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I slowly stirred from my nap as London lightly kissed my neck. His arms never left my body nor did he move. I began to giggle, his kisses were light enough that it tickled. He started to giggle too. I couldn't take it any more. I had to see his beautiful face. So I rolled over to face him until our warm abs rested against each other and his arms held me tightly once again.

I held his face with my hands to kiss him softly and slowly. I flicked his lips with my tongue and slowly he opened them allowing me into his mouth. His tongue met mine as I rubbed mine over his teeth, trying to feel every inch inside his lustful mouth. Meanwhile, his hands slid up along my backbone and his fingers danced across my back making me desire more of his gentle touch.

Slowly we broke our kiss. London somehow pulled me on top of him. I sat back straddling his waist and resting on his lower abs. His hands were rested on my hips. I gazed into his fierce blue eyes that seemed to be brighter and more radiant than usual, and then he smiled, showing his gleaming white teeth as he slightly parted lustful lips. Finally, I lowered myself back down so I could rest my head on his strong chest. As I lowered myself, his right arm slowly wrapped around my waist, while his left was still behind his head. Then the necklace, London gave me earlier with the ring on it, rested between his Pecs. I slowly moved the ring around his chest with my finger. His smile broadened.

Josh,” London's soft, loving, strong voice got my attention, like always.

Yeah London.” I smiled.

What's next?” He asked.

What do you mean?" I was lost in his words.

Where do we go from here? Like," he was trying to find some answer from me,". . . where will our lives go from here? What's next for us?”

Oh," I started, but stopped. "Honestly? I'm not sure. I do know that I just want to be with you.”

I want to be with you as well Josh, you know I do. Nothing will ever change that.”.

And nothing will ever change the way I feel for you." I rested my chin on his chest and just looked up to him. " I love you London.”

I love you too Josh.” London leaned over, and slowly our lips touched into a soft, tender kiss. It was just enough for us to show how much we cared for each other.

There was a knock at the door “Boys,” Jeff’s deep voice muffled from behind it. I carefully moved off London and sat up next to him. As he sat up, he placed his arm around my waist and kissed me before answering his cousin.

Yeah Jeff,” London called. “Come in.”

You guys ready to talk?” Jeff stood in the doorway, while holding the door open.

Yeah, sure.” London looked to me as I nodded my head slightly before answering.

So why don't you tell me why you had to run.” Jeff inquired.

London took a deep sharp breath before talking. “Josh's Dad found us making out and . . . ." Jeff sat at the edge of the bed while we listened to London tell the story.


We sat at the dinning room table eating the meal London's Aunt made for all of us. London and I told her that we’re staying with Jeff while on vacation, which bought us at least a week here without her suspecting anything. It wasn't long. But yet, it would give us some time to figure out what to do next.

Oh boys," Jeff said after wiping his mouth with his napkins, "I have to go up to Chicago for few days.” He placed his napkin on his plate as a sign that he was done.

Cool!" London then asked. "Mind if we tag along?”

Nope!" Jeff said, but continued, "I was going to ask if you wanted to tag along anyway.”

When do we leave?” London and I said in unison.

Tomorrow morning.” Jeff chuckled.

Cool!" We said together again. Everybody laughed.

For the next few hours, we sat around just talking and eating dessert that Aunt Marie made earlier. Though London and I tried to act normal, not show any signs of affection around his Aunt. We just wanted to play it safe. Yet, his Aunt could be offensive at times, somehow it didn't surprise me. I guess it was because London had warned me about her.

London's Aunt was short-tempered and just short, maybe 5 feet tall. She had light brown hair with lots of gray strands that was all kept in a tight bun on the back of her head. She wore thick-rimmed glasses that were fixed on the bridge of her nose while the stems were hidden into her hairline that covered her ears. Her glasses then covered her dark, deep set, cold eyes that seemed to be without emotion alongside her deep facial creases, which had no make-up to cover it. It clearly showed how taunt her whole world was like to her. She was simple and didn't really get out of the house.

Jeff took care of his mother mostly and when he wasn't able to, her elderly neighbor, Ms. Cratz, did. It was because Jeff's mother had MS. She had to have someone take care of her all of the time. Ms. Cratz was much more active and able to. Jeff had tried to get his mother out with Ms. Cratz occasionally, but she was too stubborn to leave her house.

Come on Boys," Jeff said as he stood, yawned and stretched. "We need to get going, so you can get some sleep, and have enough time to pack.”

Okay. Good night Aunt Marie.” London said as we walked out of the house and I quietly followed everyone else without saying a word.

The night was calm on the quiet street. Everything was silent, except for the chirping sound from Jeff's car as he’d clicked on the button of his remote to unlock the car. Again, London sat in the back with me and held me close for first the time that evening started. Before heading home, we had to stop by the store to get a few things. Jeff ran inside the store, while we sat there in the car waiting for him and held each other closer.

London,” I finally spoke in a soft and pleading tone.

Yes my Love?” London said and then rested his lips against my temple.

I love you.” I said with a giggle and gave him a hug.

I love you too.” He hugged me back as he giggled with me.

London somehow knew I was tired, so he shifted himself to be closer to the door of the car and motioned me to cradle into his arm as if I was his baby. He held me tight against his chest and before long, I was fast asleep.

I'd realized that I was no longer in Jeff's car, but still cradled against London's warm chest while his left arm was around my waist and his right hand was interlaced with my left hand. He had stripped me down to my boxers and he had done the same. I could feel the warmth of his skin against mine, which soothed me as I listened to his heartbeat, and felt his chest rise and fall with every breath he took.

He mumbled something in his sleep, and then wrapped both arms around me tighter. He rolled onto his side and buried his face in the side of my neck. Afterward, he mumbled something else, he fell asleep again, just before I did.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of waffles and the sizzle of bacon. London still was asleep when I gently got out of bed, pulled the covers back. I slowly crawled up next to him and ran my hands down his body. Over every muscle from his large biceps, over his smooth chest, down his warm abs, and I stopped at the waist of his boxers, and then, I slowly ran a finger underneath his waistband. As I felt braver to move on, I’d notice the softness of his hair just above his cock. Then I felt the smooth skin on his perfectly formed ass as I went to his backside. I pulled my finger out, and finally, I leaned down and lightly kissed his biceps, worked my way down to his chest, over each one of his abs, and then I stopped at his waistband. I thought about it for a minute, then slowly, I pulled down his boxers enough to reveal the patch of soft hair. I ran my finger through it, feeling the softness again, and then I reach over to the back to his waistband, and began to pull them down further.

As I did this, I saw the base of his semi erected cock. I ran my finger over it, feeling how warm and soft his skin was. I began to pull his boxers down further, but I’d decided to wait. I had an idea for later and knew he would love it. I carefully pulled his boxers back up so they rested just below his lower abs and carefully kissed back up to his soft lips. I carefully straddled his waist as I kissed his neck and ran my hands up and down his chest and abs. I began to carefully suck on his neck then lightly bite on it.

Mmmmmm. That feels great.” London's dry voice followed as his arms wrapped around me, and then his fingers up and down my back.

Good. I love making you feel good, and later I'll show how I can really pleasure you.” I ran my tongue inside his ear, then jumped off the bed, and ran into the bathroom, giggling as I ran.

London came in as I was washing my hands, and soon he was emptying his bladder as I walked out of the bathroom, and headed into the kitchen, still in my boxers. Jeff was standing at the stove frying the bacon when I walked in.

G'morning, Josh.” Jeff was happy and cheery. “How did you guys sleep?”

Good, better than in a long time.”

I bet. You've been thru hell.”

Yeah I've been thru a lot, but I'm out now, all thanks to London.”

Speaking of which," Jeff asked, "Is he up yet?”

Yeah. I woke him up.” I smiled. Thinking how I'd done it.

Morning Jeff.” London's voice was clear as he walked up behind me and spun me around. His soft lips made contact with mine and my hands slid up to his face. His warm tongue flicked at my lips and as I opened my lips his tongue slid in.

Okay boys. This is a kitchen.” Jeff grabbed the sink sprayer on the faucet to give us some cold water.

Sorry Jeffy." London said. "Couldn't resist this sexy little boy.” As he looked down at me with eyes filled with lust, love and compassion.

Hey, I'm not a little boy.” I protested and swatted London in the ass.

Yes you are, you're my sexy little Boy-Toy.” London smirked.

And you're my Savior, my Knight in Shining Armor.” I professed.

And I'm happy to be it.” London silvery blue eyes glistened, making melted my heart.

Okay boys," Jeff protested and said, "get some plates and come get something to eat.”

Jeff turned off the stove, stirred the homemade buttermilk syrup, and pulled a plate of stacked waffles out of the microwave set it on the counter top. He then poured the syrup into a bowl and carried everything over to the table. He went back and grabbed us glasses of milk. London and I sat on the bench that wrapped around the large bay window while Jeff sat across from us. London wrapped his leg around mine. At first it was weird but then it made me feel safe. He finished before I did, but stayed there with me and just snaked his arm around my waist and rested his hand on my butt. His other hand rested on my knee and he lightly stroked his fingers up my thigh causing me to feel a bit aroused.

Boys, our flight got bumped up to 2 pm., so be packed and ready to go in about an hour.” Jeff said as he got up from the table, and walked to his room after he put his dish in the sink.

London and I sat in silence as I finished breakfast, which wasn't much longer after Jeff left. London took our plates and glasses to the sink, and then sat back down with me on the bench. He returned his leg, and arm to where they were before he got up. I rested my head against his shoulder and kissed his neck lightly. His leg released mine, and he pulled my legs up so they were laying over his. One of his arms was under my knees, and the other was behind my back. Before I realized it, he was carrying me down the hall. I swung my arms around his neck.

I'm practicing for later, if you couldn't tell.” London said as he kissed my arm.

I don't mind.” I kissed his chest, his smooth, warm, solid chest. We headed into the bedroom to get packed for our first, relaxed trip together.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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