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Rich Kid Nate.

Chapter 7

i woke up early the next morning and Harley was nowhere to be found, and i was in desperate need to stretch my muscles again so i put on some swim trunks and made my way down to the pool. Since it was sunday morning there was no one out at the pool so quickly jumped in the pool and started swimming some laps. ten laps into my swim i got out of the water and laid out in the sun. I had just managed to fall asleep when i felt water splash all over my legs, and i opened my eyes and instantly sprung wood. the man standing in the water was absolutely gorgeous, and all i could see of him was his back. he was at least six feet tall and his back narrowed down into the perfect V, he had medium length pitch black hair, what seemed like the perfect tan and very cut biceps, that were not to big, and when he turned he really did not disappoint, he had these washboard abs, flat pecs, he had these blue eyes and his facial features all complemented each other, and mystery man definitely caught me staring cause he flashed me this grin, with perfect pearly whites, turned around and continued swimming.

I really had to take care of my boner so i walked over to the bathroom, one of those one room bathrooms, pulled down my shorts and started yanking on my shaft without even bothering to lock the door.

I was just getting into it when the door opened and in came my mystery man.

"uh-holy crap" i muttered, fumbiling to cover up my raging hard on.

"so what are you, a top or bottom, cause im a top, and i need to get off."

"uh. excuse me?"

"i want to fuck you, your hot, can i?"

"uh" i mumbled, removing my hands from my package.

"i take that as a yes," he said as he moved towards me and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

he pulled my closing against his wet torso and rubbed his swim trunks against my rock hard cock. I felt his dick get larger in his shorts, finally it must have been around 10 inches long, and it still wasnt done.

"hold on," i mumbled, "i dont even know your name."

"Peyton" he said and continued his assault on my mouth

i moved my hands down the string on his shorts and untied them and pulled down his shorts freeing his thick dick.

As i began to kneel down to swallow his member he stopped me, "no time for that, my cousin is going to meet me down here."

Peyton turned me around and rubbed his cock against my ass and began to nibble on my ear.

"oh crap, fuck me," i said

"bend over" he whispered into my ear.

i bent over and he began to work one of his fingers into my hole adding one after the other until he had three fingers in my ass.

"fuck me now."

Peyton took his fingers out of my ass and lined his dick up to my ass.

"my cock is thick and fat, so lets took it slow."

"bump that," i said and i rammed my ass against his cock, taking it all in to the hilt.

"hol-" i muttered, "just give me a second"

"i told you so."

"bite me"

"some other time"

i chuckled and then said "okay, im ready."

He began to fuck me, very slowly.

"weren't you in a hurry?" i said "come on, fuck my brains out."

"dont come crying to me later." he said as he placed one hand on my shoulder in place as he increased his pace, slamming his body into my ass, and the other hand on my dick jerking me off in perfect rhythm to his slams.

"oh fuck," i said, pushing my ass further into him in order to get as much oh his cock in my ass as i got closer to my edge.

"dont tell me your already close." Peyton said as he picked up speed.

"well...i was..already.." i moaned through tight breaths

"i got at least half an hour in me, and im not going to stop fucking you till i unload all my hot jizz into your ass."

he continued his rhythmic pounding, on my dick and ass, pushing me closer and closer to my edge, and then he hit my prostate, making my dick erupt with cum, gushing out onto the bathroom floor.

Peyton stood me up straight as he continued to fuck me and started sucking on my neck, causing my semi soft dick to rise to full mast once again.

"so your ready to go again." Peyton said as he walked me over to the bathroom wall, took his dick out of me, turned me around and pinned me against the wall.

"wrap your arms and legs around me," he said.

i did as i was told and he pushed his cock into my ass, dropping me on his fat shaft.

"holy crap, ho w are you still going at it?"

"stamina of an olympic gold medalist, baby"

Peyton kept impaling me on his shaft, rubbing my prostate from the position we were in.Peyton put more weight against me and thrusting his dick into my hole while kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth, wrestling with my own tongue.

"OKay, im getting close," Peyton said as i got close to climaxing again, "hold on tight, were getting on the floor."

Peyton laid down with his back on the ground and yet managed to keep his dick in my ass.

"Go to town," he said and then placed his hands above his head and closed his eyes.

I began riding his cock, feeling my own climax grow as i heard Peytons moans louden.

"Oh, fuck, im cumming," i said

"Me too," Peyton replied.

i released my load spurt after spurt and began to feel Peytons cock release all his cum into my ass torrent after torrent.

"okay, lets get cleaned up, my cousins probably looking for me." Peyton said.

after i was dressed i reached for the door when Peyton said, "hey, im taking my cousin out tonight to help him get over his break-up, you should come."

"uh-okay" i replied

"meet me at the lobby next door at seven, if you show up you might even get my phone number," he said and then gave me a quick peck on the lips and walked out of the bathroom.


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