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When Jeff got back we found out he had to pick up someone. His name was Dave and both his legs were paralyzed from the knee down. He had to use a wheel chair to get around. Jeff and he had been together for about 3 years. He was about Jeff's age. He had dark brown hair that had been cut short and combed back. I hadn't noticed the ramp on the far side of the living room until Dave used it. It wasn't a huge ramp, small enough that it really wasn't that noticeable.

Jeff was planning on putting his mom in an assisted living facility where she could get the proper medical care and treatment that she needed. Jeff was actually living here in Chicago with Dave and he would go back to Lincoln for a few days to check up on her.

Jeff suggested that we talk to my mom and see if she would sign over custody to Dave. He and his brother were both lawyers. His brother, Aaron, worked in Lincoln in a small law firm dealing mostly with divorce, custody and small lawsuits. They also suggested that London's mom sign over custody or at least send us his birth-certificate so we could register him for school here.

When I called my mom, as Jeff suggested, I told her that we had to run and she said it was okay. She knew I had to if I wanted to be happy. She said she would get my dad to sign the papers and send them back to Dave's law firm he had set up in California.

My mom did everything she said she would, and so did London's. Within a few weeks of us making the calls they had signed over custody and sent our birth-certificate to us here in Chicago.

Jeff moved his mother into the home not long after. He sold his home in Lincoln and had his car brought to Chicago. Dave didn't drive since his firm wasn't that far and he always had someone if he needed to get somewhere further, like Jeff. And with London getting his license, Jeff was letting us use the car he had here. It was an '04 325 CI coupe, nothing special. He got it to have something here.

London and I usually stayed home while Dave and Jeff were at work. We usually tried to make the place look good before they got home.

Jeff wasn't letting us use the BMW yet since he told us he had a big surprise for us.


London and I had just finished lunch when Jeff came home with Dave in front of him. They both had huge smiles on their face when they told us to come into the living room. Jeff was sitting in the recliner with Dave next to him. London and I sat on the couch, with his arm around me. It was how we usually sat anymore.

Boys,” Jeff addressed us first, “we have some great news.”

You're getting married?” London blurted out suddenly with a broad smirk.

No, not yet. We're moving.”


To the burbs.”

The what?”

Suburbs, we got this great house in a nice neighborhood. It’s not too far from the high school but also not too close.”

So what's this mean?”

Well the house gets out of escrow tomorrow. We get the keys at lunch time so we can start moving then. Dave will stay at the house to help organize everything and get it all straightened out. I figured we could start packing tomorrow.”

Cool. I take it we're going out to celebrate then?” London asked with a devilish grin.

Of course, we have reservations at a nice little restaurant not too far from here.”

Cool. What time?”

5:30, wear something nice.”

Of course.”

Okay we're going to go get some boxes and moving stuff. We shouldn't be gone long,” Jeff said as he got up with Dave following behind him.

So it looks like we won't have as much time as we used to, with school and all,” I said as I scooted closer to him and placed my hand on his chest, lightly rubbing small circles with my finger.

Hmmm. I think you're right.”

You know it’s been a while since we even tried anything. Maybe we can have some fun. I was thinking I could try and you could teach me all the things you like; train me to how you like things.” I was trying to be as sexy as possible and I think it was working.

Only if you want to.”

Oh, I do. I really want to.” My voice was laced thickly with lust along with my eyes that were glazed with the same substance.

Come on then.” London let me stand up first then as he stood he slid closer to me. Placing a hand on my hip and letting his other slip behind my head. He pulled our faces closer together until I felt his lips gently brush against mine, lightly at first. Carefully, he began to flick at my lips with his tongue. My response was simple, just the parting of my lips.

As our tongues explored each others mouths my hands explored his firm body. My hands ran down his chest. The heat could be felt threw his thin shirt. As I moved down I rubbed my hands firmly all over his pecs. Finding the small bumps in his shirt that I knew were his erect nipples. Using my thumbs I applied a bit of pressure and made small circles around them. His soft moans escaped the tight seal of our lips.

He began to press his hips forward, grinding his crotch into mine. My hands drifted further down. Over his abs to the bottom of his shirt. I tugged at the bottom, pulling down on it. I kept moving down though. Tugging at his belt I pulled him closer and really pushed my crotch into his and began to hump slightly against him. I slid my hands back up, again tugging at his shirt. My hands drifted under and back over his abs, this time feeling the smooth skin under the tips of my finger. I kept going though, going higher and higher. I went right up the center of his chest then as I reached the top of it I moved my hands outward.

Our kiss broke so we could get some air but I kept moving my hands and London bent back down to my neck this time. He began to lightly bite my neck then suck and kiss where he had just bitten. Soft moans escaped my mouth this time and it was driving him crazy. I had stopped moving my hands and dug my nails into his chest. When I felt him pulling my shirt up I began to move my hands again. I ran the tips of my fingers gently over his nipples. I started out just rubbing them with my fingers. Using my thumb and index finger I squeezed ever so lightly making London bite harder and push harder into me. Even through his jeans I could feel his rigid cock as it rubbed from one side, over mine and then to the other side.

We didn't even try to break apart. We ended up falling back onto the couch. Him on top of me, pulling my shirt up so it was now over my chest, just below my shoulders.

Fuck, you've gotten so much hotter. Your body is coming out great.”

London gasped for air as he pulled away from my neck. He looked at my upper body that I had been working on at the gym. Since we moved here we took up working out at the gym down the block. Both of us were staying in great shape and I was begging to become more defined.

Thanks. But yours is, and always will be better.”

I don't care. Right now all I want is to pleasure you.”

Be my guest. Show me how you like it.”

London just smiled a huge grin and pulled my shirt over my head. He tossed it across the room along with his. They both landed on top of the TV. He began to undo my jeans then his own. He dropped both pairs on the ground next to the couch.

Come on. Let's take this somewhere more private,” London whispered in a husky voice right into my ear.

Whatever you say.” I was in a daze of lust and London was my guiding light. He led me to the bedroom door where he slid his boxers off his hips and down his long, muscular legs. I did the same and neither of us dropped our gaze from each others eyes.

Your body and your mind are so beautiful,” London said, making me blush, as he stepped closer, placing his hands on my hips.

I don't even know what to say other than thank you.”

I don't need to hear anything.” His lips once again brushed lightly against mine. His hand reached behind him and opened the door, pulling me in with him.

He pulled us both back onto the bed, with me on top. I felt his rigid cock brush against mine, making us both gasp, and then deeply moan. Our hips began to buck together in the same rhythm. As I would pull back and slightly down he would go forward and slightly up, like a teeter-totter.

Each thrust our tips rubbed together causing us to gasp and then moan again. It felt great but I also knew I wouldn't last much longer.

London, I'm gonna cum soon,” I moaned as he moved to my neck.

Don't worry. You won't until I know you're ready,” he whispered back in a soft voice.

He kissed my neck lightly, making his way back up to my lips from along my jaw line. His hands slid up my sides back to my face where he held it firmly and lightly kissed my lips then the tip of my nose.

Lay back on the bed baby,” he said softly, “against the pillows.”

Okay.” I got off him and slid back as he got up and walked into the bathroom. I stretched my arms as I waited and looked down at my necklace. I knew he meant every word of his promise. I waited for him to come back and I could hear him in the bathroom. He was running the water at first. He was humming after that then running the water again. As I listened I couldn't help, but chuckle at him.

Ready?” he asked, standing in the door way, leaning against the door frame drying his hands with a towel.

I have been for a while.” I hadn't deflated and neither had he. His cock was standing at about a 75 degree angle from his body. It was beautiful. A thick 7 and a half, almost 8 inches, cut. The head was a soft pink. His balls were slightly larger than average and hung slightly lower with a light dusting of hair. Mine was about 6 inches cut and as thick as his. The head was the same shade of pink. My balls were average size with a dusting of hair. London had been trimming the patches of hair above our cocks when we would shower together.

Good, because I wanna take you for the ride of your life. I wanna blow your mind baby.” He began to crawl up the bed from the foot towards me. He began at my feet, gliding his hands over them and then over my ankles. He leaned down and lightly kissed my legs, working his way up. He went from leg to leg. He began to kiss the inside of my thighs then only my right one. Every few inches he would nibble a little on it then move further up.

Soft moans escaped my lips with each bite he took. He knew what he was doing to me and kept doing it, slowly increasing his bites. He drug his lips lightly over my balls until he reached the base of my rigid cock. Pressing his lips against the base, wrapping just the lips around it pressing it between his teeth and his lips as best he could. My loud moans, I'm sure let him know I was loving it. His teeth parted with his lips wrapped around them and his tongue pressed against the base moving up and down. He then flicked it side to side. His lips began to wrap themselves around the base tightly and he began to suck hard, sealing his lips to my cock. I was pushing back into the pillows as I clutched them tightly in my fists. I could almost feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head. He broke the seal of his lips and pulled back. Working his way up, he kissed as he went. Reaching the head he dragged his tongue through the slit collecting my precum.

It’s so sweet,” were his only words. As I looked at him his smile was pierced by his tongue gliding over his lips, collecting any of the precum left.

He dropped his head back down to my rigid cock and sucked the fat head into his warm, moist soft mouth. Again my head went back and my moans escaped my lips. I wouldn't last long and London knew this. He was using his free hand to fondle my balls. The swirling of his tongue and warmth and softness of his lips made it so hard to keep from blowing.

London,” I nearly screamed his name. “I'm so close.” His response was just a simple moan that made me lose it. I was over the edge. It was useless. As I shot load after load of hot white cum London was moaning louder and louder. He had moved up so just the head of my cock was resting between his lips. His tongue dragged through my slit collecting the last bit of precum before I blew. As I came down from my orgasm, he was cleaning my cock with his tongue.

Was it what you expected?” he asked crawling up to me. Holding himself over me with his legs on either side of my waist and his hands above my shoulders.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I said pulling him in close to me and as I shoved my tongue into his warm mouth. As I swabbed my tongue over his teeth I could taste my own cum. I had tasted it before and it didn't taste that good. But in his mouth, it was so much sweeter.

So I take it; I did good?”

Better,” I said pulling him into an embrace. “How about I return the favor?”

Don't worry about it.”

Can I at least stroke you then?”

If you want.”

We were laying on our sides so this would be a little bit easier. I carefully leaned forward, pressing our lips together. My hand reached out and carefully wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft.

Boys!” Jeff's voice echoed through the condo and as soon as I heard it I jumped. London chuckled at me then his stare went blank.

Shit, our shirts and jeans,” he said suddenly.


Hold on. I'll get our boxers.” He jumped from the bed and ran to the door. Carefully he cracked it open and reached his hand down to the floor. Pulling his hand back in, he held our boxers. His red with white hearts and mine a dark blue pair with dark green stripes.

Come on. Walk of shame time,” London chuckled as he pulled on the tight fitting boxers and gave me a quick kiss as he pulled me off the bed.

Yeah Jeff,” London called as he stepped out of the room with me behind him.

First, here are your clothes. Second our reservation got bumped up to 5.”

Okay. We should be ready by then.”

Good. Oh, and try not to stain the couches if you guys don't move to your room. We have to take them with us when we move.” Jeff winked at us as we walked back to our room and I could feel my face heating up, drastically.

Well that wasn't so bad,” he said closing the door. “At least he didn't give us a box of condoms and explain how to use them.” London's grin was growing as it pushed up on the bottom of his eyes, making him squint.

No, not at all. Your cousin finding our clothes scattered across his living room and probably heard us, well me, moaning like a bitch in heat. That isn't so bad.” My bitter tone was dripping with sarcasm as I tossed my clothes onto the bed with my back to London.

It’s okay. Remember he’s gay. He’s done what we've done. Hell I know they have gone further. The other night when I got up in the middle of the night to get some water I heard them. Not a pretty mental picture, trust me.”

I know and I'm sorry. This just brings back some memories. Still freaks me out, you know?”

Yeah, I know. I thought your dad was going to kill me.”

So did I. Luckily I kept him busy while you slipped out my window.”

Yeah. I felt so dangerous.”

Yeah and it got me all hot and bothered.” My voice was again laced with lust.

London was sitting on the bed as I walked over to him. He slid back and I joined him. He held me close with his arms.

Now, we don't have to hide, or run or mask our real selves. We're free baby,” he whispered to me as he held me tighter.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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