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Rich Kid Nate.


Once I hung up the phone i ran back over to KC and kneeled back down against his motionless body i looked into his sweet face and knew that i had to tell him the truth and just hope that he can forgive me.

Chapter 6

"Nate..." KC said as he woke up in his hospital bed.

"Yeah, KC, im right here."

"Nate, what happened? Where are we?"

"We are in the hospital, Dan came into the apartment and hit you with a bat, you had to go through surgery to release some pressure from your brain and dont try to move your right arm, its broken." I said.

KC moved his right hand up to my face and said, "What happened with Dan?"

"What do you mean?"


"He wanted...well me."


"well i made a deal with him to get him to leave us alone."

"so you had sex with him."


"and you wanted it."

"no, KC, i didnt."

"Dont lie to me Nate."


"Nate, just get out."

"No, whatever happened i did it for us."

"Whatever you have to tell yourself, now get out, i dont ever wanna hear from you."


"Nate. GET. OUT."

"How are you going to get home?"


"No, KC, talk to me please."


"Ok, Fine im going, but im not giving up." I said as i walked out of the hospital door.

After hours of drinking and walking around Miami Beach I arrived at the front of this new, really popular gay club. i normally wouldn't waste my try to getting in but after the amount of liquor i had consumed i gave the bouncer a $100 bill and walked right in.

Inside i was blinded by strobes of light and mounds of shirtless bodies. without thinking about anything else i took of my sweat and blood stained tank top and joined the mounds of groping and sliding amongst every hot muscle guy there. For what felt like hours i was being squeezed and pinched all over my body. After a couple of songs, i was no longer drunk and i felt someone come up behind me and slide his hands into the front of my sweatpants as he nestled his rock hard shaft in between my cheeks.

"what do you say about us getting out of here?" the stranger moaned in my ear.

"I...dont...even.............know" i managed to get out through my moans.

"Its Harley."

"Nate," i replied.

"So what do you say we get out of here."

"ok, my house isnt that far from here" i replied.

Harley grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd of groping and moaning while i checked him out from behind.

Harley's back was looked like it was carved out of stone, perfectly carved to wear it didn't look like that of a body builder or that of a person who has never seen the inside of a gym. His back v-ed down to his round ass where his pants sat right above his crack and perfectly framed his thick thighs. His hair was pretty short and black with ears that didnt look too big or too small, and his traps seemed to be the perfect size. His back was literally picture perfect.

Harley led me over to his car, what appeared to be a black bmw x6. He walked me over to the door and opened it and turned to look at me.

"God your so hot." he said to me while i took in all of his features.

Harleys pitch black bangs just reached his eyebrows and framed his beautiful brown eyes. His features all completed each other and his jaw was slightly colored in with some stubble.

"pot meet kettle." i mumbled into his ear then pulled my head back to plant a kiss on his full lips.

"okay stud, get in the car." he said and then walked over to the other side of the car. i got into the car and shut the door.

"where do you live?" he said as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"um make a right then keep going, ill tell you when."

"ok" he said.

i moved my hand over to his crotch and began to rub on his shaft feeling it thicken up under my hand. Harley moaned a couple of times. When his shaft felt as hard as it will get i moved my mouth over to his crotch and began to rub my tongue over his pants where his cock was, Harley moaned again.

I moved my hand over to his zipper when he said "not yet." so i took my hand of his zipper and sat up straight, my turn was about to come up anyway.

"here" i said, after a minute or so of silence.

"you live in a hotel?" Harley asked.

"yeah, the penthouse" i said.

After Harley parked in the garage, we took the garage elevator up to my house, i unlocked the door and took a step into my house feeling relieved that the maid came in this morning and cleaned up after last nights fiasco.

I took Harleys hand and led him up to my bedroom and then whispered "do what you want."

"then get ready for the ride of your life," he said as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto the bed.

he begin by kissing me, his full lips battling mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth wrestling with my tongue, not with a force, just urgency, he began to push his crotch up against mine, making my dick harden to its full length. his hands roamed down to his pockets where he pulled out a small bottle of what i thought was lube until he popped the top off, broke our kiss, and told me to sniff.


"just sniff it." i did it and got lust in a haze of desire, i never wanted anyones dick so much.

He moved his hands down to his button and undid his pants and zipper, freeing his cock from its prison.

"suck my cock" he said pushing my head to to his tool.

I complied in a heartbeat engulfing his thick, moist cock into my mouth, trying to go down as much as i could until i realized that i only could take half.

"Holy shit your cock is big" i said around his dick and then looked up to see a grin on his face.

"think you can take it all" he said.

I replied by forcing my mouth 3/4 of the way down until my gag reflex kicked in.

"guess not," Harley said as i pulled my mouth of his sweet cock and moved down to his plump, round balls.

"i want to make you come in my mouth," i said.

"then you better get to work on my dick," he said pulling my mouth up to his cock once again.

I got my mouth working on his cock, bobbing up and down on his dick while playing with his balls.

"bring you ass up here," he said while pushing my dick as far down as he could until i gagged.

I quickly got in a 69 position and felt his tongue run quickly up my shaft to my hole as he began to lick my boy pussy.

"holy fu-" i moaned around his cock, feeling all my nerves around me whole getting lit up by his tongue.

I sped up my assault on his dick, bobbing and gagging on his cock and squeezing his balls.

"im getting close." he moaned, then he began to force his tongue into my hole. "i cant wait to fuck you," he continued.

i worked on his dick and began to feel his balls pull up into his body.

"unhhhh" he moaned as he let spurt after spurt of come into my mouth.

he tasted so sweet and i drank in all of his come, not wasting a drop.

"come kiss me" he said releasing my ass from his iron grip and he turned my body around with his bulging muscles.

once again he pressed his lips against mine, taking in my jizz-tasting saliva.

"i taste good" he moaned into my mouth as he pressed he limp cock against my pulsing dick, it then began to fill up once again until it was just as hard as it was not five minutes ago.

"Already?" i asked breaking from our kiss.

"yeah, wheres your lube?" he asked.

"i'll get it," i said reaching for the lube and condom. "here," i said passing it off to him.

"smell the poppers again" he told me as he started to spread the cold lube around my hole.

I found the poppers laying next to him and i took a longer whiff then before, once again getting lost in a fog of desire i began to push against his warm fingers.

"slow your roll" he said as he started to roll his condom onto his fingers.

"i want it so bad." i whined into his ear.

"one more second, babe."

Harley then slid his cock into my hole as he faced each other and he pulled me into his face while my ass got used to his cock.

"Oh God, your too fucking big." i moaned around his lips

"give it a second" he whispered.

"okay, fuck me" i said once i got used to the pain

he started pumping my ass with his cock, slowly at first until he sped up.

"harder," i moaned

he sped up his assault on my ass, pushing submerging his cock into my ass to the hilt of his shaft.

"oh god," i moaned as he wrapped his hands against my shaft, matching the speed at which he stroke my cock to the speed of his thrusts into my ass.

"HARDER! FASTER!" I moaned, this time as he hit my prostate on his way into my ass.

in a moments time my muscles began to tense and my balls drew into my body.

"FUCK! IM COMING!!" I screamed as i released hot jizz all over Harley's abs.

"oh, shit! me too!!" he said as he pulled out of my ass and jerked off onto his abs as well.


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