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Robbie and Phill

Chapter One

It was the start of the summer term at school and I was really excited because there were only four weeks between the three-month summer holiday and me. Also, this was the easiest term of the lot, no exams...YESSS!

I was awakened from my last day of rest by that awful sound that every teenager hates: the alarm clock. My hand thumped down on it causing it to stop churning out the endless noise. The rituals of pre-school routine started as I staggered out of bed and into my shower. It clicked on; I set the water to warm, and climbed in.

"ARRR". The water was supposed to be set properly and I cursed as I corrected it to allow some hot water to flow through as well as cold. The second time I was lucky and I got into the shower to find that the water was slightly greater than zero degrees c...this time.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about me. I am about six-foot tall with short jet-black hair and deep brown eyes; when I reflect on it they are pretty sad brown eyes. I was gay and in today's world that was a pretty major downfall in a person. Nobody knew, of course. I liked my face the way it was really, that's all, just a casual observation.

After dragging myself out of the shower, that by now was getting hot I might add, I dressed and did all the usual stuff: teeth, hair etc with extra special care as it was the first day. I headed downstairs to see my best friend and my mum having a chat.

"Hey mum" I said giving her a kiss, "Morning Robbie, how are ya doin?"

"I am cool."

"You're usual self then" I said and started smiling.

Robbie was my best friend. He was the sort of guy that for me was one that you could look at but not touch. Like telling a kid that you could look at the biggest stickiest cake in the shop but you couldn't have it. Does anyone know what I mean? Anyway, Robbie and I went back a long way. We went to junior school (I think that would be middle school for you Yanks) together and he was my best bud. I joined his school one-year after him because we had just moved down from the midlands because my mum had got transferred and dad was temporarily out of work.

But anyway, when I first joined, life was a bit rough. I was picked on and bullied. There was one time when I was in the playground and this guy, I think his name was James, came over and just started pushing me about. There was no basis for him to do it but he did. I guess when you're twelve you can find anything to pick on another kid, eye colour, hair colour, anything. Robbie comes over and tells this guy that unless he wanted to mess with him then he should back off and leave me alone. Guess what he did and after that we had been glued to the hip.

When my dad died a few months after that episode he was the one that was there. Robbie was the one that stood by my side at the grave. Has anyone seen Brave Heart? Well if you have, you know the girl that goes up to him and gives him the flower. Well, he was sort of like her. Apart from one thing, he was always there and I didn't disappear. Since then we have always been close. Sleepovers, midnight feasts in the fridge when we shouldn't be, and Hell, we even shared a couple of Christmas's.

Robbie and I both played musical instruments. He played bass and I played lead, we were the main components of our band. We formed that when we were fourteen and we mucked about a bit. But then Kaz walked in and sorted us out.

I had known Kaz for two years previously and for the first year we had been more acquaintances rather than friends. Then, one of her best friends moved out to Hong Kong, I think her dad was in the army or something. She then of course had to move on and find new friends. That's where I come in, she was really down because she and Emily had been almost as close as Robbie and me.

Robbie invited her to join the band as the drummer a year later. Kaz was much more organised and got us to pool our money together and get amps and mics so we could do live stuff. She is the most awesome drummer; she could do any beat with out any practice. But then Robbie and I were good, so we knew no limits.

That is, except one, some of the sounds we wanted to produce we couldn't and as such we had to ask one of Robbie's friends, Dan, to come in and sort it. I didn't like Dan at first, I thought he was trying to take over my place with Robbie and one day I just flipped on him. I won't say what I did because in hindsight it was really cruel and he didn't deserve that.

Anyway, from then on he and I have been close. That was after Robbie had told me that he was just a friend and that he didn't have a patch on me. I know that must sound as if I am the most over protective weirdo in the world, but I have been and always will be been obsessed by Robbie. Although I could never admit it to his face for fear of rejection more than anything, I thought he was the most gorgeous guy in the world and the most intelligent at that. However, he just couldn't be gay because he was simply my dream guy.

Now that the band was complete we got pretty serious and started doing some low-key gigs. Then my mum says that we can use her old room as a permanent base. This was because she decided that she wanted to move out of hers and dad's old room and that meant that the room was free. After that, our inventory had been expanding and we had assorts of weird and wonderful gismos that did loads of different jobs. Like compressors that held notes and the like. So now we had a permanent practice base and all the stuff to do big gigs. Not only that, but big gigs that were very successful.

But, we all got lucky one day when we were asked to do the music at some famous guy's party. There were loads of people there and some pretty important ones. I think there was the owner of MTV and the director of the BBC and so on. Anyway, we went down a treat and have gone from strength to strength since then.

"From what I hear you had a bit of a run in with the shower," Robbie said. Robbie always did like it when I did stupid things; it gave him a reason to play with me in a subtle and almost irritating way.

"Yes" I said with a frosty look. "You ready" I asked.

"Oh no you don't" mum said.



"I am not hungry"


"Oh mum pleeasee!"


Both Robbie and I sat down and were presented with plates and plates of food. Is it me, or do all mums do that? I hate eating in the morning yet she insists in pushing it down my throat. We exchanged glances and ate. After ten minutes of solid eating, I exchanged glances with Robbie again and then mum.

"Oh alright.. Go"

I grabbed my bag and headed out to my birthday present. It was a second hand BMW Z8 (which is like the more popular Z3 but had four seats. The back was quiet cramped though, and after Robbie, it was the centre of my attention.

Oh yea I turned seventeen a month ago. Robbie was still sixteen, but not for long. We jumped in and I lowered the top and revved it up. I know what you are thinking... spoiled little rich kid, well it's not true. My dad died when I was twelve and he left me and mum with a lot of money that was now kept in a high interest account until I was eighteen and could manage it myself. But, I was given special permission to buy this and it was the only thing I had been allowed to buy.

I tuned into radio one and it pumped out Semisonic's new single, Secret Smile. Don't you think that is a cool song? We just cruised. Neither of us said anything but it was really cool because it meant I could look at Robbie in the mirror without him being aware. I turned the car into the school grounds and pulled into a parking slot and pulled up the top.

Robbie and I had very few lessons together, because we were both doing A levels and you only have to do three subjects and I shared only one subject with him.

"See you at lunch?"

"Yer, here?

"Yep, get a mcd's k?"

"Sure, later dude"


He strolled off to his first lesson and I headed off to my study for my first free lesson of the day.


I have known Phill for quiet a while now. I knew as soon as we met that we would get on really well. You know when you meet that one person in the world that you instantly connect with. Well that happened to Phill and me. He makes me laugh. I have known for sometime that I am gay. I don't know why, there has been many a night that I have sat up wishing that I were just normal. There is a great song by Savage Garden that sums it up called Affirmation. It has one line that I like, 'I believe you cant control or choose your sexuality'. I think it's so true, I mean, why would I choose to make my life harder? I wouldn't, its just the way I feel. Anyway, the gay life isn't exactly something to relish. The petty minded prejudices are so bad that it hurts. There is one exception to this, find someone who loves you to share life with.

I have loved Phill for a long time and wished and hoped that he was gay like me. I knew that he liked me as a friend and I only wish that it were more. The only thing is that I didn't want to risk losing him as a friend. Put it this way if I had a choice between losing him (which I am sure would happen if I told him) or having him as a friend, then is there a choice? The bottom line was that I felt so much for him, to lose him would rip me apart.


I was deep in thought. How could I test him to see his reaction to him having a gay friend? Not only that, but also one that had it for him BIG time. I didn't want to drop myself into something I could not handle. But more importantly, I was not separated from my whole reason for living, Robbie, because he couldn't take it.

"Hey, Phill." was a voice calling from behind.

"Hey Kaz." She was really cool and although I was gay, I was not blind to her good looks.

"What sup?"

"Not lot. You?"


"How many free lessons have ya got?"

"Three" she said.

"Would you like to go for a drive?"

"Hard choice? Stay at school... or get out?? Lets go"

I guess I should tell you a bit about my three best friends, Kaz has shoulder length blond hair with a baby face and a tight body to go with it. I suppose she's most blokes' wet dream. There are many times that I have tried to erm get excited by her, but it just wasn't working and that was the final realisation I guess.

Then of course there is Robbie and he has black long but not feminine hair with such amazing hazel eyes, which could and did allow me to get lost in. He plays bass and along with everything else about him he is the best. I would guess that he is a little shorter than I am. A shade under six foot I would say.

Then there is Dan. He is a little podgy with kinda mousy colour hair and brown eyes. He is sort of the joker of the pack and even when we are all down he can make us smile and to be blunt, he is really cool. He mainly plays keyboard in the group, but he can also play almost everything and he fills in with everything that needs to be done.

And then there's me and I play lead guitar and if I say so myself I am not too bad. Well for the second time in as many minuets I pulled down the roof and started her up and pulled out onto the road. I held it in second gear, making the car shoot off. When I finally changed up we were doing sixty odd miles an hour down a country lane. We finally pulled off the road and I shut off the engine and turned to Kaz.

"Kaz, can I talk to you" I had decided. I think.


"Before I say a word to you, I want you to swear to me.."


"Ha ha, that you will not let a word of this conversation pass your lips. And I am serious this is to bigger thing to joke about." Her face changed from one of humour to very serious in a fraction of a second.

"Phill, you can talk to me we, have been friends since bout five years ago, haven't we, and sure we have had our ups and downs but we have been pretty solid and you can tell me anything." It was true as well.

"Thanks" We sat there in silence while I tried to pluck up the courage to tell her what had been on my mind for such a long time.

"Phill I understand that what ever this is it is obviously hard for you to tell me, but whatever it is, please just tell me, because I can't help or at least try until I know what's bothering you.

"Kaz I am erm, damn it... Kaz I am gay." I looked up to gauge her reaction.

"Phill is that what you were getting worked up about?" She is so tolerant of people I wish that everyone else in the world had that quality.

"Yes, but there is more. LOTS more."

"Yes" I don't know whether it was me but she seemed very hesitant before and after she said that.

"Well it's this I erm. It's to do with Robbie"

"Oh right. I thought you were going to drop a major bomb shell then"

I sat there dumb founded. A big bomb shell? And that's not a bombshell?

"I guess by that look on your face you think I am simple. Give me one guess. You are head over heels for him, right? Whenever he enters the room, you go all funny and when you look at him you go weak at the knees? Right?"

"Erm yea, how did you know?"

"Do you think I am stupid or something? Whenever you two are in the same room together, you look totally out of it."

"Oh, is it really that obvious?


"I know you probably don't have much more of an idea than I do but what do you suggest I do?"

"Tell him" She said bluntly. I was gob smacked to say the least. Tell my best friend in the entire world that I was completely head over heels in love with him and had been for ages? Then I would have to put up with one hell of a large thump in the mouth and the loss of the greatest guy in the world.

"Tell him and face a blooded lip and total rejection from the guy who makes my life remotely worth living?"

"Tell him. I reckon that unless I have lost my female intuition that he will be more than happy about this revaluation!" She was getting a little irritated by now and my patience was wearing thin I must confess by her refusal to grasp the situation I was in.

"Ok" I had decided that before I came to any decision about what I was going to do that I would go and see my dad first. I know it sounds really sad. Some guy that can't get over the loss of his father, but when I am there, it really feels that he is talking to me and that all problems are little ones. Does anyone know what I mean?


With that I revved up again and dropped Kaz off at school and asked her to excuse me from lesson on the grounds of band business. The band had reached such highs, at a local level anyway, that as long as all work was copied up and it didn't happen often, we could get out of lessons using that excuse. To say it was cool was an understatement. She ran off to lessons and I drove off to the church.

I pulled up and shut off the car and walked into the graveyard that my dad was in. I knelt down at the side of the grave and pulled the dead flowers out and made a mental note to bring some more by. I felt a hand on my back, I looked up and into the eyes of a man that looked exactly like my dad.

"Son, I know why you have come and yes I agree with Kerry. Remember that I love you in all that you do."


"Yes its me."

That was too much for me and I broke down. I could only say one thing.

"Thanks dad, I love you."

"I love you and I watch everything you do and I am so proud of you."

With that the image of my father was gone. To this day I don't know what it was, whether it was really him or my imagination, but it made up my mind and also it made me happier to know that he was watching.

I drove back to school in time for lunch break. Because it was a Thursday we were excused from school due to band practice. This was because none of us had any lessons in the afternoon. I picked up the other guys and we drove off to the local McDonalds drive through.

"The usual?" I asked everyone.

"Yea please" They all answered together. Do you get the impression we spend a lot of time together?

"Hey, you guys," I said, "Fancy not doing any practice today? It's not as if we have any major concerts or anything, and the one on the weekend is a usual."

Kaz jumped in before any of the other two had a chance to say anything and concurred that we needn't bother, plus she and Dan were gonna go shopping. She gave me a wink after she had said her little thing and whispered good luck. Dan agreed and he and Kaz wondered off into town leaving Robbie and I sitting there with four Big Mac's.

"My place?"

"Sure why not?" I handed my Big Mac's to Robbie. He looked so cute. You would not believe that a guy trying to hold four Big Mac's could look this good, but he did. I suppose that my view is slightly bias though cus just him period was the best.

When we got in, we dumped all our stuff and walked over to the table and started eating.

By this time I was beginning to sweat and get agitated because the time drew closer to telling Robbie what I felt for him and I was plain scared. He was very perceptive as he picked it up very quickly.

"Phill, I don't know what it is that is bothering you but would you please, whatever it is, tell me. I don't care what. Anything.. Just tell me and then we can sort it out. Pleeeasssee."

I just melted. "I don't think you will want to know"

"I don't care. Just tell me"

"Robbie I am in love" I said with a deep breath. Mental check...you are about to tell your best friend that you are gay. Is this a good idea? No, but I am gonna do it anyway otherwise I will never forgive myself.

His face dropped that is until he realised what was going on and adjusted it to look pleased.

"Oh yea, with who? I bet she is pretty"

"Oh yea HE is really good looking" The look on his face was priceless, you know the one in a million look that you wish you had on tape so you could see it over and over again. Then all of a sudden he started crying. A sudden switch in mood was so out of character for Robbie, he was usually so strong and could deal with anything. I went over to him and sat down behind him and put my arms around his chest and hugged him close.

"So who is it?" He said it in such a weak voice I hardly heard it.

"Do you really want to know?"


"I guess I have ruined our friendship. So you should know all of it and know that I love you" I answered and looked at him to see his reaction and whether I should be hot tailing it out of here or not. Or whether he even heard what I had said.

He turned around and I looked deep into his eyes. What happened next I would never forget. He leaned in and our lips brushed one another's at first and then I pulled him into me and we kissed deeply. Our lips parted and our tongues intertwined. We continued kissing for what seemed like ages.

We both jumped out of our skins as the phone began to ring. Then Robbie started giggling and it was infectious. I rested my head on his and gave him another kiss. The insistent phone droned on.

"Are you gonna get that? I don't think they are going to go away"

I walked over to the phone. "Yes" I said rather irritably, I might add. After all I had just been disturbed from the most important thing on my mind and that was getting as much of Robbie's as possible.

"Well by that answer I would guess that it went ok then?"

"Kaz, yea we are having a ball"

"Ball or ball's?" Robbie came up behind me and slipped his arms around my waist and rested his head next to mine. I leaned back and was in second heaven.

"Kaz you are truly gross! And you have a sick mind."

"Yer, what ever. Can we come over? I think you two need to talk to Dan, he deserves at least the truth," she said.

"How are you gonna get here? Do you want me to pick you up?"

"Would you mind?"

"Do I have a choice?"


"We will see you at HMV in an hour. K?"

"K. Later" With that she hung up the phone.

I turned around to Robbie and slipped my arms around his neck and looked deep into his eyes. He moved forward and our lips sealed together in the most natural way.

After a bit, we moved over to the couch and he put his head into my lap and I sat there and stroked his hair. Time seemed to disappear and when I looked up at the clock I saw that we were overdue by more than half an hour.

"Shit, we gotta go and get Kaz and Dan"

"Auuww, I was enjoying that"

"Humm, me to"

With that I picked him up, put him over my shoulder, grabbed my keys, and walked out of the house. I put Robbie in the passenger seat and walked around. With the coolest sound the car started and I pulled out onto the road. After about five minutes later my mobile phone rang and caused me to jump for the second time today. I pulled off the road. I refuse to drive using only half my concentration when I have the most gorgeous guy in the world to look after.


"Hi Phill, its mum. I am really sorry love but I gotta go out of town for a couple of days on business. Will you look after your self?"

"Yea mum. Is it ok if Robbie stays over while you are away"

"Of course honey"

"Kewl. Call me?"

"Yep ok. I will leave some cash in case you need it"

"Thanks mum. Have a good trip. See ya when you get back."

"Bye. Love you, take care"

I couldn't resist I lent over and Robbie and I kissed right there just off the road with cars going past. Wow.

I eased the car out and the rest of the journey went by quickly. We pulled into HMV (it's a music store) car park about an hour later than it should have taken. I was expecting a real ear bashing from Kaz, but instead she and Dan just hopped in and I hopped out explaining that I just needed the toilet and would be two seconds. I ran into HMV picked out what I was looking for, paid and slipped it into my jacket. I hopped over the door and drove off home. I was constantly looking in the mirror at Robbie and he went beet red when he realised what I was doing and started giggling. That just to me made him even more irresistible. I took so much will power not to stop the car in the middle of the road and devour him. So much. We pulled in and all headed up to the music room.

"So did you guys get anything while you were out" Robbie asked

"Yea we got some stuff to wear at concerts and stuff but not lot else. Shall we start?" Dan asked

"Ermm Dan before we start there is something Robbie and I want to share with you" Dan looked up expectantly from his top of the range keyboard. Robbie walked over to me and grasped my hand and said "Dan it's a bit like this. Phill and I are sort of an item"

"Hahaha. Seriously guys did it take you over two hours to dream that one up? Haha"

"What can we do to prove it to you?"

"Nothing you have to be joking"

To make a perfectly clear point clearer Robbie kissed me, right there in front of both of them. I put my hand behind Robbie's neck and held him there. There was what can only be described as a very unsubtle clearing of a throat that brought us back to the present. I reluctantly pulled away from Robbie and turned around to face the music. I glanced over at Robbie who had a very sheepish look on his face.

"Well, you broke that gently and subtly, nice one guys" I turned to look at Dan and to see what he would say.


Whack, my two best friends for ages have just told me that they are a couple of fags. Hang on, reality check. This is Robbie and Phill, yep that's right. I didn't know what to say I mean ewww that is like so un-natural. I mean ewww that is plain gross. I don't know what to say. We all stuck up for one another and looked out for one another. Hell, we were in the same band and we were just getting big. FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK. Help. What do I do?


I was kinda hoping for a similar reaction as Kaz. To say I was wrong was an understatement.

"I am surrounded by a couple of queers" he spat the words out and looked a picture of horror. Kaz stormed over to him and slapped him so hard that it left a real bright red hand mark over his cheek.

"Don't you ever say that, never. They are who they are and nothing can change that"

"But they're fags."

A second hand went flying. And well all I can say is ouch.

"Are you deaf I said don't ever say such hurtful things. Listen to me," she said, pulling his face up to look at hers as she continued "Before you knew that Phill and Robbie were gay, were they your best friends? A simple yes or no will do."

"Yes" Dan, said quietly.

Then to us she said, "Do you two want anything to do with Dan as far as more than friendship goes? Again yes or no will do."

"No" I said.

"No" Robbie answered, going red again.

"Well Daniel what is the problem, they are exactly the same as they were before, they have just let you into more of there life." I must point out that Kaz only ever used our full names when she was pissed with us.


Kaz can change everything, can't she? She changes everything and puts it in such simple terms. Hell, I still hate the idea, don't get me wrong. I think I will always be appalled at the idea of two guys doing anything. The thought of two guys doing stuff makes me wanna puke.... But when you put it like Kaz just did and as long as they don't try anything with me, then I guess I will just have to live with it. I mean its their life, I suppose. Anyway, we go back far too far to let this small thing get between us. They have helped me through some ruff times and the least I can do is accept them for what they are. But I still think it's sick. So is that a decision? I guess it is. I can believe it was that simple. Then again I can, they were best friends.


After what I had heard from Dan, I can best describe this as unexpected. He walked over to us and, in turn, hugged us and said, "I am so sorry for everything I said. Will you ever forgive me?"

We both gave him a hug and of course said we would forgive him. I walked over to Kaz and gave her hug and said thanks for everything she had done.

I glanced over at the clock on the wall and it read eight thirty.

"Do you guys wanna stay over and we can jam tomorrow and tonight then catch up on school later?"

"Yer that would be Kewl" Said Dan.

"Yep, love to but gotta use the phone to check its cool with mum"

I looked expectantly at Robbie.

He but smiled in a corny way that only the newly found love has.

"Does that mean we have to put up with this all night?" Dan asked.

"Yep". He rolled his eyes and walked off to use the toilet. Kaz between now and then had gone to use the phone.

"Mum says its cool."

With regret, I pulled off Robbie, who had since attached himself to my lips after the other two had walked out. I took his hand instead.

"Ok we will go and order a pizza" I said and started heading for the door.

"Oh no you don't. Robbie can stay here other wise we will get no work done tonight."

"Oh, please, we wont be long."

"Oh, go on then but be quick."

I gave her a smile and grabbed his hand and headed off to the kitchen and ordered two large pizzas. Robbie gave me a quick kiss and we headed back upstairs.

"So what do you want to work on, Secret Smile? Or one of our own?" Kaz asked from behind her drums.

"How about a new one that I have just picked up?" I said.

"Ok" Dan, said. "What's it called?"

"It's that one by Ronnan Keating, You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All"

Robbie gave me a gooey smile and I just got lost. If this is what love is all about, then give me some more!

"Ok anyone like to tell me what I missed" Kaz asked.

Robbie answered "It was the song that was playing when we first kissed"

"Oh, I see" Kaz said.

"Well whack it on and let's hear it"

We all pulled on our headphones, which were all wired to the same CD player and listened.

The buzzer on the wall started going off and I left to collect the pizza. When I returned, I came into a room of mixed sounds, as they all did their thing and worked out what to do and how to get the best sound.

"Ok guys, grubs up" I shouted and then I sat down with my back resting on the wall and Robbie came and sat in between my legs with the box on his lap. Dan an Kaz took the other box and shared it out. I took out a piece and started feeding it to Robbie, who did the same to me. It was so cool to share a moment like that without having to think about what the others would say.

"Oh its ok baby" Kaz said to Dan who had gone a grass green. "Here ya go" and she started to feed him pizza. This caused a colour change from green to red. I had to giggle.

"Ok guys, long day tomorrow so time to turn in," Kaz said. It has to be said she is the most level headed of us all. As we left I checked that all PA's and amps were off and then headed off to my room to find all three of them in there.

"Ha ha ha. You are joking right?"

"What?" Kaz said trying to keep a straight face.

"Right, you two, spare room...Now" They ran off into the spare room laughing there heads off. After that little mutiny had been crushed, I walked over to Robbie, who was giggling away. I had to put a stop to that, so I kissed him. We fell back onto the bed and kissed.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you more than life itself" he replied. I ran my hands up under his T-shirt. His skin was so smooth. I lifted his shirt up over the top of his head and ran my hand down his chest, causing him to shudder. Then there was a frenzy as we started to fiddle with the buttons on shirts and trousers until we were both completely naked. I kissed his sweet lips again and slipped into bed. We both began exploring every part of the others body, hands going everywhere but still sealed at the lips. I looked deep into his hazel eyes and seriously got lost. Finally, after asking for directions, I pulled myself back out from his eyes and licked a long trail all down his body stopping to give his nipples special treatment. I sucked them into my mouth, one in turn, lightly biting on them, causing Robbie to grown in delight. Finally I worked my way down his body to the subject of so many of my jerk-off fantasies. It was just as I had imagined; in perfect proportion to the rest of his body, about six inches long.

That was it, I could no longer look, I pulled the head into my mouth causing Robbie to grown and shiver. More and more I was taking into my mouth until finally had all of him in my mouth and his pubic hairs tickled my nose. I started to bob up and down on his cock and from the moans and groans I licked over his head causing him to shudder again.

"Phill, I am gonna cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm"

There was precious little time between that word of warning and the subsequent eruption and I gagged on his first offering but I managed to get myself under control and swallow the rest. Robbie giggled and that brought me back to the present and I swivelled around to give him a kiss.

"That was like the best."

"Oh yea."

Robbie slipped down under the covers and took me in almost one straight motion. I nearly creamed right there. The feelings that were being felt at the moment were second to none, but then it got better. Robbie started moving up and down. That was well too much and volley after volley went flying into Robbie's waiting mouth. He swallowed the lot. To say I was amazed was an under statement. He licked a trail up my stomach to my lips and kissed me. Robbie put his arm under my neck and I did like wise and pulled him close. We pulled the cover up to just bellow our necks and nodded off to sleep holding each other.

I heard a creek and then FLASH my entire vision went bright white. I opened my eyes and looked out to see Kaz standing there with a camera in her hands. Well, no, lets get this right. MY mum's camera in her hands. I was about to complain about being a woken from sleep. Something stopped me, it was Robbie he has sealed his lips around mine and we kissed. There was again another white flash and a giggle from Kaz.

"Right, give me the camera" I tried to say, while still not letting go of Robbie.

"What did you say, I didn't hear you" she said trying so hard not to laugh.

"The camera" I said again.

She knelt on the bed and was about to give me the camera when whack there was a light slap on the back of my head.


"Don't speak with your mouth full" she said and laughed at the same time.

Dan walked in and asked, "are we going to go and get some breakfast?"

Robbie answered "You can, I've got mine" and giggled.

"Oh come on guys."

"Oh alright, alright, Mr Tetchy."

Kaz left and Robbie and I went straight back to kissing. This was, however, short lived as Kaz suck her head back through the door.

"NOW" and then she left. Robbie and I dragged ourselves out of bed and grabbed some clothes and one last kiss and then we headed off downstairs.

"Hey Dan, sleep well?" Robbie asked.

"Not as well as you two after all your exercise" That was it, I choked on the orange juice I was currently trying to drink.

"And what do you mean by that?"

"I was mealy commenting on all the extracurricular activity I heard!"

"Now that's enough you two" Kaz interrupted.

"What do you want for breakfast. Or do you want to go out?" I asked.

"Go out" all three of them answered.

"Ok but we gotta be back to do some MAJOR practice. We haven't done anything properly for a few days. Anyway, what's wrong with my breakfasts?"

"Nothing except they are non-existent unless your mum is here. Lets go."

And with that we went out to my other baby and went off for a cheap slap up breakfast. When we got back, the mail had arrived and an answer message.

"Ok, first things first, play."

"Hey love, its mum. How are you doing? Call me if you need anything."

"Ok, mail, let's go."

We all trotted up to the 'studio' as it was known and I opened a few boring letters.

"Oh, hey guys, there is one for all of us."

I ripped it open and read it out loud.

"To whom it may concern: You are invited to play at this year's young band of the year at the NEC, Birmingham. Please let us know whether you will be attending" I read. "Well, what do you make of that, guys? Shall we go?"

"Hell yes, what do you think Kaz?"

"I think we should. You Robbie?"

"Yea I think it will be pretty cool. Plus, we will be able to see what the competition is like."

"Good point."

"I will RSVP OK then," I said. Although it was unofficial, I dealt with all band mail.

The rest of the day was taken up with practising songs, old and new. Copied and 'home brands'. Dan and Kaz left at six and Robbie and I were left alone for the first time.

We did nothing that night, sexual anyway. We just sat there in one another's arms watching a bit of TV and light kissing. At about eleven we walked up hand in hand, undressed and just snuggled together and bathed in the heat the other was generating.

What with it being a Saturday and a gig tonight we slept in. It has to be said that the best thing about going to sleep with the person you love is waking up next to them.

"Good morning sexy."

"Morning Babe, sleep good?"

"Not bad, but waking up was better." Robbie lent in and gave me the sweetest kiss.

"You taste of honey, honey."

"Honey on toast for breakfast then?"

"I'll say" And then, we kissed again.

After about five minuets of non-stop kissing, I said, "I really want to do something special for both of us tonight at the concert"

He gave me the weirdest look and then asked me if I thought it 'was really an appropriate time'.

"No stupid, I meant sing something that would only have relevance to those it should."


"Oh, right, got any ideas?"

"Yea what about a new song written by us"

"That would be so awesome"

"Hang on one moment" I got out of bed and ran downstairs grabbed a pad of paper and stuck some breakfast on a tray and took it up to Robbie. We had what can only be described as a working breakfast, comparing words and eventually creating a song called 'Days'. The words were really cool and just said that when you find love, it's so cool, but in slightly more subtle words. It sounds really corny, I know, but it summed up all we wanted to say.

Then came the hard part. We had to put music to the words and that was really hard, but we made it work. Then Robbie called Dan and Kaz.

"Hey guys. What's up?"

"Not a lot. I am surprised you two are up."

"Yer, well, we've been up ages and working on a new song called 'Days'. Are you gonna come over and then we can work on it"

"Yer tell Phill to pick us up at one"

"Ok, later Kaz."


"Phill, they say can we pick them up at one and I should go home and grab some more stuff."

"Oh, yer, I meant to ask about that. What do your parents think about you not being at home."

"They don't know, they are all away at mums sisters."

"Oh and why didn't you go? Not that I am complaining!"

"Well, we had a big bust up. Me and mum's sister, that is. She told mum that I was hitting on her. I mean, I don't even look at women and especially her." Robbie had gotten real worked up and that is so unlike him. I wrapped my hands around him and pulled him close.

"Hey babe don't worry its cool. When are they back?"

"A few days, because they don't want Tim to miss to much school, but apparently she was really ill so they had to go and I didn't want to look after him."

"Ok then, let's go now and you can pick some stuff up."

With no further ado, we walked outside to the car and went over to Robbie's. He played all his answer messages and got a good verbal hiding for never being at home. It was only jokingly, I might add. And that they would be back on Tuesday.

"That is so cool. Can I get clothes for up until Tuesday then?"

"Find a person that will stop you and I will knock their block off."

With that, he scampered off upstairs and grabbed a load of stuff. Then we picked up Kaz and Dan.

"Hey guys I was thinking."

"Really, there is a novelty."

"Thanks. No, seriously, though. Mums not here and so we have no 4x4 to take the stuff over with."

"Oh shit" Kaz said. That was pretty unusual because it wasn't her.

"So what do we do?" Robbie asked.

"I guess we will have to hire a small van." We sped off at top speed to go and get a van so that we could transport one hell of a lot of equipment. After that, we loaded drums, mics, clothes, amps and everything else that was needed. The van was beat but no problems occurred though and we arrived with no hitches. Then the four of us spent an hour or so positioning amps and mics. It was only a small school hall, so it wasn't too bad. We spent the best part of an hour and a half working on 'days' Then we went to one room and got changed. When we were changed it was time.

"Good evening St Lawrence Middle"

For such a small hall, it was packed. I guessed because the noise was pretty loud.

"For you're pleasure tonight we have one of the best up and coming bands. SX-10!" The noise was even greater. We all ran onto the stage and Robbie and I plugged in.

I grabbed the mic.

"Good evening, St. Lawrence."

The reply was pretty good but as always you have to push a little harder.

"I said good evening St Lawrence."

That's more like it, I thought.

"Today, we are gonna start off with a bit of a heavy song, this is Blink 182 and all the small things." The noise was much better that time.

Kaz gave us the count in and we went into the song. It's a very cool song because it sounds so good played live. The drumming and bass in this is especially good. The list was pretty endless but we finished up with a new one Robbie insisted we do called Affirmation. I must say it's a cool song.

There were shouts going up from the mass bellow for more.

"Ok, as you have been such a cool audience, we will give you a bit of Offspring with Self Esteem." Kaz did her clicking and Robbie gave it some bass. Then I went into the most amazing lead. After that, we unplugged and went into the side room and I kissed Robbie. We figured that 'Days' wasn't up to performance level as yet and so left it out. I decided that it was my purpose in life to get as many kisses as possible. Then came my second favourite time... Pay time. After we had loaded up the van, we drove off home and collapsed on the sofa. I dragged Robbie off upstairs to bed and told the guys just to grab whatever they wanted.

Robbie and I stripped off and got into bed. We didn't do anything, just held each other. That, in my opinion, is the best relationship you can have. One where you are simply content with the others presence. And, not one that revolves around sex. We slept together in one another's arms. We slept so deeply that we didn't hear the door slam or my mum walk up the stairs and into the room......

To be continued....

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