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The flight to Chicago was short and London and I both took a nap. I rested against him while sleeping. Jeff was seated a few isles back next to a young woman. London and I were lucky enough to get seats next to each other and just the two of us. Jeff had come by earlier and gave us his light blanket he had brought with him for the plane. We had only one problem with a person on the plane and it was a man who sat across the aisle from us and he had asked to move after me and London shared a deep kiss. The rest of the time London and I didn't care who saw. For the most part we were in our own world. I was in heaven as I walked thru the airport with London's arm around my shoulders and the necklace he gave me hanging down in front of my shirt.

We had made a quick stop before heading out of the airport to get a cup of coffee. I wasn't a big coffee drinker so I got a cup of peach tea. We caught a cab from the airport to a tall building that sparkled in the day light of the warm sun.

Jeff walked inside and right to the elevator. We followed him closely as we rode the elevator to the 23rd floor of the 40 floor building. He slid a key card into a slot next to the buttons and the door opened after a chime dinged. We walked into a large hallway about 10 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Jeff walked up to the large bright red door and used a key on his ring to open the door. Holding it open for us we walked into the large condo with a sunken living room just a few feet in front of us. To the right of us was a large kitchen and dining room. There was a large TV in the living room and on either side were french doors leading out onto a balcony.

To the left was a long hallway. At the end was a large window overlooking the city. Jeff showed us the extra bedroom where we would be staying. After unpacking we went back into the living room where Jeff was sitting on the couch with the large TV on and talking on the phone to someone.

London and I made our way into the kitchen and made ourselves some lunch. While we were making lunch we couldn't keep our hands off each other as we played grab ass. London ended up nibbling on my ear lobe as I made us both sandwiches.

As we ate our lunch London rubbed his foot against mine. We had removed our shoes when we got into the bedroom so just his sock covered foot that gently rubbed its way up my thigh.

Boys,” Jeff's strong voice called us from the living room. “I need to run an errand. I'll be back later. Don't leave the condo.”

Okay Jeff,” London called, as Jeff walked out the door.

That leaves just you and me,” I said seductively.

I know!” London's lust filled eyes watched me carefully as I spoke.

What do you wanna do then?”

Maybe a nap or something,” I said with a sigh.

Hmmm, you sure about that?”

Yeah, we haven't had any time to ourselves since we left. Well not really. Your cousin has always been home or there have been people around. Just some peace and quiet sounds good.”

Okay.” His eyes showed defeat, just what I wanted.

I had this already figured out. After we finished lunch I would convince London to watch TV with me and then carefully make my move. Each one was planned out carefully. Each step memorized. It seemed so simple, but nothing is ever simple in my life.

Come on. Let's go watch some TV for a little bit,” I said as I put our plates in the sink.

Okay,” London said with a sigh.

I turned the large TV on as London got comfortable on the couch. I carefully got closer to him until he got the hint and slid his arm around me. Carefully he slid back so he was laying on his side with me in front of him. With one arm around my waist he held me firmly in place and with the other he propped his head up. He lightly kissed the back of my neck then, as he began to bite on it, he also rubbed my chest and abs.

Mmmm . . . London,” I moaned quietly.

Josh, I know this may be moving a little fast but I wanna try something,” his voice was thick with lust.

What were you thinking?” I rolled over to face him.

If you trust me then I would rather show you than tell you.” His hands were now rubbing my back.

I do trust you London. I'm just not ready for that.”

I know and I promise you it’s not, that. It’s something else.”

Oh!” I blushed as I realized what he meant.

Yeah!” Now I had him blushing as well. It was so cute how his cheeks were a soft red.

London, I think I am ready for that, what you want to do.”

Then let's go, but I just want to do this for you. If you don't want to then you don't have to. I don't even want anything in return.”

I think I want to though and I think I want to return the favor.”

London carefully leaned in and our lips carefully met. His soft, perfectly shaped lips, met mine. The kiss was soft and tender. His hand slid up my body as he gently held my face in his hand. I pulled him on top of me as I rolled onto my back. His hands went to the arm rest, holding him up and his knees went on either side of my waist. Our eyes stayed shut as our lips pressed together then pulled apart briefly. His tongue flicked at my lips, asking for permission to enter. My answered was the parting my lips.

Now let me show how you really make me feel.” London's voice was husky as he got off the couch and pulled me up and into an embrace. He shifted so I could walk down the hall as he followed behind me.

I could feel him watching my ass as I walked and I didn't care since I was his and what is mine is his. Just before I got to the bedroom door his hands couldn't help it anymore and grabbed my ass. His hands gave it a firm squeeze but didn't let go, instead he pulled me back into him and he encased me in his strong arms.

I love you so much,” London breathed into my ear.

I love you too London,” I said as I reached for the door knob.

London closed the door as he stepped through it. I turned to him and then walked back to him. I pushed him against the door and pulled his face to mine. Again, our lips parted but my tongue dove into his mouth first, forcing his back into his mouth. I stood on my toes hoping he would understand, and he did. He cupped my ass with both hands and pulled me up. My legs wrapped around his strong torso and hooked behind his waist. London walked over to the bed with me still being held up. He put me down on the bed as he pulled his shirt off. I ran my hands over the strong, hard muscles under his soft, supple skin.

So fucking hot,” I breathed as London worked on his belt. I reached up and carefully undid it for him, then unbuttoned the fly on his 501's. He pushed them to the ground and then kicked them off his ankle.

He reached down and pulled my shirt off, then went for my jeans. His lime green striped boxers were a great contrast to his perfect tan. As he pulled my jeans off my legs he pulled my boxers down a little, exposing my upper ass. I watched his eyes drop to this spot. As he pulled the leg of my jeans with one had he used his free hand to caress my cheek.

My eyes went wide. This feeling brought back memories I didn't even remember ever making. I began to flail my legs and pull at the bed, rolling myself over onto my stomach then crawled to the far side of the bed. I had kicked London right in the chest during the midst of me flailing my legs, and he went down, hard. He fell onto his back. He laid there trying to catch his breath, gasping for air. Finally as he got his breath back he reached for the edge of the bed. He began to cough violently as I sat on the bed as far back as I could go. I had grabbed the pillow and clutched it tightly in front of me.

I was breathing heavily as my mind flashed back to an earlier time. I guessed I was at age 7 maybe 8. I was in a dark room. No windows, cement block walls and a wood staircase, it was my old basement at my house. I was on a bed, on my back. There was a thick layer of smoke of a cigar or cigarette mixed with the stale air of the sealed basement. The staircase was to my right and as I heard the door creak open I heard two voices. My father's and another man's who was just using simple answers such as 'Yes' and 'No'.

Fuck Josh,” London said keeling next to the bed as he pulled himself up. My eyes never shifted to him or anywhere other than out the window at the sky line. “If you were having doubts or weren't ready after all you could have just told me. You didn’t have to kick me in my fucking chest.”

I think I'm gonna watch TV in the living room, come find me when you're ready to talk or whatever.” He said getting up and reaching for his jeans.

NO! Don't go,” I begged as I reached my arm out towards him, still breathing deep heavy breathes and clutching the pillow with my other hand.

You just kicked me and you DON'T want me to go? What the fuck?”

London, it’s time we talked,” I said as I watched his eyes go wide.

I'm all ears Baby.” London walked over to my side of the bed, kicking the one leg of his jeans off as he walked. Sitting on the bed he took my hand in his and gently squeezing, then caressing it.

First, I'm sorry about kicking you. I had this weird flashback to a worse time and it was out of instinct.”

It's okay. I understand.”

Well that's not really what I wanted to talk to you about.” My breathing was thick and my emotions were strong. “My flashback was of when I was about 7 or 8. I was on a mattress in my basement. It was dark and when I heard the door open at the top of the stairs I heard my father and a man talking. It was too far to tell what they were talking about. As I heard him walk down the stairs I pretended to be asleep. It was hard but he thought I was.” I took a small breath as London scooted closer to me, taking my other hand in his as well. “I couldn't hear him for a minute but when I felt him kneel on the bed I knew instantly he was naked. I could feel his bare skin on my foot as his knee brushed by it. He crawled up to me then positioned me so my hands were above me and my legs were under him, they weren't closed though. He was down to about my mid thigh. I could hear him breathing and soon it was in my ear.”

Tears were now streaming down my face as I spoke. “The things he said to me were disgusting at first but after 15 minutes he moved on. He ran his hands all over my body and then down my legs, continuing to say things about my young, smooth body, how he loved a hairless boy. When he came back up my legs he ran his hands inside my legs rather than outside like he did when going down. I felt his finger slide up between my legs and into my crack. He pressed lightly in a few places until he found my hole. When he did he slid his hand back out, sliding along my cheek. I kept my eyes shut so tight it hurt.” London had tried to hold me but I pushed him back knowing this was the only way to get this out. “The next thing I knew I felt something at my hole, bigger than a finger. I don't remember much more except darkness and just being numb all over.” I was now bawling my eyes out right in front of him and he wasn't holding me. I had pushed him off again.

For a few weeks I was sluggish and just lazy. After that I know my father used me a few more times. He, himself never touched me but he had other people.” It was no use anymore, I broke down and nearly fell off the bed but London caught me in his arms then pulled me back onto the bed and just cradled me in his arms.

When I had stopped crying I realized I was now looking deep into London's eyes, I kissed him lightly on the lips and looked away again.

Josh,” his voice was beginning to crack and I knew I wouldn't hold up much longer, “I'm so sorry. If I had known earlier I would have gotten you out of there sooner and maybe we could have been past this point and maybe you would be happier. Maybe even free. I know it’s going to be hard for you but I think maybe we should have you see a psychiatrist. If you want I would even go with you to support you and let you have someone to cry on.”

Honestly, I don't want to or feel I need to see a shrink. I know what you are thinking and it’s sweet but pleases, London if I did go I would feel so out of place and so more depressed.”

Okay Baby. I was just checking and it was just a suggestion.”

Thank you.”

Feel better?”

Not really considering that I didn't even remember that flashback until today.”

Josh, I'm so sorry. I feel like I brought that on considering what I tried to do.”

No London, I wanted to as well. Soon though, I promise.”

Only when you're ready and fully ready.”

Can we try one thing though?”

Anything you want.”

Well I was thinking since we're both now living together maybe we could sleep naked or maybe finally see each other in just our skin?”

Sure. Were you thinking of doing it now?”

No you horny Bastard. Later, tonight for sure.” I laughed lightly as I poked him in the side making him laugh a little too. He had the cutest little laugh even for his big, masculine appeal.

Okay, just asking. You know I wouldn't mind, if it made you feel more comfortable.” His broad smile made me melt into him as I laid back down on his chest.

We were both still in just our boxers and the touch of his warm skin against mine made me want to purr. I gently rubbed the tip of my nose against the nape of his neck. My legs were entangled with his and soon I realized his were tightening around mine. They wrapped around my calves and lower thigh, just above my knee. He began to purr like a kitty. At first I couldn't help but laugh. This seemed to only make him want to do it more. As I rolled off him and onto my back he rubbed his head on my chest like a cat does when they want to be scratched.

Baby that is so cute.” I laughed, stroking his silky hair.

I thought so.”

Wish I could do that.”

You can't?”


Damn, that sucks but at least I got you laughing.”

Yeah, thanks Baby.” I kept stroking his hair lightly as he rubbed his strong hand across my chest.

London, I know this may sound weird but I don't really feel anything more towards that incident. That's the only one I remember the most of. I know it sounds weird and all but now it seems so stupid since I got it all out. Well, maybe not stupid just not so big anymore, to me at least. I know this must be huge to you considering how I'm damaged goods now, I guess.”

Josh you are not damaged goods. How can you say that about yourself? And it is huge but I won't make a big deal about it if you won't or you don't want to. You're perfect the way you are. Kind, compassionate, funny, smart and beautiful.” As my eyes began to water London tightened his grip he had on me. “Baby, what's wrong?”

Just what you said. It means so much to me,” I said as I wiped my eyes.

Well you are all those things and so much more. I feel like you deserve better than me. Josh you deserve everything and more.” This now got us both going. London wasn't sobbing as much as me so he shifted again so we were sitting up, me in his lap and him with his strong arms around me. I felt perfect here. Almost as if nothing else mattered.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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