Disclaimer : This story contains graphic content, improper encounters, and fictional characters. If you have a problem with any of this, leave now. I wish for you to enjoy yourself either way.


by Someday Wishing

"Well that was an experience." I announced exiting the theater.

"Remind me never to have faith in a Jason movie again." said Philip, still angry that we had both just spent $6.50 on a horrible "B" movie. Though seeing Jason X may seem like a good idea, it isn't.

"Well Hunter, I have work in the morning. See you later."

"Alright. Night." As Philip left, I decided to answer the call of my stomach. Refusing to pay another $8 for popcorn and a drink had prolonged my hunger, so I decided to head across the street to a local all night burger joint. I had just walked in the door when I spotted Robert Stillings. One of the hottest guys in my school. I had met him when we were freshmen and though he was cute then now he was simply gorgeous as a senior. He had just recently turned 18 and I hadn't seen him out at any clubs or anything, but unless he had been to a late show like myself, that was about all the account I could give for his being at the choke and puke at 2 in the morning.

"Hey!", Robert yelled from his seat across the room. Dear lord, he was even waving me over. I tried to casually walk across the room not showing that I was to enthralled to be sharing a seat with a school stallion. He stood to greet me. "Was'up man? What are you doing out so late?" Holy Shit. He looks fucking hot.

Robert is a bit taller than I am. He's 6 foot, broad shouldered, and extremely athletic. With that 30 inch waist of his, a nice little bubble butt stick out from his Lucky jeans and black leather belt. Though his upper body wasn't very big, it is in shape from all of his year round athletics. This showed of course through He was lightly tan from Spring soccer legions, and his shot golden blond hair was spiked ever so beautifully. When he stared into my hazel eyes with his daunted blue, I almost froze like a dear in headlights.

"Me? Oh uh, just seeing a really bad movie with Philip." I said while putting forth my best smile. It looks like shit, but hey its my best smile!

"Oh. You guys watch a lot of that stuff don't you? Really bad movies I mean." He stuttered. Strange and unusual for a man who normally screamed his head off at an entire soccer team to get going.

"Yeah, it is sort of our thing. Watch a bad movie, rip it to shreds. So Robert, what are you doing out this late?" I said trying to make short talk. I didn't want him to walk off or anything. Of course, the reason as to why we weren't sitting down also crossed my mind.

"I am just trying to find something to do. I have been pretty bored lately. I finally came in here looking to catch a bite to eat. Wanna join me?"

"How could I say no?" I just practically jumped into the booth. I'll never learn to hold back on enthusiasm.

The meal went without a hitch. Here was this gorgeous male blond bombshell sitting in front of me hanging on my every word. We had hung out before, but never really one on one. We discussed this and that, and before we realized it, the time had become 3:30 in the morning. Though when I noticed the time and said something to him about it, his perfectly perfect lips spoke again causing hypnotism to occur.

"Man, it is really getting late. I better call my sister and tell her I am alright. You don't mind to go ahead and head back to my place do you?"

"Well sure. Just let me call my parents." Thus using Robert's cell phone, I called my parents and told them I would be spending the night with Robert tonight. It wasn't unusual for me to spend the night with someone. In fact, it was quite ordinary. Robert then called his sister and told her he was headed home. Strange to call ones little sister and inform her of Big Bro's arrival, but maybe she was the relay post from Robert to his parents.

"Right then. All set?" Robert said in a terrible British accent.

"Yes I am. And if you're going to be a dork, try not to insult the British while you're at it." I had recently been to Scotland and England so I knew an American doing a bad accent really insulted them. Don't ask me why. All I know is they always glared at me. We had just stepped out the door of the burger joint. Robert stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face me.

"You know," he started, "some people find it cute when I do that accent." He was looking me dead in the eyes for a response. I kinda turned away.

"Well, I didn't say it wasn't cute. I just meant you were being a dork."

"Ok." He flashed his perfect smile again. "Follow me."

I rode his bumper all the way to his house. I didn't want to lose sight of his vehicle for an instant. We left the city and progressed down some back roads until we finally arrived at our destination. His house was quite large. Much larger than mine was, that is for sure. I parked my car behind his and we went inside. All the lights were off except for a couple in what looked like the lower level to this seemingly three story house.

"I guess your sister and parents are in bed?"

"No." Robert answered quickly. "My parents are in Baltimore and my sister is spending the night at a friends house. So it is just the two of us here. All alone. I hope that's to your liking?" He turned and looked at me for assurance.

"Of course. No problem here." I sounded over joyed to say this. I quickly tried to recover my calm and cool demeanor but it was almost impossible.

"Cool. Okay, well, my room is downstairs. Come on, I'll showz you zhe whey." Now making with a bad German accent. I could feel the countries of the world shudder. Personally, I didn't care at the moment. Robert was right. He sounded cute when he did that sort of thing.

We got downstairs and I was greeted by a pool table, big screen, and wet bar. I immediately jumped at the chance to play some pool. Robert then asked me what kind of drink I would like to have made. When my Pina Colada and his Metropolitan were made, we played a couple games of pool. Sipping booze, playing pool, it was like heaven. However, now it was after four and I asked where could I sleep for the night.

"Oh yeah, well, there is a second bed in my bedroom closet. My bedroom is through that door there." Sure enough, there was a good sized bedroom behind that door, but as I walked across the dirty clothes and school papers, I found that when I flipped on the light in his closet, there was nothing there.

"Hey Robert. I don't see a bed."

"Oh really?" I heard him reply. Robert came walking into the room slowly. "Well well well. Nothing here." He casually looked into the closet then quickly change his view to me. Once again I was paralyzed by his big blue eyes. "You know, you're going to have to sleep on something."

"Well, what do you suggest?" My heart began to increase in repetitions.

"How about me" he paused slightly, "beautiful?" He leaned over and kissed my lips ever so softly. He stepped closer and put his arms halfway around my body while gently felling my back. I melted in his arms. He drew away only a bit, still holding me lightly. He lightly touched the side of my face. "You are so beautiful. I have always wanted to fell your light brown hair, touch your soft red lips. I have always wanted to fell your abs" he spun me around and pulled me tightly to his body while clutching at my six pack through my shirt. "To feel your chest from behind as I insert myself into you." He was breathing heavy now. I began gliding my hand over his leg's thigh, and slowly moving my hand to his ass cheeks. Perfectly round and tight. I pulled him closer to me. "Oh God. I want to be with now. Will you let me?"

"Yes." was my answer. As if I'd say No!

"Then here we go." He led me over to his bed after he turned off the overhead light and flipped on a dim lamp. It coated the room in a golden copper light. We stood beside the bed facing each other. Robert removed his shirt slowly, revealing his tight hairless chest. His abs slightly glowed in the effervescence of the light while being daunted by dark thin happy trail leading below the line scrimmage of his pants. He stepped close to me and pulled my shirt up over my head. Then, wrapping his arms around me, he kissed me deeply and passionately. First only slightly licking the inside of my mouth with his tongue and drawing back, but gradually going deeper and deeper into my mouth. Without hesitation, I returned the favor by tilting my head and enveloping his kiss within one of my own. Sucking on his tongue lightly while my own wrapped around his. He somewhat quivered as I placed one around his back and used the other to grope his cock from outside his jeans. We continued to make-out. Passionately playing back and forth with our mouths to each other about who was the better kisser. I began grinding my hips against his leg while now simply holding onto his cock and massaging his back. I moved from his face down to his neck, sucking and licking it. He groaned in ecstasy.

"Oh God yeah.." he moaned. I moved from the side of his neck over to his Adam's Apple and suckling it, slowly began dragging my tongue down the center line of his chest. I continued all the while Robert held me with his arms. I moved my tongue slowly vertically traversing his abs all the way until his belly button. Then I proceeded back up his happy trail all the way to his right nipple. I began biting and licking it first while I pinched the other one. I then switched to pinching his right while sucking his left. My other hand began moving down to his crotch and this time unzipped his fly. Robert pulled me up. He then unbuttoned his pants and dropped his remaining garments to the floor. Standing before with his 7 inch cock standing strait up, Robert ordered me to my knees. As I kneeled before him, Robert stepped closer to me. I wrapped my lips around his cock and took about 5 inches in the first bob. He moaned and said, "Uh huh. Suck that cock. Ohhh, be my cock slave."

I placed my hand in the crack of his ass and guided his cock in and out of my mouth. I began going farther and farther down onto his thick piece of meat. With my other hand, I began dragging down the front of him, feeling his tight chest and rock hard abs. Bobbing, and sucking, Robert was having the time of is life.

"Oh yeah. Uhhh. Uh huh. Yeah. Keep that up." I could feel Robert's cock-head swelling in the back of my throat. He was beginning to pick up his pace, but still giving full deep thrusts into my mouth. As he fucked my face over and over, I grabbed his balls and began massaging them. Then, I inserted one of my fingers into his ass. "Auugghhh...", he moaned. "That's the ticket. Now I have to have you."

He grabbed me under my arm pits and pulled me up from the floor. He pushed me onto his bed, and yanked my pants and underwear off. He then crawled on top of me and begin kissing my mouth again. The taste of his salty precum made him hunger even more for me. Sliding down my front, he lifted my legs up to where my ass was showing. He parted my cheeks and began eating me out. I gripped the headboard as I felt the onslaught on my asshole begin. He was deeply licking and pushing with his tongue into my hole. Robert was even sucking on my asscheeks around it. He twisted and turned his head, licking up one side and down the other. Finally he looked up at my face, contorted in joy, and smiled his gorgeous smile. Slowly crawling up to me, he spoke.

"Can I fuck you? I mean, really fuck you. Hard." He looked into my eyes with his gorgeous baby blues.

"Oh fuck me Robert, please fuck me." Robert leaned over and grabbed a tube of lube from a table next to the bed. He first lubed up his cock and then he lubed up my ass some. Before he even began, he leaned over my raised legs and kissed me then smiled. "I'll start slow." he said. I grabbed the headboard, smiled, and tried to relax. He stuck one finger inside of me and slowly began massaging lube inside of me. Next, he added more lube and another finger. This was feeling so good. It was like electricity going through my body.

Then, he leaned forward over me, and said "Look at me." I stared into his eyes and he pulled my head closer to his. His lips in front of my own, but not kissing. He only said "Here it comes." Robert's cock entered my ass. I almost screamed but Robert quietly shushed me. Deeper and deeper his rod went into me. I could feel him slide inside as far as he could go. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but it also felt so good. He sat partially upright and began moving in and out of my ass. Slowly rocking my hips. Touching his balls to my ass then pulling almost all the way only to go back inside again. He began to pick up the pace. Little drops sweat began running down his face. Driving deeper and deeper into me, his speed began to increase. His heat I could feel throughout my body was only a taste of what was to come. He began groaning in ecstasy again. I wrapped my legs around him and drew him closer to my body. Now his face was in mine. Panting, sweating, he looked liked he was going to blow. Feeling the pressure of his head in my ass, I began swelling at the cock too. I tried to jack myself off, but he wouldn't let me. Instead, he tilted my hips up more and leaned closer to my face. Then Robert grabbed my cock and began jerking me off.

"Hunter," he said "I want to cum when you cum."

"Then cum whenever you want baby. I'm ready for you."

Robert's face clenched and he groaned. He began humping harder and harder in my ass now. He slammed it again and again. All the time gripping my legs to stablize my body for the next huge thrust. I could feel his cock head growing more. The heat was intensifying. I could barely stand it. Again and again, deeper and deeper he went. It was like everything else had disappeared and all that was left was Robert fucking me.

"Oh yeah Hunter. Oh Yeah!" Faster and faster he went. His balls smacking my ass. Suddenly his body clenched tight, his head threw back, he screamed "Oh yeah! Oh God, here it comes!" I could feel my orgasm coming too. My muscles tightened. My cockhead swelled as Robert grabbed and jerked it. Then, slamming my ass, Robert surged into me, shooting his load hard into my ass. His manly seed filling me with love.

I lost all control! My cock started shooting off in Robert's hand! Blasting load after load. I began shaking as I cummed, but Robert held on to me and continued pumping his seed into me. Firing shot after shot while I let go onto myself, yelling and gripping the headboard for all it was worth. Finally, I could feel Robert pull out from inside of me and crawl up beside me. I laid covered in my own cum, exhausted. I finally stopped shaking as Robert took me in his arms, and held me. The greatest thing I had felt yet was him holding me right then and there.

"Hey, thanks babe." he said, lightly stroking my hair on my head. "You were awesome."

"Thanks. You were amazing yourself."

And in the last moments before we passed out asleep, he quietly wiped me off, kissed me goodnight, and curled up behind me.


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