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Dinner that night was great. London and I got our own table while Jeff and Dave sat a few tables away from of us. This was our first real romantic date. Most of our previous dates had just been us going to the movies or to a burger joint. Nothing major, nothing like this.

When we all got home that evening, we left Jeff and Dave alone while London and I cuddled in our bed, staring out into the city's skyline. It had become our nightly ritual since coming to Chicago. I was going to miss this ritual and the view, especially where we lived because it was the first time since running from my father, I felt safe. And now, I have London, who make me feel safe, secure, loved beyond belief.

We will miss some of the people that we've met from the gym and a few in our building, except for a couple individuals that we never really care for since living here. One particular person was Mr. Michaels, who lived a few floors down and we only see him on the elevator. One day he admitted to us that he doesn't like young kids. Even though, London and I never really thought of ourselves as being young kids. Mr. Michaels was just a single grumpy man, who never had any kids. He always was cranky whenever he saw us, which was quite often. He was hard to avoid. The other person was this real old woman, very snobby and genteel, who always kept her nose high in the air, as if she was trying to find some cleaner air to breath. The first time London and I ran into her was at the elevator doors. We were just standing in one corner when the doors opened. She was just about to enter the elevator and noticed that London had his arm around me, and he had just finished giving me one of his passionate kiss. She let out this exasperating gasp, while she clutched at her chest as if she was having some kind of a heart attack. I guess she didn't enjoy the site of two guys making out in the elevator. But London, being the great guy he was, flipped her off and hit the button that closed the elevator doors. We've only seen her couple of times since that incident. We don't bother trying to avoid her, I think shes trying to avoid us.

After a late night of celebrating our move to the suburbs, Jeff, Dave, London and I slept in the next morning. Though, Jeff got up at 8 am, he claimed it was late for him. The rest of us got up about 10 am.

Since meeting Dave, he and I got along quite well. He seems to be fairly nice and pretty funny. I learned that he and I came from similar background. His parents hated Gays. When his Dad caught Dave with his boyfriend at the time in his bed. He grabbed one of Dave's baseball bat, taking to his legs and crushed them, which caused permanent damage and he could never walk again. That was the reason why Dave was in the wheelchair. He was 18 at the time, so after dealing with a long, drawn out, lawsuit that followed his father's trial for abuse and attempted murder. Dave won his case and took nearly all of his money. While the trial was going on, Dave's mom disappeared and never was heard from again. So Dave pretty much was left alone since that horrid day.

Jeff had decided to rent a small moving van with a trailer so that our move to the new house was easier for us. So whenever one box was packed, one of us would move it down to the truck or trailer until it was full. Jeff took Dave and I over to the new house to unload the boxes from the truck. Once that truck was emptied, Jeff left the trailer for me to unload, while Dave was sorting through the stuffs I brought in. Meanwhile, London was still at the condo trying to finish up packing some of the smaller stuff before Jeff returned with the truck, and then he helped Jeff load them onto the truck before returning to the house. It was a tedious process for them because they have to go up and down the elevator multiple times, especially if other people are coming and going at the same time we're moving stuff down to the truck. When the second load was finished at the house, I offered to come along and help load since I was smaller and probably much quicker than everyone else. Jeff gladly agreed. When we got to the condo, he sent me up to get London and bring more boxes downstairs. He was sorting things out while sitting on the couch when I came in.

I didn't think he heard me come in while he sat there in his tight fitting, black wife beater t-shirt and tight fitted jeans. Oh god he was gorgeous. As I looked at the back of his head, his hair was matted with sweat alongside his face down to his jaw line and neck. Man, I loved to see him covered in sweat. I remember on several occasions at the gym, I would just simply watch the sweat beat off his body and down his chest as lifted the free weights while I workout on the machines.

Hey,” I said when approached him from behind and gently wrapped my arms around his shoulders and then I leaned against the back of the couch.

Hey, baby,” he placed his bigger hands over mine. “Hope you don't mind me being a little sweaty.”

No, not at all. It makes you look so sexy.” I couldn't help it. I rubbed my nose against his sweaty skin, took in his musky scent from his natural aroma. “And you kind of smell good too. The sweat mixed with your cologne, perfect.”

Okay. I'm surprised you haven't gone crazy at the gym and licked me.” He laughed as I drew my lips closer to his neck.

I've wanted to but I knew I would get off track in my workout.” My lips stopped just inches from his neck as my lips parted and my warm breath danced across his neck and then my tongue slowly inched out until it finally made contact to his skin. I lick it up to his ear lobe while a soft moan escaped his lips.

That will have to do for now." I whispered to him, "But before I leave, I want another taste.” I ran my tongue over the outside of his ear. I had learned by running my tongue over his ears it would make him grow weak in the knees.

You little bitch. I hate it when you do that to me. You know we can't do anything right now and you go and get me hard and horny.” By him calling me a bitch was just his way of calling me a tease. It was his pet name to me. I didn't mind because I knew he didn't really mean it in a cruel way, that and it secretly turned ME ON!

Yeah, but next load we can.” I grabbed a box and headed to the door.

Then we should hurry," London panted, "and get to loading these boxes now.”

It didn't take long to fill both the truck and trailer. Half way through loading the boxes, London had to peal off his shirt, using it as his rag to wipe off his sexy sweat. By watching him doing that, it got me so hot and horny. One of the last loads downstairs, I finally couldn't take it any more. I'd pulled London aside and ran my tongue from his collar bone to his waist band, teasingly running my tongue all over his lustful torso.

Hmmm. You're so yummy.” I breathed harder as I stood up facing him.

Shit.” Was all he said as I picked up a box and walked out towards the elevator. After I carried that box down, Jeff and I headed off to the house to unload it.

The drive through the neighborhood was beautiful. It had lots of tall oaks and birch tree reaching over the street just touching each other. Green grass were in every yard. Most houses had a shiny new car, most were luxury cars, which told me that it was a very rich and classy neighborhood. My parents didn't even live this good, and my father was a preacher, city council man and ran a small business that printed a small church paper that he delivered daily to anyone who wanted it for only a simple $5 a week. I thought it was good until now.

When we pulled up to the house there was a silver Lexus parked out front. A couple, a man and a woman, both looking to be in their late 30's or early 40's that were casually well dressed. They looked as if they were just heading home or out to lunch with friends. They were standing in the garage with Dave still talking as Jeff carefully backed the truck into the driveway like before.

The first words that came out of their mouths as I got out of the truck were “Oh, these must be the movers.” I was appalled by their comment but carefully corrected them with a subtle and low sarcastic tone of “No, I live here, with them.” I mointed to Dave and Jeff with a broad smile, I turned toward the back of the trailer and opened it and when and opened the back of the truck also. I began unloading the trailer as Jeff talked with them to see what it was all about and who they were.

After walking away from the couple, I didn't think I looked that bad to be labeled as a mover. Of course, I was wearing my usual tight jeans with a few rips in the thighs and knee, a tight t-shirt like London had on and an Under Armor shirt underneath to help keep me cool. Compared to them, yes, I did look like a helper, but to Dave and Jeff, I looked normal and fit right in like a teenager would.

When I walked back out to get the next load of boxes, not a word was said to me, not even an apology from them. Later I found out they were Mr. Trent Worthwhile and his wife, Barbra. They lived just a few houses down the street. They felt a need to stop by and make us feel welcome in the neighborhood. My guess was that Dave didn't say anything to them about Jeff and him or me and London judging by their facial expression when I saw Jeff put his hand behind Dave's neck in a loving way. I knew then, they must thought I was their child, but it would be fun seeing them again when London and I really get going.

The yard was big enough, Jeff had talked about getting a dog since it was big enough to have one. It will probably happened in the summer when London and I would be out with the dog and most likely fall all over each other, which was something we tend to do at our age for being two big klutzes. It was because we were still growing boys. The house had a nice large pool. It was like an oasis. It had Queen palms all around the pool area. The shallow end was like a beach. The Jacuzzi was towards the middle of the pool, across from the house with a fountain overflowing into the pool. At the deep end, there was a diving board, I believed the pool was about 10 feet deep. The pool took up a good portion of the backyard, but the backyard was huge so a dog could have a place to run around in. The pool area was fenced off and had ivy growing midway up the five foot wrought iron fencing. The gate was the only thing not covered. I knew that London and I would get great use out of whole backyard especially the pool and spa. When it got colder in the fall or winter months, the spa would be mostly used, and during the summer, the pool.

The house itself was a four bedroom with five bathrooms, well four and a half. The half bath was off the kitchen with a connecting door to the outside. It was where you could go to use the bathroom if you were at the pool or to change. It had a tile floor and a drain in the center.

It had two master bedrooms, one downstairs and one upstairs. I had been putting London and mine's things up in the second master bedroom. All of the extra things were being stored in the other two extra rooms which we had decided to turn the downstairs one into Dave and Jeff's office, so they could work from home if needed. The staircases were at the back and front of the house. One was right next to the front door entryway as it followed the large curve of the partial tower in the front of the house. It was weird, but in the front of the house there was an almost tower like structure, but it flowed into the rest of the house. All up and down the curved wall were windows with brick like stones between the windows, until the last few feet at the bottom, where the door was made the windows go down the sides of the door.

In the center of the floor was a large mosaic tile design of a sun. The stairs took you into a large great room where three large side-by-side windows, across from the stairs, overlooked the backyard and mostly the pool area. Jeff had told us the upstairs was all ours and to do as we pleased. I was already thinking of things to add up there including a couch, flat screen TV, love seat and a thing called a chair and a half. It was really nice and was like a larger recliner. It was suppose to be like a recliner cut in half and added to another one. We were all planning to go furniture shopping tomorrow, that was if we finished moving everything in today.

The second staircase was off the Den that led out to the backyard and the large area of grass with a deck, gazebo and outdoor kitchen. It came up under the window on the far left if you were to look out the windows of the upstairs great room. On the left side of the great room, was our room and to the right of the great room was the guest room, well more likely to be storage or a lounge. Our room was huge. Our actual bedroom was in the front of the house with large windows looking out to the street. Directly across from the guest room was our closet, then through there was the bathroom. You had to go through a hallway along the wall that separated you from the great room to get to the closet and bathroom. The closet was first and then the bathroom at back. On the wall between the doors to the bathroom and closet was recessed shelving for towels and things like that. Against the far wall was the shower this was also the wall that separated the bathroom from the stairwell. Across from the shower were the his-and-hers sinks. The toilet was at the head of the shower with more shelving built in and between the great room wall and door was the tub.

By the front staircase we could see out to the street and partially to the next block over. There was a short wall about four and a half feet tall allowing you to look down to the front door and out the windows. As I walked up the stairs I'd noticed how many windows this house had and how the front of the house faced the sun when it rose. There were also a lot of sun lights in the upstairs rooms. I figured this house was mostly focus on the natural light that was shining in.

I had a few ideas for our room. I had always wanted to take pictures of me and London, but not just any photos, I was thinking more along the lines of nudes. Just him and I. Nothing sexual. Just us in an embrace in just our skin. Maybe him covering me from behind. Stuff like that. I knew I would have to get him to agree as well and it wasn't going to be easy. He wasn't one to be naked outside the bedroom, let alone take nude photos.

It was another few trips of moving boxes and another few hours. The last load I was in the middle between London and Jeff. London was dripping in sweat. It looked good on him though. I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye. As we neared the neighborhood London leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I could feel my face heating up as London chuckled and so did Jeff. I slid closer to London and quickly returned the kiss then buried my face in his shoulder as I giggled.

As we pulled into the driveway with our last load and the couches. London gave me one of those half hugs. He helped me out of the truck. With my feet hitting the driveway, his lips met mine. I felt like I was floating away. I collapsed against his body and his arms holding me up. I rested my head against his shoulder as his hands held me tight.

His words were spoken softly but clearly. “We did it Baby. We did it. I got you away from your Dad. We can be together now, no distractions, no interference. Next week we start high school together as Juniors. Your birthday is coming up next month and I promise to give you the best surprise and best birthday you will have.” London was now holding my face is his hands.

I love you so much Baby.” I collapsed against his chest and a few tears streamed down my face. Now that I think about it London had gotten taller. Maybe just a few inches but still he was taller.

I love you too and this may seem early but I think I'm IN love with you.” He held me tighter. “I know we say we love each other but I really think this is more. You know what the difference between saying I love you and being in love is right?”

Yeah and I think I feel it as well. I think, no, I know I am falling in love with you.” I had pulled back to look into his intense eyes that showed his emotion perfectly. His eyes would to shift to softer or fiercer tones with his mood. Right now his eyes were a soft blue that was showing his love.

We slowly drifted closer and soon our lips were just pressed together. It wasn't a deep kiss, no tongue since Jeff and Dave were to close. I doubt they could have heard what we were saying since it was so quiet. As we broke the kiss London gently rubbed my back with his hands. With a light kiss on the cheek we moved to the back of the truck to take the boxes at the end.

When we had moved the last of the boxes into the kitchen area where Dave was going through and sorted things out. We went for the couches. The black leather couches were going into the Den in the back of the house with one of the love seats going into their room and one into the office downstairs. Jeff had offered them for upstairs but they were fairly heavy and I knew that if we got new things the movers would take them up for us.

After unloading and putting the last loveseat in the downstairs office we were done for the day. The only thing left to do was take hot showers, relax with London on the bed that had no frame at the time. None of the beds did actually. We were suppose to be getting the new furniture sets tomorrow and hopefully they would be coming tomorrow.

That night after a hot shower with London, we crawled into the make-shifted bed and cuddled in the silence for the night, basked in the light of the full moon that was shining brightly through the windows and skylights. London was resting on his back with his right hand tucked behind his head while his left was around my shoulder as I rest on him with my hand at the center of his chest. Our hair was slightly damp still from the shower and I had hoped that we could have either hit the pool or jacuzzi.

. . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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