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A story by Ivor Sukwell.


Hi there.

Hate fillin' in these sorta things cos I never knows what to put. Well, here goes.

Me name's Ross, I'm fourteen and I fucking love cock.

That got you interested? Fucking would me if I was reading it.

No, serious like, me name really is Ross an' I am fourteen, well, almost fourteen an' a half actually. I'm five foot seven and pretty slim, but I got decent legs cos I does a lot of sport; got brown eyes an' sorta dark brown hair an' I ain't specially good-looking or nothing, but I does have a well decent cock. I can wank meself using both hands, one above the other, full fist like, and me cock head still sticks out beyond me hands. It's like six an' a half inches and fuckin' thick an' I wanks it loads.

I can't quite get it in me mouth, but I can manage to lick the tip, an' I tries to spunk in me mouth sometimes cos, an' I gotta be honest, I loves spunk.

I'll tell you about how I found that out in a bit in case you're interested, but I spose I better finish the intro bit.

Yeah, I do like cock, boy cock. So if any of you what's readin' this is pervy old men then forget it, no way will I do your cocks for you. Course, an' let's be clear about this, I ain't got nothin' against pervy old men, be one meself one day, but I don't touch no cock what's older than sixteen.

Course, I don't mind pervy old men doin' stuff to me cos they're fuckin' good at it, an' if you ain't had some old git take his teeth out before he sucks you then you ain't never been sucked proper!

But don't go thinkin' that means I'll let you fuck me cos that just ain't gonna happen, not unless you puts notes on the table first, and, believe me, I know what the goin' rate for fourteen-year-old arse is an' it don't come cheap, that I can tell you.

I ain't gonna object if you're the sorta perv what likes eating a boy's arse though, cos havin' some randy old cunt give you a good lickin' an' then stick his tongue up as far as it'll go is fuckin' magic an' I ain't not found no kid yet what'll do that; an' I ain't gonna do it either. Stick me fingers an' me cock in a boy's arse any day, but no way is I gonna fuck him with me tongue. Leave that to pervs.

Spose you wants to know a bit about me, like when I got started an' what I does, cos I knows I likes knowin' that about the kids I gets. Course, I don't get that many cos it ain't simple gettin' a boy what gives cock. Can't just walk up to some kid in school what you fancies an' ask him if he gives, cos that ain't likely to turn out too good an you could end up gettin' your head kicked in by him an' his mates, an' there ain't no need for that.

Anyway, I was eleven when I got goin'.

I were on holiday an' we was at this camp site place an' there was three other kids about my age in a tent well close. They had this tent to themselves an' their parents had another one a few yards away; spose they didn't want to be bothered by the kids when they was shagging or whatever.

Anyway, these kids chummed up with me an' I got taken into their tent an' the oldest, he were twelve, said he reckoned I were chicken an' wouldn't have the balls to get me shorts off. Well, fuck that, I weren't gonna get called chicken was I, an' I were already playin' with me cock loads, an' I thought if I puts mine on show I might get a gawk at theirs an' I well fancied gettin' me eyes on some cocks.

So I just dropped me shorts there an' then, an' cos I never had nothin' on underneath, they got a good eyeful an' I were well chuffed when they gawked an' reckoned mine was bigger than any of theirs.

Course I said they gotta prove that an', fuck me, they all whipped their shorts straight off an' I thought that were magic, havin' three other boys' cocks to feast me eyes on.

Then Billy, he was the twelve-year-old, said he bet I didn't have the balls to let him an' his mates all have a feel an' I never thought twice, just told `em to get started.

That's all we did though, just felt an' wanked each other, but we did it loads, like every day an' all.

Course, havin' got started I didn't want to get stopped, but I never got nothin' more for about a year, cos, like I said, it ain't easy gettin' cock cos you gotta be dead careful about stuff like that at school.

When I did get it though, I got the fuckin' lot.

There was this kid, Brian, what lived up the street a bit an' he were a bit of a bully like, an' us younger kids sorta stayed out of his way like, an' that weren't hard for me cos I didn't go to the same school as him like what most of the others did.

Anyway, though he were a bit of a cunt to the other kids he were well good at football an' I weren't bad, an' he asked me if I fancied goin' up the park with him an' he could show me a few things. Well, I knew it were a bit risky like cos he were a bit heavy with other kids, but I thought it were alright cos it were just the two of us an' he didn't have no need to push his weight about, so I did.

Anyway, we kicked about a bit, an' as I were a goalie, he taught me how to keep me eyes on the ball an' not to look at the other kid's eyes when it were a one-on-one cos you didn't kick the ball with your eyes, did you. An' it were pretty good cos I managed to save a couple of penalties from him, an' as he was fifteen I were pretty chuffed about that.

An' then, when we was goin' home, he said I could go round his place an' clean up, have a shower like before I went home cos I was well muddy with all that divin' around.

Well, I were a bit chuffed by that cos it sorta made me a mate of his an' well up on the other kids he bossed around, so I did, but I were well surprised when he came in the shower with me cos I hadn't thought that were gonna happen. Didn't fuckin' mind though, cos it meant I could get a look at his cock an' it were fuckin' ages since I'd last seen one.

I thought it were fuckin' magic cos it were obviously the biggest one I'd seen, an' it had hair above it an' all, an' I had a fuckin' good gawk. Then he fuckin' asked me if I wanked yet, just straight out like, an' I said course I did an' I did it loads, boastin' a bit like, an' without askin' he just copped a feel an', of course, I just boned up an' he never let go. Told me I could feel his if I wanted an' that were bloody daft weren't it cos I was dyin' to get me hand on it.

He wanted to know if I could spunk yet an' if I'd done anythin' with other kids, an' I told him about that time on holiday but I weren't spunkin' yet. He wanted to know if I was alright doin' stuff with him, which were daft cos we was holdin' each other's cocks, an' I said course I wanted to.

Anyway, he said if I let him fuck me I'd be his mate an' he wouldn't push me around, so I said alright, though I never really had no clue what fuckin' was gonna be like.

I fuckin' found out though! Shit, did it hurt or what when he went in me! I spent what felt like a year, but was probably no more than a minute or two, thinkin' what the fuck am I doin', an' then, well weird like, I fuckin' knew what I was doin' cos though it were still hurtin' it were fuckin' amazin' an all.

Couple of weeks later it never even hurt at all when he stuck it in me, an' he shoved it in me loads, like just about every day when I got home from school, an' I tells you, I couldn't wait for home time so I could get to his an' get fucked.

He reckoned I was a far better fuck than any of the girls he'd done an' it were a fuckin' shame when the law got him for somethin' or other an' he weren't around no more to fuck me.

Had to wait till I was almost fourteen for me next cock so I had to make do with wanking, and fuck, did I wank! Most I counted in one day were ten, an' I only gave up then cos me cock were sore.

I did what I could to get cock, lettin' mine show when we changed for gym an' games, but no-one came up with an offer for it until I were walkin' home from school one day with Phil. He's my age an' a sort of semi-mate if you knows what I mean.

Anyway, there we are, walkin' home an' he just comes straight out with it, asks me if I'd ever wanked with anyone. Course, I told him the truth an' said it were ages since I'd done it, an' he said did I want to go to his place cos he were well horny an' needed to spunk. Ten minutes later we was in his front room with our trousers round our ankles an' our cocks in each other's hands.

Phil was cut, an' though it were the first one like that what I'd seen it never stopped me none, though I gotta be honest an' say I likes it best when the skin's still there; there's that bit more to play around with, like.

Anyway, we're tossin' each other for about ten minutes like, cos though Phil's dead keen to spunk we never wanted to do it too quick cos it's fun havin' another boy's cock in your hand, when Phil asks me if I'd ever been sucked or anything. Course, when Phil asked me if I fancied tryin' it, I were all for it, an' fuck me, it were amazin' when he started gobblin' away at me, `bout a million times better than bein' wanked.

I asked him how he'd learned about doin' this but he just said it were from someone he'd wanked with but never told me who. I worked out later it must have been from some perv or other cos if it had been a boy I reckon he'd have told me, but pervs can get in deep shit if it gets about they do stuff with boys so we got this sorta code where we never says nothin' about doin' it with pervs, an' that way if they gets found out it's cos they fucked up an' not cos we landed them in the shit.

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to give it a go, so down I went on his an' I knew straight away what me mouth was for when it comes to boys' cocks! Felt fuckin' wonderful in me mouth an' I knew Phil liked what I were doin' cos he were moanin' all the time.

We finished off by wankin' but I had this thought that I wanted to see what spunk tasted like, so when we did it again the next day I said I wanted him to spunk while I were still suckin' him. He thought that were well horny so we went for it an' it were extra horny knowin' he were gonna spunk in me mouth an' all.

When he told me he were gettin' close, in case I wanted to change me mind an' chicken out, I just kept gobblin' away, but me heart went mad an' it were almost like I were cummin' meself, an' when he spunked it were just fuckin' amazin'. He hadn't wanked that mornin' cos he knew we'd be doin' it after school so he shot a huge load in me mouth an' I fuckin' loved it! I tried to keep it in me mouth as long as I could, just sorta let it trickle down me throat, an' when he asked me what it were like I told him that when we did stuff, then from now on he was always gonna have to shoot in me mouth.

Learned about sixty-nine from Phil as well, an' that is fuckin' ace, havin' a mouthful of cock while yours is gettin' sucked, but I've not been able to talk him into lettin' me spunk in his mouth though I always eats his.

Then I met Dave at the cricket club an' he were like Phil, he never had no hang-ups about sayin' he was up for cock fun. He were cut an' all, so, I dunno, but praps cut boys is more open about it or somethin'. He were into suckin' an' all, an' into doin' stuff naked, but though he's the same age as me he can't shoot yet so I don't get no spunk to eat from him. Don't stop me suckin' him though, an' I does it with him every weekend, Saturday and Sunday at the cricket club cos we goes to different schools.

An' then I met me first perv. He's Bert, an' one evenin' he gave me an' Dave a lift home after cricket, an' after he'd dropped Dave off he fuckin' asked if I'd let him see me cock cos he'd heard it were a big one. How the fuck he'd heard that I didn't have a clue, an' even though he's about fifty or somethin' I was okay about him seein' me cock, an' why shouldn't I be?

I told him to go for it cos I reckoned he weren't gonna see a lot drivin' a car in the dark, an' anyway I thought it'd be a bit horny havin' a perv fish me cock out an' that way he could cop a feel as well.

Well, there weren't no way it were the first time he'd fished a boy's cock out, cos he had me zip an' button undone one-handed no trouble at all, and done it so quick I hadn't even boned up by the time he had it in his hand! An' fuck me, did he know what to do with a boy's cock!

He weren't after gettin' me to spunk like what a boy would have been, cos that's what we do, init, work on making the spunk cum; but not Bert, oh no. He handled it like it were something real special, me balls an' all, an' all I wanted to do were to get me kit off an' let him have a go at all of me.

I done that often enough an' all, an' I don't think there's one bit of me he hasn't had his mouth and tongue on, and yeah, me arse an' all cos he knows boys love havin' their hole licked.

Well, I told him I were into boys, not pervs, an' he done a deal with me; if I let him fuck me just the once he'd find me boys to have fun with, an' I reckoned that weren't a bad deal, so I let him get his cock inside me an', to be fair, it weren't that bad. An' he's kept to his side of it an' all, an' I've had half a dozen kids what he's found somewhere an' I don't know how the fuck he does it. I mean, he got me cos Dave told him I was available, not that I knew he were doin' Dave an' all then, but Dave told me later an' that's when I found out about the code.

"If you's doin' it with a perv," Dave told me, "You can tell the perv about boys you know'll give, but you don't never tell boys about the perv in case they blab."

An' it were Bert what told me that me arse is worth money. I could sell me cock an' all if I wanted, but I'd be better off just goin' with pervs when I never had a boy around an' I needed somethin', an' anyway, I could learn a lot from what a decent perv does with a boy cos when I were older I'd be wantin' boys meself.

Course, he knew I was into boys already but I knew what he meant like, an' I gotta be honest an' say that I've tried some of the perv stuff on a couple of younger kids what he's found, an' I know why pervs like stuff like kissin' you under the arms an' things. I ain't tried eatin' a kid's arse yet, but I probably will at some time, when I'm older, like.

It were Bert what passed me on to the old perv who took his false teeth out to suck me, cos pervs tell other pervs about boys what gives, an' this ol' boy were fuckin' over seventy! I mean, that's fuckin' brill like, still wantin' to do boys when you're seventy. An' I tell you what, that ol' git really knew how to suck cock! I mean, my cock ain't small, an' the ol' bugger got the whole thing in his mouth, right down to the fuckin' root an' still managed to lick me balls at the same time!

I done it with ol' Fred half a dozen times, well, I ain't actually done it, cos I don't do nothin', I just lays there an' let's him do what he wants, an' he's got this thing about me enjoyin' meself so he puts this blindfold on me so I don't get turned off by seein' it's a well old perv what's havin' his fun with me. An' believe me, that is well sexy, not bein' able to see what he's gonna do next.

Anyway, he asked me if there were anythin' kinky like what I fancied, an' the only thing I could think of was me legs. I dunno why, but I always had this thing about me legs. I'd really what I call `leg meself up', you know, givin' me thighs a real squeezin' like they was a bird's tits or somethin'. An I even got one of them garden cane things what you puts in the ground to hold plants up with, an' I canes me thighs sometimes before I wanks, an' bugger me do I shoot loads when I does that!

So ol' Fred got hold of a cane an' gave me thighs a real goin' over, an' fuck me, he did it so hard he made me fuckin' cry, an' then he went an' licked them all over an' kissed them, specially the inside bit, an' bugger me if he didn't make me spunk just by doin' that! Never touched me cock, just me legs an' he made me fuckin' spunk!

Course, cos he were doin' stuff like that for me I thought I oughter do somethin' special for him so I told him he could fuck me if he wanted, but he said no. Said he was too old to get hard enough to get it in me, an' he said I shouldn't give me arse away to pervs cos I could earn money with it, an' it were better than doin' a paper round.

He said if I wanted cock in me that bad he knew a perv a few years younger than him what'd pay for me hole, an' I thought I could do with twenty quid or so, but ol' Fred just laughed and said he'd get a ton for me. Hundred quid for lettin' a perv fuck me? Too fuckin' right he could have me arse for that money. That's how I knows what arse my age is worth, so if any of you pervs readin' this wants a go at it, that's what it's gonna cost you.

Right, well that's filled in the `About Me' bit, an' I guess it sorta covers the `About You' stuff an' all, but to make sure there ain't no mistakes, then; if you's no older than sixteen you can have me an' we'll do anythin' you want as long as I can eat your spunk, an' if you's an old perv then you can play with me for free but me arse'll cost you a hundred.