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Sammy called us a little while after the sun rising and we ran. I had no idea where we were going but I did know it couldn't be worse than here. Finally we stopped, we stopped outside the bus station where London bought 2 tickets to the middle of nowhere.

Where are we going London?” I asked while sitting in a chair in the back of the bus station.

Nebraska. Far enough away they'll never find us.”


Let me see your cell phone.”

Here.” I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and handed it to him. He got up, leaving me there as he walked outside. I couldn't see what he was doing but I figured it had to be something good.

There. That should get them off our tracks.”

What did you just do London?”

I got rid of your cell phone. Your dad can track us with it and this way he can't. He doesn't know my mom or my name so he won't be able to track mine.”

Okay.” I reached over and took his hand in mine, our fingers interlacing and our eyes meeting. His intensely fierce blue eyes gazing into my softly faded green eyes. Even in the busy building of the bus station I felt like it was just us. Just me and London.

I love you Josh.” London said softly as he squeezed my hand.

I love you too London.”

Bus 144 to Lincoln, Nebraska is now ready to board.” The woman's voice was grainy over the intercom.

Come on.” London stood up, holding his hand out for me. I took it as he guided me to the large Gray hound bus that sat in the back parking lot of the bus station. He put our bag under our seat on the bus and had me sit on the inside. I stared out the window until London sat next to me and took my hand in his. I looked back at him and rested my head on his shoulder. He kissed my temple and rested his head against mine. That was all I needed to feel safe, his touch. It always amazed me what he could do to me with the simplest things.

London,” I said not moving or opening my eyes.

No, Josh. Just rest. I'll be right here for you when you wake up. I promise.”

Its not that. I love you.”

I love you too Josh. Now get some rest you'll need it later, I know you haven't slept that well lately.”

I really haven't, but if you had been with me. . .” I trailed on with a chuckle.

I wish I could have been there to help you. Here. Its gonna get cold on this bus.” London reached over into the seat next him and took his jacket, putting it over my shoulders then wrapping his arms around me.


London was about 5'11”, same height as me. He had these intensely fierce blue eyes that always captured me in his gaze. His soft pink lips were moist and plump. His button nose was cute and fit his face perfectly. His ears were both pierced and he usually kept diamond studs in them. He had average length dark brown hair that he would spike the front of. His long legs were rock solid from all the running he did for track and from swimming so much. His arms weren't small but they weren't huge, but bigger than average. His abs made a perfect deep 'V' that dropped into his pants and made me want to fallow it. His chest was bigger than average and I loved to run my hands over it.

Me and London had our similarities. We were the same height, had the same length hair, and both swam a lot. My body wasn't as good as his but I was working on it. My hair was a light brown and I kept it flat. He was stronger than me and I didn't have pierced ears, my dad wouldn't let me.

= = =LONDON= = =

Josh was great. I always loved holding him in my arms or just looking at him. Hes everything I ever wanted and all I'll ever needed.

Ever since his dad found us his life has been hell. His dad drops him off at school just before the bell rings and picks him up right after school. Hes never aloud to leave the house without his parents with him. He can't use his computer and can barely use his phone. Luckily his dad never recognized my number on the bill. His curfew was 8pm and he had to be in bed by 8:30.

Last night he almost got caught sneaking out just to see me and I wish I had gone to him. My mom didn't care about us and even gave me money so we could run. She always believed in freedom, true freedom. No boundaries on marriage, no discrimination, and you can love anyone or any thing you wanted to.

= = =JOSH= = =

When I woke up a few hours later we were in Las Vegas, Nevada. I woke up with London still holding me. He just smiled down at me and kissed my forehead.

What time is it?” I yawned.

1:25 pm. It won't be much further only a few hundred miles.”

Okay. So how long are we here for?”

Half an hour. Let's go get some food.”

That sounds good.” We got off the bus and found a food court inside the bus terminal. London bough us some sandwiches, a couple bottles of water and a bag of chips.

My mom gave me some money for us to run.” London said as we were finishing our lunch.

I should have guessed. She always does stuff like this. Shes so loving and so caring.”

After we ate and went to the bathroom, we waited for the bus to board. Our next stop would be Salt Lake City, Utah. I didn't feel like sleeping this time so I told London to try and get some sleep.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

Well they ran. They got to Vegas and got out.

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