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We had woken up at 5:30 the next morning to take a nice, relaxing shower. Mainly to calm my nerves down, but also for London. With both of us dressing in an American Eagle Polo, I opted to wear my skinny jeans with rips in the knees and thighs, while London wore his dark straight legged jeans with rips and faded patches. We both put on our skater shoes, even though neither of us were skaters. Our hair was flat, but London's was a little bit longer than he liked it, though mine was about ready for a trim too.

London drove the short distance to the school, pulling into the student parking lot where I'd noticed the same Lexus that looks like the Worthwhile who visited us when we moved in. It was parked in the front row, closest to the school. It seemed to be one of the nicest cars in the parking lot. While most of the other cars were at least a 2000 or so models as our little BMW seems to more of the newer models than everyone else. London decided to park the car a few stalls down from the Lexus. He grabbed both our book bags as he got out.

The parking lot where we were parked was in the front of the school. To get to the office, we had to walk through the multiple sets of doors in the front of the main building. Off to one side was a patio where a few of the students hung out, while past them were a few wide stairs that lead up to the office's doors. There were several students gathered around in groups by the front doors. The noise of the students' talking in their groups could be heard even all the way out to where we were in the parking lot. Before we headed to the office, a larger group of students, such as the jocks, preps, popular kids and others like that, were at the top of the stairs while the smaller groups such as the Goths/Emo kids and just bunch of kids who were just waiting for friends on the lower steps near the patio area. It seemed like a normal high school. I didn't notice any real gay couples. A few here and there as part of the groups near the lower steps.

As London handed my bag to me, he strapped his over his back and shoulders. I did the same as we walked up the walkway towards the groups. But just before reaching the end of the car, he turned to me.

Are you sure about this?” He asked and looked me straight into my eyes while holding both sides of my shoulders with a firm grip of his hands.

No, but this is easier. I want to be myself, and I want to show the world I love my boyfriend, London.”

I love you too," London took a deep breath and said, "Now, let's go.”

We turned back towards the school. As we walked the short distance across to the walkway London causally put his arm over my shoulders and pulled me in tightly. He kept softly whispering words of encouragement to me until getting up to the first step. All the while, I kept my eyes focused on the ground as we walked to the office and letting London guide me.

I finally turned towards London as we stood in the middle of the first step. Bracing for some courage, I stopped, turned to him, and pulled his face down towards me, then kissed him ever so softly, which by that moment I knew everyone was watching us. I could hear the burst of applause from the kids near us, while others would do the wolf calls from the guys and cat calls from the girls. Of course, there were occasional derogatory remarks from the bigots and homophobes.

There, does that show you I mean this.” I said it only loud enough for the two of us to hear.

Yeah.” I could tell he was absolutely at a loss for words.

Come on Lover-Boy we need to get our schedules.” I hooked my arm threw his and moved towards the office's doors.

Okay.” His cheeky grin was all I needed to see to know he was in shock and ecstasy at the same time.

As we passed between the horde of jocks and cheerleaders, we got a few stares and a few smiles along with the occasional whistle and soft clapping. I smiled back at those who did or just averted my eyes at the others to avoid them completely. Then, one of the bigger football jocks attempted to trip London, but even in his euphoric state, he noticed and carefully avoided this jock's foot and ignored the guy as he cussed him under his breath.

I guided London into the office, sat him in one of the chairs next to the door and told him to wait there. I wasn't sure what he would do, but I figured it would be best to let him relax for a few minutes and regained his composure.

I stood at the counter looking down at this not-so-small of a woman whose long, obviously fake, nails were clacking away at every stroke of her key board. Her bright green glasses seemed to radiate with the light of the office. Her hair was done into tight curls against her head, making it look like she had shaved off her hair.

After the secretary in my Father's office, I knew this was not true. Like this woman, his secretary had similar features, the bright glasses, fake nails, tightly curled hair, and the same complexion with dark brown skin tone. If this woman at the counter was anything like my Father's secretary, then, she would have a 'larger than life' attitude to go with it. Bringing me back to the present, she spoke to me and told me, she'll be me in a minute. While I stood there waiting for her, I stared at the large trophy case filled with mostly medals and stuffs that were achieved by various of athletics and cheerleaders. Until the secretary came up and disrupted my thoughts.

How might. . .Josh?” I instantly recognized her voice. It was none other than the secretary that had worked for my Father, Ms. Patty Shavel.

Ms. Shavel?” I asked, totally stunned.

Yes. My lord child, I haven't seen you since you were just starting high school. Now what are ya', a senior?”

Oh, no, I'm a Junior this year.”

Well child what can I do for you? And what on Earth are you doing here?”

Well I didn't exactly move here with my parents. When Dad found me in bed with London,” I motioned towards him as he sat in the chair, “Just kissin' a bit, he freaked. He was going to send me to my cousins down South. But instead, we ran. We met up with London's cousin Jeff who took us in and moved us here. Long story short, my mom signed over custody to Jeff, London's mom transferred him here and now we live together. Also we both are now attending this fine establishment.” I smiled.

Well, welcome and I'm sorry about that child. You know your father just freaked. Maybe one day he'll come around. As I always said God loves everyone of his children. If he didn't mean for someone to be a certain way then he wouldn't have made 'em that way. Now what's his last name?” She motioned towards London as she looked back down to her computer screen.

D-A-W-S-O-N.” I spelled it and smiled to myself knowing I had an insider if I needed anything.

Okay here you go. Both your schedules. You both have almost every class including lunch. The only classes you have different are Mr. Black and Mrs. Black. You have those two opposite each other.” She handed me a stack of papers with our schedules on them. One for the teachers to sign the other for us to keep and a map of the school. I sorted out our papers and handed London his, telling him not to lose any of them.

I told Ms. Shavel goodbye and she told me to come see her during lunch and bring London with me.

Let's go find our first few teachers and get this paper work signed.” I said looking at my schedule and the map.

Whatever you say, Baby.”

Come here.” I said softly as we stood in the nearly deserted hallway.


What's with you all of a sudden?”

Just the fact that we get to go to school together, open in public and I get to be with you. That's what's with me, Baby.”

Yeah it's nice, but can you please act normal for a few minutes. Like when we talk with our teachers?”

Yeah sure.” He leaned down and gave me another quick kiss.

Hello.” The soft voice came suddenly from behind me with full of energy that it merely startled me.

Hi?” I asked turning to the voice.

Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude. My name is Elainna, my friends call me Ella. I had heard about a couple new student who had made a scene out front of the school this morning. After what I just saw just now, I'm assuming that's you guys. Anyway, I'm the President of the Gay/Straight Alliance. I was wondering if you would like to join us?” She spoke quickly and was too the point.

Maybe. We'll have to think about it. By the way, I'm Josh and this is London. We just moved into the area.”

Cool. Maybe I can be your tour guides sometime.”


Oh also, don't let the jocks get to you guys. The few that don't care for gays tend to hang around the field at lunch and before school. A good majority of the major sports teams are actually part of the club. We moved the meetings just have them come.”

Oh wow.”

Yeah, here's a flyer for the club. On the back are the club times and meeting places. I hope you guys can come, we can always use another set of hands.”

Well we'll have to see. Thanks again.”

No, thank you.” Ella shook our hands as she walked off.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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