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The Sun, a few clouds and a calm breeze blew as we stood on the porch of the large house outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. We had just walked up to the door and knocked a few times. there was no answer. It appeared that Jeff hasn't been home for awhile because the lights were out, the furniture was covered with white sheets and the garage was empty. When we looked around to see if Jeff could be somewhere else. London and I decided to walk back to the bus stop and make our way to the County Clerk's office to find London's Aunt. While we walked our way down the dirt road of Jeff's driveway, our fingers were interlaced together and walked side-by-side on our way back into town.

That was a waste of time.” London said breaking the silents while he had our bag slung over his shoulder.

It's okay, we can still find your Aunt, right?”

I know, but living with Jeff would have been better than Aunt Marie.”

How so?” I questioned.

Aunt Marie can be very offensive at times. She's extremely picky, and very bitchy.”

Oh?” I was concerned, distressed and a little afraid.

Don't worry, I won't let her hurt you.” London always had a way to make me smile, even in the worst of times, and this was one of them.

I don't need protection." I tried to sound more self-assurance to him, "I do believe it will be you, who will need the protection.”

"I never need protecting," London laughed and boasted while showing off is muscular biceps, "This body is to solid and to hard to be brought down by some little bitchy woman, even if she's my aunt.”

That's not the only thing that's hard here.” I smiled while looking down at the front of my pant.

Well, when we get some time alone. I promise to help you with that. That is if you want me to?” London was blushing profusely, and was looking straight into my eyes and gently caressing my pants.

I wouldn't mind," as I gently kiss him, "That is if you wouldn't mind helping me out?”

I would love to.” He blushed again.

We walked for a little while longer and found the County Clerk's office, which was only a few blocks from Jeff's house. As we walked up to the doors, London had moved his arm around to my shoulders to hold me firmly. For me, this was never a sign of possessiveness as most saw it as, but a sign of fondness. It showed his concern and desire to care and protect me. I just simply rested my head on his strong shoulder, and wrapped my arm around his waist to hold on to my only sense security in my life right now.

The County Clerk's office was empty. As if no one else were there except for us and the clerk, who was this older woman with gray hair, thick-rimmed glasses, sitting behind a large counter in a dark purple suit. As we approached the desk, she looked up and smiled, while fixing her glasses on her nose and looked right at us.

And how might I help you two young fellas today?" She asked.

We need a listing for a Marie Clareckson," London replied and spelled his aunt's last name, "C-l-a-r-e-c-k-s-o-n.”

Well, let's see," the clerk said, "We have three Marie Clarecksons here in town.”

She lives by herself in her mid 40's to late 50's.” London explained further to narrow down three individuals to one we were looking for.

Ah, here we go. This should be her.” The woman handed us a card with an address, phone number and name on it.

Thank you.” London smiled.

We went outside to sit at a table in front of the office, and London dug through our bag for the map that we had purchased from the bus station earlier. For a few minutes, he didn't say a word until he found what he was looking for. He smiled and pointed to the place on the map. I looked at where he was pointing to realize it was only a few blocks from where we sat. We got up, made a quick stop at a gas station around the corner, got some water and then went to his Aunt Marie's house.

The house was good sized on this quiet street, we were walking down. It was pale yellow with a white picket fence and a peach tree in the front yard. The grass was green, the flowers and bushes were perfectly manicured. The driveway and walkway leading up to the house were crack and debris free. There was this Mercedes parked in the driveway that seemed to be brand new. It was perfectly shiny without a flaw, scratch, or speck of dust. London perked up and recognized it.

I know that car. I would know it anywhere.” London said smiling at me and kissed my cheek unexpectedly and then squeezed my shoulder as we walked up the pathway to the house.

London knocked on the door heavily and stepped back. We heard movement and talking. The door opened carefully, and there stood a man over 6 foot with short brown hair and dark eyes. He was wearing nice slacks and a Polo shirt. His broad shoulders made him very intimidating, but his big smile made it very inviting.

London," the man, I assumed was Jeff, had picked London up in a bear hug. "What are you doing here?”

Hey Jeff. That's actually what we kind of need to talk to you about." London tried to keep this voice down, "Can we go back to your house and keep Aunt Marie out of this?”

Sure. I was just about to leave.” He dropped London back down, and called back to Aunt Marie. “Mom, I'm gonna head back to my place. I'll pick you up for dinner later.”

Jeff, who was at the door?”

Just someone wanting us to convert.”

Okay, I'll see you later then. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff.”

See ya' Mom.” He shut the door then looked back to us. ”Ready to go boys?”

Sure. Oh yeah, Jeff. This is Josh.” London stepped back behind me and draped his arms over my shoulders. "Jeff. . .Josh, Josh . . . Jeff.”

Nice to meet you Josh.” Jeff stuck his hand out for me to shake, but instead it went up to ruffle my hair.

Nice to meet you, Jeff.” I said.

Okay get in the car boys. Let's get to this stuff settled.” Jeff clicked the remote to the car.

The drive back to Jeff's house was deathly silent. London was in the back seat with me. He held me close to him with both his arms wrapped around my body. His warm breath gently blowing on my neck. Every few minutes, I would lightly press my lips against his neck. It was wonderful sitting there in the back seat, just being held like that. Even on the short drive it felt like time had stopped.

Come on guys," Jeff softly said, "we're here.” while he pulled into the garage around the side of the house.

"Okay.” London didn't let go of me nor break our body contact we had as he got out of the car. I grabbed the bag this time. Jeff showed us to a room in the back of his house. London asked if he could take a nap before he went into the whole story about what's happening with me and him.

"We'll talk a bit later," Jeff assured him. "after I have dinner with my Mom, okay?" London smiled.

I walked over to the foot of the bed and took a seat. London smiled at me and waved me come over to where he was sitting. I stood between his legs as he took both of my hands into his. With his intense eyes softening and staring into mine, I could see he was tired, but yet, happy. So was I. I was so happy that I had gotten away from my father and was now with the love of my life in a place where we could start over, and where no one could find us.

London laid back as he pulled me towards him. He shifted so that we were laying facing each other. His arms were wrapped around my chest and held me in place. My arms were loosely wrapped around his stomach. Our eyes were locked into each others as he slowly leaned forward to my lips. I quivered as his soft, warm and most desirable lips touched mine. He had then tilted his head slightly, and I could feel the warm air of his nostrils gently breathing onto my cheek. His hands soon caressed my back and were now loosely wrapped around me. I pulled my legs up and around his muscular waist.

As our kiss grew intensely, so did our cocks. I could feel his pressing against mine. I had no doubts that London was bigger than me. It was so easy to tell. But we had never seen each other in anything less than our boxers. I knew it would be some time before we took things to the next level. I wasn't ready for anything and London understood that. He completely understood where I was coming from, even from what little I had told him that had happened in the past.

Josh, you are everything to me." London said breaking through my thoughts, "You are everything I need, everything I want and more. I love you more than words can say, more than I can say.”

London,” My voice cracked as tears slipped from my eyes. “London,”

Hold on Josh.” He raised a finger to my lips. “I will never let anyone take you from me, or let you go. I want to promise you something. . . . I promise to honor you in every way I can. I promise to never let anyone harm you in any way, emotional or physical. I promise to help you in a time of need." He paused for a moment and said, "I have something to give you.” London got up from the bed and walked over to our bag. He dug thru the bag looking for something. Finally he turned around and walked back over to me with is hand behind his back and a smile on his face.

Here.” He held out a long black box with a ribbon tied around it.

London,” I spoke, but he stopped me and told me to open the box first.

Inside the box was a silver large chain necklace with a large ring on it. The ring had four blue stones on it that was about an inch and a half wide. There were two lines on both sides of the ring running the entire way around it. The chain that the ring was on, was a silver chain with large links that matched the ring in hardiness.

Read the inside of the ring.” London whispered to me quietly as he sat behind me with one arm around my waist. The engraving on the inside read “I promise you everything.”

London, I love it almost as much as I love you.” I turned my head to look back to him and kissed him passionately. He reached into the box and carefully took the necklace out, and raised it up to my neck. Now the necklace sat carefully on my collarbone as he clasped the necklace hooks together. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he lightly kissed my neck.

Come on let's take a nap.” London stood up and began to pull his clothes off while he had his back to me. He pulled off his shirt showing every muscle he had from his waistline to his shoulders. With each movement he made, it rippled and bulged against his taut skin. He turned around slowly looking at me as he slid off his jeans and then he came over to help me out of my clothes. Soon we were laying there under the covers, holding each other tightly while I had one hand holding onto the ring, twisting and running through my fingers continuously. My other hand was resting over London's strong hand that was wrapped around me.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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