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The week had gone by so fast. We had unpacked almost everything. London was helping Dave with the kitchen. While Jeff was working on the office along with his and Dave's bedroom. I was working on mine and London's bedroom. Though, there wasn't much to do, I put all of our stuff away quickly.

Jeff had taken us shopping for some clothing. But it was mostly stuff for me since I didn't have anything to begin with. All the clothing had belonged to London but luckily it fit me too, so we shared until Jeff bought me some. We had gotten a couple recliners and a couch for upstairs along with a TV. We didn't want one in our bedroom, so Jeff gotten us a huge LED flat screen TV that was secured to one of the walls.

Since school was starting on Monday. London and I started to talk about whether we should be 'out' or be 'in-the-closet' with our relationship. I wasn't sure just yet but I knew that if we brought anyone to our house and the only bed in our room would be a give away. So at that moment, I was sitting on the fence with our situation, while London just wanted to be 'out' and didn't care what people thought. It was his usual way of thinking. The only reason he didn't come out sooner was because he wasn't really sure of what he was until we started dating. I was feeling the same way too. I still just wasn't sure about being 'out' at school yet.

If we had decided that we shouldn't come out, then we would have to make up some excuse like being cousins or something. Maybe step brothers. We just didn't know yet.

London,” I said as I walked into our bathroom. He was standing, looking at his two-day-old facial stubble, which looked good on him. “I've been thinking about things.”

What things?” London turned to face me.

Well for one . . .us, two . . . school, three . . . my Mom. I really want to come out to everyone, well, we are but I mean when we get to school. Even though, I'm just afraid. I'm hoping that we would have classes together. I don't want to have to meet new people. Which is NOT my favorite thing to do.”

And what about your Mom?”

Well I really miss her. I really want to see her again. You know what she told me before hanging up. She told me to tell you to keep me safe. She told me that she loved me no matter what. She never agreed with Dad.” A few tears slipped from my eyes as London walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. He stood there only in his boxers with his bare warm chest touching mine as well as his legs as they pressed against the side of mine.

Hey, why don't we go out back and relax in the Jacuzzi. The water will feel nice and it will be warmer than the pool.” London decided to change the subject to ease my mind.

I was hoping we could go swimming instead. Jeff and Dave are gone for the next a few hours.”

Let's go.” London ushered me towards the bedroom and as I went for the closet, he reminded me we were home alone. Before we left the bedroom, I just kicked off my shorts and shirt while London got us a couple of beach towels. He lead the way downstairs with his arm around my waist and his head against mine. One thing I'd just notice was how much taller he had gotten. He was now, easily over six feet tall which made the top of my head just at the tip of his nose.

When we got outside London threw our towels onto the lounger by the pool. The loungers were nice chairs that were weatherproof and matched the cabana and outdoor kitchen stuff that Jeff had gone out of his way to get to make this place look like a great home. Around the pool area, it looked like an oasis where the palms were perky and neatly trimmed along with the grass and Ivy on the fence. Jeff decided that a gardener, well actually four of them, would do the weekly maintenance and does fantastic work. What was cool was that they were all white and locals from the Chicago area. This made things easier to tell them what we wanted to have done to the yard.

London gave me a quick hug as he slid his hand down my back and rested on my hips.

Come on Baby.” He said simply, leaning in to give me a quick peck on the cheek. Then he grabbed my waist again and moved over to the poolside near the beach-like shallow end. We walked into the water until it was up to our ankles. The water felt warm from the late summer sun heating it and the solar panels providing more heat into the pool.

We slowly went deeper into the pool. I then had realized that we were still in our boxers, so I carefully pulled mine down and letting them fall into the pool. While London watched me carefully and did the same thing. I bent down to grab my boxers and then tossed them over to the side of the pool. No sooner than mine had landed his followed and landed on top of mine while they dripped-dried into the pool.

Carefully we walked further into the pool and slowly it was getting deeper and deeper until the water was now at our chest depth. London's lips now were on my neck with his hands holding me in place, gently crushing our nude bodies together into one being. He finally kissed his way up to my jaw line and nibbled it along the way. I giggled while he continued but couldn't help it but to giggle as well.

Oh . . . Baby," I said softly, "I'm almost ready for the next step." As my manhood began to stiffen between us.

Just whenever you want to. As long as you're totally sure.” He was looking into my eyes softly making sure I understood him.

I know, I just wanted to let you know what you do to me. How you affect me in this short period of time that we've been together.”

And you should know what you can do to me in that same period of time too.” London's strong arms wrapped around me, hugging me tighter causing his to get more aroused.

I love you.”

Love ya too.” He had pulled back to face me and leaned in for a kiss. Just as he started to pull his head back I grabbed his face and rubbed our noses together. We both laughed. I knew how he felt for me, his love over took my soul and made me all warm and fuzzy inside. It made me feel great.

London," I paused, "tomorrow when we walk through those front doors of the school. I want us to be seen as a gay couple. I want us to share a nice big kiss as soon as we walk in. But NO tongue though, that's just NASTY.” He burst into laughter at my last statement and I joined him.

Okay." he finally said, "I promise you this, Baby. If anyone says a thing about you, me or us. They won't ever get to say anything bad again, especially you. I don't care what they say about me, but not you. You are too special, too perfect, too loving, too caring, too sweet, too cute. Plus, you're mine and only mine.”

Yep, I am. Just like you're only mine.” We never opened our eyes as we recited those words to each other.

Afterward, we separated and swam a little while. Then we got out and hung our boxers up on the clothesline between the pillars of the awning over the patio along the entire back side of the house. Jeff made sure there were three lines hung up at three different levels of height. We hung our boxers on the middle line. We then grabbed our towels, dried off and threw our towels on the top line. We decided to head inside since there was no one at home, we walked in completely naked.

Next was a warm shower in our bathroom with lots of kissing, touching and finally expressing our love before going to bed.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

A shorter chapter I know but things are about to get very heated for these 2. London may have to come threw on his promise to keep Josh safe. Things are looking up for these 2 now and they will only go up, for now.
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