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My First Day at Richmond High
Part 3

"What did I tell you about calling me dad in school. In school, I am your principal." His voice boomed.

I think he was furious at Brent. He was such an authoritarian. I looked over at Brent and he was expressionless. He just looked at his father. I looked over at Principal Vassier and his looks seemed to mellow down. Seeing son like this hurt him. I could tell. Father and son. I wish me and my father were close like that. But it wouldn't be.

"I'm sorry Dad. I'll leave now." He was so sad. I couldn't bear to see him like this. I wasn't the only one.

"Brent. Stop." Brent stopped in his tracks. "I'm sorry son. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. It's just that I have to separate work from family. You understand right son?" He was pleading with his son now. How come my dad can't do that? Oh but he can. He just won't.

"Yeah Dad I understand. I'm sorry I got you mad. I should have respected your wish." He said apologetically.

"It's ok son. Come here and give your old man a hug." He stretched his arms out and motioned for Brent to hug him. Brent went over and they had a huge hug. They are such a loving family. This is so unreal. I wasn't the only one who noticed. Little Miss Candy was sniffling too.

"Awww. Look at that. Father and son making up." She said mockingly.

Principal Vassier and Brent stopped the hug and they straightened themselves out.

"Ah hem. Candy. Don't you have work to do? And for you Mr. Daniels. Would you step into my office please." He shot a look at me and I packed up my things and got up from the bench.

"Yes, Mr. Vassier." I walked into the room and was amazed.

It was beautifully decorated. The décor was once again wood but everything was so neat. He had medals and honors and certificates everywhere. His desk was clean. No paper work. Either he was lazy or he was a neat freak. He sat down and motioned for me to sit at the chair in front of the large wooden desk. I sat down and noticed he had a picture of Brent and himself, on the grass, smiling. They looked so happy. Brent had walked in also and he was standing behind his father but to my left. He stared out the window while his father talked.

"Mr. Daniels. What brings you to my office?" He asked firmly.

"Well Principal Vassier. The whole story goes like this." I proceed to tell him what happened and he nodded and urged me to go on. I was near the end where I laughed in class when I looked up and saw Brent smiling at me. I blinked my eyes and there he was just smiling at me. I saw his tongue snake and he was licking his delicious pink lips. He traced his tongue along the supple lips. My eyes followed his tongue. Was he licking his lips at me? I couldn't believe this. I had gotten hard from this. My full eight inches was straining in my pants. Thank god I was sitting down Principal Vassier was at the other side of the desk. I looked back at Brent and he was staring out the window. What? I think I was imagining things.

"Ah hem. Mr. Daniels. What are you looking at? Finish your story please." Hearing his voice brought me out of the trance that Brent had put me into.

"Well, I read something funny on a piece of paper and I laughed. Then Mrs. Jones got angry at me and threw me out of her room. She then told me to see the principal. That's all sir." I did my puppy face hoping he would spare me a harsh punishment.

"Mr. Daniels. You were wrong to have disturbed her class. I have to agree with Mrs. Jones on this one. You will come early for school and wash her chalk board for one whole week." What the hell? What kind of punishment is that? I have to wash her board? This is hell man. He must have seen the look on my face.

"Mr. Daniels. Do you have a problem with the punishment I gave you?" I nodded no. "Good then. You may proceed to your other classes now. Hurry along now." He rushed me out of his room. I got up and looked at Brent. There he was again smiling at me. Me and my imagination. I guess I had to wank when I got home. You know, relieve all this sexual tension I had in me. That's just it. After wanking, my imagination would stop making me see things.

"One more thing Mr. Daniels." I turned back. "A little bit of advice from one man to another, do not get on Mrs. Jones nerves again or she will be very displeased." He winked at me. I got the point. Hags like her never give her guy students a chance to survive. I walked out of the room, knowing that my day would be a long one. I met two cute guys, I think I befriended the principal, I got on a teacher's nerves. . .Yep. A long day indeed.

I was walking down the halls when I heard footsteps behind me. Someone was following me. I started to walk faster and the footsteps behind me got faster. I turned the corner and waited for my stalker. I was in a small dark room. I peered out and saw a shadow approaching. I reached out and slammed the person against the wall.

"What the hell?" He yelled out.

Oh my. It was Michael. Why was he following me? What was he doing here?

"Sorry man. You were following me so I had to see who it was." I hope he wasn't mad at me. He was a cute guy. Not as cute as Brent but cute enough.

"Its ok man. I was just catching up to you. You walk mighty quick." He was panting now. "You mad strong too." He reached his hand behind him and winced. He looked so cute.

"I'm so sorry man. Never meant to hurt you like that." I hope he was ok.

"Man. My back hurts. Take a look at it will you? I wanna know if its bruised or not." With that, he lifted up his shirt and Oh my god. He was fine. He had a well defined chest and a nice six pack. I could see a faint trail of hair starting from his navel and disappearing underneath those jeans of his. Seeing is muscular torso got me hard again. "Well, whatcha staring at. Look at my back." He pointed to his back and he turned around.

Oh my god again. He had a tattoo along his muscular back. It was a beautiful dragon head in green and red. The dragon had its mouth open and there was a pearl in its mouth. Its eyes were large and green. It had a fiery mane that made it appear like a lion but its was distinctly a serpent.

"You have a nice tattoo man. Didn't it hurt?" I asked.

"Thanks. I got it last year. My parents freaked when they found out but they couldn't say anything. It was my body so I got to do what I wanted. Do you see the bruise? It hurts real bad."

I looked and I didn't see anything. If he did have one, it was hidden by that tattoo of his. I guess I would tell him that I didn't see it. He flexed his back muscles and the dragon moved.

"I don't see anything man. I think the tattoo is hiding it." I was amazed, still staring at that majestic beast on his back.

"Damn it. I know its their but I can't reach it. If you can't see it, maybe you could feel it." He said with a urgent tone.

"What?" What? What did he just say? He wanted me to touch his beautiful, muscular back? Did he know I was gay? I just mite be turned on so much I would lick his back.

"You heard what I said. You did this to me now your gonna see it I have it or not."

"Fine. Rub in the guilt." I whined. "Stay still. I'm gonna try and find it behind that dragon of yours."

He stood still on arm holding his shirt the other just laid along his chest. I reached out. I felt a zap when I touch his soft skin. It was incredible. It was so warm and luscious. I moved my hand up to the dragon and traced a finger along its mouth. It was staring at me straight in the eye. I felt his back tense and he sighed. I couldn't feel any bump. The only bump I felt was that between my legs. It had grown to its full eight inches and was straining against the front of my pants.

"I can't find it man." I said to Michael.

"It's there man. I could feel the pain. Try again."

What was he up to? Did he like being felt up like this?

I stretched out my hand and ran my palm along his back. But I didn't find anything. I started to get suspicious. I got up and sighed. I put a hand on his shoulder and he turned around. He was grinning.

"I can't find it. I searched your whole back. Whatcha trying to pull man?" I looked him in the eye. He just smiled at me.

"This." He reached out his hand and tugged at my crotch. Oh My God. My cock almost erupted the instant he touched it. I moaned aloud.

"What are you doing man?" I was lost in pleasure. He was rubbing my cock along its length.

He just pulled me closer to him and he kissed me on the mouth. I was shocked? What was he doing? My questions were muffled by his mouth. His tongue wanted gain entry but I wouldn't let it in. I wouldn't succumb to the pleasure. I closed my eyes trying to think of something else. I tried to push him away but I was lost in lust. He had both arms around me crushing me gently. His tongue licking my lips. pushing in gently. But I wouldn't. I wouldn't let him invade my mouth. But I couldn't resist it any longer. I opened my mouth and we shared a hot passionate kiss. Our tongues snaking in each other's mouths. When he gained entry, I knew something was wrong. He stopped. I opened my eyes to find his eyes wide open. He broke off the kiss and pushed me away.

"I knew it. I knew you were gay." He said to me.

"Yeah. And what?" I asked back.

"You're a fag." He said to me. Staring at me coldly. What the hell just happened? He seduced me. He kissed me. And he's calling me a fag?

"What the f*ck? You were the one who kissed me?" I said in disbelief. I couldn't believe my ears.

"I only kissed you to find out if you were a fag or not. It's my test. Now that I know you are, the whole school is going to know what you really are." He laughed in my face.

I couldn't believe this. I couldn't. Tears started to swell up in my eyes. My throat was dry, but I managed to say something.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" I gasped out.

"Because. You are a fag. I hate fags. It's fags like you who mess up the world." I wouldn't believe this. I couldn't.

"But you kissed me. . ." I said in a hoarse voice.

"Wake up you fruit cake. How else would I know that you are a fag. Blow you? You are f*cking stupid." He retorted. He got his shirt and put it on.

I couldn't believe I fell for his trap. If the school finds out, everything is ruined. I won't be able to be on the gymnastic team anymore. I would be an outcast. I started to cry. I fell on the floor and cried. My reputation couldn't be ruined. I have to beg him.

"Please. Please don't tell anyone. I swear, I wont' say anything. I will do anything. Please. Just don't tell anyone." I said with sobs. I looked up at him and his eyes widened and he grinned.

"Oh. . .anything?" He said coldly.

I nodded. "Yes. Anything. Just don't tell anyone." I didn't care. I couldn't let anyone else know. My parents would disown me if they found out. He leaned down and whispered into my ear.

"Then suck my cock you faggot. Your going to be my sex slave if you want me to shut up." I couldn't believe this. I was going to be used. I started to regret having said that I would do anything.

"I can't." I cried out. It's degrading. You only do that to someone you like, to someone you are with.

"Fine suit yourself you f*cking fruit. I'm gonna tell the whole school." He started to walk away. I couldn't let him tell the school I couldn't.

"Stop." He stopped walking. "I'll do it." He turned around and his eyes gleamed with lust.

"Now that's my good boy. Come here and do it." I crawled over to where he was. Wiping my tears away, I got on my knees and started to unbuckle his belt. I got his zipper open and pulled his pants down. He was wearing boxers and he was showing signs of life underneath those shorts. So. This guy is gonna get off is he.

"Start sucking you faggot. Show me what your faggot mouth can do." He didn't wait for me to start because he slipped his boxer down and there it was. The thing which would dirty me. The thing which would invade my mouth. He grabbed his cut nine inch tool and started to stroke it in front of my face. He looked down on me.

"You want this don't you." He asked. I didn't respond.

"You want this don't' you." I didn't respond again. He started waving it in my face. It was a monster. That thing. It was delicious but I couldn't. I wouldn't do it. "Tell me you want this. Beg me to let you suck my cock."

It was so degrading. I was humiliated and sullied. But there was his beautiful cock and I was reluctant to suck it. He didn't wait for me to respond. He just grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my mouth. He shoved it in so quick that I gagged. I couldn't breath. He retracted and started a steady rhythm. Fine. He would have his cock in my mouth but I wouldn't suck him. I wouldn't please him. He started face fucking me and moaning. He kept this up for like fifteen mintutes.

"Oh f*ck yeah. It feels great. Your warm wet mouth feels so good. You like it don't you. You like this big cock down your throat don't you. You faggot." He was going faster and faster. He was close. Thank god. The nightmare would finally be over. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat and I felt the first spurts of his man juice.

"Oh. . .I'm f*cking cumming. Oh yeah. . ." He finally stopped cumming, but he didn't pull out. He let his cock go soft in my mouth. I could taste his salty cum as his cock went soft. I just knelt there, tears streaming down my face. I felt so degraded. He finally pulled out and zipped up. He patted me on the head and laughed.

"Good boy. That was great man. I'll keep my mouth shut for now. You're gonna be my satisfaction from now on. Whenever I need you better be there or else. You know the consequences. Be a good boy now. And clean up you f*cking face. You have tears and snot all over the place." With that said, he left the room and closed the door.

I cradle myself and cried. I was used. I was raped. I cried and cried until I fell asleep.

End of part 3.

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