the following story describes homoerotic activities. If you are under the age of 18 please exit this page now. other than that. ENJOY!

Rich Kid Nate.

Chapter Three

I awoke with the felling of nausea emanating from my stomach and something hard poking me In the ass, I turned around to see KC staring straight at me, he smiled at me and leaned In, I however did the opposite, I got up, ran to the bathroom and vomited all the liquor from the night before.

When I walked back Into the bedroom I saw KC sitting at the edge of my bed, his head In his hands and LOUD sobbing sounds coming from his direction.

"KC, whats wrong bud?"

"what do you mean whats wrong with me? I try to kiss you and you throw up, what the hell am I supposed to take that as?" when KC said this he looked serious as hell but I just could not keep from laughing. "Ok, so first you throw up at the thought of kissing me and now your laughing In my face, nice you jerk wad, I cant believe I even thought we were friends." KC yelled at me and got up off my bed and walked out of my room, not even bothering to put clothes on.

"KC!" I shouted out, "Where are you going, practically naked especially, get back In here."

"Why, the hell should I asshole."

"KC,come In here, just give me a minute to explain to you."

"ok, but only thirty seconds." KC said walking back Into my room. "1...2....3..."

"KC, stop that your distracting me."

"Explain Nate now, or so help me this friendship Is over."

"Ok, ok." I say "well first I am hungover, thats why I threw up, not because you repulse me at all, as a matter of fact you do the exact opposite of that KC, I mean seriously, how can anyone be repulsed by you. And Second I thought you were joking, you've never EVER shown any Interest In me or any other guy for that matter, I thought you were straight thats why I laughed at you."

"oh...well Nate, I dont know If I am gay or not but I do know that I want to be with you, and I dont care who knows It, and well the reason I never said anything to you Is because I did not think you were Interested In me, well until yesterday when you grabbed my ass." KC said sporting the cutest crooked grin I have ever seen before.

"So, what are you waiting for, get over here." I say and KC begins to walk closer to me, he Is literally less than an Inch away from my face and I can help but become addicted to his scent, to say It was heavenly would be an understatement, his breath Is so cool, so fresh, so absolutely wonderful that I began to feel self conscious and then I remembered....

"SHIT! I'll be right back, dont move."

"Wait, Nate, where are you going?"

"To brush my teeth, my breath must smell like vomit, I have no Idea how you could have stood so close to me. YUCK!"

"Nate, dont be stupid, come over here, NOW!"

"KC, chill, we have all day, brushing my teeth will take less than two minutes." I yell from the bathroom

"Fine, but seriously, hurry up, I've been waiting for this since I came here."


After I finished brushing my teeth I walk back Into my room I walk back Into my room and find that KC has made himself comfortable on my bed so I climb on top of him and once Im about to touch his lips with mine he pulls away.

"HEY! what gives? I thought you were all like 'hurry up, I've been waiting for this since I came here'"

"I need to hear you say It first."

"Say what? That Im gay? I thought that would be obvious"

"No, not that, even though Its nice to know, I need to hear you say that Your mine."

"Oh, well Im definitely, without a doubt, 100% yours."

"And that guy from yesterday?"

"Who Dan? just a really expensive hooker/ass hole."

"Oh, good, but while we are on the topics of ass holes, are you a top or a bottom cause I really dont think 'm ready for anything In my butt just yet-"

"Ugh your killing me KC" I Interrupt him and lean Into him and our lips touch and I must say It Is the best kiss I have ever had, his lips are so soft and he smells so Incredible, and he Is just so mindblowingly beautiful, I dont know what I'd do If I found out this was all a dream. and then I pull back from our kiss, because I've completely freaked myself out by the possibility of this being a dream and I look Into his green eyes and I know without a doubt that this Is not a dream because the passion I see In his eyes Is one that I wouldn't be able to replicate not even In my wildest dreams.

"Hey KC," I whisper.

"Yeah?' KC says as he exhales.

"Im a bottom."

"Whew, you have no Idea how worried I was about that." KC Says, and I laugh and then lean back Into him for another kiss.

End Of Chapter 3


Authors Notes:

AGAIN I am sorry for the lack of sex In this chapter, I know I promised It In the last one but I think It would be better If I saved It for another chapter, and this chapter just really needed to be done.

Also I would like to give thanks to all those who have written to me, keep them coming!

And I'm already working on chapter four so It should be out In no time!

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