the following story describes homoerotic activities. If you are under the age of 18 please exit this page now. other than that. ENJOY!

Rich Kid Nate.


"Hey KC," I whisper.

"Yeah?' KC says as he exhales.

"Im a bottom."

"Whew, you have no Idea how worried I was about that." KC Says, and I laugh and then lean back Into him for another kiss.

Chapter Four.

As KC begins to play with my tongue with his own I can begin to feel his shaft harden under me and as i reach down to grab KCs fully hard sex tool, KC pulls back from our kiss and says

"Nate, slow down, i dont think I'm ready for this yet."

"what, im already so wound up, i really dont think i can stop now."

"Nate, i really think we should just take this one step at a time, I'm still a virgin." and that did it, i rolled off of him and began to laugh.

"What, KC, your not a virgin, you have had sex with plenty of girls."

"Yeah Nate, but they were exactly that, GIRLS, im not ready for this just yet, just give me time."

Wow this is the last thing i though i'd ever have to deal with, waiting, but now in the mean time i really just have to get off.

"okay KC, well the i'll be right back." i said making my way over to the bathroom.

"Wait, Nate, where are you going?"

"I really need to get off, so i am going to the the bathroom"

"Nate, you can jerk off in front of me. Come back to bed."

As i make my way back to the bed KC begins to pull of his briefs and i follow suit and i lay back down i bed and take in his beautiful cock. KC's cut cock his definitely large, probably longer than Dan and longer than mine, he is probably sporting at least twelve inches of wood and he is definitely not lagging in the girth department either, his fat head seems to be perfectly shaped and while his shaft does have some veins its not to much. His fuck tool is extremely impressive and equally beautiful and really intimidating, i have no idea how i am going to take all of it. As a look up to KC face I see him doing the same thing i was doing just a few seconds earlier and while my dick his not as impressive as his tool its definitely not unappealing. My cock is about ten inches long and while its not as fat as KCs beautiful tool its not thin either.

"Here's an idea," i say, "why dont i jack you off and you do me? Unless thats still to much for you now, really there's no pressure."

Kc doesn't even reply, he just reaches down and envelops my shaft with his warm touch and i began to shudder. I moved my eyes from my cock to his face and say him smirking at me and then i was suddenly eager to touch his cock and so i moved my hand to his shaft and wrapped my hand around it. His cock felt so good in my hand it was very smooth and made me want to go down on him but i was afraid that would have been to much so i resisted the urge and began to stroke his cock.

"oh Nate, that feel so good." KC says thrusting his hips in correspondence with my hand.

i moan in reply to him and begin to speed up my pace on his cock as he does to me, at this point i am very eager to cum and completely enveloped in lust and would literally do anything just to come right now.

"KC. Faster. Please." I moan hardily intelligible. And KC replies by picking up his pace on my cock and i begin to feel his muscle tighten up and i know that he is about to cum from my feverishly pounding on his cock.

"Oh shit Nate, Im cumming." and the truth is i wasn't that far behind and as i began to approach the point of no return i turn my head to focus on KC just in time to see his cock explode as a stream of cum hits his chin and then more gushes of his juice begins to coat his chest.

I began to milk KCs cock with my hand as my body begins to shudder and cum explodes from my penis hitting my chest and then beginning to flow down my shaft.

At this point KC has stopped stroking my cock as i have his, so i move over to him and straddle his thighs and bend down to lick a trail from his bellybutton, up over his sweet tasting-cum coated abs and continue up lingering on his neck and then move up to his mouth and make way for his tongue to enter my mouth.

After a minute of swapping spit with my muscled adonis i break our kiss to say "come one Kc, lets go take a shower." and we both get up from the bed and make our way over to the bathroom.

End of Chapter Four.


Authors Notes:

Ok so a little bit of sex in this one.

I already have the idea for the next chapter (suggestion from an email.)

and it will involve alot of drama!

other than that i hope you enjoyed chapter four and i have began work on chapter five.

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