the following story describes homoerotic activities. if you are under the age of 18 please exit this page now. other than that. ENJOY!

Rich Kid Nate.

Chapter Two

The next morning.

"Hey Nate are you up yet?" I hear KC call from right outside my door waking me up from my slumber. As I atempt to get up from bed I feel something holding me down and then I realize that there's someone in bed with me. And it's Dan.

"Holy shit Dan wake up you were supposed to leave like 4 hours ago and now my friends outside my door..." I continue to ramble on but it's too late. KC has already opened the door and seen us in bed together.

"Uh....sorry Nate, I'll be in the next room just come and get me when your ready for school." KC as he walks off closing the door behind him.

"Shit Dan, I told you an hour."

"Why are you so worked up baby?"


"what, Baby? I thought you would like that."

"No Dan, this is just sex, not a relationship, now get the FUCK out of my house."

"oh, I see what this is, you have the hots for that guy. Whatever Nate, call me when your ready for some more of this." Dan says grabbing his cock.

"Shut up Dan, I call you when I call you. now get out."

"Ok Cutie," Dan says as he gets dressed, "but just to hold me off to next time.." Dan says grabbing my bare ass as he walks out of my room.

"jerk" I mumble and began to get dressed.


"Ok KC I'm ready, lets go."

"Ahh, fuck it Nate we're already late as it is, Lets just skip."

"Sounds like a plan to me, what do you have in mind?"

"Ummm, I let you know when I think of something."

"Uh okay but while you do that do you mind if I go and catch some Z's? I had a long night."

"Haha, I bet," KC mumbled, "umm actually thats a good idea, why dont we just sleep? I can use the beauty rest."

No you dont I think to myself.

"Ok, well good night then." I say as I turn around and walk back to my room with KC on my tail, "You do know this is my room right?"

"Haha, Yeah but I really dont want to sleep in a room by myself, I do that all the time."


"Uh okay, the more the merrier I guess."

"Cool." KC replied and he followed me into my bedroom.

I stripped down to my boxer briefs and Nate stripped down into his briefs as well (and I must say his dick looks delicious, and HUGE) and we both laid down next to each other.

"Hey Nate, who was that guy."

"Dan, no one just a jerk."

"So you two arent exclusive or anything?."

"Hell NO!"

"oh okay, good."

End of Chapter Two


Authors Notes:

Sorry the chapter is so short, I wanted to get one out before the weekend. and I'm really sorry for the little sexual activity going on. HAHA. but there will definitely be sex in the next chapter but thats as much as I'm going to tell.

Also I would like to apologize for all the spelling errors you encounter, either in this chapter or in the chapter before, I was just in a hurry to get these two out that I didn't really re-read. So if your interested in being my editor, let me know. haha.

A big thank you also goes out to all who sent me an email from chapter one. thank you so much for your comments and words of wisdom if I have not written back to you, sorry, just keep them coming I will eventually. (=

And finally I would like to wish everyone happy holidays! and I really do hope you enjoy "Rich Kid Nate."

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