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We have to run.” He whispered to me as he laid behind me, clutching me close to his chest. He was London and I was Josh. We were boyfriends. We've been together for about 8 months now.

But to where?” I asked as tears slipped from my eyes at the thought of leaving everything and everyone I had here.

Where ever. As long as you're with me I don't care. I don't want them to take you away.”

They won't, I won't let them take me away from you. I promise never to leave you, but where can we go?”

It doesn't matter.”

When should we leave. Its hard enough to sneak out to see each other now. I almost got caught tonight.”

I know and trust me we'll get out of here soon enough. I promise.”

I trust you, you know that. Now please promise me this. You will always be here for me, and tell me you love me every day.”

I promise and I love you. Hold on.” London got up and answered his phone. I heard him talking to someone and sounded worried. I knew it was bad and everything was about to change. Everything had already changed. It was too late now. Too late to go back.

We need to go, now. We'll go to my place and back a bag then we need to leave.”

What's wrong?”

You know that kid that lives next door to you?”


Yeah. Well I paid him to keep an eye on you and call me if anything goes wrong. Well he just called me and told me your dad just went in your room. He knows your gone.”

Okay. Let's go.” I got up and we ran. We ran to London's house. We packed a bag with enough clothes for both of us for 3 weeks. We waited for Sammy to call us and tell us my dad had come home.

I'm scared London.” I said as London held me in his arms while we were laying in his bed.

Don't worry I'm here for you and I promise I will be.”

The sun rose over the mountains and still we were in his room. I wondered how long we would stay in there. What would we do? Where would we go? What was going to happen?

Why did this have to happen? Why was I so stupid as to think my dad wouldn't find me? My dad the deacon, the city councilman, the family man. He wanted the American dream. The big home, green lawn with a white picket fence, the super model wife, 2.5 kids, and the shiny car in the driveway. His oldest son was suppose to be the quarterback, his younger son was suppose to be the average kid looking up to his older brother and his only daughter was suppose to be daddy's little girl. He had all that.

My older brother, Michael, was off to college on a football scholarship and doing great. He was 20 and had a long term girlfriend, Jackie. My sister, Kelly, was 8 and she was daddy's little girl, perfect in his eyes in every way. To him she could do no wrong. My mother was tall, thin, blonde, and smart. She was also loving, accepting, and caring. Me though, I was 15 about to turn 16 and gay. I never told anyone, not a soul. My dad found us though, me and London together. It wasn't anything bad, just kissing. He freaked though, even when I tried to tell him we were just experimenting. He was the root of my pain, our pain. He tried to keep our love apart but it didn't work. We found ways to see each other again.

What were we suppose to do? We had to be together. Our love was to strong to keep apart. It was a fluke we met, a fluke he kissed me and an accident I kissed him back.

Me and London met in the library. I was studying for a test and he was just reading. He was sitting in the isle where I was looking for my book. Several times I glanced down at him but not once did he look up. Finally he spoke up. “Can I help you find something?” he asked, still not looking up.

No I think I found it.” what a stupid response that was. He said okay and left it at that. I had found my book but kept looking.

You sure you don't need some help?” he asked again this time looking up, meeting my gaze.

Yeah. I think I found it.” I turned my attention back to the shelf while I noticed his gaze lingering on me.

I'm London.” he said looking back at his book.

Josh. Nice to meet you.”

Nice to meet you too. What school do you go to?” he stood up and walked over so he was standing behind me with his arms crossed over his chest.

Jackson High. And you?” I smiled to myself thinking about him and his beautiful face.

Greenfield. Now really what book are you looking for?”

This one.” I pulled out the book I had my hand on right then and held it up. His hand gripped the book as he took it from me.

Oh really? You're reading Laws of Physics, Motion and Matter?” he asked flipping through the book as he asked.

Yes, I'm studying for a test.” I lied. I didn't want this to end. I had to keep it going.

Hmm. How old are you?”

15, and you?”

Just turned 16.”

The rest of the time we sat and talked. He gave me his number and I gave him mine. As I got up with him to to shake his hand goodbye he leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips. I didn't pull back but instead melted into the kiss. It seemed to last forever and when he pulled back he looked into my eyes and told me call him or text him.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

What will happen to London and Josh? Will they run? Will his dad find them?

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