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My First Day at Richmond High
Part 2

My heart was beating so fast. I couldn't believe it. He was smiling at me. He winked at me. Oh my god. Is he gay too? I had so many thought racing through my mind I didn't realize that class had ended. I was there all alone. F*ck! I packed my stuff and raced out the room to the gym building. I hope they had a gymnastics team here.

I looked at my watch and it was 2:15. I ran past the gym bulletin board and when I realized that, I stopped in my tracks and backed up. I scanned the area for the gymnastics team tryouts. Football, baseball, basketball. . .Crap. I couldn't find it.

"Hi." Oh Jesus. Someone scared the crap out of me.

I tilted my head back and saw this beautiful Asian girl. She had long silky black hair, chestnut brown pupils set in a pair of almond shaped eyes with long lashes and slim eyebrows. She had these slim luscious pink lips that were shiny, probably from the lip gloss she was wearing. She had on a crisp white blouse that was open on top just showing her neck and part of her collar bones and her cleavage, with a brown mini skirt, that was halfway up her thighs, to match.. Oh my god. . .her shoes. They were at least four inches high.

"Hello. . ." I said with a raspy voice. I was choking on myself already.

"What tryouts are you looking for?" Her voice was beautiful. It was light yet powerful. She had no Asian accent at all.

"Oh. I was looking for the gym team tryouts, but I couldn't find them." I couldn't help but stare at her. She was the most stunning example of an exotic Asian beauty. Not that I would care since I was gay and all. Maybe I was bi now. . .LoL.

"You're want to be on the gymnastic's team?" I nodded. I hope she wasn't going to crack up laughing or something. "Oh that's cool. Not many guys I know try out for the team."

"Oh." I said casually. What was Mr. Big and Bad was all gone now. What the hell? Did I like her? I dunno.

"Samantha!" It was Michael. The guy I bumped into in the hallways earlier. "Hey baby. What's up?" He walked up to her and kissed her on the lips.

I knew it was too good to be true. Even if he did wink at me, it didn't mean anything. He had a girlfriend. Let downs aside, I decided to go home since there was no tryouts today.

"Hey Griffin. What you doing here? Trying to get it on with my girl here?" He was so serious. I hope I didn't make an enemy already.

"Uh. . .No." I guess I shouldn't have done that 'cause he cracked up.

"Yo man. Don't fret. I was just playing with you." Hehehe. . .not. I was starting to hate his guts. I hated jokers and he was a joker alright.

"Nah. It's cool. I gotta run anway." I wanted to leave. It was disgusting seeing those two smooching. Ack. Maybe I was just jealous? Well, I didn't care. I wanted to get out of here.

"Yo. Stay still. Where you going man?" What does he want now?

I looked over at Samantha and she was blowing a big pink bubble from her lips. Pop!. She took it back in and chewed. Oh god. She reminded me of a bimbo. I had to get out of this place. It was one of those movie scenes where you just twirl around in your thoughts. I had this headache. My heart pounded beneath my chest. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Oh god. Both of their faces were fading, like water on ink. Their features were getting more and more undefined. I was breathing heavily. The air. The air was getting colder and colder. My heart raced.

"MR. DANIELS!" I woke with a shudder.

I rubbed my eyes and saw Mrs. Jones standing next to me. What the hell. It was a freaking nightmare I had. I heard the class giggling and I looked over at Michael. He just just shrugged his shoulders. I turned back and looked at Mrs. Jones. I saw a woman in her early 30's. Not a wrinkle on her smooth ivory colored face. Her black hair was split in the middle and pulled back tight and set in a bun behind her head. She had on this disgusting red lipstick contrasted deeply with her pale face. Her navy blue skirt cut off halfway down her shins. Those legs. If her face was pale, her legs were literally white. They had no traces of veins and I wondered if she was even alive at all. Was there blood pumping beneath that pale carcass of hers.

"Mr. Daniels. Have you been paying attention to a word I said?" She emphasized the word "said" with a screechy tone of voice. Ugh. I totally hated this hag. Everyone was getting on my ass today.

No Mrs. Jones. I fell asleep because your lesson was so boring. I wanted so much to say that to her but I knew I couldn't. I had to maintain a good GPA and getting on the teachers bad side wouldn't help me. I decided to apologize for dozing off in her class. I took a deep breath and let it out.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Jones. I didn't get enough sleep yesterday night so I'm a bit tired this morning. I promise it won't happen again." I loathed myself. I couldn't believe I said such a blatant lie. But I had to do what I had to. She looked at me and snickered.

"Very well then. Don't let it happen again or the consequences won't be pleasant." That screechy voice again. Oh god. If the human voice can be lethal, she would kill everyone she talked to. I shuddered at the thought. "Since you are awake, I can continue my with my lesson now."

What a bitch. I truly despised her. I look over at Michael and he was scribbling something on the paper. He then crumpled it and tossed it at me. I caught the paper and looked him in the eye. He motioned for me to read it. Oh geesh, he was passing notes to me. I hoped that Mrs. Jones didn't catch us. I opened the letter and I couldn't believe it. There was Mrs. Jones depicted as a witch on a broom. There was something else.

Yo Griffin. Isn't she ugly man? LoL. Don't keep that paper long or you'll go blind. Damn this class is boring. See you later man. -Michael

I just burst out laughing. That was it. Mrs. Jones stopped what she doing. Everything was in slow motion. She turned her body around, looked me in the eye, and I saw her mouth part. Out came fiery brimstone spewing out from the depths of hell.


Oh crap. It was my first day in school and I had gotten into trouble already. I then knew it wasn't my day. Everyone stopped their chattering when she bursted out with that demand. I just packed my things and left. I looked over to Michael and he was saying sorry through his lips. I just rolled my eyes and stood up. I marched out the door with my dignity at least, or what ever left of it I had.

I didn't know where the principles office was. This was getting to be a great day. I just wandered around the halls hoping that I would pass it sooner or later. I saw some cute guys in the class. But there was one guy I passed that caught my attention. He hard black hair that was gelled and spiked up in the front while the rest was gelled down. His pale skin stood out because of the hair but it was delicious. That face of his. The slim nose which his silver framed glasses were resting. The slim pink lips that opened and closed when he spoke. He had on a crisp blue shirt underneath his black two pocket vest. Well that's all I saw of him. But damn he was cute. He had the GQ look to him. Grrr. I wondered who he was. I didn't stare long because I didn't want to look like a fool. Well, my journey through the halls had to come to an end. The principals office was a few doors down. There was a wooden sign that hung above the door. Principals office. Go figure.

I walked inside the room and the secretary, and saw a nice looking lady. Her brown hair was let loose but it was tucked behind her ear. She had a slim face and glasses that were too big if you ask me. She needed some fashion tips. Her clothes were the regular suited up office thing. She was so gentle and mild mannered. She asked me what I was doing here.

"Umm. . .Mrs. Jones sent me here for interrupting her class." I looked at her hoping that she wouldn't be shocked or something. It wasn't my fault that Mrs. Jones was such a bitch. She would probably just freak out if someone raised their hand or something.

"Oh ok. Have a seat. Mr. Richardson would be with you shortly." She directed me to the benches on the other side of the wall. I looked at her and just went to sit down. The room was not that decorated. There was an appeal to the office. Everything was made out of hard wood. The door, the desk, the chairs, the bench, even the fan that was slowly whirring blowing wind and making her papers rustle. I would note this day to be the worst day of my life. I took out a story I printed out from the net. It was called "Tales from the Weight Room." I had checked to see if there were any new chapters out and there is was. The newest chapter. I started to read and forgot about my surroundings. I got to the part where Stu was seducing Dan. It was hot.

Dan was asleep, Stu was laying with his hands clasped behind his long blond hair, watching the flickering light from the fire on the ceiling. Every moment or two, he would turn to look at the muscular youth laying beside him. After ten minutes of alternating between the ceiling and Dan, Stu sat up.
Trepidaciously he leaned forward and took Dan's penis in his hand, hefting the limp slab of meat curiously. He let the flaccid love pole move in his palm as he gently stroked it up and down.
Dan stirred, and Stu snapped back into a prone position. When it became apparent that Dan wasn't awake, Stu moved into a kneeling position between Dan's splayed legs.
In a move which surprised the watchers, Stu leaned forward and tentatively licked the head of Dan's cock.
Though he was still asleep, Dan's cock responded to the stimulation and began to grow erect. Stu continued to lick the head, pausing every few moments to evaluate the experience.
He obviously decided it wasn't as bad as he might of thought, because he took the rapidly inflating organ into his mouth and began to suck gently. As the nine-inch cock grew bigger from his ministrations, Stu became bolder and began to take more of it into his mouth.

Omg! That scene was hot. I could feel my cock lengthening to its full eight inches in my pants. I didn't know if I should continue reading because I was getting hot. I folded the story back up and put it back where it belonged, in my bag. I tugged at my shirt trying to let more air in to cool me down. I looked around the room. It was a small room for a principal's office. I looked at the secretary. She stopped filing her nails and started to type.

*Click click click.* The sound was a sharp tone like a fork to a glass. It was getting annoying hearing her type. Geesh. When is the principal going to see me already? I was too busy thinking that I didn't hear someone sit down next to me.

"Excuse me. Do you have the time?" What? Someone was talking to me? I turned my head and it was stuck.

"Oh my god! He was gorgeous. He had curly light brown hair that settled on top of his head. His lips were so deliciously looking. It was so smooth and had a light pink color to it. And his eyes were amazing. They were so many colors. Green, hazel, and grey. Serious! If you could see what I was seeing right now. But the most attractive thing was his face. His was so smooth and silky. It was a healthy light peach color. His face was shaped like a Botticelli angel. A heavenly cherub that wasn't a man yet but had the face of a child. A face so innocent. I was usually attracted to more masculine guys but I didn't know what was happening. Why did my heart race? Why was I flushed? I think I was getting red. Was I falling in love? Was I really? I was so confused.

"Excuse me. But do you have the time?" Crap! I forgot to answer his question. I was so busy drooling at him that I forgot. I hope this didn't take away my chance to make a good impression.

"Sorry about that." I looked down at my watch. "It's 12:03" I looked at him and he smiled. Oh my god. His smile just melted my heart.

"Thanks." He was looking at me and one of his eyebrows were raised. Oh god. That was so cute. Everything about him was just so cute. Grrr. I would so have to court this guy. I wondered if he was gay? Maybe he was bi?

"Your welcome." I wondered what I would say to start a conversation. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think I really liked this guy. Love at first site? Maybe. "So. . .why are you here?" I asked.

"Oh. I'm here to see Principal Vassier. I need to talk to him about the funding for the school newspaper and stuff like that. And you?" He looked at me. He was curious. Should I tell him that I was kicked out of class by the teacher? No. That would make me look like a fool. But if I lied and he found out, that'll just make me look bad. What would I do? I decided to tell him the truth. Honestly is the best policy. If I was going to try and be with this guy, I might as well be honest from the start.

"Oh. I'm here because Mrs. Jones sent me here for making a ruckus during class." I really hope I didn't make a fool out of my self. I looked and studied his face to see if he had any reaction at all. He just smiled at me, flashing those beautiful white teeth of his.

"Mrs. Jones huh?" He just giggled.

"Yeah." I wondered what was up

"Don't mind her." He giggled again. He was just so cute. Like a little boy but different. "She can be a witch at times. You just have to get on her good side or whatever little of it she has left." After saying that, he just laughed.

I couldn't believe him. He wasn't as innocent as I thought. Calling teachers witches. I just laughed with him.

Our fun was cut short with the screechy voice of the secretary.

"Griffin. Griffin Daniels. The principal will see you now." She looked up and saw that I had company. She perked up and her eyes sparkled. "Hi Brent. I didn't see you come in. What are you doing here? Trying to leech some funds out of the principle again huh?" She was just chatting with him as if she was a teenager. She probably was, her only looking like her twenties or something.

"Hey Candy. How are you doing?" He said in his giddy voice.

Oh my god. Candy? That was her name? This has to be a dream. Who names their children Candy? That is such a bimbo name. I just giggled when I heard him call her Candy.

"I'm fine. You?" She had to be a bimbo. Maybe I was wrong. Oh well.

"I'm good. Just here to see Principal Vassier. And no, I'm not here to leech funds, just asking for it. Hehe."

They were talking as if they were close friends or something. He must be popular or something then. Hmm. My popular hunk. ::Giggles:: I guess I waited to long to go inside the room because Mr. Vassier stepped out. He was a middle aged man. Full head of hair. Dressed neatly in a white shirt and navy pants. He didn't have a beer belly. Thank god. He was kinda attractive. He reminded me of and older version of Brent. They had similar features. The same delicious peach colored skin. The hair. I wondered.

"Mr. Daniels. What is taking you so long that you are not in my room at this moment?" He just stared at me and observed me. What was he looking at? He turned his head and saw Brent.

"Brent! What are you doing here now? I told you not to bother me while I'm working. What is it you want now?" What is Mr. Vassier talking about? Why is he reacting this way. Does Brent come and bother him all the time?

"But Dad. . ." He whined.

Oh My God! I have the hots for the principals son.

End of part 2.

I hope you guys liked this part. I know I took a really long time to write this new chapter. Well, this chapter was originally 12 pages long but I decided to cut it into two parts. So this is chapter 2 and the rest would be chapter 3. Thanks for reading. As always, all comments are welcome. Email lil_ngel@hotmail.com