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We were closer now but not yet there. We may have been in Lincoln, Nebraska at the bus terminal, but we were looking for a map. London's cousin, Jeff, lived on the outside of town so that meant a lot of walking. It also meant that it would be just us out there in the open. Where no one will be watching or staring at us, or whispering to someone else about us, or those awkward silence moments. If people were doing that then I wouldn't have noticed, nor did I want to notice. Why should I have noticed? Why should we have cared what people thought? No one knew us here. Not anyone we knew, nor did we cared to know anyone here. We were here to find someone and find help, not as if we needed it. London and I could be fine on our own. I knew we could live on our own, which I intended to do that later on. I have been living off other people my entire life. I want to prove to everyone that I can live on my own. I don't need anyone to help me. The only person I want with me is London.

So where does he live?” I asked as we looked at a map of the town.

This way, I think.” London was pointing to a place just outside of town, about five miles out.

So are we going to catch the public bus or call him?”

I don't know his number or my aunt's so we have to take the bus and hope he’s home.”


We left the bus station, and waited at the public bus stop just around the corner. London was carrying our bag. He wouldn't let me carry it, not certain why. It wasn't that warm and it seemed like fall. London told me, it could be snowing soon. I probably would be complaining about the cold, and all the snow in a few weeks. I told him as long as I had him to cuddle up with, I wouldn't get cold. The bus got there a few minutes after we did. The bus had to go into town before it would head towards Jeff's neighborhood prior to our stop and walk about half a mile to his house. It wasn't that bad because I used to walk a mile from my school to London's house almost every day.

So how long do you think we'll be on this bus?” I finally asked.

Don’t know, maybe 40 minutes or so. Not that long.”

I hope your cousin is home.”

So do I.”

Do you know where your aunt lives at least?”

Kinda, if not, then we can go to the county clerk’s office and look her up. I know she’s still in town.”

I wish we had a car.”

That would be nice and it would make things easier on us.”

We sat in silence for the rest of the bus ride. I sat next to the window, looking out at nothing in particular, while London was rubbing his knee up against mine. I could tell he was doing it on purpose. Just by the way, he was looking at me. His eyes were gleaming with joy and love. I knew this was the start of something truly special and a start of a new life for us.

So London . . . tell me more about Jeff, please.”

Sure. Well he’s in his late 30s, works at a bank as a district manager. I haven't really spoken with him in a while, but I think he’s still single.”

That's cool. I wonder if he'll mind, if we stay with him.”

I doubt he will care. Once we tell him what's going on, I know he won't mind.”

London I really am sorry if I've been a burden. I know my life is pretty fucked up and with you it’s gotten better, but it’s still hard. I know most couples have gone further by now but it’s been hard. I'm sorry, but I'm also thankful that you've stayed with me this long.”

Hey, I don't ever want you to apologize for your life. You couldn't have stopped what happened. Of course, I would stay with you. I do really care what happens to you, I want to help you, love you, care for you, and be there for you.”

London,” A few tears slipped from my eyes. London pulled us closer together.

I love you Josh, I always will.”

I love you too London.”

As the last few miles of the bus ride got closer. We got things ready to go, and soon we were walking down the long road to Jeff's house. The weather was nice enough that we saw some people out either walking, riding bikes, or something. It was nice to see other people active in their neighborhood. The entire way London held onto my hand tightly with our fingers interlaced together. The whole time we walked, I was thinking about what had happened in the past few days. The man who I thought was my father is really nothing but a monster. Instead of some deacon of a church or a family man. It’s hard to think of what he did to me. This makes me sick every time I think about it.

Things were getting really bad, and scandals were beginning to escalate. I was trying to figure out all this stuff on my own, when I got to far in. Then, my father found out, and pulled me out of this situation that I didn’t want him to do. When I would bring up certain subjects he would cringe, give me that look, the look that would kill, and this was a signal for me to know where I needed to look.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

well guys its a little shorter than usual but it does bring up some good stuff and makes you think. This story is all about mystery and secrets that we all have and hide inside ourselves.

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