's mind started to go a mile a minute to try and figure out what Caleb was talking about. Just as he pinpointed what it was, Caleb blurted it out. "When you and I met back home you had just left the love of your life because you wanted to see if you truly are what you are. It didn't take long for us to find each other and for you to forget those thoughts, but after what I was today, you might not have."

Caleb moved into a sitting position on the bed, looking straight into Joey's eyes. "I saw how you were acting with that girl at Adventure Zone." Joey tried to interject, but Caleb wouldn't let him. He needed to get off his chest what was bothering him if he ever wanted another restful night again. "What I and I'm sure many of the guys saw was the beginning of what would be a relationship by the way you guys flirted with each other. Even though you said several times throughout the day you did it to get the discount, it still looked like a lot more than that. On top of that for me is your past and how you and Jacob broke up.

You left him because you thought you might be straight and wanted to make sure you weren't. You wanted to date women, but never did because you and I met. Now after seeing what I saw we might have gotten together faster than we should have. Just maybe you should have dated a few women to be sure of yourself and what you want in a love life."

Tears started roll down Caleb's cheeks. He wiped the tears away as he continued talking in a low, breaking voice. "Joey, I love you so much and I thought you loved me as much as I love you." Now the tears are coming in a steady stream. "Don't let my appearance fool you. I may be a big guy, but when it comes to this relationship, I'm a mouse that's so scared that at any moment you will leave me. Now after what I saw, my fears are becoming reality."

At that moment Joey knew that nothing he could say was going to calm his boyfriend down. All he could do is listen to Caleb as he got everything out of his system. Once he did, Joey would try and take a stab at explaining what he was doing with Cynthia and hope Caleb would understand. However, he knew his past was going to come back to haunt him to the point that anything he would say will most likely fall on deaf ears.

"I never thought what I was doing with Cynthia had hurt you as much as it has." Joey pulled Caleb into him, wiping the tears away. "I swear to you Caleb, I only have eyes for one person and that one person is you. You brought light into my life when I thought there was no light. You made me feel feelings that I thought I would never feel again after what I did to Jacob and those feelings I thought were dead in me.

The day that I saw you in the cafeteria was the day I was reborn. At that very moment I knew I was wrong and I would never again let anyone, family or friends pull me in the wrong direction again. I fell in love again that day in the cafeteria, true love. Then when we became an item, I was in heaven. I swore to myself that day that I will do everything I can to make sure you I will never hurt you. What is see is that I have failed you."

Leaning down, Joey softly kissed Caleb on the lips. "You are the only one I want to be with, and no other." Joey softly spoke in-between giving Caleb pecks on the lips. "What you think saw going on between me and Cynthia you are almost right. I was flirting with, and she was flirting with me, but it wasn't for the reasons I said or what you are thinking. I was flirting with her for one reason and one reason only." Caleb looked Joey straight into eyes waiting to see how he was going to explain away the flirting that was going on between him and Cynthia. "I'm hoping in the future she would be the one that will be willing to carry our child to term."

Confused and shocked by what Joey just said, Caleb pushed away yelling at him for the first time since the conversation started. When he realized he was yelling, he lowered his voice. It wasn't because of fear of others hearing, he lowered his voice because he swore to himself that he wasn't going to lose his cool when he talked to Joey about what he was feeling. He knew if he lost his cool, the conversation would, without a doubt, go in a direction he didn't want it to go.

"I don't understand the last part of what you just said." Caleb spoke in an angry voice as he got to his feet. "Don't get me wrong, I have known since the beginning that you have wanted to have a baby of your own. In fact that's one of the main reasons you kept what's-her-name around..." Caleb couldn't remember Janet's name, Joey's former nurse. "...so you could have a baby of your own and not have to worry about dating a girl. Now you are trying to tell me that you aren't going that route. Instead you want to do it with this girl, Cynthia. Why?"

"Right now nothing I have said is making any sense, so let me try and clear things up." Joey jumped to his feet and walked over to Caleb. He guided Caleb back to the bed. The boys sat down, but didn't go any further than the edge of the mattress. Joey tried to get Caleb to relax, but each time he did, Caleb brushed him off.

"I'm sorry for how all this unfolded, I really am. Now looking back at how things must have looked to you, I don't blame you for getting really angry at me. I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes seeing the same things you were. In fact, I don't think I would have been as calm with it as you were and waited until we were alone. I think, no I know I would have made a big ugly scene, embarrassing her, you, me and everyone else that was with us. For not being me, I am thankful and more thankful that you are giving me a chance to explain things."

Joey reached over and placed his hands on Caleb's shoulders. He tried to rub them, but each time he tried, Caleb brushed him off. "I should have told you from the beginning what I was thinking and get your input on it. Hell, it does involve both of us because whoever I chose to carry our baby, that person is going to be in our lives for a while. So both of us need to be comfortable with that person or things aren't going to work out."

For the first time since the conversation started, Caleb cracked a smile, causing Joey to pause for a few seconds. He liked hearing Joey say `our baby' and it was their decision, not just Joey's. However, his mind quickly went back to questioning Joey's motives. He couldn't help himself. Just like Joey had said, he should have talked to him the minute he started to think Cynthia was the person he wanted to carry the baby.

"Heck, Caleb we might be going through all this for nothing because neither of us know if Cynthia would be willing to do what I would like her to do." This time when Joey reached over and started to rub Caleb's shoulders, Caleb didn't pull away. "She might go running for the hills the minute I tell her the real reasons I was flirting with her."

"You're right, she might go running for the hills, but that's something you should have thought about before going as far as you did with her. The poor girl thinks she has a chance with you. I mean she really thinks she could be your girlfriend. When that bubble is popped, that alone might get her mad enough to say `no' and a whole lot more! The whole way that you handled this was wrong."

No matter how hard Joey tried not to let what Caleb just said sink in, it did. Every word he said was dead on. >From the beginning to the end, how he went about doing this thing with Cynthia was wrong. He now realizes that not only he should have been honest with his boyfriend, but with her as well on his intentions. Now he would be lucky on getting out of a conversation with Cynthia with a simple slap. More than likely she might actually go all bonkers on him.

"Okay, okay you're right and I see it now. I should have been honest with everyone concerned from the beginning on this, but that's neither here and there now. It is too late!" Caleb could hear frustration building in Joey's voice. "I screwed up and now I need to find a way to fix it so no else gets hurt like you did."

Knowing if he didn't do something quick, things will quickly spiral out of control. Thinking quickly on his feet, Caleb reached out and pulled Joey to him just as Joey was about to get out of bed. Joey struggled just little to get free, but that didn't last long. In seconds, he settled down and fell back against his boyfriend's chest, allowing Caleb to wrap his arms around him.

"Yes things were done wrong here, but not enough to get yourself all upset like this." Caleb looked down at Joey with a small grin on his face. "Believe it or not this is fixable. The only thing you have to do is be willing to take whatever comes your way when you try and fix what you messed up. Are you willing to do that?" Joey nodded his head. "Then just tell Cynthia the truth and see how things go from there. Hopefully she doesn't get too mad and she is able to calm down and sees why you did what you did."

"Hopefully!" Joey pulled Caleb's arms around him even tighter than they were. "The little I got to know her at Adventure Zone, I think she won't get mad at all. I think she might get a little hurt and disappointed, but will be able to see past it. At least I hope so because if she doesn't, I'm in trouble with a capitol T!" Joey nervously chuckled.

"Unlike you, I didn't get a chance to get to know her at all. In fact I didn't say more than a few words to her the whole time while we were there. I was angry with the poor girl because I thought she was trying to steal my boyfriend away from me. It was getting to the point I was getting ready to throw down with the woman. So I don't know how she might react when you tell her the truth, but I hope she won't go all PMS on you." That got a laugh out Joey. "Just be honest with her and at no time show any fear."

Joey and Caleb laid there on their bed talking for almost an hour on how to approach the conversation that's to come with Cynthia before calling it a night. When they finally did turn off the lights, Caleb was no longer angry with Joey. He understood what Joey was doing and hoped that Cynthia would understand when Joey tells her the truth. If she doesn't, all hell will break loose and when the dust settles, many might be hurt.

When the sun rose on the hotel it was as if the night before hadn't happened. All the floors of kids got up, got ready, made their way down to the restaurant for breakfast and then made their way to school. As the days before, no drama happened throughout the day with the guys. They went from class to class, to lunch and then finished their afternoon classes in blink of an eye. Most of the boys couldn't believe how fast the day went. It felt to them when the final bell rang and they were heading to the parking lot to head home like they had just gotten there.

As soon as they walked into the hotel, Caleb went running upstairs to his and Joey's penthouse to call his friends in Alamogordo. They hadn't spoken in a while and still out there it's Spring Break. Caleb had plans still with his friends from home to go to South Padre Island, but he also wants to go with Joey and the guys to Disneyland. For awhile he couldn't decide where he wanted to go for Spring Break, but he's finally decided to be with his boyfriend.

Not bothering to put his backpack in his and Joey's room when he walked into the penthouse, Caleb tossed it on the floor near the front door as he shut it. Quickly he ran to the phone and picked it up. Nervously he dialed Ivan's number, and when it started to ring, he went over in his head what he was going to say, but that went out the window when he heard his old friend's voice come over the line and the others in the back ground.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Ivan chuckled as he let Caleb know he was on speaker and the guys were there. "What's up guys, how is it hanging?" At the same time they said a little to the left and low, which put Caleb more at ease. "Well it is good to hear your voices and hear that you guys haven't changed a bit since I have left."

"Dude come on, it's not like you have been gone for years!" Kurt yelled. "You have been gone only a few months. Even if you had been gone for years, there's no way we are going to change." The others agreed as they poked fun at Caleb for being too serious. "Look at you Mr. Serious! Now that you have your love of your life you have no time for us and when you do call us, you are all serious like a grown up."

"Okay guys, okay! I'm sorry for not picking up the phone and calling you, but it works both ways. You guys could have picked up the phone and called me whenever you wanted to."

"Oh yeah like we got a hot rich guy like you that owns a hotel!" Ivan barely got out before dropping the phone laughing. It took a couple minutes, but Ivan stopped laughing and got back on the phone. "Sorry man, I'm just joking and you were right when you said that we could have called you as well. It works both ways and we got lazy."

"Nah, none of us got lazy. We just got busy and went on with our lives." At this point the mood of the call went from joking to serious. "And that's why I'm calling you guys today. Spring Break is just over a week away and..." Ivan and the guys broke out in cheer making Caleb feel even crappier than he already does with what he is about to tell them. He waited for them to stop their antics before going on so he didn't have to repeat himself.

"We need to discuss what we wanted to do during our Spring Break." The line got so quiet that Caleb could hear a pin drop on the other side. "I know we had been planning this Spring Break since last year, but things have changed. Not only I don't live over there anymore, but I'm in a relationship with a guy that you guys at time seemed you don't like having around."

"Wait a minute there Caleb, where did you get that we don't want Joey around." Kurt yelled, stopping Caleb in his tracks. "We have never said or done anything that should have come off that we don't want Joey around. We like the dude and more so that he makes you very happy. None of us have ever seen you as happy as you have been since you got with Joey. For that reason alone we accept Joey as a close knit of friend. He makes you laugh..."

"I'm sorry you guys what I said before came out wrong. When you first met Joey you guys didn't like him, but warmed up to him over time. But you guys have to agree on this point that you never wanted him to come with us to South Padre Island for Spring Break." Caleb didn't get a response for any of the guys. "That's more my fault then you guys. I should have pushed more for Joey to join us than just letting it hang out there like I did.

Now it will be too odd for me to ask him to join us since I kept the whole thing a big secret from him." The guys tried to tell Caleb it wasn't too late, but he wouldn't let them. He knew if he allowed them a chance to talk, he wasn't going to be able to get out what he planned to tell them. On top of that, if he allowed them a chance to talk, he would be back where he was several weeks ago, not knowing what he was going to do for Spring Break.

"I'm sorry you guys, this was a hard decision for me to make, seriously it was. On one hand I have plans with my best friends, guys I have known since I can remember. On the other hand I have the guy I love with all my heart that hasn't pressured me in any way to go with him for Spring Break. In fact, he has told me time and time again to keep my plans with you guys, but I can't. I will be bad company if I did because all I will be doing up there's whining about wanting to be with Joey, wondering what he was doing or always on the phone with him."

"Come on Caleb we can make this work, seriously man, we can make this work. Just go to Joey and tell him about what we have been planning and see if he wants to come. I'm pretty sure if you let him in on our plans, he would change his plans and go with us since it is going to be a hell a lot of fun. Just tell him the truth and things will work out."

"Ivan, it's too late for that. He's not only made plans on where he and the rest of the guys up here are going to go, but he has already paid for it all. There's no way he could change his plans now. And to make matters worse is all I want is to be with him. For those reasons, I have to bow out on our plans. I hate myself for doing this, but I think it is the best thing for all of us."

"Look I know you want to be with Joey, but if you really want your relationship to make it you are going to have to give Joey a little breathing room. If you guys are always together, you will suck the romance right out of your guy's relationship. On top of that, you might in time start to hate Joey over what you are doing here. You know as well as we do you have been looking forward to this trip more than any of us have. It has been just recently that we have gotten excited about it."

Kurt, Ivan and the guys thought they said enough to at least get Caleb to rethink his decision, but when Caleb came right back and told them that his mind was made up, they stopped trying to talk him out of his decision and backed him up. They wished they had been successful, but understood why their friend his backing out of their plans.

"Thanks for understanding, guys. You really are my best friends. I promise to make this up to you guys over the summer. We will go somewhere like South Padre Island and just forget about everything and have fun." At the same time, the guys asked where. "Right now I don't know where, but we have plenty of time to figure that out. Just do me a favor and let's include Joey in our plans this time. I know if you spend time with him, you will consider him your best friend."

The guys didn't need to be asked twice to include Joey in their future plans. They liked the guy already and don't understand where Caleb got that they didn't. Maybe not as a best friend, but they already consider him a friend. As they already told Caleb, the guy makes him happy and because of that, they have accepted him in their inner circle of friends.

With the hard part over, Caleb moved the conversation to happier subjects. They talked another twenty, twenty five minutes before saying goodbye. Before hanging up, they put together a schedule of when they will talk again. Even though they're no longer in the same city, going to the same high school, they didn't want to lose touch with each other.

While Caleb was talking with his friends, Joey was downstairs meeting with his attorneys. They were waiting for him when he and the guys got home from school. Not only was he surprised to see them, but a little nervous since there wasn't a scheduled meeting with them for several weeks. So when he invited them into his office, he prepared for bad news.

"Please forgive my demeanor, but I'm a little surprised to see you guys here." Joey said as he pointed to a couple of seats for his attorneys to seat in. "Correct me if I'm wrong here, but we don't have a scheduled meeting today. In fact if my memory serves me right, we don't have a scheduled meeting for several weeks. So what brings you over here today without calling first?"

One of the attorneys opened his briefcase and pulled out a file before answering Joey's question. As he opened the folder, he looked up at Joey and cracked a smile. "As you know we have been hard at work on completing your buyout of the Albertson's grocery franchise here in El Paso. The last time we talked to you and Al..." The attorney looked at his fellow co-council to make sure he was correct. Once he saw his co-counsel nod his head, he turned his attention back to Joey. "...we told you that we not only got the price you wanted, but a better one. The only thing that was left was the small details, and that has been done."

The two attorneys took turns going into detail on how the deal was going to work. Most of what they said, Joey understood and some parts he didn't. One of the attorneys re-explained them in words that Joey was able to understand. When it was all said and done, Joey really liked the deal. Not only did they get him the price he wanted to pay for the stores, they got him a better one. On top of that, the takeover of the stores will be happening a lot sooner than he had figured.

"I really want to get a feel of the layout and what we are getting before we officially walk in and take over the stores. So can Caleb and I or someone from our staff go and take a look at the stores before we officially take them over?"

"We don't see why not. Just let us make a couple of calls before you do though. I want to make sure that none of the managers will call the police on you guys when they or one of their staff members see you guys walking around the store looking at things. They might mistake you guys as thieves planning a heist or something like that."

Joey started to laugh when he heard that. He started to imagine him and Caleb walking through one of their newly acquired stores and being tackled by one of the store security guards. Not able to help himself, he cracked up laughing even harder than he was laughing before. All the attorneys could do is sit there and listen to Joey laughing and wait until he settled down.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to crack up laughing like that." Joey spoke as he settled down. "In the next day or so either Caleb or I will contact you and let you know which of the stores were going to go and visit before we go. You inform whoever you need to inform there we are going in, but make sure you make it clear to them that we don't want the employees to know who we are. We don't want the employees to change their habits because we are in the stores."

"I don't see a problem with any of this except for one thing. You guys need to let us know at least a day in advance what stores you're going to visit. That's plenty of time for us to make the necessary phone calls in order for you guys not to be arrested."

Joey had no objection with the request his attorney just made. They talked a few more minutes before he actually signed the paperwork, making it official. Just as he signed the last piece of paper, Caleb walked into the door. Carefully Joey put the paperwork back together and handed to his attorneys. As he escorted them to the door, he asked them to messenger over his copy of the paperwork as soon as they could.

As Joey and Caleb were making their way to the restaurant, they passed Helen and Harold along the way. They were stepping on the elevator that led up to their penthouse. By this serious looks on their faces, the boys knew not to bother them. They had no idea what had them in deep thought, but whatever it was they didn't want any part of it.

Harold had just gotten off a long day of court hearings after court hearings and then had to meet his wife at the realtor's office. They have been putting the meeting off for several days and Harold knew that he couldn't cancel on his wife for the third time in a row; not if he didn't want to be sleeping on the couch for the second time in their marriage.

Summoning the last of his patience, Harold put on a happy face and joined his wife at the realtor's office. They sat there for almost an hour going through seemingly endless listings of homes that they might be interested in. By the third book, Harold's eyes were hurting him. He pushed the book away from him as he got up and walked over to the water cooler.

Not wanting to be there anymore, Harold kept his face hidden in his cup of water until he knew he could convince to his wife he wanted to be there. Every few seconds, he would look up to see if his wife had caught on. He knew by every passing second that he didn't return to his wife's side at the table, he was risking more of a chance she'd catch on.

For the second time in less than two hours, Harold mustered enough strength to be able to pretend he wanted to be there. As he walked back to his wife, their realtor saved him. She suggested that they stop looking at the books and instead actually go out and look at the homes that they might be interested in. Harold quickly jumped at the idea and agreed with her. Helen loved seeing her husband finally excited about finding their future home.

Knowing that their son wasn't going to move with them to the new home once they bought it, they spent the next several hours looking at homes around the hotel. They reduced their list from eighteen homes to five when they finally called it a night. They made plans with their realtor to meet up with her first thing in the morning to relook at the five homes they liked before going their separate ways.

When they did arrive back at the hotel and were waiting for their elevator, they were so deep in their conversation they didn't notice Joey and Caleb walking past them. They were comparing the five homes to each other to try and knock a few of them off of their list. When they finally reached their penthouse, they narrowed their list from five homes to three.

Once they did that, they put away the pamphlets of the five homes and started talking about when they were going to hold the conversation they were putting off to have with Joey's sister and Allen. They already knew that Joey and Caleb weren't going to move into their new house with them, but they and had no idea where the two younger ones stood.

Just like the day, nothing happened throughout the evening. After having dinner in the restaurant, Joey and Caleb joined the others in the theater room to watch the sitcoms on NBC. Once the news started, they all called it a night and headed to their rooms.

Before Joey and Caleb turned in for the evening, Caleb informed Joey about the conversation he had earlier with his old friends from Alamogordo. He didn't give complete detail about the trip they had planned, which didn't surprise Joey. However he didn't make a big deal out of it because he didn't want a repeat of the night before.

When the alarm sounded the next morning, the boys hit the snooze button several times before finally rolling out of bed. They showered together, but it wasn't just to save time. It has been almost a week since they made love to each other. So when they saw each other naked in the bathroom, they couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

Due to their inability to just take a shower, they had to not only rush to get dressed, but had to skip breakfast in order to get to school on time. Their Friday was no different than the day before. Nothing exciting happened at school, which made the day longer than it actually was. By the time lunch rolled around it felt to the guys like they had already did all six periods. So when the final bell rang ending their school day, they couldn't wait to begin their weekend.

All the way back to the hotel the guys were talking about the fun they were going to have at Jacob's parents' wedding the next day. It's been the talk of the hotel the last several days and they were glad that the day was almost there. It has been the only thing they have been looking forward to since they had moved to El Paso that was going to be exciting, at least they all hoped.

Joey had mixed feelings about the day because he never had a chance to actually meet all of Jacob's family when they were going out together. Now they're no longer together and they both have new boyfriends. However, that wasn't really what was bothering Joey about meeting Jacob's family. It was the fear of the family knowing the real reason why they had broken up. He was really scared about how they might treat him when they meet him for the first time.

All that he knew is what Jacob has told him. He promised that what happened between them would stay where it belonged, in the past. The only ones that would know the actual truth were those that were around when it happened and they promised they wouldn't say a word. Now if rumors got started, there would be nothing he would be able to do about it. However he promised that he wouldn't confirm or deny the rumors. He thought further and decided that if the subject is brought up, he would either ignore it or change the subject altogether.

Still with those insurances, Joey still was very worried. It's not that Jacob wouldn't follow through on what he promised. Jacob has never lied to him in the past. What has him worried is a few of the other guys who haven't forgiven him for what he did to Jacob. There isn't a doubt in his mind that one of those guys is going to make trouble and spread around the vicious rumors to Jacob's family.

Finally when they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, Joey was so lost in thought that Caleb had to shake him to come back to reality. When he was asked what has him so deep in thought, he didn't answer. Caleb tried several more times to get him to unload his thoughts and worries, but finally gave up when he saw that he wasn't getting anywhere.

They were the last to get out of the truck, making them the last to walk into the hotel. Midway from the elevator and the lobby, Joey stopped abruptly, causing Caleb to run right into him. He quickly turned around and looked at Caleb with his puppy dog eyes. Caleb could see there was something really bothering him and he wanted to let it all go, but there was something there holding him back. Whatever it is, Caleb was clueless.

Instead of trying to force Joey to do something that he couldn't do, Caleb decided to just console his boyfriend hoping that maybe by being there for him that he would just let go whatever is on his mind. Slowly he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him as close to him as humanly possible. They stood there in the middle of the lobby in each other's arms for over ten minutes.

When they finally did move, it wasn't much. They pushed away from each other a couple of inches and looked into each other's eyes. They kept that position for another few minutes before Caleb slowly lowered his head down until his lips met Joey's. At first it was just a peck on the lips, but it didn't take long for that peck to turn into it all out passionate kiss.

It wasn't until they heard a girl's voice screaming that they broke their kiss. At the same time they looked over to the front double doors and saw Cynthia standing there with her hands on her face, screaming. They turned and looked at each other for a few seconds for guidance before looking back at Cynthia. Both of them were lost and had no idea what to do.

The screaming not only alerted all the security on the first floor, but anyone that was in earshot of her came running to see what was going on. Joey was so embarrassed, his face turned all shades of red. When he saw several more security agents coming off the elevator and making their way towards them, he finally reacted. He quickly walked over to Cynthia and asked her to quiet down. When she didn't stop yelling, Caleb and Joey escorted her to the nearest room.

Several guards followed Joey, Caleb and Cynthia to the room, but didn't go in with them. They stood guard on the outside and were ready to go in if needed. Meanwhile in the room, Joey tried to calm down Cynthia, but nothing that he did worked. So the boys stood back near the door and waited her out. It took several minutes before Cynthia finally stopped screaming.

"What the hell was that that I saw out there?" Cynthia pointed towards the door that led into the lobby. "What the fuck? Are you guys gay?" Joey tried to answer the question, but Cynthia wouldn't give him a chance. "You are a son of a bitch you know that?" Cynthia yelled as she walked up to Joey and started hitting him. "You're over there a couple days ago flirting with me and all along you are a fucking faggot!"

"If you would to give me a chance to explain, all this would be cleared up." Joey spoke in a low reassuring voice as he caught Cynthia's hands in midair. "Yes I was flirting with you the other day when we went to Adventure Zone and yes not for the same reasons you were flirting with me. You want to go out with me, and I don't want to go out with you. Mainly because you are right, Caleb and I are lovers, or putting it in your words, faggots."

"Then why in the hell did you flirt with me knowing damn well you was never going to go out with me because you don't like girls." Once again Cynthia didn't allow Joey to answer, but she was no longer yelling at him. "Playing with emotions like you did is wrong. I thought you would like me and you wanted to be with me. But here I find you kissing another fucking guy!"

Tears started to roll down Cynthia's face, but she refused to let Joey see. She turned her face, wiped away the tears before turning back to him. Just as she turned back, Joey opened his mouth to once again try and explain why he was flirting with her. However, before he could complete his first sentence Cynthia made contacts with his face with her right fist.

Since he didn't see it coming, it knocked him back several feet. He would've landed on his butt if it wasn't for him and Caleb standing so close to the door. A little dazed and confused, it took a few seconds for Joey to get his footing back again. However, when he did, Cynthia was unable to land another punch, slap or scratch on him.

He didn't touch her, but he kept her at an arm's length away from him and Caleb. Both of them tried to calm Cynthia down, but like the first time, nothing they said or did was able to do the job. So they just stood back and let her wear herself out. As she stood there punching and clawing at the air, her yelling got so loud that it was heard several floors up through the vents.

It wasn't long for those who were in the hotel to find their way to where the fighting was going on. The guards who stood outside the room where Joey, Caleb and Cynthia were not only had to worry about what was going on inside the room, but what might get started outside in the lobby. They knew if Joey and Caleb didn't get control of the situation quickly, things were going to quickly get out of control on both sides of the door.



{Welcome back one and all to another action filled chapter of "Regrets and Heartaches". I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and all the action that was in it. It's been a while since a chapter of this saga has been posted so I hope the wait wasn't in vain. It covered several days and almost caught right up to the other three sagas. It is now in the evening of the Friday before the Saturday of Jacob's parents wedding. So it's only a day off of the other stories.

Now let's get to what this corner is all about, the summation of the chapter. It started with the action scene that it was left off of in the last chapter. I am pretty sure many of you were thinking that this scene was going to go a totally different direction than it did. But you guys know me and know how I love to do a one eighty whenever I can to confuse you all.

Several times in the conversation between Alex and Joey it looked like it was going to get down to a major fight, but it never did. The two boys were able to manage their anger and talk things out. What I like the most about the scene is that they didn't just fix the issues they had between each other for Jacob but also for themselves. These two guys are going to be around each other a lot in the future and they need to be able to get along with each other.

The next couple days went by pretty fast for the boys, but a lot of action that happened in those days. First, Wednesday night the conversation between Joey and Caleb we all knew was coming. Caleb saw what was going on between Joey and Cynthia and wanted an explanation. It took a little going back and forth, but in the end he understood and backed up his boyfriend. I just wish Joey would have been able to trust Caleb enough to tell him his thoughts from the beginning. What do you guys think? Do you think if Joey does not start to trust Caleb more and tell him his secrets, will their relationship last much longer?

The next thing was Thursday evening Caleb finally made the phone call to his old friends in Alamogordo to cancel their Spring Break plans. Just like Joey though, Caleb is keeping a few secrets of his own. His old friends told him that he needs to start letting Joey into his life or their relationship will fail. With both of these guys keeping his secrets from each other that might happen.

While Caleb was talking with his friends, Joey was downstairs meeting with his attorneys about the purchase of the Albertson's franchise in El Paso. It is a done deal and these two young men now own all the Albertson's in El Paso as of the first of April. I really do hope they're able to run these stores efficiently and profitably. What do you guys think are these boys biting off more than they can chew with the purchasing of the grocery chain?

The ending was like the beginning full; of a lot of action. I am not talking about the scene when Joey was driving home thinking about meeting Jacob's family. He is terrified of that because he has no idea how any members of Jacob's family will greet him. The only thing he knows is the promise that Jacob gave him to try his best to keep his family and close personal friends away from that very sore an ugly moment of their lives. We have seen the actual church part of the wedding in "Jacob Finding His Way", but we haven't seen the reception and dance yet.

Now back to the action-packed ending of the chapter. Man was that a surprise how that unfolded? Do you guys think Joey is going to get out of there alive? By the way things are looking, he isn't. Cynthia is mad as hell and unwilling to let Joey explain anything. You're going to have to come back and get the conclusion of this cliffhanger in the next installment of this saga and all the other open plots that are out there.

There's so much going on in this saga. I can keep writing, but I won't. You guys are going to need to tune in to the next chapter to see what is going on. More plots are going to open and old ones will be closed. This story, like my others, will keep you on your toes. Don't miss what is coming up in the chapters to come.

I don't want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There's a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


Joey just can't seem to avoid having massive drama impact his life. So much of it is of his own doing! He is secretive to some degree, which is pure poison to a relationship. It's not that the agendas he has and holds secret are bad, it's just that he seems to not think how his actions can and do impact others. He's been that way since the beginning. He's not a "bad guy", he just has some areas in his personality where he is self-centered. I am just the opposite, so I have a difficult time understanding this personality trait of his.

Secrets kept in a relationship, when you get right down to the basics, are no different than lies. They are actually lies of omission. In a relationship, both people involved have to have the trust in the other strong enough to be totally open with every aspect of their minds and hearts. If your partner can't love you, the whole you, just as you are, then the relationship is in danger. Love in a relationship has to be where both involved love each other as they are. That's the only way that the quality of a relationship can grow and last over time.

Thus endeth the Sermon. Sorry for getting on my soapbox.

I'm glad that Alex and Joey went off to have a talk and clear the air between them. They are both inherently good guys. I certainly see where Joey's feelings come from; how he ached when Jacob was hurt by Alex way back when. The hurt and resulting anger Joey has/had couldn't be dismissed without having the conversation with Alex. Alex had to account for his past actions and atone for them. It took both of them baring their souls to move past the history. Jacob is an integral part of both of their lives. Joey and Alex having bad blood between them stresses the bonds all the way around. I'm hoping the healing has begun.

Sally sure knows how to kick butt with her probationers! She handled them just right. She's holding them accountable in an even handed, fair way. She's not to be messed with. I got that loud and clear as did the probationers, I suspect. I wonder if Jake is going to be the one that tests the limits. Sally sure defused his attempt to hijack the meeting and the message. She did it wisely, letting him have his say and find that he wasn't garnering any support from his fellow probationers.

Well, Cynthia sure had a profoundly emotional reaction to the reality that Joey and Caleb are more than just buds. She really had her heart and hormones set on Joey, it appears. She went thermonuclear and I don't think even smooth-talking Joey can fix this one. He'd better cut his losses, get out of that room with his skin and look for the next one. Cynthia wanted HIM, and there's no way she could ever see her way clear to be a surrogate and carry his and Caleb's baby. Once again, Joey's hidden agendas caused a real emotional upheaval.

Do you think he'll ever quit screwing up in that regard?

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick