Good evening, I'm Frank Rivera and welcome to the Rivera Report, our weekly series investigating topics of general interest. Today our entire show will focus on the explosion of boys attending public schools nude. Last week the National Association of Secondary Schools announced that for the first time more than fifty percent of American boys enrolled in public and private high schools are attending nude, and surveys show the majority of these boys are nude full time in and out of school. In primary schools the figures are much higher, with rates highest in the youngest elementary school students.

Also, last week the American Restaurant Association finally succumbed to the inevitable and dropped its longstanding ban on allowing young men and boys to enter restaurants nude. New guidelines allow any male under the age of twenty-five with a student ID to eat nude as long as they are not disruptive and abstain from sexual behavior. Although these are advisory guidelines only, most member restaurant chains are expected to adopt these new rules and in fact, several restaurant chains, led by McDonald's and Trilli's, have allowed boys to eat nude for a few years now.

We thought we'd start with a little refresher on male nudity in schools. It was first seen as an experiment in several primary schools in New York City over twenty-five years ago, notably in the pioneering Blaylock School. Corporal punishment was also included with the then-shocking concept of nudity in schools and at first was limited to pre-pubescent boys. These concepts spread rapidly among private schools in Manhattan and within a few years made a leap to high schools, a shocking and controversial concept because of the highly sexualized behavior of adolescent boys. Four years later, when several studies showed that nude children were doing significantly better in school than their clothed counterparts and that teen pregnancy rates in nude high schools were fifty-eight percent lower than clothed schools, a mild expansion resulted, mostly in the Northeast and the West Coast with pockets elsewhere such as Wisconsin, Alaska and, surprisingly, Texas.

And then came the California Revolution, as movement backers called it. Starting seventeen years ago, California allowed any male student in public education, from K through college, to attend nude. It slowly became the west coast thing to do and as usually happens, this trend traveled from west to east. Attitudes about nudity and male sexuality began to shift with extreme rapidity as a result.

At about the same time, stunning advances in genetic engineering virtually eliminated childhood obesity and birth defects in the young and put a huge dent in childhood diseases. What's been called "designer genetics" improved overall physical robustness and primary sexual characteristics. The end result was that the movement swept across America like a firestorm, even in states with a high concentration of religious conservatives, although we still have eight states and many counties holding out on moral grounds that movement backers claim are dubious at best and damaging to young people at their worst. As a matter of fact, South Carolina and parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas reverse the concept and force male nudity in schools as a punishment.

Two years ago President McMurtry announced her two sons would not only attend high school and college nude, they would live nude, meaning they'd attend White House social and official events with no clothing, outraging religious conservatives and generating condemnation from many Islamic countries.

Tonight's Report takes a look at the state of male nudity in schools with an interview of one typical student at Franklin Pierce Junior-Senior High School in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, a picturesque town in the southern part of the state in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock. For public schools, Franklin Pierce has one of the most naked student bodies, pardon the pun, in the nation, an astonishing ninety four percent. That's boys, not girls, all of whom go to school clothed, of course. We hope tonight's interview will help our listeners understand the revolution that's happening in our schools and possibly gain some insights as to what our young people are doing and thinking.

With me is Connie Nguyen. Hi Connie, how's New Hampshire?

Frank, it is absolutely beautiful here. It's a picture perfect fall afternoon, the foliage is approaching peak color, the sky is deep blue, and everywhere I look around the campus and sports fields of Franklin Pierce High School I see beautiful nude boys, even though the temperature is in the low fifties. See, I even have a coat on!

Connie, it's your show now, so we're just going to let you run this interview. I'll have some questions and commentary at the end of the show. Who's you're special guest?

Thank you, Frank. With me is Cody Taylor, a junior and, as you can see, one of the huge majority of boys attending this school nude. Cody, can you tell us a little about yourself for our audience?

Yes, ma'am. I'm almost seventeen, I'm a junior, I play football and baseball and I also play baritone horn in the marching band in the Spring. I have two brothers, one fourteen, one ten, and a seven year old sister. My brothers go to school naked too.

Well first of all, Cody, I understand students never say nude; the term is naked.

Yeah, I mean, yes ma'am, everyone just says naked.

Tell me, when's the last time you wore clothing?

Uh, I only wear anything when it's too cold and windy or there's sleet or stuff like that. I don't own any clothes other than winter jackets and some sweats.

You mean, in your entire life everything you do is nude, I mean, naked, except when it's too cold? Shopping, travel, sports, church, visiting your grandmother?

Yeah, that's right. Like I said, me and my brothers never wear clothes except when we have to in the winter. When I was little it was only little kids that could go naked but now it's any boy, even college. Dad even takes us to Red Sox games naked and we walk all around Boston. My mom buys warm jackets, hiking boots and knit hats and gloves for winter but that's it. Otherwise wherever we go or whatever we do we're naked. Most of the time we don't even wear shoes. We don't know any other way.

Cody, you look athletic. How tall are you and tell me about sports at Franklin Pierce.

I'm five-ten and I weight one seventy. All sports played at Franklin Pierce are mandatory naked with no exceptions. All the schools we play have the same rules.

So basketball, football, baseball -- any boy in sports is naked, is that right?

Yes, ma'am.

Why is that?

When I was in grade school anyone who wanted to wear a uniform could. But then they said it was unfair to have some teams with a lot of naked athletes and opposing teams with a lot of clothed athletes, so they decided that all sports teams in the state will compete naked, just like the Greeks . It was a big change for football but I think it makes sense.

Well tell me about the winter sports, especially football. Up here in New Hampshire you must get some pretty cold weather. Do you put on uniforms when it gets too cold?

No ma'am! We pride ourselves in never wearing anything, even shoes. Our entire conference requires bare feet which to me makes sports more natural. The only concessions we make is when it's really cold, we stand on heated tarps so our feet don't go numb and get frostbitten and we wear heavy coats on the sidelines. We wear shoes only if it's icy. On the field we wear colored armbands so we can tell our players from theirs.

And how about your genitals, any problems in cold weather?

If it's just plain cold it's not a problem. If it's really cold and windy, we put on these little mittens so we don't get frostbitten. We've never had a problem that I've heard of.

And no one gets sick playing outside in the winter?

Oh no. Our coach said cold itself doesn't cause illness. It can cause hypothermia and frostbite but we learn to be careful as kids and our coaches have guidelines for exposure. Guys play outside in the snow all winter, both at school and on weekends, like when me and my buddies play touch football games in the snow.

You play football naked in the snow?

Yeah, like last winter there was this big snowstorm and me and a whole bunch of other guys went outside for an hour while it was snowing real heavy and played football. There were drifts over four feet deep and some of us played barefoot. Oh my god, it was so invigorating! It's a point of honor with every boy in school to see how long they can stay outside in the winter and if it's snowing, all the better.

And how long is that apt to be?

If we're wearing boots, caps and gloves and we're really physically active, we can stay outside for hours unless it's really bad. My mom makes me wear a knit hat because she says you lose a lot of heat from your head. If we're barefoot, then maybe an hour.

An hour barefoot in the snow? You're kidding.

My coach said my metabolism is going so fast I run hot and I have great circulation in my feet. We get used to it and it's no big deal.

Before we leave sports, tell me about this school tradition at the end of games I heard about.

Oh yeah, it's a tradition in our state and I heard it's spreading to other states too. At the end of any game in any sport, any boy can ask another boy if they want a blow job. Lots of boys ask, let me tell ya.

In the locker room?

No, out on the football field or center court or whatever. It's considered good sportsmanship and it builds bonds between all the players. It's not considered humiliating or bad, you know? We play really, really intense on the field but we're just friends when the game's over.

Well Cody, I'm certainly surprised. How about other school activities -- you mentioned the marching band.

I'm in the marching band and we go everywhere naked. Well, the boys do. Walt Disney World was a little bit strange, though.

What happened there?

They wouldn't allow complete nudity, so every guy pasted this little leather strip over their dicks -- oh sorry, I keep saying that -- penises. The strips were so small you could see everything from the side but technically we met the Florida requirement of having our equipment covered.

Look, let's make this easier for you and I hope our audience doesn't mind. You and every other boy in America says dick or cock or whatever, so say whatever you're comfortable with.

Cool. Oh, I forgot to mention our float. Can I tell you about that?

Please do.

Well, every parade we do around New England we take this big flatbed and decorate it like a float and we have some really jammin' music too. Then we put sixty or seventy of our best looking boys on the float and they beat off during the entire parade. The crowds love it. They really scream and go crazy, even the older people. But during last year's Fourth of July parade these two guys were doing a sixty-nine on top of this platform. The crowd liked it but they got in big trouble.

This is a joke, right?

NO! These parades are mostly in New England so they're used to all that. The crowds go totally wild when they see our float with all those good looking boys shooting their loads. Now some parades won't have our band unless we bring the float. Actually, it's the other way around. They ask for our float and we bring the band.

Well Cody, next time you have a parade, you'll be sure to invite me, ok?

Yes ma'am!

Let's talk about sex in public schools. You can be totally truthful with our viewers and you're not going to get in trouble - what really goes on at Franklin Pierce High School?

Well, everyone masturbates whenever they feel like it. Is it ok to say jerk off?

Cody, just use the terminology you're familiar with.

We can jerk off any time, any place in school as long as it's not disruptive.

For example --

Well, if we're taking a test and I beat off and make noise and I'm disturbing someone, I'll get detention. And we can't jerk off while taking gym classes because we're supposed to be exercising. But we can jerk off in class as long as we're paying attention and we don't make a mess. It's a huge no-no to make a mess on the floor or in a desk or seat and if you do, you get punished but even worse, everyone will think you're a total dork. Kids even beat off during lunch. There's this hot new thing we do...

Come on, don't be embarrassed. That's what this show is, to find out what kids are really doing at school these days.

Well the big thing is like what my best friend Keith does for me. He shoots all over my lunch. That kid can cum gallons, too. Then I do the same for him.

Isn't that disgusting?

Nah, we think it's pretty cool, but my parents were totally grossed out the time I had friends over and I ate a slice of pizza covered in cum, but everyone at school thinks it's totally cool and everyone's doing it now. Almost every boy tastes cum every day anyway, so it's ok.

So, oral sex, I assume there's oral sex in school?

Yes ma'am. Almost any boy can walk up to any other boy and offer a blow job or ask for one. There's a lot of restrictions though. Not in gym and not during any class, but during study hall or lunch or home room and especially before and after school, there's oral sex going on. Lots of oral sex.

Now you said any boy can ask any other boy. Does that include younger boys and older boys?

Sometimes. We have grades seven through twelve here and I've seen little seventh graders sucking off seniors and vice versa. It's not real common but I've seen it.

Are little kids taken advantage of?

Hardly ever, but if anyone forces sex on a little kid or even intimidates a little kid, they get severely punished and ostracized like forever. A few years ago one kid got suspended for an entire year.

Anal sex?

Not allowed. We have gay students here and sometimes they'll f.., sometimes they'll have anal sex when no one's looking. There's more during parties. Oh, the big new craze is gay boys eating out another guy's ass, even if you're not gay. That's really hot right now. Oh, was it ok to say that?

It may be uncomfortable for many of our audience but again, we're trying to find out what really goes on with nude students in American schools. Any concerns about health or sanitary issues?

Jeez, of course not. Keeping oneself really clean is a big deal and we learn it at a very early age. Any guy with an unclean butt is completely ostracized. The principal will punish them severely too.

You mentioned punishment several times. How would a principal punish someone?

They might get detention for minor stuff but the worst is when they're made to be completely clothed twenty-four by seven. It's humiliating and when a student is clothed, not only can't they have physical contact with other students, they can't have physical contact with themselves. Parents get really upset when they have to go out and buy long sleeve shirts and long pants and they probably punish their kids even worse. Also, our principal performs some of the worst public spankings you'd ever want to see.

Public spankings? Bad ones?

Everyone's worst nightmare. Not only is it totally humiliating to be spanked in front of the entire school but they're wicked painful. The first time is with this small strap. The second time they use a wooden paddle. My principal said he uses his fraternity paddle. The third time they use a cane that the principal said came from England. I've only been paddled but guys that get caned scream worse than you can imagine and it leaves these awful welts that sometimes bleed. Those kids can't sit for days.

Getting back to punishment by clothing -- you mean to tell me that forcing a boy into clothing is now considered humiliating?

Yeah, it's awful, especially when they're not allowed to touch themselves or anyone else.

Young man, you have no idea how times have changed. Speaking of clothes, there are still a few students, let's see, six percent, who attend your school clothed. That's not very many but how do naked students react to them?

Well first of all, only one boy comes to school wearing a shirt and that's only because he's uptight about having zits. The others just wear shorts and no shirt, and most of those boys drop their shorts the second they come into school.

But a few students remain clothed, at least in shorts? How do students feel about them?

. We think it's just plain weird and we feel sorry for them cuz their parents are so uptight. Most clothed students get vouchers to go to private schools for clothed kids because it's so weird. There's one over in Keene but we heard they might close because fewer and fewer students are going there.

Your teachers are clothed. Are they weird?

Not really. The older teachers don't get naked which is fine with us! But most of the younger guy teachers are naked and a few of the in shape older teachers too. Why shouldn't they be? They spend their whole lives naked and why should they be clothed just because they're teaching a bunch of naked kids? That makes no sense.

Isn't it distracting?

No, doesn't seem to be.

To girls?

Teachers have to wear clothes when they teach the girl classes. When they teach boy classes they get naked.

Go on.

The only interruption is when a teacher gets a hard on. Sometimes they have to get off before they can continue. It's no big deal.

Do teachers and students have sex?

No ma'am, but if a teacher is really hard, it's ok for him to get jerked off to get relief. Otherwise it's in our Code of Conduct that students and teachers can't have sexual contact in or out of school.

Cody, I'm going to ask some questions about genitals, is that ok?

Sure. No one's uptight talking about their stuff.

Most of our audience knows that rapid advances in genetic engineering haven't just addressed obesity and deformities and genetically transmitted diseases but they've also resulted in larger male genitals. Cody, that is an enormous penis, if you don't mind me saying so, and from your grin I can see that you don't. Can you tell us how big you are?

Ten and a half.

Is your size unusual here?

No, I'm larger than average but there's guys bigger than me, that's for sure.

Is having a large penis anything special here?

Oh god yeah! Having a really big dick is a huge status symbol here.

And what's the largest you've seen here?

There's this one kid -- he's only a sophomore and he's not a big kid -- who's a ridiculous thirteen inches. It sticks straight up too, almost to his nipples, and most of the time he blows himself rather than jerks off. I don't know how that kid has enough blood in his body to fill that thing up. And of course he's one of the most popular boys in school. No one's been able to suck the entire thing down, though, and a lot of guys have tried, that's for sure.

You included?

Yes ma'am.

You're blushing. Cody, what about students who aren't as well endowed? Do they feel like they don't make the grade just because of penis size? Are they left out or ostracized?

Not like you'd think. We're taught from kindergarten on to be very accepting of another person's body. In freshman year we have this health class that includes accepting people for what's under their skin, not just how pretty or sexy they look. But on the other hand, what about short kids, or kids who aren't good looking, or kids who don't have big muscles? It's no different.

Thank you, Cody, that was a very perceptive observation. I see you're wearing a large silver something around your genitals. Can you explain what that is all about?

Oh yeah, it's a chrome cock ring. It keeps me erect longer and one of my older teachers, who's gay, said that a long time ago these were really popular in gay culture. Today, wearing some type of cock ring is just the thing to do. Almost every boy wears one and has an assortment of them at home. Actually, all the guys from other schools we play in sports do the same thing.

I also see that your testicles are very large. Is this size common at school?

Yeah, can't have a big rifle and small bullets. Boys just seem to have large testicles nowadays; at least that's what my doctor says.

And yours are how big?

My doctor said mine are a little smaller than tennis balls. Some boys are even a little bigger.

Doesn't that affect sports or running or any other activities? You don't get hurt?

No way.

You're also wearing something around your testicles. Can you explain what your wearing?

It's a leather cuff that snaps around your b -- testicles. This one is two inches long. Then you can see this little leather strap that separates each one. We take this stuff off when we play sports.

Now Cody, you've had an erection during this entire interview. When you first walked over here more than an hour earlier to prepare for this interview you had an erection. Tell me about your ability to have an erection and if that's embarrassing in school.

I can stay totally hard for up to two hours at a time but usually less and I'm hard about, oh, maybe three hours a day total, but sometimes, when I'm really turned on, I can be hard most of the day.

And is that embarrassing?

Are you kidding? Every boy has an erection in school at some time or other and some boys stay hard all day long. It's just considered normal. But one time last spring, I found these pills on the Internet and I was hard for a week, can you imagine that?

Wasn't that painful?

A little achy, but every now and then I'd get semi-soft so there was no danger of pri, pree, whatever.


Yeah, that's it. I never got that. I was just walking around with this huge boner for a whole week. All my friends thought it was wicked cool and I had my dick sucked off about four million times. Even the principal noticed.

So in other words, having an erection in school is just normal and there's no embarrassment associated with it, correct?

Yeah, of course it's normal. Why be ashamed about it, it's just natural, especially boys our age.

And other places you go, say, to the mall or church or Fenway Park, do you get erections in those places?

Yeah, of course. You can't control when you're going to get hard. The only thing about going to see the Red Sox is the narrow aisles so when I squeeze by people I'm always hitting someone with my dick. Most don't seem to mind, though.

Cody, if you're someplace other than school, say at the mall, and you get an erection, do you masturbate?

Not usually, but if someone gets hard, it's no big deal if they're walking through the mall or down the street jerking off to relieve themselves. I've seen it lots of times. Some boys in our school make a point of beating off all the time wherever they are except there's a few places like church and restaurants where it's not allowed.

How about girls in school, can they touch your erection? Can they have oral sex?

Girls can touch boys during public property hour and because we're in separate classes it's about the only opportunity for interaction besides lunch. There's some oral sex at parties but generally none at school. But we can be touched all over and they can even jerk us off and stick their fingers up our butt holes. It's supposed to teach boys humility.

Does it?

I guess so.

Well Cody, while we're talking about girls, is there much sexual contact between boys and girls out of school?


You seem embarrassed. Is that because there's a lot of sexual contact and you don't want to talk about it?

No, there's hardly any sexual contact. Maybe blow jobs at parties but that doesn't count, it's not sex. You have to be really, really serious about a girl to have sex with her. If you have sex with a girl, it's like announcing you're going to get married.

So is there a special someone for you?

Not yet.

Have you dated a girl or gone to a dance? Come on, don't get all bashful on me.

Yeah, two weekends ago I took this girl Kathy to the Fall Festival Dance at school. We had a fun time dancing and then we went out for pizza with a whole bunch of friends.

Did you pick her up at her house?


So let's just think about this for a second. You walked up to your date's house, her father answers the door and you're standing there stark naked, probably erect, ready to take his daughter to a dance. Is that correct?

Yeah. Her Mom came to the door too so she could take pictures of us out on the front lawn. Then her Dad took vids of her Mom and Kathy jerking me off.

So were they worried that their daughter was going off to a dance and the boy she's with is not only naked but has an erection? Cody?

Well, her daughter jacked me off every day the week before during public property hour and she sees me naked every day, not only with an erection but shooting my load. Her parents weren't worried that I was going to have sex with her, they were concerned about me bringing her home by their midnight curfew.

It's still a little jarring for many of our audience to picture what I just described. So did you guys have fun? Did you make curfew?

Yeah, it was a blast. She jerked me off outside of the dance before we went out to eat and we -- well, uh, we made out. We got home after midnight but her dad was fine.

So is she now your girlfriend?

No, we're just good friends.

Otherwise it seems all the contact is between boys. That's not considered gay?

Heck no. It's just a guy thing between friends.

So Cody, tell me a little more about what physical contact you might have with say, a really good friend. Will this be too uncomfortable for you?

Well, I don't know. A few years back this really retarded newspaper in Laconia said that any boy having sexual contact with another boy is gay and they made it seem like it's evil. Every here thought it was nonsense, even my grandfather. It ticked off a lot of people because it was obvious they thought gay was unnatural and disgusting.

Ok, Cody, we'll assume you're straight. So what happens?

Well, me and my best friend Keith sleep together a lot of weekends. Both he and I sleep with other boys too.

Cody, what do you and Keith do when you sleep together?

We play computer games or watch movies and stuff like that and we cuddle together, you know, we kiss each other and give each other massages. When we feel like it we sixty-nine.

Are your parents or brothers or sister home while this is going on?

They're always home and a lot of the times we'll make out on the floor when they're sitting right there or even do blow jobs. They don't care. They know we're just friends and that the real thing will be with a girl when the right time comes and if the real thing turns out to be with a boy then that's ok too. Once in a while my fourteen year old brother Connor joins in and we have a three-way. Mom gets upset if we make too much noise and she can't watch TV or work on her portal, otherwise like I said Mom and Dad know it's just play.

You sixty-nine with a boy in front of your family?

Not usually but if it happens no one minds.

And when you get in bed?

If it's a weekend when we don't have to get up early, we'll make out more, quite a bit more, like Keith really likes to kiss and make out cuz we're such close friends. Well I guess me too. Then we might sixty-nine. Once we tried eating each other's asses out but it was only that one time. Keith and I don't do anal sex though, but a couple of my other friends do. Then we sleep in each other's arms all night. The only time Mom got upset was last summer when Keith was lying on the kitchen table cumming on my tongue just when she came in to make breakfast. Actually, that whole incident has become kind of a joke.

So let me get this picture straight. Your Mom comes into the kitchen to make breakfast and your friend Keith is lying naked on the kitchen table and he's shooting semen onto your tongue?

Yeah. But she wasn't upset about the sex. She was upset because Keith's ass was on the kitchen table and we hadn't showered or cleaned up yet.

Let's move on. There are gay boys here in school. Do straight boys get along with gay students at Franklin Pierce?

Of course we do, we have sex with them. There's a lot of stuff going on between gay boys and straight boys and no one makes a big deal of it. Sometimes when I have a gay friend sleep over we'll have anal sex as well as everything else.

You have gay friends sleep over and you have sex with them?

Yeah, it's no big deal. If a gay kid wants sex with a straight boy they just ask, or vice versa. No one here really makes a distinction between gay and straight anyway. That's for when you want to get serious with someone and be a partner with someone. Otherwise it's just being friends or when you go to a party and have some fun. And gay kids don't get serious with straight guys because they know that's going nowhere.

I'm sorry I'm dwelling on this, but I want to be sure that I and our audience understand what you've just said. There's virtually no distinction between gay and straight and there's a lot of sexual interaction between boys regardless of their sexual orientation. And finally, sexual orientation becomes important only when someone gets serious with a partner. Did I say that correctly?

Not quite. We don't think of blow jobs and whatever goes on between boys as sex. Sex is when you find a partner you're really serious about. But the rest of what you said sounded about right.

Well then, if it's not sex when you're not serious, what is it?


Cody, another aspect of male sexual abilities that's changing in young men is the amount of semen that can be produced. Before this interview I read a study reporting significant increases in semen, both in one ejaculation and during the course of a day or week. Does this apply to you and other students here?

My doctor said I produce three to four tablespoons each time I cum. He told me that's an incredible amount but it's now common for teenagers. I can produce that amount up to five or six times a day.

You ejaculate six times a day?

Oh, some days more than, most days less. We look on the net for stuff that will increase the amount of cum. There's a lot of stuff being sold and most of it is fake.

So, if you are fellating another boy, he'll produce a huge amount of semen?

If I'm what?

To use familiar terms, when you're giving another boy a blow job and he ejaculates in your mouth, he produces a lot of cum. Do you swallow or spit out?

Oh, yeah, most boys cum buckets, especially my friend Keith. His body thinks cum puts out fires. And at least in our school it's considered rude not to swallow. So early on we learn how to swallow some really big loads of cum. Sometimes we hold it and kiss.

You kiss? Boys kiss with a large loud of cum in their mouths? Oh my gosh!

Yeah, of course. What's the big deal? If a guy's going to shoot a load of cum in my mouth, then what's the big deal with kissing him?

Cody, how old were you when you first had sex, I mean when you played with another boy?

Um, let's see, I think it was third grade and the other boy was in fifth grade. We both got little hard ons but neither of us could shoot. It was pretty funny.

And sex at that age isn't considered unnatural or dirty?

Of course not. First of all, it's not sex, and second, it's not unnatural or dirty anyway.

Ok, I think we'll go to our next topic. Cody, here comes the fun part. Before our interview you told me about a few of the hot new trends here at Franklin Pierce and other schools. You've mentioned a couple already. Tell our viewing audience about some more of these things you and your fellow students are doing. First of all, I saw earlier that some boys have Mohawk haircuts.

Yeah, a lot boys wear a Mohawk. It's become a big deal the last couple of years but it's not a big deal in a some other schools.

And why don't you?

My mom won't let me.

And tell our viewers about the other new craze.

The new thing at our school is Indian paint and feathers. My friend Dave is here, can he show you?

Dave, you've been waiting so patiently in this chilly air, come right over here so our audience can see you. Well, you're just painted up like a naked savage. Face, chest, arms, legs, even your penis. And some feathers in your Mohawk and on your arms. You even have feathers stuffed right into your urethra. My, my, with your erection those feathers are just sticking right up in the air, aren't they? This is the hot look?

Yes ma'am. Lots of guys are competing now to see who has the best paint and feathers. Paint designs on your ass is real hot too.

OK, turn around and show our viewers. Oh, I see. Did you put that paint on yourself?

No, my sister helped out.

The girls think this is hot?

This girl I know told me that girls fantasize about naked savages, like Tarzan, so yeah, I guess they think it's pretty hot.

And I'll ask you the same thing I asked Cody. How big are you?

Hey, come on Dave, don't blush, just tell them.

I'm eleven and a half inches.

Well, I bet you're popular!

Ma'am, he's blushing but I can tell you Dave's one popular guy. He's good looking too so everyone's after him all day long.

Thank you, Cody, and thank you, Dave. Cody, what do you think about Dave's savage look?

I think it's totally cool. (Hey Dave, don't leave, we'll hook up after). My best friend Keith is coming over tonight and we're going to do each other up just like Dave. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow with paint and feathers. Those feathers sticking up out of Dave's cock are really hot. I'll be hard all night and all day tomorrow.

Cody, do any girls get naked at school?

Are you kidding? Girls NEVER get naked unless they're being severely punished. It's ultra humiliating for them. Guys love it but girls hate it.

Are guys allowed to have sex with girls when they're punished with nudity?

We can't even touch them. Well, there's this one severe punishment where boys can touch girls -- well, you know where -- but we've never had that here.

Well Cody, thank you for your time and for sharing all these insights with our Frontline viewers. This was eye-opening for me and I'm sure for our viewers too. I wish you good luck at school. Well, I see your friend Dave is waiting for you so I'll let you go play.

Frank, that's our report from Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Connie, he's certainly a good looking and intelligent young man. It's just amazing how fast attitudes about one's body and nudity and sexuality have changed in one generation. And it's equally amazing what all the genetic advances have done for male genitals and muscularity and athletic ability

That's correct, Frank. When that young man was talking I'd think back to when I was a girl and how I'd never in a million years believe what some of these boys are doing.

One of the things I found most interesting was that there was no distinction between gay and straight. There a lot of gay sex going on and even sleeping with your friends. But these kids don't seem to compartmentalize gay and straight -- they leave that for committed relationships.

Charles, I talked with the head master about that. He and others in education think the lack of distinctions between gay and straight is especially healthy and all this interaction between boys seems to build stronger bonds between boys. They have a healthy self-respect for their bodies and certainly zero modesty, they seem to have far more respect for females than boys in the past, and all this "play" as they call it is a tremendous safety valve for boys. Actually, the headmaster and many experts consider it a wonderful safety valve for boys even if they're clothed. Otherwise, these boys would be having pre-marital sex with girls and as you mentioned in your introduction, pregnancy rates among high school students has fallen dramatically. Last year the teen pregnancy rate in New Hampshire was in the low single digits. How times have changed.

They certainly have. Connie, I got the feeling that school is a sexual free for all. Are they going overboard with this at the expense of their educations?

I'm so glad you brought that up. The headmaster and other educators I interviewed told me that academic achievement is at an all time high. Student attitudes about education are far different from just one generation ago, to the surprise of everyone who thought that nudity in high schools and the resulting sexuality would send American public education right into the toilet, as if it wasn't already there. The opposite has happened. When students under perform, they are punished by wearing clothes and being forced to refrain from touching any other boys or themselves for several weeks. It seems highly effective. Also, the return to corporal punishment has had quite an effect on the ability of teachers and administrators to enforce discipline.

So tell me, what do you really think about this boy, Cody Taylor?

A few things. First of all, he's a level headed, secure, high achieving and well adjusted teenage boy, unlike many of his peers a generation ago. He's just so completely a sexual person and yet everything he does seems natural and fun, not forbidden and risky or something to be ashamed of. Many studies have shown that the loss of body modesty prevalent a generation ago results in less aggressive and better adjusted boys. And yet Cody engages in behaviors that many Americans might find shocking and disturbing, but to him nothing he does is immoral or unnatural. We chose this high school and we chose Cody to be representative of what's going on in American schools and quite frankly, in spite of some of my surprise and in a few instances, shock, I really like this boy. And no Frank, please don't ask me if it's because he's got a beautiful, athletic body and equipment that catches every woman's eye. I just think he's a wonderful young man.

Connie, you just put into words what I was thinking. Oh, I'm sorry, I do have one more question. There seems to be a pre-occupation with semen. Semen in mouths, semen on bodies, semen on food, semen everywhere in large quantities. What in the world is going on with these kids?

Well, in talking with Cody and other boys it's just part of being nude and sexual, at least in their non-relationship version of sexual. They just see it as a turn on and fun and the in thing for teenage boys to do and they know parents are uncomfortable with it. I think it's a fad. Teenagers will still be teenagers, clothed or naked.

Thank you for your report and we'll look forward to next week's report investigating all of these trends from the perspective of the female students.

In a development that relates to what Connie just told us, McDonald's Corporation announced on Friday that after many failed attempts, they have perfected artificial semen, without, of course, human sperm. A spokesperson for McDonald's said that the new product looks, feels, smells and tastes exactly like real semen and has added vitamins and minerals. Apparently it doesn't break down like the real thing.

They intend to market it as a new beverage which will be served warm. McDonald's market testing was wildly successful but went over the top when they introduced a realistic penis-shaped container. It has yet to be named but its product development code name is Cum-At-Ya. This new drink targets high school and college boys such as Cody as well as the younger seven to thirteen year old demographic.

McDonald's shares traded sharply higher after the bell on Friday, up an astonishing eight point five percent.

And that's tonight's Rivera Report. I'm Frank Rivera. Goodnight.