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Rich Kid Nate.

chapter one

High school blows, but there is one great thing about my school and thats all the hot guys.

My name is Nathaniel Sinclair, im 17 and gay.

my school is like a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The girls are hot, and if i were straight i would totally go for them, but its the guys that catch my interest, even the guys that are not extremely, mindblowingly hot still manage to pop an erection now and there. i dont mean to sound narcissistic or anything but i also fall into the mindblowingly hot category, at least thats what people tell me. My eyes are that steel gray-ish blue and i have jet black hair that falls in the middle of my forehead. I have a really dominant jaw line and the ultimate swimmers build, a bulging v-cut, lean washboard abs, strong biceps and calves. but at my school thats practically nothing. i got to this really fancy prep school in Miami beach, and i guess you can say my parents are loaded but i never really see them so i just call them my sponsors, haha. i leave in a penthouse on the beach and i have killer parties every weekend. im part of the Miami Beach elite, we go anywhere, do anything without any hassle from anyone. im pretty sure that has something to do with the girth of my trust fund but i really dont care, who said money cant buy happiness. everybody knows my name and everyone thinks im bisexual, which is just the way i like it, i jet to dabble around with guys without any judgement as longs as i manage to publicly hook up with girls from time to time. however its been a while since I've hooked up with anyone and i blame that on the new transfer and equally rich KC Montgomery.

KC Montgomery, is possibly one of the hottest guys on the planet. besides having a build very similar to mine his abs are even more defined, i know this because we used to be on the swim team together but then the season ended, he has blonde thats about an inch shorter than mine and piercing green eyes. KC is about three inches taller than me, which is saying alot considering im 5' 11" and he has these huge hands and feet and he's practically hairless. KC has one of those cocky, "i am the shit" attitudes that makes me want to kick him in the balls, ha, so i kind of hate him but yet spend every minute of every day drooling over him, and yet i still call him my best friend haha. and when i say every minute of everyday i mean it, he is in everyone of my classes, lives in the penthouse of the hotel next door to mine and makes sure i call him every time i go out.

"what are you doing tonight?" i ask KC hoping that he'll come over tonight, hey, a gay guy can dream right?

"umm, i dont know, probably go out and get drunk."

"oh, so just the typical KC Montgomery Wednesday night?"

"haha, basically why?"

"umm i dont know, i have no plans tonight and dont wanna spend the night bored at home."

"why dont you just call one of those dudes that are always asking to come over."

"ha, maybe because im not as much of a skank as you think i am."

"yeah, thats why your dying to get a hold of my ass."

haha KC you have no idea.

"oh yeah, KC your ass just tempts me all day long."

"Ha, i knew it" Kc Say sarcastically as the final bell of the day rings.

As i get up from my desk KC bends over right in front of me to pick up his bag from the floor and the sight is just way to tempting so i reach out and give his ass a hard squeeze.

"Hey, what the fuck?"

"Who said i was kidding about wanting your ass." i say to KC with a huge grin on my face.

"Haha, really funny Nate, if i didnt know better I'd say you want me."

"And if you did i wouldnt say you were wrong." and just to make sure he gets me message and give him a wink and make my way home.

"Hey Nate, wait up!"

i turn around to see KC running after me.


"well my parents are having the whole place redecorated next week so i need somewhere to stay starting tomorrow, can i count on you?"

"um, sure i guess. its not like my parents will be home or anything."

"cool so i guess i bring my bags by tomorrow morning and you can drive me to school." KC asks this as if its a question, like i can say no to him.

"Yeah, sounds good, see you tomorrow." i say over my shoulder as i walk out to my car.

My parents bought me an BMW M6 convertible, black on black,for my sixteenth birthday. and i must say this car is totally badass! You see my parents are filthy rich! i have over 50 million dollars in my trust fund alone, i get that when i graduate from any university, with any degree. there also going to give me a yearly allowance of a million dollars a year until they day, which i then inherit the family business and their entire fortune, i still dont even know what they do. my parents are extremely ok with me being gay, the only thing they ask of me is that i have a kid someday with a surrogate so that the family name is carried on and i have no problem with that at all, I've always wanted to have a big family.


Too bad KC isn't coming over tonight i am so horny! and i really need to get off so i whip out my cell phone and call Dan.

"Hey, Dan"

"What is it Nate?"

"Can you come over tonight, i need a release."

"Sure, for the usual rate."

"is money ever an issue with me Dan? get your ass over here, and bring a bottle of Vodka."

"See you in Ten"

I hang up on Dan and make my way over to the bathroom to get nice and clean for Dan when he comes. You see, Dan is an ex-Marine and owns a bar down the street, he is also my own personal call boy. The reason i say he is my personal call boy is that he is expensive, so expensive that only the elites, like Me and KC can afford him, and he is also the best kept secret in town, the only person that knows what Dan is willing to do. Dan is around 26 years old and he is still in great shape, he has bigger muscles then I do, or KC for that matter. Dan has really short blonde hair and light blue eyes. everything about him just reads masculinity from his strong jaw line to his bulging biceps, rock hard thighs, huge ab muscles.12 inch long/3 inch in girth cock. Dan charges 300K for the night and its completely worth it, he will do whatever you want, as long as nothing goes in or around his ass, which is okay with me considering that im a bottom all the way!

As i get out of the shower i hear the doorbell ring so i run to my room pull on some boxer briefs, and run to answer the door. I hate having hired help around, i find them too nosey and will tell my parents anything at the first sign of trouble thats why i only have a maid and she is only here when im at school to receive packages and stuff and clean up the mess i made the night before. Even though it would be great to gave Dan on the staff permanently. (;

"Hey Dan." i say as Dan walks in and passes me the bottle of Vodka

"Hey Nate, where do you want me?"

"in the bedroom, where else? anyways before we start im going to need you to leave before morning, im expecting company, i hope thats no problem."

"no, its no problem."

i hand Dan the 300k for tonight plus another $100 for tax fare and we make our way to the bedroom with the bottle of Vodka.


an hour and about 6 shots later Dan and I are completely drunk on top of my bed.

"So what are you waiting for." Dan says sounding a little impatient. Thats one of the things i enjoy so much about Having sex with Dan and that is that he is always to commanding and is always taking control.

Without even giving me a chance to respond Dan jumps on top of me with his lips touching mine. Dan eventually forces his tongue into my mouth and i can feel his tongue fighting with mine while i breathe in his heavenly musk. Dans breath is completely intoxicating, and i cant help to fall even further into his control. My hands move down from caressing Dans upper-back down to his butt-cheeks as i begin to massage his ass Dans hands roam down to his belt buckle and begins to bull them off and i have to stop fondling with his ass to allow him to pull off his tight denim Dan then continues to take off his briefs and his dick slaps his stomach. After Dan lays on top of me completely naked with my massaging his ass he starts to pull of my briefs and my dick slips my stomach just as his did. After awhile of making out completely naked Dan moves over to the side of my bed and pulls me along with him.

"Suck my dick." Dan commands as he begins to tease my lips with his dick. As he holds my head away from his dick he moves it into my mouth and then pulls away, Dan continues to do this until i begin to whine.

"You really want it dont you" i respond by another whine ann Dan lets go of my head and Moves his dick into my mouth, i let him now how much i like his dick with a moan. as i make my way down his dick with my mouth i cant help by notice how much dick there is, not to mention how thick it is, and there is no one ill be able to go all the way down on him. As i bob up and down on his shaft with my hand jerking off what my mouth cant reach i take my other hand and begin to play with his balls.

"oh yeah, suck my dick." Dan says as he puts his hands on the back of my head and pushes my head further down his shaft until my nose is in his pubes and im gaging and then he pulled my head back to the tip.

"Oh yeah deep throat my cock you little rich bitch." Dan said as he repeated the motion from before making me deep throat his cock some more. after a couple of more times Dan completely forgets about making me deep throat his cock and he begins to pick up the pace, shoving his dick as far as he can into my mouth without making me gag.

"oh yeah you little cunt, you like it when i face fuck you dont you?" Dan says. after face fucking me for what seems like an eternity i feel his balls begin to pull up into his body as he shouts "oh yeah, im cumming!!!!!!!" and he releases torrent after torrent of cum into my mouth. After managing to swallow as much cum as possible allowing only a little to spill out of my mouth Dan pulls me up by my hair until were face to face and pushes me onto the bed and lays on top of me and shoves his tongue into my mouth.

"Wow, i taste good dont I?" Dan says pulling back from his assault on my mouth.

"Mhmm." is all i can manage to reply.

"You know, your so good at sucking Dick that next time will be on the house."

"uh huh whatever, i NEED you in me!"

"haha, wow your a good little bitch, why dont you turn over so i can fuck you, rich boy."

i comply to his demands as he retrieves a bottle of lube from my nightstand.

i hear the pop of the lube bottle and feel the warm sensation of Dan applying lube to my hole. and then i feel his head cock lined up against my hole and before i know it i can feel him applying pressure yo my hole and then i feel his head push through my hole and almost cry out from the pain of it.

"Owwww. hold on a second." i say to get used to the pain from his dick inside of me and then i nod Dan to continue.

"oh, this feels so good, do you like it as much as i do rich boy?"

i just reply with the loudest moan i can muster and he begins to pull out of me and i cant help but feel empty so i reached around, put my hand on the small of his back and pull him into me.

"a little Antsy arent we?" Dan says as he puts his hands on my waist and begins to pull out and push back into me, hitting my prostate.

"ohmygod." i moan as my dick begins to throb, he repeats this action a few more times going so far into me that i can feel his pubes at my hole and i cant help but want more. Dan begins to pick up the pace and i can feel the point of new return climbing up in me until i begin to shot all over my bed and then i feel Dan unloading his loads of cum into me.

"ohhh, that feels so good." Dan says dropping all his weight on top of me until we both hit the bed.

"Im so beat, you should go, i'll call you a cab."

"not just yet let me just hold you for an hour and then i'll call my own cab."

"umm...ok." i say. "but only for an hour."

"sure thing" he says as i begin to doze off to sleep.


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