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I took my seat in the middle of my sixth period in Mr. Black's class. London had walked me to my class, and then went off to his. This the only time we didn't had classes together. He had Mrs. Black for English, when I had Mr. Black for AP History.

I was already missing him and he had just left a few minutes ago. I wasn't transitioning very well. I think I was having some withdrawal symptom. Ever since, London and I had ran away from home. He had never left me alone. God I hope I can get through separation period.

Class was rather boring. But like London had said, we would take notes, did a worksheet, and that was it. Of course, he had given me his notes and the worksheet to copy, which I had done the same for him for Mrs. Black's class. That was the bright side of this situation. We only had to do half the work. Though, I wasn't really paying any attention, suddenly someone tapped my shoulder that felt like a fake fingernail pressing through my shirt I was wearing that day.

Yes.” I said as I turned around to see that it was Ella I met earlier in the day.

Hey.” She said in her usual perky tone.

Hey.” I said returning a smile.

Hows your day going so far?”

Okay I guess.”

That's good. Where's London?”

English with Mrs. Black.”

That sucks.”

Yeah we have every class together, other than fifth and sixth. Luckily they're just reversed.”

Oh so does he have AP or regular History?”

AP.” I said with a smirk.

Cool. Mind if I copy. I have to work on something for the club.”

Yeah sure. Just get it back to me tomorrow.”

Thanks.” I turned back around as the teacher addressed the class.

As the teacher went over the notes, I doodled in a notebook and Ella worked on her thing for the club. I wasn't an amazing artist, but just better than average. I used to draw a lot in my free time, but I kinda fell out of the habit. I was drawing this large heart, but was unsure of what I wanted in it.

And what are you doing there?” Ella asked from behind me.

Nothing.” I said in the hushed tone.

Doesn't look like nothing.”

Its just me being silly.”

Uh huh, and repeatedly writing 'I Love London' over and over.”

Well I do.”

How long have you guys been going out?”

Almost a year. Maybe two or three more months.”

Wow. So long.”

Yeah I know.”

I wish I could find what you guys have.” She sighed a heavy sigh as she rested her chin partially against my shoulder.

Gay, Straight or Bi?” I asked after wondering all day.

Bi, more Gay though.”

Cool. Anyone you, uh, crushing on?”

Yeah, this one girl in my third period.”


Uh, No, not-gonna-happen.”

Weird name.” I smiled uncontrollable as I felt her smile in return.

Okay, wise-ass, try to focus on the class and not my love life.”

Well, look at that.” Mr. Black said as he looked at me and Ella. “I'm guessing the new lovebirds?”

Sorry, but no,” I smirked before I continued. “I'm Gay and taken.”

Good for you.” He said and walked away.

Damn.” Ella said from over my shoulder.


I'd stopped by my locker to grab my bag that I had dropped off before lunch. London had asked me to meet him there after class since it was between both our classes. Suddenly, I felt a hand reach into my back pocket, in which a body press against mine, and a warm breath against my neck.

Hey Baby.” I said as I put my last few things in my bag.

If you wanna play like that we can.” A guy said. I stopped to realize it wasn't London's voice. “You got a fine little ass, Baby.”

Get the fuck off me!” I screamed as I turned around, slamming my fist into his jaw.

Damn, boy.” The guy was holding his jaw as he stepped back.

Baby.” London said as he walked up behind me.

London,” I started “this. . .this guy just tried to feel me up.” I had moved over into his arms for some protection from my man.

Yeah I know.” They both smirked. “This is my new friend, Ray. Didn't think you would hit 'em, didn't think you could hit that hard.”

You bastard.” I hit him in the arm as I walked over to my locker and grabbed my bag off the ground. “Next time I'm not going to hit him, I'm gonna hit you!”

Hey, we're just joking around.” Ray said as he put a hand on my shoulder.

I know. Sorry about hitting you Ray.”

It's okay.” He was still rubbing his jaw.

I turned to look at Ray fully now. He had a dark complexion, well mocha colored. His height was a little taller than London. His arms and legs were thick and being shown off by white basketball shorts, and tight green shirt. I could tell he worked out a lot, his broad chest, thick calves, large biceps and wide shoulders told it all. He most likely played football or field hockey. I'll admit he was hot.

Ray plays on the football and field hockey team.” London said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Cool. Maybe we could come watch one of your games.” I smiled and walked towards the doors with Ray at my side while London jogging to catch up with us.

I mean what I said.” Ray said looking at me as we walked out the doors. “I'm Bi, by the way.”

Cool and thank you. London hardly ever complements me.” I said louder than usual just so London could hear.

I do too, you hot fucking thing. Your body is amazing along with your mind and personality.” He said trying to kiss ass, this was fun.

I know it is, its me.” I had turned to face Ray, placing my hand on my chest as I spoke.

You little shit.” London pulled me into his chest and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and Ray was laughing at the two of us.

Love ya' too Baby.”

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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