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A few weeks later . . .

Time seemed to pass much quicker since we had started school. Now that we'd gotten to know Ray a little bit better. We found out that he lived a few blocks from us. Once we explained to him where we lived, he got real quiet, real fast. London even noticed it and it made me wonder if there was something wrong. What did Ray know that we didn't. Later I asked Dave about this strangeness that Ray acted like, and he told me that he noticed the same thing from the Worthwhiles. They seemed very distressed about the house when they have visited that day and didn't want to enter it in anyway. When he suggested that they come in for a drink, they said they had to go and all he saw were back of their car's taillights as they sped off.

This is getting kind of weird.” I said sitting in the big recliner with London on the couch next to the chair.

Yeah I know. Ray doesn't like coming over here. None of the neighbors come over or want to talk long.”

Yeah I know, I've tried to ask a few about the previous owners. They all change the subject so fast.”

BOYS!” Jeff's booming voice echoed through the house.

Coming.” London said sliding off the couch.

Yeah Jeff.”

We got something for you. Its a 3-in-1 present kind of.” He said as Dave rounded the corner in his wheelchair into the kitchen.

Cool. What is it?” London asked with wide eyes.

Come on, I'll show you.” Dave said turning himself around and rolled towards the garage door.

Hmmm. Must be big.” London said as he slid his hand into my back pocket and gave me a quick squeeze.

Yeah, like you.” I whispered.

Mmmm. You're gonna get me hard.”

Good, I wanna have some fun later.”

And here we go.” Dave said opening the bay door. Where I had parked the BMW earlier. There sat a brand new black Chevy Equinox. It was freshly polished and looked great in the fall sunlight. The black paint glimmered with the rims.

Like we said its a 3-in-1 gift. Both your birthday presents for the year and your one year anniversary gift.” Dave said as he handed us the keys.

Sick.” London said taking the keys.

Not even, I get the first test drive.” I grabbed the keys from London's hand and walked to the driver's door.

What?! No way, Baby.”

Sorry baby.” I climbed into the driver's seat and repositioned it to be more comfortable.

Fine. then” London got in the passenger's seat just before I pulled out.

I had gotten my license a couple weeks earlier, just after my birthday. We didn't do much for my birthday because Jeff and Dave were out that weekend on some retreat for their company. That left just London and I home alone. So he'd made a nice dinner of grilled chicken over pasta in a red sauce. I didn't want much, and what London gave me was perfect, no gifts just lots of love. An entire weekend just him and me. That was all I needed. London's birthday was coming up soon. I wanted to do something very special for him. He had done so much for me, and still does.

So what do you think?” London asked as I pulled into the driveway.

Great.” I said turning the car off and looking at him. “Way better than the BMW. It was nice, but a tight fit, and handled okay. Of course, this handles way better than the BMW.”

Good. Now its my turn to take a drive.” London opened his door, leaving it open for me as I got out. As I walked around the truck he stopped me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. His hand gently brushed past mine as his pinky finger wrapped around mine. He pulled my arm back towards his, then the connection broke and we continued to the other side of the truck. I got in as London was running his hands over the dashboard and steering wheel. He smiled at me. It made my heart melt.

Our eyes met and slowly we leaned in to each other. Our eyes gently flicked closed until our lips met. It was gentle at first, then London reached his hand up to my face. He gently rub my cheek. His tongue flicked at my lips as they parted and his tongue slid into my mouth. It was rough against mine as it slid over and then under mine.

As our kiss broke, our eyes met once again. His eyes were soft as the gazed into mine. I leaned back in once more for a light kiss. This time as we pulled back he smiled with a slight blush.

Have I told you how cute you are lately?” He asked rubbing his thumb over my cheek again.

No but you've shown me all day.”

Well I want to show you some more. I can test drive this thing later.” London said turning the truck off and pulling the keys out of the ignition. He opened his door as I opened mine. As I closed my door he walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and clicked the lock button on the key fob.

That afternoon he showed me how much I meant to him. How much he loved me and I showed him. Afterward we just cuddled under the large comforter as our bare skin rubbed together. London loosely wrapped his arms around me but still holding me tightly.

I love you London.” I said as he lightly kissed my neck with the scent of sex filled the room.

I love you too Josh.”

. . . . . .THE END. . . . . .

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