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Also, This Chapter contains Rape, if you are uncomfortable with rape at all, dont say i didn't warn you. (;

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Rich Kid Nate.


After a minute of swapping spit with my muscled adonis i break our kiss to say "come one Kc, lets go take a shower." and we both get up from the bed and made our way over to the bathroom.

Chapter Five.

Once KC and I get into the bathroom i turn on the hot water and make my way over to KC to continue our kiss while i wait for the water to get hot.

"mmmm, Nate we seriously have to stop before i get hard again."

"Well, i dont see the problem with that" i say as KC begins to pull me over to the shower.

"Well i do, i do want to get out of the house at least once today."

"Hmm, how about a midnight swim in the pool."

"that sounds like a good idea," Nate says "too bad its only six."

"Patience is a virtue Babe."

"Glad you have realized that," Kc teased, referring to making me wait to have sex, as he leans down to give me a quick peck on the lips.

I grab the soap and turn KC around and began to soap up his back taking the chance to further explore my Adonis. My hands roamed up and down his back exploring every crease and then i began to move down to his lower back and then to his ass, feeling his muscular cheeks and his nearly hairless crack i then kneel down on the shower floor to begin to soap up his thighs and his calves and i cannot get over the feeling of how well defined is muscles are they are also hard and he is just so chiseled from head to toe, as if he was carved from stone.

"ok, turn around" i say, "I'm done with your back."

KC turned around and his fully hard 12 inch cock slapped me in the face. After a got over the initial shock of his cock hitting me I looked up at KC and saw he had a sheepish grin on his face.

"You know while i am down here i could take care of that if you wanted me too."

"not right now." he replied "but maybe after our swim." he added with a wink.

So rather than take care of his full erect penis i began to wash his legs and moved up to his groin and then made my way to his chest exploring his abs, armpits, neck, getting completely used to my wonderful lover standing right in front of me.

I passed KC the soap so that he could wash me. "Um KC..." i began to mumble as he moved his hand over my back "what...uh..exactly is this?" i mumbled as he squeezed my ass cheeks.

"what do you mean?"

"I mean, are we boyfriends or is this just fun?" I said as we began to was off the soap.

"Nate, where is this coming from?"

"I dont know, its just im tired of being alone all day, everyday. im tired of people not knowing who i am. im tired of having no one to talk to." i said while turning off the water and stepping out of the shower.

"Nate...Im pretty sure that i made myself clear before anything happened, Im yours, through it all, i will be here with you."

"But KC are you really? can you honestly walk down the halls of our school holding hands with me?"

"Baby, I really dont care what anyone thinks, not those people, not my parents, absolutely no one but you."

I really cant believe this is happening, KC is such a great guy, and i really care about him and i cant believe that he is just so ready to do this with me. It was just all too much and i began to cry.

"Nate, are you okay?"

"KC, just kiss me."

And he did, he leaned down and kissed me, but it was different this time, more passionate then ever before. KC leaned down further put his hands on the back of my thighs and pulled me him to wrap my legs around his waist without breaking our kiss and began to kiss me harder and then moved over to the wall pushing my back against it to help him hold me up. By now i can feel his hard cock teasing my crack and i was getting really wound up and then...The door bell rang.

"Fuck!" KC said placing me down on the floor, "I'll get it," he added grabbing a bath robe from the back of the door and made his way down the stairs to open the door as i went over to my room to grab a pair of sweat and put them on before joining KC downstairs, as i made my way downstairs i saw Dan coming up them.

"What the fuck how'd you-" I managed to get out before getting back handed my Dan.

"shut up bitch." he said as he grabbed me by the torso and tossed me over his shoulder and continued walking up the stairs.

"Dan what the fuck are you doing? And wheres KC?"

"i told you to shut up!" He said plopping me on the bed and the reached behind his back for his backpack, something i didn't notice before now.

"you see, you left me high and dry last night, and you talked to me like i was trash and so right now your going to pay for it."

"Dan what are you talking about, I fucking gave you 300k."

"Yeah, but you see i wanted a relationship with you but you would have rather have one with that little fuckhead, and i dont deal well with rejection."

"Ok Dan, whatever, what are you going to do about it, beat the shit out of me?"

"Shut up. if i was going to beat the shit out of you i would have done it already." Dan said and then back handed me so hard that all that followed was black.


When i began to awake from unconsciousness i felt a crushing pressure on my chest and i could tell that my hands and feel were restrained, and was also aware that i was completely naked and hard and there was something sticky on the side of my head where Dan hit me, it must be blood. When i finally was able to open my eyes i realized that Dan was straddling my chest and his cock was inches away from my face.

"What the Fuck Dan, get off of me."

"Now well would i do that after all the trouble i went through to tie you up. You see Im horny as fuck, and your going to take care of that problem."

"Umm Dan, theres going to be a problem with that."

"Yeah and what is that."

"well im not going to help you get off, thats your problem."

"You dumbass, thats the glories of me restraining you, you dont have to comply with me."

"You asshole!" i screamed.

"Oh Come on Nate, just admit that you want it, you want it so bad. How else could you explain your raging hard on?" He said as he reached behind me and pulled on my cock.

I must admit at this point i was a tad bit horny now and if this were an imaginary situation i would REALLY be enjoying this.

"what about KC....?" I whispered.

"He doesn't have to know anything, now be a good bitch an open wide." he whispered in my ear.

At this point i really didn't know what to do anymore, i knew he wasn't going to just leave me alone. and if i didn't comply to him who knows what he'd do. I just couldn't hurt KC like that, he'd have to never ever find out.

"hold on Dan, if i comply with this, will you let me and KC go, and leave us alone."

"Well if your a really good boy i see no reason why not to let you two go. But as for the second part i dot know, i think it would be fun if we all got together and had a threesome."

"Dan come on just leave us alone, I'll do whatever you ask now, if you can promise me that."

"Ok, but on one condition admit you like this, admit you want me to fuck the shit out of you right now."

"Ok Dan, i like this." I whispered.


"And i want you to fuck the shit out of me right now."

"Good bitch, now open wide."

I complied with Dans demands and he forced his dick into my mouth.

"Oh, your such a good little cock sucker." Dan said as he withdrew his dick from my mouth and then forced it back in to the back of my throat.

"Show me how much you like it you little bitch.," Dan said, "Moan for me."

I let out a moan for Dan. I must admit that it was not against my will at all. His shaft tasted so damn heavenly and his groin that was now pushing against my face filled my nostrils with his musk.

"I knew you want it." He said Grabbing a hold of my hair as he began a steady pace of withdrawing from my mouth.

"God your mouth feels so nice and hot i cant wait to shoot down your throat." Dan said picking up his pace after deep-thoating me one time without warning making me gag.

"Tell me how much you like my dick." Dan said withdrawing his dick from my mouth completely making me whine in lust.

"Say It, Say how much you want my shaft back in your mouth."

"Oh, Dan, fucking give me your sweet tasting cock. I want it so bad."

"I bet your little KC doesn't make you moan like I do."

"uh-huh" I moan. Aching for his cock in my mouth again.

"Your a little antsy" Dan said moving his cock near my mouth but instead lifting up making me take a mouth full of his nut sac.

"Lick my balls," Dan moaned burying my face further into his groin.

I sucked on his balls one by one putting them into my mouth and rolling my tongue around them.

"Both of them, now." He moaned unintelligibly. I then opened my mouth as wide as possible and shoved his other nut into my mouth.

"Yeah, bitch, just like that." He moaned again while i rolled my tongue over his plump sac.

"ok bitch, let them go," He said pulling on the back of my head until his balls came out of my mouth with a 'pop!'

"Stick out you tongue." He said as he began to move his body against my tongue. First into his belly button then over each crease of his abs up to his nipple. "Suck on my nipple."

I began my assault on his nipple nibbling on it and rubbing my tongue all around it.

"Suck on it, harder." he said with his balls laying on my belly button. pushing my face further into his pec. I then began to bite on his nipple harder.

"Good little bitch," he said pushing my head across his muscular chest to his other nipple. As a began my full out assault on his other nipple he said, "Not to hard bitch."

"Ready for another go at my cock?" he asked. I raised my head from his nipple just to a moan an "Uh-Huh." and began to pull my head back down his body against his grip.

"Not so fast." He said moving his body down until we were face to face. Mouth to mouth, and in a strong lip lock, his tongue in my mouth battling mine. His shaft in between my thighs teasing at my hole and my cock rubbing against his muscular frame.

"Enough making out for now," he said pulling back from our make out session leaving me dizzy and confused from his pleasant fragrance as he moved his body up until his cock was inches from my face once again.

"Dinners ready," he said as he forced his cock into my mouth, straddling my chest. "Eat up"

He then moved his hands down to the sides of my face and began to speed up his pace.

"Ohh, im going to cum," he moaned, after minutes of fucking my face.

Dan unleashed torrent after torrent down my throat and then pulled out to get the remaining drops of cum on my face. Dan moved his face down to mine and licked his cum of my face and moved his mouth to my ear.

"Now be a good bitch so that i could untie you and pound your ass." Dan whispered and then began to nibble on my ear.

'Ohhh,YES!" I moaned preoccupied by the shivers running through my body.

"Thats what i like to hear," Dan whispered again and gave me a peck on the lips and moved over to untie the ropes around my hands and feet.

After I was untied Dan grabbed me by my waist and rolled over so that i was laying on top of him.

"Fuck Me," I moaned and Dan preceded over to the nightstand to get the lube from my top drawer.

"Lean over the side of the Bed," Dan demanded. I did what he told me to and he moved behind me and started to spread lube over my hole.

After my hole was lubed up he put his finger into my ass and began to fuck me with it.

"Feel Good," he asked, "Do you like my finger in your ass?"

"mhmm," i moaned.

"Want two?" he asked as he began to work his second finger into my hole.

"yessss," I moaned pushing my ass against his hand.

Dan began to message my prostate with his fingers.

"Feel Good?" Dan asked again.

"oh, Yes." I moaned

"How good?"

"Fucking awesome." I replied as he began to push his fingers further into my hole.

"Ready for My Dick in your ass?" he said.

"mhmm" i moaned.

"ready to get fucked hard?"

"Oh, yes."

Dan took his fingers out of my ass and lined his cock against my hole. When he pushed in i cried out in pain but he didn't stop, he just pushed his way all the way in.

"Your so tight," he moaned

"Oh, dont move." I moaned as i waited for my ass to get used to his fat shaft. "okay" i moaned.

Dan pulled his way out of my ass and shoved his way back in.

"Ohhh," i moaned. Dan repeated this gain but this time he held onto my waist to keep me from moving.

"Ohh, your so tight," he said as he withdrew completely from my ass. "Get on your back"

Once on my back he pulled my legs into the air and pushed his cock back into my hole. Dan began to slowly pump my ass pushing his cock deeper and deeper after each thrust.

"Harder," I moaned. Dan complied by pulling his dick to the point where only his head was in my head and then he thrust his shaft back into me, as he did earlier.

"Like that?" he asked plummeting his cock in and out of my hole.

"Oh, yeah," i moaned, "Now faster."

Dan picked up his pace moving in and out of my hole with great force. And I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him into me further.

"Oh, jerk me off" i moaned, and Dan wrapped his hand around my shaft and matched his strokes with his thrusts.

"Oh, Dan, Fuck me," I moaned rolling my eyes to the back of my head as i overloaded with ecstasy.

"Oh shit, Im cumming," I moaned and then began to shoot all over my chest. As my ass tightened around his shaft i felt his body tense up and then Dan moaned out loud.

"Ohh, your such a good little fucker," he moaned as he shot all his sex juice into my ass filling me up to the brim. Dan then slapped my ass and pulled out of me and his cum dripped out of my ass and i whined wishing that his cock was still in me.

"Ok bitch, now wait five minutes before you walk out and you will never hear from me again." he said as he began to get dressed.


"Well just to make sure you dont try anything stupid." he said as he opened the door to my bedroom.

"OK fine but wheres KC?" it hasn't even been a minute since i cheated on KC and i already fell like a useless piece of crap.

"Downstairs." he said and walked out of my room closing the door behind him.

The next five minutes were utter horror wondering whats next between me and KC.And i couldn't stop myself from wondering questions like: Should I tell him? How is he going to feel? Is He alright? Why hasn't he come up to find me yet?

After three minutes i just couldn't stand the torture of waiting and so i pulled on a pair of sweat pants and walked down the stairs to look for KC. When i emerged into the living room i found KC laying unconscious on the floor.

"KC! KC!" I yelled as i ran over to him to see if he was okay.

I checked his pulse to make sure he was still alive and thank goodness he was. As i examined his exposed torso i began to see long red markings and one across his forehead.

"Dan must have had a bat or something." I thought to myself as i ran over to the phone and called 911

"Help, I need an ambulance, my boyfriend has been badly beat up.." i said to the emergency dispatch operator and continued to give her my address.

Once I hung up the phone i ran back over to KC and kneeled back down against his motionless body i looked into his sweet face and knew that i had to tell him the truth and just hope that he can forgive me.


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