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My First Day at Richmond High

Hello. My name is Griffin. Griffin Daniels. I'm a seventeen year old senior at Richmond High. I just moved to Richmond, Florida after having lived all my life in New York City. If you're wondering, everything is different. It's much more quieter. The people are nicer. The air is cleaner. It's a good place if you wanted to retire here, but for a 17 year old teen like me, it was so boring. I had nothing to do here. I had no friends. I had nothing to do with my spare time. I was on the gymnastics team back in NYC but I didn't know what to do here. school started today. I'm in class right now just day dreaming. I hope they have a gym team here. Why did my parents have to move? They had to uproot me from a comfortable life in NYC. I only had a year left for high school, but they wouldn't let me finish. Wow. They bought a house in Florida. I didn't care about the house. I wanted to be with my friends. I wanted to be able to go down to the Village and hang with other teens like me.

I'm gay. How do I know? I like guys. What more do you need? I didn't think that there would be any one like me here. I was 5'11'', 140 lbs. of lean muscle (now that from working out and being on the gymnastics team), black hair, green eyes. Sounds like a hunk huh? Lol. Well. . .I didn't think so. But people told me other wise. Ack, what do they know? I'd rather read a book then sweat, but gymnastics is a passion. I had wanted to be a gymnast since I was little. Seeing those girls and guys do those flips, it made me realize how much I wanted to do the same thing. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to practice everyday and maintain an A average. I'm not just some dumb jock you know. Being a gymnast wasn't my main goal, it was just to supplement my true dream, becoming a forensic specialist. What's that? That's those people that do lab work to find evidence that way or they go to the crime scene to find evidence. Stuff like that.

"Mr. Daniels, what is your feeling about the culture and morals of the ancient Sumerians." Oh crap. I had been daydreaming in my Humanities class. Shit. It was my first day at Richmond High. What am I going to do now? I forgot to read the chapter on Mesopotamia. I started to get nervous. I didn't want to make a bad impression. I just came here and I going to make a fool of myself.


What was that hissing sound? I looked to my left and there was this girl with short black hair dressed in black, breaking the point of her pencil. I looked over to my right and there was this cute guy who was obviously daydreaming. He was looking at the ceiling. Poor thing.


I heard that hissing sound again. Who the hell was hissing? I was getting pissed and I wasn't the only one. Mr. What's his face asked me again.

"Mr. Daniels. Did you do the reading?" Damn it. He was gonna give me a mark for not doing my work. What the hell is wrong with him.

"Umm. . .Umm. . .the people of Mesopotamia were. . ." Crap. I was stuttering and delaying the inevitable. I should just confess and tell the teacher that I didn't do the reading.

"Mr. Greene. I. . ."

"They were very subservient and obedient. . ."

What? Someone was whispering the answer to me. I decided to take a crack at it and used what that person said.

"Oh. . .they were very subservient." I didn't care of it was right or not. At least I said something.

"Very good Mr. Daniels. Do you know why they were subservient and obedient?"

Why the hell was the teacher picking on me? I was the new kid and all but still. I didn't do my reading, geesh. I didn't kill someone or something.

". . .they believed that nature was tied to the gods." There is was again. That whisper. Someone was giving me the answers and if the first one was right, why not the second one.

"They believed that nature was tied to the gods." I just bull shitted not knowing if the answer was right or not. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Seconds seemed like minutes. The teacher was about to speak. Everything was in slow motion. I was so nervous.

"Absolutely correct Mr. Daniels. I see you have done the reading. You all should be more like Mr. Daniels." I literally wiped the sweat off my forehead. And the compliment, I felt so bad.

"Oh no Mr. Greene. It's nothing." I didn't want to make enemies at the new school by being a nerd now.

"Ring Ring Ring" Whoo. The bell rung. Saved by the bell. How cliche? LoL.

"Well class done for today. Remember to do the reading. Pages 125-140. And answer the questions after the reading." I doubt that anyone heard him. By the time he said all that, the class was already empty.

I packed up my things. And looked back. Damn it. No one was their. I didn't get to say thanks to the person for saving my ass. I'll see that person tomorrow so no sweat. I'll just thank who ever it was tomorrow then.

"Ring Ring Ring" Shit!!! I was late for Calculus.

I rushed out of class. Where the hell was this room? 250. Shit. I couldn't find the room. I was wandering the halls trying to find my way. I look down at my program to check the room again. Yep. Room 250.

"Bamm" I heard books fall on the floor.

"Oh I'm so sorry." I bent down to pick up my books. "I should have watched where I was going."

"No it's all my fault." OMG. That voice was incredible.

I got up and there he was. Six feet of muscle. Dirty Blond hair, green eyes. I practically fell in love with him. Not only my heart, my lil bro as well, cuz he was tenting up my pants. LoL.

"I'm sorry. I should have kept my eyes off the paper."

"Don't sweat it. It's no biggie. Umm. . .you're new here right? You don't look familiar." Now he's gonna make fun of me because I'm a newbie to the school.

"Yeah. . .I'm kinda lost too. Can't find this crappy room" I tried acting cool. I wondered if it worked or not.

"What room is it?" He was so nice. I wondered what was up. Living in New York City for most of your life makes you an untrusting person. You learn not to trust any one. I kinda had my doubts about this guy too even though he was being so nice to me right now.

But, I decided to give this trust thing a try. I handed him the paper and told him it was room 250. He took the paper and looked at it. He then smiled.

"Well lookie here, we are in the same class. I'm Tony Vincent." Oh shit! This is unbelievable. I hoped he sat next to me too. LoL.

"Oh cool. Griffin Daniels is my name. Umm. . .shouldn't we be getting to class?" I didn't want to look like a dweeb or something but I really had to get to class. Being new and all isn't all that fun. I didn't want to make a scene walking into the class now.

"Don't sweat it. Mrs. Jones is a cool chick. She won't get our cases." Well, I did think he was gorgeous and all but I didn't want a dummy for a boyfriend now. What the hell was I saying? That guy is gorgeous. Who cares if he's a bit slow? LoL. I am sooo bad.

"Oh. . .cool then." I didn't know what else to say.

We were walking down the halls and I was right next to him. I was looking at the rooms so I could find my way next time. I liked him but I dunno. He probably has a girlfriend or something. What the hell was I talking about? I just moved here and I was looking for a boyfriend already. But still. I had the butterflies in my stomach. This guy was really cute. Not to sound shallow or something but you needed to see him to know how good he looked. Dirty blond hair, green eyes, six foot tall, good dresser, blah blah blah. He looked good damn it.

"Where you from?" I got startled when he spoke.

"Oh. . .I'm from NYC." I was thinking about the time I liked this guy. He was this cute blond guy. A musician too. Terrific singer. Well. . .things didn't work out.

"Cool. I always wanted to go there. After I graduate from this dump, I'm packing up and going to NYC." He was so determined.

"Oh. Well, there's not much to do there. I was busy with practice so I never got a chance to go out much." I looked inside a class room and a teacher was sitting talking with the students.

"You kidding me? That's the party city. I'm gonna go clubbing and all that." He seemed really into the whole party scene. I wondered if he was taken. . .

We finally got to Room 250. Jesus. It seemed like an eternity. I hope I wasn't that late. I went inside the opened door. He came in behind me.

"I see you two have finally decided to join us." God she was so sarcastic. I hated sarcastic teachers. Especially those 30 year old's who are single and they are all bitter because they don't have anyone. I hope she wasn't going to give me a hard time.

"I'm really sorry Mrs. Greene. I'm new here and I didn't know where the room was." I saved my ass but what about the guy who was standing next to me.

"Oh. So you're the famous Griffin Daniels from New York City. Now that you are done making up excuses, why don't you take a seat and stop wasting our time." What a f*cking bitch.

"Yes Mrs. Greene." I hated her guts already.

"What about you Mr. Vincent? What is your excuse?" Now she was going to get on his case. I really didn't like her. I just hope he was going to be ok. I felt kinda bad. It was because of me that he was late.

"Oh Mrs. Greene. I was at the nurse's office. I had sprained my wrist." He was showing her his wrist and he was making pained faces.

Everyone laughed. I couldn't believe that was his excuse. But it must have worked.

"Oh you poor thing. Take a seat. Now if you use that excuse again, I'm gonna fail you." Oh geesh. Talk about wicked.

"Yes Ma'am." He walked down the aisle, winked and then sat next to me.

"I can't believe that worked man." I whispered to him.

"See. I told you she was cool." He cracked up a bit.

Our conversation was interrupted.

"Mr. Vincent and Mr. Daniels. Please stop your chit chatting. If you want, you two love birds can talk after class."

I was shocked. Did she know that I was gay? Everyone started to crack up and started making kissing sounds.

He just looked at me, smiled, and winked.

To be continued. . .

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys liked what I've written so far. I know it's a bit long and boring but I like to start slow. Hehe. Stay tuned for part 2. Email all comment to lil_ngel@hotmail.com