Fourteen year old Ryan Edgecomb has a story to tell you. It might ramble a little bit and his grammar is...different, but I believe it is a cute story so here we go as we collaborate on

Ryan and Jeremy
The Day Of The Train


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     There he was. He was crying and begging his father to change his mind. The man had a stern look on his face as he looked down on the boy in disdain. "I will not have that kind of activity in my house. You will learn to work for what you have. You will learn responsibilities. This will help you to grow up. Maybe in a year or two you will be able to face the truth of what you have done and realize how wrong it was. Then, maybe, we can talk about your coming home."
     I hate that faggot. Okay, I'm the faggot, he's the father. The father of my life. My sweet innocent life. How would I survive without him. We did this to ourselves. There is no one to blame, I guess. No, I know, we are to blame but it hurts. Oh, it hurts so much to know that he won't be here. Be near. Be with me.
     I live with my brother. We are orphans. Our parents were killed in a plane crash. Mom was always looking at the funny side of life so at the airport she put her dollar in the vending machine and bought a million dollar accidental death insurance policy on dad and then one on herself. She made out one to pay to me and one to pay to my brother, Ricky.
     Ricky and I stood on the observation platform and watched our folks take off on their dream of a lifetime. Dad was salesman of the year and they were off to Chicago for an award. The plane never left the airport grounds. It was up a few feet, someone told me they were already at five hundred feet but it didn't look that high. Suddenly it just turned nose down and crashed into the ground in the biggest fireball in the world. No one survived.
     Ricky is twenty and had a place of his own but he moved back into our house to take care of me. He and his boyfriend. It was pretty well known where Ricky swung from. Usually it was Bobby Anderson's huge cock. I have watched these two go at it since I was eight years old. I know every inch of Bobby and how old he was when he got that next inch. He has the thickest eight incher I ever saw. But he is the bottom.
     Ricky had started coming by the house after I got home from school everyday. He needed his ass filled. He loves to be fucked but for some reason Bobby won't do it. Jeremy did him. Jeremy, how am I going to live without you, my love?

     The train was moving. I stared at the windows. There he was. He had seen me. I had to hide from his father so I wore my hoody with the hood up over my head. Jeremy knew it was me, I was the only one in town with a tie died hoody. We dressed up like clowns last Halloween. I took a white hooded sweat shirt and tie died it in rainbow colors. Bobby told me that it made me look gay. I pursed my lips at him and flipped my ass in his face. Until then he didn't know that I swung that way too.
     I thought about all of the times that I had watched Bobby and Ricky in their sexy moments. Bobby always took Ricky's spurting cock out of his mouth and rubbed it all over his face. He would have cum everywhere which Ricky was all to glad to lick off as he would bend over and suck face with Bobby while plowing his ass with his own huge cock. Yeah, Ricky and I got into the gene pool with the other two.
     At fourteen I was the smallest of the four of us. I was five foot on the mark but kind of skinny at ninety five pounds. Bobby always called me a ninety five pound weakling but he never hesitated to have me go up in him once he found out that this skinny little fucker had a seven inch cock.
     Ricky says it is wrong for he and me to do anything to each other. He is the big brother so I should just watch him and learn. I watch him. Now that we live together we get into some weird shit. When Jeremy comes over Ricky can not get his clothes off fast enough and get Bobby into their bed. He goes up in Bobby as Jeremy goes up in him. I fuck Bobby's mouth as I watch my big brother pump his eight and a half skinny inched cock into his lover. Yeah, Ricky has a skinny cock. It is only five and a half inches around. Hell, I had that much at thirteen. Dad was proud that I had grown so fast. He took me to the doctor for my highschool physical. He freaked out when the doctor had me pull my pants down. The doctor told dad that it was in the genes, not the jeans. I never saw him but as the doctor talked to my dad I guessed that he was a man of distinguishment himself.

     I just locked eyes on Jeremy. He is still crying. He is waving goodbye to me as the train gains speed. I watched until the train was completely out of view before I wiped my eyes and walked away. I hate Jeremy's dad. He had his thoughts. He found out, though it wasn't any kind of a secret, about Ricky. He assumed that I must be of the same persuasion. He watched Jeremy and me with a vengeance. He finally forbid Jeremy to come to my house. That was okay, he worked late and we had three hours after school everyday.
     Ricky was the one who suffered the most from the old man's decision. He wasn't getting plowed. I offered, in the name of brotherly love. He sat me down and gave me a long lecture on incest and the dangers involved. The only real danger that he could come up with was that the baby would have two sets of identical genes and would have the more dominant genes shaping his little body into some grotesque creature full of every disease our family had ever suffered from.
     I assured Ricky that I would take every precaution to see to it that he didn't get pregnant. Ricky looked at me like I was stupid and then he realized what he had been saying. By that time Bobby was home and they had a few things to get straightened out between them. I did latch on to Bobby's cock most of the time. I will tell you that Ricky fucked that boy so hard that Bobby could fill me with hot, sweet juice at least twice, every time.

     I unlocked my bicycle and started to ride home. I nearly ran into Jeremy's father as the ass hole backed out, right in front of me. I ducked my head and picked up my bike to book it on out of there.
     I guess the thing that really got Jeremy's dad to thinking of what we might be doing was my fault. We were at the funeral for my parents. It was a closed casket ceremony as the bodies were too badly burned. I hadn't even been able to look at them when Ricky and I went to the morgue that night. Somebody said that it was a wind sheer that literally blew the plane into the ground.
     Jeremy was sitting with me on the front row as the people got up and talked about my parents. I didn't listen. I had my head on Jeremy's shoulder. His dad was seated right behind us. When Jeremy turned to say something to me I kissed him, on the lips. His dad put his hands on our shoulders and cleared his throat as he moved us apart.
     He began to question Jeremy every night. He wanted to know if he had a girlfriend. What did he like most about girls. Did he prefer blondes or redheads. I am dark haired so he told his old man that he liked brunettes with short hair. He liked brown eyes and a tight butt that was curvy. His dad thought that he was on the right track but then one day he came home with a fever.
     He was so sick that a co-worker drove him home and he went straight to bed. He woke up in a heavy sweat and decided to take a shower. He pushed Jeremy's unlocked door open to say hi when his eyes had the scene of his lifetime etched into the back of his tiny little brain for the rest of his breathing days.
     We had each other's cock buried to the hairline in our jawline. We had our fists, yes our fists, all the way up each other's butts. He made some obnoxious statement that brought us both up at once. He just happened in at that critical moment so as we parted we rained our boi juices onto each other. I hurt myself and had to twist around for Jeremy to get his fist out of my ass. My fist was laying there with Jeremy's dad staring at it. First my hand then my cum covered face.
     He slapped Jeremy on the ass and made him bend over. Man, I could see all the way to Schenectady in there it was so wide open. I think that's a town in New York. We live in Arizona. So now I am alone. I can not call or talk to Jeremy so we had to use our money and get him a pre-paid phone. He only called me. His dad would freak if that thing rang where he could hear it. On the third day after we had been caught, Jeremy was on a train to Dallas where his grandmother would pick him up and drive him to her farm in the mountains of southern Oklahoma. Somewhere near a town called Ardmore, he said.
     I thought Friday was worst night of my life. I told Ricky and Bobby how we were caught that afternoon. They had to check out my ass. They couldn't believe that we had actually fisted each other. Jeremy is a little bigger than me. He is two weeks older than me after all. They checked my shorts to see if I had skid marks in them. They asked me how I held my shit with a hole that big. They kept this up for the next two nights as they tried to keep me laughing.
     Finally on the Saturday night that Jeremy left they couldn't make me laugh so they moved it up one level. Bobby fucked me. He was afraid to fuck anybody because at six and nearly a half inches around he was sure he would do permanent damage to someone. I had been taking Jeremy's fist and two inches of his wrist up my ass for three months. We learned how to reach in about an inch, at the very edge up each other's ass chute and squeeze the other's little nut. That brought about so much cum that we were weak for the longest time afterwards.
     Bobby wanted me to fist him but I said no. I would fist Ricky first. We had to get Ricky ready for the largest invasion of his life so Bobby entered him. Ricky was so happy that he cried. He dug his finger nails into Bobby's back and drew blood. He sucked the world's biggest hickey on Bobby's neck that I ever saw. They lay together as Bobby stayed with him for thirty minutes then I got up and went up in Bobby. That renewed him and he fucked another load into Ricky as I pumped his ass full of my little boi batter.
     The next thing I knew the sun was shining in my eyes through a partially opened curtain and my phone was ringing. Bobby and Ricky were wrapped up in a spoon with Bobby up tight against Ricky's back. There was a not so nice mess on Ricky's thighs. I reached for the phone and headed to the john.
     "You are about the most beautiful creature on this entire planet. You looked so cute with your hoodie up over your face. I wanted to jump off of the train and run back to you but when I looked at the ground we were going way to fast. The conductor made me go back to my seat. I couldn't get over to the door to wave back at you because he had his hand on my shoulder."

     It was a good thing that I was sitting on the toilet cause I shit. I screamed into the phone. Bobby and Ricky ran to the door to see what was wrong. The room smelled like shit, hehehe. They had to pee. I pointed at the shower then at the goo running down Ricky's legs. They giggled and got into the shower together. They didn't shut the curtain before they started to pee all over each other. Bobby was aiming at Ricky's legs as he hosed down some sort of glop thing that I don't even want to think about.
     Jeremy wanted to know what I was laughing at so hard. Between bouts of mirth I tried to describe what I was seeing. He was trying hard to understand me. He had something to tell me and he wanted me to shut up and listen. Well I tried to listen but if you have ever sat on the can, not a foot and an half away from your brother and his boyfriend making out in the shower you will know how hard it is to listen. But suddenly Jeremy said it where it stuck between my ears and registered on the gray matter in there.
     He wanted me to come to Oklahoma to live with him.

     Now that was a no brainer. I was on a plane to Oklahoma City within the hour. I'm a millionaire. I don't worry about the cost. I was going to be with Jeremy. I switched planes in Dallas at was on the final leg to life long happiness.
     Jeremy and the sweetest woman I ever met in my life were waiting for me as I ran off of the plane. The airline company gave me shit the whole way because I didn't have an escort set up. I told them that I had more money then they would ever see and I was paying my own way. I was going to see my lover and there was nothing on earth or in hell that could stop me.

     We sat in the back seat snogging away at each other as Jeremy's grandmother drove home. We stopped in a little town by the name of Paul's Valley for lunch. I wanted to get on home and have lunch in Jeremy's valley. His grandmother had a friend of her own there and wanted to visit a bit. Edith opened Jeremy's eyes to a whole new outlook on his family life.
     She was a, ...what? robust woman. Tall, maybe five ten, five eleven. She could easily tip the scales to about one seventy. F full bosom that stood our like a TV tray from her chest. I'm not kidding. She could put a plate and a cup of coffee on those things and eat lunch without a worry of them falling away. She sat beside Jeremy and kept playing her fingers through his hair and going on and on about how much Franny was going to freak when she got here.
     She and granny Sam, Jeremy's grandmother, were putting Jeremy's dad down at every turn. We were sitting there laughing our asses off as they told of one thing and then another that he had gotten into as a boy. What they didn't tell us and what we weren't prepared for came in the front door of the small town café.
     He, she, it, elifIknow. That's a cross between and elephant and a rhino in case you didn't know. This guy swished in. He blew kisses at some rednecks in the corner talking shit about fags ruining the country and causing God's wrath to come down on us. They blamed fags for everything from 9/11 to the fact that their wives weren't giving them any. Franny told them that they should get themselves a boy.
     He came on to our table. He was six two or more. His hair was super curly and piled up about six inches thick on top of his head. The sides of his head were shaved, baby smooth. He had the curly part bleached blonde so that it almost looked like a wig perched up there. He let me tug at it. It was his hair alright. He wore really tight fitting pants that cut off just above his ankles with low cut loafers that showed his foot almost to the beginning of his toes. His shirt was that pinkish color slick cloth that Jeremy said was silk. It was tied in a knot just over his belly button, showing off one hell of a ripped six pack. There were no buttons on the shirt so it gapped open showing a really smooth and very cut chest. His abs were ripped too. The guy's skin was smoother than mine or Jeremy's. But the kicker, for me at least. You ready? He wore makeup. He had on a pale pink lip gloss, eyeliner and red powder on his cheeks, not much, just enough that he had a kind of blush about him.. His eyes were spectacular. They were azure, you know a sky blue and I could see the clouds and birds flying by as I was lost in his beautiful stare.
     "Don't tell me, mum. Is that Jeremy? My gawd, he looks just like Justy. Mum he is every bit Justy." He reached out a hand, I saw the pink nail polish with sparkle in it, and pulled Jeremy up to his feet. He grabbed Jeremy's package as his mother and granny Sam admonished him about groping a minor in public. He shushed them as he smiled, "He is more of a man than Justy ever was, let me tell you."
     For the next hour Jeremy and I were filled with the best food or our lives. The most bestest deep dish fresh peach cobbler with premium vanilla ice cream on it. And stories of Justy Kincade that had the two of us rolling on the floor.
     Frank was Edith's only child. His father was long gone before the boy was born and she raised him by herself. He knew that he liked to look at naked men when he was about eight or nine. He had gone shopping in Oklahoma City with his mother when he was fifteen and he saw a pair of pure silk boxer shorts with no fly in them. He had to have them and that is what he has worn to this day. I was so glad to hear that. It really made my day.
     He had a reason for telling the story though. At the time the whole bunch of them still lived in a little town about forty miles south of where we were. A town named Ardmore. It was a little larger than Paul's valley but not so large that everybody in town couldn't hear you fart. He giggled in a high pitched lilt that got the women to laughing. It was kind of funny listening to him and watching him flip his wrists around. I kept watching to see if on one of his wrist flips maybe his hand would come off and fly across the room.
     Anyway just east of Ardmore is a little town by the name of Dickson, Oklahoma. It just so happens to be the birthplace of the father of my favorite author in Nifty, but we'll get to him and up in him a little later. The Kincade's had a large cattle ranch that stretched all the way down to the edge of the big state park at Lake Murray. Frank and Justy used to ride their horses down to the lake and skinny dip in the hidden coves along the large lakes shores. By eleven years old they were suck buddies to the first degree.
     Frank developed first. The boys had started being ass hole buddies by the time they were thirteen. These names, suck buddy and ass hole buddy, are Frank's names for him and Justy, not my made up names, okay? So Justy loved getting, what Frank called corn holed. Now all of this time the two women are sitting there listening to every word as were a few of the café patrons nearby. One old lady crinkled her nose and shook her head but laughed at some of the antics of the two boys. Frank told about places that they did it and how daring they tried to be. By the time they were sixteen they were old hands at boy sex and going at every minute that they were together.
     Justy had fallen in love with the silk boxers and had Frank buy him some. The two boys loved the feel of the slick cloth on their goods. They had eyeballs popping in the restroom though. Justy always wore Levi™ button front jeans. He had to undo his big cowboy belt with his junior rodeo champion rider belt buckle on it. He let his jeans fall open so he could pull the waist band of the silk drawers down under his balls. Most often his jeans would slide down his thighs to show his tight bubble butt encased in outlandish colored silk.
     That was the late eighties and certain freedoms were coming, into some parts of the country, but not in redneck America. Boys looked at Justin Kincade with a questioning type glance but this star of rodeo and football could not be anything but a man's man. And he was. He was Man Frank's man, but it was kind of a secret between them.
     Now something that perked my ears up was that in Oklahoma a fourteen year old farm boy could get a farm to market driver's license. I wanted one of those. Justin had one. Frank lived in town and the Sheriff wouldn't let him have one. That was okay. Justy could drive while Frank suckled his favorite joy stick.
     The old woman in the booth sat her coffee cup down with a very loud thud and stood up to leave. She gave our table a glare from the grave as she stalked out of the café. Her husband paid the bill and went out after her.
     "'s matter honey. Never polished your man's knob with that fat tongue?" Franny chided after her.
     No one really caught on to the two boys. They seemed to be in a world of their own. It came time for their prom. Girls were few in their school. At least the ones that didn't look like the south facing end of a north bound cow. That put me on the floor again with Jeremy rolling on top of me in his hysterics. The floor area around our chairs was the shiniest, brightly polished part of the entire café floor.
     The two boys decided to go stag and just enjoy the evening. Justin arrived and didn't see Frank around so he headed up to the door. Just as he opened the door and the principal greeted him Frank jumped out of nowhere. He was dressed pretty much as he was at our lunch meeting except that he had on high heels. His hair wasn't long enough to fix on top of his head so he shaved the sides and had his mother fix one of her hairpieces into his real hair.
     The principal stood with his mouth open as Justin tried to run inside the gym with Frank hanging onto his arm. Frank convinced Justin to stay and have fun. This was the last big fling of their highschool years. A few more weeks and it would all be over. They would have to go out and work for a living. Amid the hoots and scowls, and yes a threat or two, the two boys danced together. Frank had to admit that they danced closer than Justin was comfortable with. He always worried about what other people thought, not about what he wanted to do.
     When Justin got home that night his father called him out to the barn There were two other men there. Justin was shown pictures of him and the aberration. They were dancing very close and many of the pictures showed the two of them kissing. One picture especially showed their tongues in each other's open mouths and one showed both boys erect and Justin groped Frank in another.
     The two men with Justin's dad grabbed him and pulled him to an upright timber. They tied his hands to a hog ring seven feet above the floor then stripped him naked. Justin's dad was known around the state as a bull whip champion. He always bragged that he could skin a cat on the run and the cat wouldn't even know it till it got cold.
     Justin will remember the snap of that tiny strip of leather on the end of that whip for the rest of his life. His dad snapped that thing around the boy's naked frame for over two hours. Jeremy has seen six to eight inch scars on his father's back all of his life but he learned at a very young age that he didn't need to ask about them.
     Justin hung there until dawn. The sky was barely gray when his father rose up off of the bales of hay where he had slept all night. He had a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He took a big drink and walked behind Justin and poured it over the boys flayed back. He took out his knife and cut the boy's bonds letting him fall to the ground in agony. Justin picked himself up and ran to the house. He grabbed his clothes. Still naked threw everything he owned into the back of his truck and drove away. Never to return.

     Mr. Kincade walked into the house to be verbally beaten by granny Sam. He told her that he had wronged their son. He beat him over something that he himself might have done in his day. The other two men being there made it hard for him to stop and think what he was doing. They didn't do anything but stand and watch but their presence had been enough.
     He picked up the phone and called his best friend the sheriff. He told him in detail what he had done. Granny Sam heard him say that it was no more then the two of them had done when they were boys.
     Next he called the preacher at their church and told him in gory, blow by blow, how he had abused his son and he asked forgiveness for his sins. The pastor told him that he was on his way out to their place. Mr. Kincade got up and walked out to the barn. He told Sam where he would be. When the pastor arrived they found the man hanging from the beam above the timber post where he had beaten his son the night before.

     Frank hung around the rest of the summer hoping that Justy would at least call. The men and boys of the town gave him and his mother a hard time. She finally threw up her hands and packed their belongings and moved to Paul's Valley.
     Frank didn't stay with her. He went on to Oklahoma City then moved to New York City for awhile. He met a Brit that he fell head over heels for and ended up in the Gay Village in Manchester, England for five years. His Brit boy came home positive and Frank took a hard look around. He was in a foreign land and with a sick boyfriend who he would never touch now. He had himself tested every week for the next six months as he made plans to go home.
     He stopped by some of his old friends in NYC and found them sick also. AIDs was a relatively new disease, having only first appeared on the scene in the early eighties. No one knew much about it at the time except that anyone who got it died a most horrible death.
     "Most fag bashers said it's what we deserved for not living a Godly life," Franny said. He decided to go home and find him a nice safe cowboy. He walked into his mother's shop unannounced. It had been nearly ten years. She stood and stared at him. He said to her, "Ma, it's me, Franny. Frank ma."
     "I know who you are son. I am your mother. I was just thinking that the thoughts I had the night you were born are coming true. As the doctor told me that I had a healthy baby boy I thought, "that can't be true. I felt a loving, sweet woman growing inside me for these last nine months."
     "And here she is. I must say, Frank, er...ah.. Franny? is it? You make one hell of a handsome looking woman. Some young man is going to be swept away by you."
     It didn't take Franny long. He did get with a man. Another of his old highschool buddies who had always been jealous of Justin. He didn't think that Justin really appreciated Frank and by far he was not good enough for the boy. Franny and Matt have been together for more than four years and are extremely happy. He promised to bring Matt up to meet us over week end. They had reservations for cabin seven.
     I looked at Jeremy. What is cabin seven? I didn't find out. We were hustled out to the car and on down the road. I had brought an Oklahoma road map with me. As soon as I knew where his dad was sending Jeremy I went to a book store and found the map. Granny Sam didn't get back on I-35 south. She stayed on U.S. 77. We could see the interstate off and on as we ambled along through some interesting country. I am used to miles and miles of wide open beaches with outcroppings of cactus interspersed along the way to break the monotony. The only real problem with the beaches of Arizona is the several hundred mile drive on down to the water on the other side of California. They say that California is going to fall into the ocean someday then the Arizona beaches will be the place to be. It was kind of interesting to see the trees though. Not an abundance of them but a lot more than in Tucson. Besides that we were climbing into some low lying mountains.
     We came up to the base of a steep mountain road and granny Sam told us to look closely. We were looking at a piece of history. She told us that the area folk had to go to court to fight for this road. She said the state wanted to tear it out and build a wide four lane road up the mountain. I could see why. We were on a narrow two lane highway made out of concrete. It didn't have guard rails. It had a low rock wall all the way up the mountain. The little wall was only about two feet tall, as tall as a guard rail but it was twelve inches wide of hand lain rocks, four to six inches around, set in concrete mortar.
     The road was a series of switch backs, sharp curves that serpentined their way up the steep mountain, clinging close to the mountain's side. I looked out over the valley that we were climbing out of to some of the most beautiful country I had ever dreamed of seeing. Okay, so I am no world traveler and anything other than Tucson would have excited me but I loved it anyway.
     Granny Sam told us that we were now in the Arbuckle Mountains. She pulled off of the road so that we could read a large bronze sign that was titled as a Historic Marker. It stated that the road we had just ascended was part of the W.P.A. project built in 1935. Granny explained that the country was recovering from a great depression and the government funded jobs under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt. She couldn't recall what WPA stood for anymore but she told us that this agency provided jobs for hundreds of men with hungry children at a time when jobs were scarce. We drove on a little bet further. We passed by a beautiful water fall about sixty or seventy feet tall. Water was pouring over the falls into a nice lake where people were swimming and their were boats on the water. Fishermen were everywhere. The place looked like a postcard.
     She turned the car off of the main road and drove up a narrow two lane road through the trees. Suddenly the trees parted and we were in a clearing on the side of a mountain. "We could see all the way back to Paul's Valley on a clear day," she told us. She told me to leave my bags that she knew she had taken up too much of our time and was very sure that Jeremy and I wanted to say hello to each other. I couldn't help myself. I ran over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She rubbed her cheek and smiled as she thanked me and told me that I was welcome in her home.
     There were a lot of little houses hidden in the trees. They were made out of logs. Think of if dude, real log cabins. I was so excited. Jeremy had another kind of excitement going as he grabbed my goods and told me to hurry up or he would start without me. I almost waited so I could see that. We had to climb hundreds of steps to get up to this bigger house almost unseen in the trees. Jeremy led me inside and up more stairs to a huge room across the entire top floor of the house. There were doors out to a small balcony on all four sides of the room. I wanted to see. I ran to the doors and stepped outside. Jeremy grabbed me and hissed at me, "Later!" He began to unfasten my slacks. Come to think of it I could use a little of Jeremy about now. That is why I came here isn't it? I popped wood and began to tug at his clothes as he worked madly to get me naked.
     At last. Free. Free of the incumbrances of the world we stared at each other's naked bodies. It was but a nano second or maybe even a micro second then we were all over each other. Jeremy was trying to get me onto this huge bed. It was tall. So tall that we had to kind of jump to get up on it. The thing was huge. It was much bigger than Ricky's king sized bed, and soft. I mean like we sunk down into that bed and I felt like I was being covered in snow. If I didn't have hold of Jeremy I am sure that we would have lost one another in that soft bed.
     We found a hard spot and locked our mouths around each other. Both of us have been at this long enough to know to leave each other's asses alone. I had been traveling all morning and I guess he had too because they were waiting for me. Even without lunch we would have been more than an hour getting here from the airport. We would have to do a little back door house cleaning before we could get down to our real business. Right now we just had to clear each other of an ECB.
     Now I don't want you to get all hot and bothered on me here, much, but I want to tell you about getting together for the first time ever with no worries about anyone coming home or having to get home or having any problems of any kind. We had permission and all day and into the night to just make each other know how much we loved each other.
     I told you that Jeremy is sweet. His dick is cut and just over seven inches long. It hurts my mouth when I have been away from him for a few days. It is really thick and a super butt stretcher but we won't be able to do that for a little bit yet. I want to get off and go clean out. I need to feel him up in me so badly but I need to smell his pubic hair in my nose and feel that long thick cock slide in and out of my mouth for an hour or two yet. The thick ridge of his glans rubbed back and forth along my tongue as I pushed hard against it so that the sensitive bottom of his cockhead would feel the rough ridges of roof of my mouth stimulate him into the passion that he has come to expect when we are together.
     I could feel the ridges of his mouth and the tightness of his throat as he would take me deep inside of him. He did a little sound thing when my cock head slipped into his throat that drives me insane. He told me he just hums the first song that comes into his mind, but the vibrations...I could just lay here for the rest of my life.
     Suddenly Jeremy rolled up on top of me. I knew that his end was near. He was fucking my mouth with every ounce of strength in his body. His cock was past the tight part of my throat as he shoved that gargantuan beast deeper and deeper. His balls were pulled up to the base of his cock and I could see his well fucked ass hole puckering in and out. I knew he was about to blow and I only hoped that we could go together. I hate to be a drag and not cum when he does. I feel guilty as he keeps on until I get off and all the time his cock is sensitive but he won't pull away until I have mine. He cares that much. I know my man. He loves me as much as I love him. I shot my first load. It came out of nowhere. My back arched high and I fired a load deep into his throat. Not to be outdone he fired back at me. We lay there in orgasmic stupor firing cum missiles into each other. We had slipped back slightly so that we were shooting into each other's mouth.
     I had what I had needed for three days now. His sweet, hot, plentiful nut honey coating the inside of my mouth, trying to creep its way into my nose and sliding ever so delicately down my throat to be part of me forever. His protein in my body. One of the building blocks of life. Suddenly a thought hit me. Franny is one good looking dude, for an old man of thirty four. He has been living on cum since he was about thirteen or so. It must be true what I heard. I heard that cum keeps a dude young and virile and it only stands to reason that the more you can get the better off you will be. Franny is a prime example of that. I wonder what it would be like to do it with an old dude like that. I sure as hell hope that Jeremy can't read my thoughts. I fired off another, if weaker, sperm missile as I wondered what Franny looked like naked.
     We lay in each other's arms. We just needed time to be together and we had it. At least until supper time. "Franny is hot looking in an old dude way isn't he?" Jeremy shocked me from my bliss.
     "I guess. If you are in to old men I mean."
     "Ryan, I know you better than that. You thought he was hot and you would like to get into it. I could see it in your eyes. Babe, I know you. We could have fun with him and I bet he could teach us so much stuff. I mean you get off on doing stuff with Bobby and Ricky but Ricky is hung up on the incest garbage. Franny can teach us and I think he would." We lay there and fell asleep in each other's arms.
     I awakened to a totally dark room. I had no idea where a light switch was and I had to piss like right now. I needed a snow plow to get me out of the bed but I finally got to the edge and jumped down to a floor that I hoped was still there. It was going to take time to get used to this bed. I was trying to get my bearings when I heard the ass hole giggle. I guess I had awakened him. He was enjoying my struggle. "Put your ass flat against the side of the bed and square your body up. Now walk straight forward seven paces. Put your hands out to each side of your body. You will feel the wall at seven and a half paces. The light switch is just to your left on the inside of the doorway."
     I did exactly as he said and felt of the door. I reached inside and flipped on the light. A light came on behind me. I turned suddenly to see that ass hole on his knees. He had turned on a lamp right beside the bed where I had just been standing. He was rolling on the bed holding his sides he was laughing so hard. If I didn't have to pee so bad I would go over there and kill him. I should go over there and piss on him but I hope that I am sleeping in that bed with him tonight.
     I stood before the altar of relief as I thought how Coca Cola just didn't understand that this is the pause that refreshes. Jeremy scooted in beside me and it sounded like the roar of Niagra falls as our twin streams hit the water in the bowl. "How do you spell relief?"
     "P-I-S-S," we both yelled in unison. Okay so we watched to much TV as kids so sue us. My stomach growled and startled both of us. We giggled as we jumped into the largest shower I have ever seen outside of my school's gymnasium. It had a shower head on three walls and on the wall in the middle it had one at knee level that pointed up. We got washed all over without moving. We slipped on a pair of shorts and a tee then Jeremy told me that we would need shoes if we went outside on the rocks.
     Granny had soup on the stove and a plate with the fixings for sandwiches wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator. She told us that it was so late that one soda would have to do us tonight. She didn't want to listen to squeaky bed springs all night too. We looked at each other and blushed. She broke out in laughter. She told us that she didn't hear anything. In fact she had been very busy renting out all of her cabins. She was full for the entire week. She would have to call Franny and tell him that his cabin wouldn't be vacant until Sunday as a family was going to stay through Saturday then go home Sunday morning.
     Jeremy popped up, "He could sleep on the other bed in my, oops, our room."
     Granny smiled at him. She looked at me. "Yeah, that would be cool. He could do that, I guess." She kind of chuckled to herself and told us she would call him in the morning. We ate her homemade meatball soup and had a cheese sandwich then stepped out on the porch. It was beautiful outside. The air smelled so sweet and clean. No ozone. No car exhaust. Not even dirty feet, just clean country air. We heard singing and could see the glow of a campfire down below us. Granny told us that a church group had a camp down there and this week it was pre-teen camp. Next week would be teen camp. She told us that we could walk down there if we wanted.
     She led us down and walked right up to the man with the guitar. She introduced us as her grandsons come to spend the summer with her. We were welcomed around the camp fire. Someone gave us a stick and a bag of marshmallows. A box of graham crackers and a large Hershey® bar were lain down also. I had never made a smore on an open fire but hey, when in Rome. I never tasted anything so good. I set my marshmallow on fire. The kid next to me told me to blow it out and let it cool a moment. Then he told me to eat but be prepared for the best flavor ever. Damn that was good. I wanted to tell the little guy who was about ten or eleven that cum tasted better but figured this was not the place or the time. I forgot about the smores and ate most of the bag of marshmallows hot, black, and melty.
     The kids continued to sing and I finally learned the words to Kumbya. Man that is a difficult peace to sing and hard to remember to get all of the words in the correct place. Jeremy cuffed me on the arm and chased me all of the way back up to granny's house.
     Granny told us to be sure that we didn't wear anything that was sharp or could cut holes to bed. She suggested that we may wish to cut our toenails. The bed was an eighteen inch thick feather bed made with gosling down. I looked puzzled. "The under belly feathers of young goose chicks," she told us. She said her mother and grandmother had made it when she was a little girl.
     We said good night and headed for bed. On the stairs was a small sack. Inside was an enema bulb. I turned to look at granny who smiled and went back to reading a magazine that she was reading before we ate dinner. This woman is really different than anyone I had ever been around. I had a lot of thinking to do. I started up the steps but had to hold my nose and run up them. I ran out onto the closest balcony and took a loud mouthful of air in. Jeremy laughed. "Guess I get to use the bulb first?" Then he let out a loud fart that put us both into laughing hysteria.
     "I get to help." I can't believe I said that but I was really that comfortable with him. I would help him douche himself and I would let him stay with me if he wanted. I may be fourteen but I think that I grew up an awful lot in that one day.

     I awakened so at peace and rested. I laid still and listened. I had never heard anything like it. I moved up in the bed a bit and put a pillow behind my back and just sat still. Jeremy was clear over on the other side of the bed sound asleep. He was on his stomach with one arm hanging over the edge of the bed. His left leg was out straight as his right leg was crooked at the knee and drawn up a bit to give a look of total ease and comfort. That cute bubble butt shining at me looked way comfortable. I was so going to dive into that face first.
     Jeremy must have heard my thoughts because he jerked and his ass arched back toward me. He rolled over and looked at me. He blinked his eyes a few times then just stared at me. "What?" he asked.
     He rolled over and lay there, quietly. "I don't hear anything."
     "Exactly. No sirens, no train whistles, no cars or traffic noise. No shouting and fighting from your mom and dad." I shouldn't have said that. I had gone to far. His face twisted and the tears rushed to glisten in his eyes. I grabbed for him and pulled him up to myself as we shared a morning breath kiss. Morning breath can be wicked but the last thing we had done before we went to sleep was to suck our own cum from each other's freshly fucked ass holes. That leaves a bit of an aftertaste that sort of lingers all night. Somehow it was turning me on. He was as hard as I was. I started to move to suck him good morning.
     "Exactly right. I gotta piss too." Damn that broke a mood. He thought I was getting up to pee, not getting up to do him. We listened to the water falls in the toilet then stepped to the shower and took time to clean each other, completely. That was the first time that we had ever gone up in each other in the shower. He got his cock all soapy and slipped up inside of me. "I want to make sure that every part of you is soapy clean, babe."
     I bent over and put my hands flat on the floor as Jeremy took his time sliding in and out of me. Somehow his dick seemed so much longer that morning. My own cock went soft as I just let my man do his thing. I didn't want to get off. I wanted to do to him as he was doing me. It felt so right. So different. So totally fucking good. I don't know how long we fucked but Jeremy had a climax that sent us both to a level to which we had never been.
     Like I said, I was soft, but I had the best dry cum that was far better than any climax that I had ever had. My whole body spasmed and shook. My knees were weak and I could no long stay in the position I was in. I fell toward the floor but managed to turn my body as I went. I grabbed Jeremy's cock and pulled him into my mouth as he collapsed on top of me. He filled my eager mouth with more of his boi essence than he had given up to me at one time, ever.
     Spent, he slipped down beside me and we sat under the spray of the water with our arms around each other and let all of the love we shared light up the dark corner in which we sat.
     The smell of country sausage began to fill my nostrils. My stomach growled. Jeremy giggled, "Let me have some batter from your eggs out of this hot boi sausage then we'll go have breakfast." I slid down a little so that my dick was more accessible to my love. I ran my hands though his wet hair and cried as I thought about how lucky I am to have this young man in my life. I thought that I had lost him and I knew what it was like to be without him, for three whole days. I never want to go there again. I only hope that he still wants to be with me when I am old, fat, and bald.

     Granny Sam sat at the head of a long kitchen table surrounded by eight chairs. She had the biggest coffee cup I ever saw to her lips. She put it down and smiled at us. "I was beginning to wonder if we would have hot water for the guests. I have a central water heater that is solar powered. It only holds five hundred gallons and I think you two used at least half of it." She giggled as she got up and finished off breakfast.
     She cooked our eggs to order. I like mine with the whites very firm but the yolks very runny. Dad used to tell me that was called over medium. Jeremy likes his over hard. He wants the yolks cooked solid. Yuck. Why not just scramble them? Granny set a platter of sausage patties before us that would feed an army then served us our eggs with a pile of extra crispy hashed browned potatoes with a touch of slivered onions and crushed garlic in them. Finally she set a hot pan of biscuits fresh from the oven on the table. Now hold on to your taste buds. These biscuits were three inches across and almost two inches thick. They were so flaky that they just pulled apart begging for the bowl of freshly churned butter to be spread on them.
     Jeremy and I looked at all of the food and began to dig in as if we had never eaten before. Granny pushed a doorbell button by the back door and we heard a loud buzzer outside do two short buzzes. She went back to the stove and broke more eggs. A moment later two teenage boys, about sixteen or so, came in. They washed up at the kitchen sink. Both of them were very sweaty and looked like they had been working hard. I had noticed that the air was wet and heavy. I learned that the average humidity of the area was 47-57%. I come from Arizona where it is a dry heat (local joke) and seldom gets over 11%.
     The two boys sat down opposite us. They looked at us then at Granny. She smiled at them as she placed a large bowl of cream gravy with sausage in the middle of the table. The boys turned to each other and gave each other more tongue than I have ever seen and the hottest kiss ever. Jeremy and I both reached for the other's bone and gave it a squeeze.
     "Jeremy, this is your cousin Kyle and his boyfriend Festus. Kyle this is Justin's boy Jeremy and his boyfriend Ryan. Jeremy and Ryan will be living up in your old room. They are not of age yet so I will keep them close for their own protection." Jeremy sat with his mouth hanging open. He didn't even know that he had a cousin.
     Across the front of the house is a long porch that faces to the north and overlooks the lowlands below. Way off in the distance Kyle pointed out a haze that he said was Oklahoma City. It is a huge city with tons of cars and hundreds of tons of smog. He said that most days the winds keep the smog away but it must really be still over there today for it to be that bad. Kyle and Festus had shed their bib overalls and shirts. All four of us sat in nothing but nylon jogging shorts, commando so that we could look at each other's goods, as granny clued us into who Jeremy and Kyle are.
     Kyle is the son of Jeremy's aunt Evelyn, Justin's one year older sister. She had her hang ups growing up and ran away with her, almost, fifteen year old boyfriend when she was seventeen. When she heard about her dad's suicide she came home. Her father had been a totally unforgiving man and would never have approved of her having a baby by a boy over three full years younger than herself.
     Kyle was a precious infant of fourteen months when Evy placed him in her mama's arms. She kissed her mama and told her she and her man were going up to OKC to shop for things that they would need for the baby now that they were home. Her man had just turned fifteen. Granny looked at me and told me that he wasn't any bigger than I, was but love is blind. The two kids went to a mall where they drew the attention of a child welfare worker. She watched the two and followed them to Evy's car. When the case worker approached the car Evy was involved in oral sex with the underage boy.
     Evy was convicted of child rape, abduction, kidnaping, continued molestation of a minor under fifteen. She violated the Federal Mann Act by taking the boy across a state line for the purpose of having sex with him. Other Federal charges were about the same as Oklahoma had against her. Texas wanted a piece of her but she going to be a guest of Oklahoma's penal system for thirty five years then the Federal Government wanted to pay her room and board for twenty five years. Texas would have to wait. Texas did try her in absentia. She was found guilty and sentenced to over two hundred years in their system.
     His young daddy was adjudicated a delinquent and sent to the Tecumseh Boy's Correctional facility until he was twenty one. No one has heard of him since.
     Kyle was expressionless through all of this. I stared at him. He told us that all of this happened before he was old enough to know about it. It is who he is and he can't change it so he just goes with what he has. He got up and walked over to granny and wrapped his arms around her. "What I got is the best mother a boy could ever have. This woman raised me with love. She never judged me. When I was thirteen I told her that I was a queer. She hugged me and told me she could care less what I called myself. To her I was Kyle. We cried together for hours. I love her more than I could ever have loved my real mother." I didn't know about that. He didn't know his real mother, only what he had been told about her.
     I was busy doing the math. Granny watched me. She doesn't miss nothing. Is that a double negative? Who cares? She smiled at me. "Kyle turned eighteen, a week last Sunday. Justin called me Friday so I moved the boys into the old caretakers cabin so that Jeremy could have the room upstairs when he got here Saturday night." That hurt Jeremy and me. We offered him his room back.
     "Hell no. Ooops sorry, granny. Heck no. We like having our own house. Man, it is so cool. We can run around naked and do it in the living room or on the kitchen cabinet..." he looked over at granny and began to blush then shut up. We all laughed at his embarrassment.
     Festus was six months younger than Kyle. He lived with a homophobic old man on a dirt farm east of Dickson, a small town east of Ardmore but near the Kincade ranch. The boy's father had been at the prom with Festus' mother the night that Frank and Justin outed themselves to the world. He had been the one to give the pictures of the two to his dad, Festus's grandfather.
     His grandfather had been one of the men in the barn who witnessed the proper way to treat a faggot. He had made it very clear that he did not like his son hanging around anyone from that family of sexual deviants. Festus and Kyle had been doing the dirty since they had been in the eighth grade. Jeremy and I high fived each other. We had to explain ourselves to a circle full of smiles, even granny was smiling.
     Kyle and his boyfriend, Festus, went to granny to cry out their love for each other and their fear of Festus' old man. Festus wanted to run away but he knew that his old man would go straight to the Kincade place if he did. Granny had been in negotiations for the mountain top cabins and she decided that it was time to make a move. She sat with the two boys and laid out her ideas to them.
     No one knows where she is. Justin has no idea that Jeremy is not on his old farm learning to be a man with hard farm chores everyday of his life. Granny makes a trip to the ranch nearly every other day. She has a hired hand who feeds the stock and keeps his mouth shut. He goes up to the house and shuts the drapes and turns on the lights each evening. He moves the vehicles around and other little things that make it look as if granny is home.
     The hired man and his wife have been with the Kincades since before granny married into the family. They had kids almost as old as her and their grand kids were now raising families. She had no desire to rid herself of the ranch or these dear people.
     The hired man made the best sausage from select cuts of hogs that he slaughtered for a local meat packer. The meat packer was a small operation serving only the immediate area and welcomed the man's willingness to slaughter for them. He took no pay but had his choice of cuts from the hogs he killed. He never took much. What he took he ground up with his own mixture to make the meat packer's best seller, hot and spicy pork sausage. The man only made a hundred pounds of sausage a month, of which he took five pounds for himself and granny. The rest the meat packer sold, at a premium.
     Another benefit of the couple being at the ranch. The hired man's wife loved all things natural. She had the largest gardens full of the finest vegetables. The peach trees put forth an abundant fruit crop and the cherry trees put forth large, juicy black cherries.
     Kyle told us that under the house was a root cellar full of home canned peaches, peach jelly, cherry jelly, cherry pie filling, strawberry preserves, plus tons of green beans, corn, peas, rhubarb, tomatoes. Anything that could grow in a garden she grew and canned it for the two families to use.
     Kyle loved going with his granny so that he could work the lady's gardens for her. He told us that she was of an age where it was a bit much for her to keep the weeds down and he was getting the benefit out of that garden with great food so he didn't mind helping her at all. Jeremy and I wanted to go help also. We were told that we would the next day. Granny had to go to the ranch. She had everything rented and didn't need to be back until Friday when the first family would be leaving. She had to clean that cabin and get it ready to rent.
     Usually they left Festus to watch the place and he helped clean the cabins but we were going to go down for three days and granny wanted him to go with us. He was frightened but we all assured him that we would hide him and protect him with our lives. He and Kyle smiled at us.

     The two of them showed us around the campgrounds then took us to their house for a little while. They said that we had time before lunch to have a salami snack if we wanted. Jeremy blurted out how we liked to get involved with my brother and Bobby. I blushed at him telling family secrets. Kyle and Festus had never done anything around anybody else. Kyle had sucked two other guys and let one of them cornhole him when he was fourteen. There was that word again. I was told that the word was as old as time in the south part of the country and that I needed to get used to it. I giggled.

     They really wanted to watch Jeremy and I do it. They had never had a computer and didn't have internet access or anything. They really didn't know much. We were kind of proud to teach them. It's not as if we had a lot of clothes on but we kind of took our time to lower the one piece of cloth on our bodies. I had been sitting where I could see up Kyle's shorts quite clearly. He knew it and had arranged himself before my admiring stare for the whole hour that we sat there talking. I made sure that he saw all that he wanted too. I even skinned it back for him and watched him lick his lips as he straightened out a little. We decided that granny had more eyes than we know about. She always managed to clear her throat and smile at one of us just as the good part began.
     Jeremy let his shorts drop and flipped his hips so that his huge erection did a dance. Then he ran across the room asking which door was the bathroom. He was back in a minute or two. I bent down and kissed his dick which he pushed into my mouth. Two eyes were bugging out of their sockets as we had a boy's head on each side of us, down on their knees watching me do my thing. I did it good. I let the old finger go to the prostate and filled my mouth with my mid-morning protein fix. I pulled back a dirty finger. "I tried to warn you, dude. I can't find a bulb."
     I ran to wash my hands as he giggled at me. We found out that they had never used a bulb. Granny gave Kyle one but he didn't know what it was until she graphically explained it. She not only told him how to use it but why. She also told him about hepatitis and e-coli and more shit then he wanted to hear about. That got the four us to laughing. Kyle told us that they used a hose.
     It was time for the unveiling and a demonstration on their part. Festus had an idea. He turned on the exhaust fan in the ceiling then ran out of the room. He was back in a minute with two fans. One was a box fan which he sat in the window over the tub and pointed it outside. The other was table top style which he sat in a stable spot and aimed it down at the toilet. He pulled off his shorts to show us a nice cut cock about six and a half inches long of a decent thickness. His whole body blushed as he took the hose from an old hand held shower head. "I don't want everybody to have to smell what is going to happen so I got the fans." We giggled but agreed.
     Festus raised the toilet seat and backed up then lowered himself down to just above the bowl. He had the hose pointing down as Kyle turned the water on low. Kyle knelt down and pushed the hose up his lover's ass. In a moment Festus told him to move. Kyle quickly pointed the hose into the tub as he moved away and Festus squatted. We heard what sounded like a bucket of water hit the water in the bowl and Festus flushed the stool real quick. Not quick enough as the smell hit my nose. I grabbed the little fan and pointed at the toilet. Kyle spayed the room with rose scented spray.
     Kyle did this two more times but the water was clear each time. The third time he pushed the hose almost eighteen inches up his lover's butt. It hurt me to think about it. Jeremy wanted to go next. He needed it bad. We talked about leaving and letting him do himself. He looked kind of hurt so I kissed him and took the hose. Kyle moved around to Jeremy's other side so that he was facing me and close in to watch what I was doing. He guided me every step of the way then we all got back and held our noses. Damn, Jeremy was full of shit. He nearly killed all of us. It took five times before the water was clear. Kyle told us it was better to take a shit first then just wash out. Well...we didn't know. He didn't tell us that part.
     I needed to take a dump so I ran everyone out. Kyle shut the door as they left and locked it. He looked at me. He is cute and he kind of looks like Jeremy. He asked me if he could kiss me. Jeremy called at me through the door. "It's okay babe. We're all family and I guess we will be living here awhile. I am going to get to know Festus, orally babe, orally." I understood what my love was saying. I looked at Kyle who was eager but embarrassed. I pushed his shorts down as I moved against him. I have never kissed anyone but Jeremy. I mean not like that, a deep sex kind of kiss. Oh well, you know what I mean.
     Kyle ground his cock into mine as our tongues searched each other for whatever we could find. I was feeling way to good but I needed to sit and shit. I told Kyle that he would have to go now that I had pass a major decision. He picked up the small fan and sat it beside the toilet and pushed me down. He lay his head in my lap and took my cock in his mouth. I could not wait. I tried to push him away. He put his arms around me and held on. I dropped a log that King Kong would be proud to claim. Kyle giggled around my cock as I did a courtesy flush.
     Kyle stood up. He was blushing. "I would like to keep that between the two of us for awhile. I just felt the need to do that. I have never.." I pushed him back and grabbed his goods. I swallowed his cock. It was identical in size to Festus but he was uncut. I pushed his foreskin back and began to suck him. He fucked my face as I grabbed his bunns. He flooded me with a very decent sized load of hot boi juice. I think that I am really going to like my summer.
     Kyle and I washed each other out then he unplugged the two fans. He sat them out into the hall and dragged me into the shower. We washed each other in the most sensuous way we could think of then we joined the other two, in progress. They were hard at it in the middle of the living room floor. I love watching Ricky and Bobby in a hot sixty nine but something about seeing my own lover plowing his dick deep into the throat of another really turned me on.
     Kyle and I wasted no time in joining them. We had both gotten off in the bathroom but we had a shower after that which allowed time to recharge. We lay beside each other for a quiet suck which quickly turned into a passionate facial assault. I was on top shoving my cock down Kyle's tighter than tight throat over and over again. I began to shoot off. I wrapped my arms around his butt and rolled over, pulling him on top of me. He took up the gauntlet and fucked my mouth with all of his passion as he sucked every drop of my juice from deep in my body.
     All to soon he was a heap on top of me. He wasn't ready to let go of my cock. I had a plan and this worked perfectly. They said the wanted to learn new things. Jeremy and I found out something they had never done. I spread Kyle's legs wide and pushed him down my body a bit. I dove face first into his never eaten ass. I heard Festus moan out, "Yeah, baby, eat my ass. That feels so fucking good. Oh Kyle, you will have to try this. It is sooooooooo good."
     "I am Feisty, I am." Feisty? Festus is feisty. It just keeps getting better and better. I turned around and got up between Kyle's legs. I pushed them up and he grabbed them to pull them to his shoulders. I dove back into the Y for the lunch special. I worked my fingers into his tight ass. I would have my fist up in him before this summer was over. For now I would be happy to have my dick in him. His ring was fucking tight. Feisty had as small a dick as he had. I was going to show him daddy.
     He was ready. He was begging to get fucked. I raised up from the lunch counter to look into Jeremy's eyes. He nodded so we got up on our knees. What we had here folks were two farm boys who liked to corn hole each other. They took turns getting on their knees and taking their fucking like a trained animal. Jeremy and I determined to teach them how to take it like a man.
     We had the two guys side by side, head to cock. We wanted them to be able to see their boyfriend take it all. They had never had a cock as large as we had. We were going to fuck near virgins.
     The pain of getting through Kyle's sphincter hit both of us but once inside I felt the embrace of heaven. I let Kyle adjust to the size of me. I felt him relax so I pushed on with what I needed to do. I was going where no man had gone before. Kyle knew that I knew it. Kyle's face softened into warmth and peace. He raised his head to look over at Feisty. Feisty rose up to look at Kyle. "Feel good?"
     "Kiley, it's fantastic. I feel things that I have never felt before. I don't ever want to stop." The of them turned so that they could suck each other. Jeremy and I raised their legs over our heads and sort of fucked them on their sides. We filled their world as they filled their partners. Jeremy and I were in a deadlock lip lock when a swishy voice spoke, "How sweet, the family that fucks together." I jerked around to see Franny and an old beared man come in.
     The four of us rolled to the floor to get our breath as Franny and the man undressed. "Oh, boys, this is my Mark. Isn't he just too much?" Yeah but too much what. He had a closely trimmed full beard of solid black hair. His hair was long but pulled back into a pony tail of over a foot and a half in length. He stood around five eight, five nine, from my vantage point on the ground. He weighed at least one ninety with his paunchy little belly that dunloped over his waist line. He was as out of shape as Jeremy's old man. Then I looked again. Except for the hair and the beard he was Jeremy's old man. Franny hadn't let go completely.
     Franny was impressive, cock wise but Mark was part horse. The dude had to have ten inches of cock swinging long and hard. His foreskin was just over the ridge of his glans and his cock dripped with precum. Mark lay next to Franny on the floor as Jeremy and Feisty scooted over. They snogged at each other then Franny's legs just drew up between them. Mark never broke their kiss as his cock homed in on its target as if radar guided. Franny grabbed it and made the final line up then Mark drove it home.
     That much cock up an ass at one time hurt me but Franny moaned and let his legs entwine the fat man. Jeremy moved to me and we stretched out for a quiet sixty nine. I looked behind me and Kyle and Feisty were rimming their first, just freshly fucked, ass holes.
     The six of us lay there for a little bit and just enjoyed life. Franny looked at his watch. "Well boys, that was fun. We need to use your shower now and get ourselves ready. Granny Sam will have lunch ready in forty five so get a move on it. We brought Marky's jeep down. After lunch we are going to show you boys the Arbuckle mountains."
     Jeremy and I took the shower first because we had to go back to the house to get our clothes. We didn't mess around with four others waiting. We kissed Kyle and Feisty then ran off to our room. Once their Jeremy wanted a long shower. Me too. "Babe, we don't have love names for each other."
     "I know, Jer. We just never thought of it."
     "Jer? I like that. Do you want to call me Jer, Ry?" We embraced the embrace of lovers in love. My Jer and I. We put on Levis™ and boots. We headed to the kitchen just as we heard the others coming up the side of the house. We each kissed granny then Kyle moved in next followed by the others.
     Granny fed us a meal of fried squirrel that one of the regular mountain residents brought down. She had greens cooked up. There was fresh corn from her own fields and a garden salad from the same source. I had never eaten wild animal flesh before. It was damn good. Mark told us that he loved to hunt and he would teach us to shoot then take us hunting. Kyle said that it was about the best times to be had in this mountain range as long as you watched the markers and didn't get over into the state park land.
     Mark started talking about going deer hunting come fall. I looked at him blankly. I couldn't shoot at or ever kill Bambi. All six of them, including granny, oohhhed at me. "How would everyone like some venison for dinner. Baked potato, green beans, and hot apple pie." Even I thought it sounded good, at least the last part. Granny took a thick package of frozen meat out of the deep freeze on the back porch. I looked at it. "Six venison steaks" read the label through the frost.

     Mark took it slow because with there were not six seats in his jeep, let alone six seat belts. We just kind of held on where we could. Because of our age, again the age thing, Jer, I love that, I don't know why I never used it before. Where was I? Oh yeah, because we were under eighteen Jer and I had to sit on the narrow seat in back and buckle up. Kyle and Feisty sat up on the wheel wells and held on for dear life, literally.
     Mark took us to this really nice stream and made us get out and walk. In a few minutes we could hear the roar of the falls. I began to laugh. They were all looking at me. "It sounds like Jer and I peeing in the toilet at the same time." I was laughing so hard that Jer had to tell them that I always say that I can hear Niagra falls. They each one had to rustle their hands through my hair and tell me I was cute. Shit, I coulda told em that.
     We drove up a very steep fire break to a ridge high above the falls and could see down on the entire area. Mark pointed at granny's cabins then over to the falls. We could see several camping areas, the church camp, and other cabins nestled in the trees. Kyle said he wanted to run naked in the woods. In no time at all there were six of us with nothing on but our boots freeballing to the world. Everybody was up for the event and nobody minded being looked at or even touched. I had to touch Mark.
     I had both hands around that thing and looked it in the eye. Jer giggled at me. I looked at Franny. He smiled at me. I just had too. I don't know, it was as if I had to do this or forever wonder about it. I stretched my as mouth as wide as I could get it and got the head of that thing inside me. I wanted all of it. I tried spitting on it but it only went in a little farther. I had an idea that I had gotten out of one of my favorite Nifty author's stories and told Jer to cum on it.
     Jer blushed but began to stroke himself. Kyle got up behind him and pushed up inside my man. What could I say, my mouth was full of some old man's cock. Jer was breathing hard and Kyle was enjoying doing his cousin. Jer got up on his tip toes and shot his wad on my nose and all over the tennis ball sized head of that horse dick. I pushed the cum around with my lips and the cock slid almost four inches further into my mouth.
     Feisty pumped his load on the shaft that was left. I backed up some then pushed again and I had his thick hair up my nose. I couldn't breathe but I had done it. I could hear the other's cheering but I wanted to tame this monster. I slid back out to the very end and took a deep breath then dove down again. I found a rhythm and kept at it.
     Mark lowered me with him as he sat on the ground. I was going to get on my knees but my body was picked up by Kyle and Franny. They turned me around so that Mark could get to my cock. As we sucked somebody went up in me. At that point I really didn't care who it was. I was moving my head so fast and trying to remember to breathe on each upstroke. After a few minutes I knew it was my Jer in me. He had this way....that's kind of personal, okay? He was making me so hot. I was juggling two of the largest balls in the universe when a fire hose let loose in my mouth. I was in my orgasmic throes and Jer was filling my ass but I was being drowned. I pulled back to swallow and got my face sprayed before I could get back on target.
     Franny pushed me away and fed on his man's milk. I wanted something else. In front of my face was the chance of a lifetime. Kyle had just been up Jer's ass. I had never tasted Jer's deepest parts. I locked on to Kyle's cock and forced him to me. Jer was still squeezing out his last drops. Mark was sucking my balls up through my piss tube. I shoved a finger up Kyle's ass and pushed his button. He filled me with almost as much cum as Mark had.
     Feisty stood there. He was undone. We attacked him and fucked him, sucked him, molested him in anyway that we could get to him. He was well taken care of and in no way felt left out. We ran around for a bit longer but there seemed to be an odor about. It was mostly me. Jer had cum rolling down his thighs and so did I. I also had it on my face and chest. Feisty was a crusty cum covered mess. Mark told us to stand absolutely still and silent.
     In a moment he pointed uphill. We followed though we were unsure as to where he was headed. We came on a tiny pool, no bigger than a bathroom sink. But a spring of fresh water trickled out of the rocks to gather there before running on downhill and disappearing somewhere in the abundant undergrowth. Mark made us wash up at the point where the water ran down the hill, not in the pool. When he got down on his knees and drank of the clear, cold water I understood why. That had to be the bestest water I ever tasted. I wanted to pipe it down to granny's. I was told that her water was from a spring just above her house.

     We got back to granny's house in high spirits. I was so high that my feet never touched the ground. Granny had a large bowl of milk with meat in it. I stood looking at it. She put her arm around my shoulder, "Venison is a wild creature that eats wild shoots and grasses. The meat tastes a bit gamey to someone who has never had it. I figured you and Jeremy would prefer me to cut that taste so I soak it in milk for a few hours before I cook it." I turned to her and put my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. I never knew any of my grandparents. They all died before I was born, except for grandma Levy, but she was so old she was in a home for the nearly dead. Mom called it a waiting room to heaven. Dad smirked and pointed downward when mom couldn't see him. I giggled at him. I miss them.
     We all took off to take a long, hot shower. I asked about Franny. Granny told me that they only came down so that they could go out to the ranch the next morning. She had told Edith that she was going down and Franny wanted to go along. She had a small bedroom where they could sleep for the night. This woman is ready for anything. I had kinda wanted them to sleep upstairs but granny looked at me and I knew not to say anymore. I guess she is afraid the old queen might corrupt my innocent little mind. hehehe

     It really was a special meal. I ate things that I had never thought of before. The deer meat was fantastic. Granny fried it like a chicken fried steak. She had baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes. I had to try a bit of that, not to bad. Jer slabbed some butter and then sprinkled some cinnamon on it and it was good. The greens that I thought were spinach were mustard mixed with turnip greens. I ate it but I hope I never have to again. They laughed at the city boy. I blushed. The salad was wild, really. I had seen Mark picking green stuff and putting it in this cloth bag. I was told that it was a gunny sack. It was made out of burlap. He soaked it in the spring to keep the greens cool and moist.
     He had several varieties stuff in his bag. There was wild onion, a garlic like pod, water cress, and lemon grass. It made plain old lettuce taste great. Now granny had promised apple pie. I have eaten a lot of apple pie in fifteen years on this earth, let me tell you. But when that woman said apple pie you better get out the dictionary and rewrite it.
     This was not a cobbler. I am wise enough to know the difference in a pie and a cobbler. This was a three inch thick apple pie dripping with cinnamon and sugar. I could taste nutmeg and allspice, a touch of cloves was in it. I savored each mouthful as I impressed all of them with my distinctions of the assorted flavors. But the prize on top was a piece of thinly sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese from Wisconsin. I asked her why somebody here didn't make it for her. She cuffed the back of my head then hugged me. She told Jer that if he ever dumped me he could not come back to her house. He scooted closer to me and told her that I would have to dump him, he was going to hang on to me for as long as I would have him. Everybody ohhhed as we kissed each other.

     We stopped at the town of Springer to load the back of granny's station wagon with store bought food. Two hundred dollars later we got onto I-35 and headed south. Everybody pointed out the highlights of Ardmore to Jer and me as we drove through. Several people called out and waved at granny. Feisty was scooted down in the front seat between granny and Kyle. He did not want his old man to know he was in town.
     Mark was behind us blowing his horn at people he knew as Franny stood up waving a flimsy scarf at people and flipping that wrist. I swear that wrist is going to go flying one of these days. Most people just turned their heads and went about their business. I guess rural America, at least redneck rural America, is not ready for the Franny's of the world yet. I wonder what they would think if they knew that the four boys with granny were just as gay as he, just not out there.
     We drove on east of town four or five miles then turned down this road that took us past this big, sprawling house with big barns and out buildings of every sort. We turned into the long drive and a huge, bald fat man was coming up in one of those electric handicap scooters. Granny stopped to say hi to the man. "Still telling your stories, Carl?" She asked him. He mumbled something to her but kept looking inside at us.
     "Got some fresh faces with you, girlie. Any stories there?" She told him he could ask us. She was sure we would have to ride down to the lake in a day or two. Kyle was grinning at us with his mouth so wide that it made my face hurt.
     All of us pitched in to empty the car and put things away then Kyle grabbed Jer and me and led us on a grand tour. He showed us everything around as we headed down to the old man's house in back. I have never seen such a garden. It was a grocery store growing out of the ground. Everything I have ever seen over in that part of a grocery store where the veggies are was here. Jer told me it was the produce department. I told him that this garden could produce everything in that department. He and Kyle both hit me.
     The old woman came out to greet us. Kyle wanted to show us the garden but she wanted us to come inside. She knew we were coming and she had a treat. Mark and Franny came running up and said that granny told them to come down. The woman smiled and led us to her kitchen. She had a long table with a bench on both sides. There was a stack of plates at the end of the table with forks and napkins. She asked Kyle if he could pour everybody a glass of milk.
     Kyle poured two glasses and sat them in front of Jer and me. He looked at me and told me to sip it at first because it was not what I was used too. I drew back. "What is it horse milk or something?" I asked.
     "No, twit. It's whole milk. Fresh from the cow. No cooking, only the heavy cream pulled off of the top." Jer nudged me in the side as he took a long drink. I took a sip. It was rich and sweet. I never drank milk that tasted so fucking good. I guess I said that out loud because I got some laughs and was told to watch my language. I blushed and apologized.
     The old woman opened the oven and pulled out a twelve inch pie, again almost three inches thick. "Blueberries are in. The whole east field needs ta be picked," she said as she cut into the hot blueberry pie. I am so gonna get fat living in Oklahoma. But I will be fat and happy, and with Jeremy at my side I will never want for anything else. I wonder how his cream would taste on a piece of that pie?
     Kyle told Beulah that we would go check out the berry patch and see what we could do. She hugged him and told him what a wonderful boy he was. She said that granny was one lucky lady to have a grandson like him. Kyle blushed then grabbed Jeremy. "This is my cousin. Justin's boy, Jeremy." Beulah threw her hands to her cheeks and turned Jer round and round as she looked him over.
     "He's the spittin image o' his pa. Welcome, boy. Welcome to my house. Ya'll come on down ta see me anytime. Tell me all 'bout yerself, ya hear?"
     Kyle led us to the barn. He laid out six saddles and the associated riggings. He went up in the loft and looked out across the fields. He put his fingers in the corners of his mouth and whistled so loud that it hurt my ears. He climbed down and smiled at us. Within minutes we heard the hoof beats then a horse trotted into the barn and up to Kyle. Kyle wrapped his arms about the horse and hugged him. He spoked to the horse, quietly. He pulled a long carrot out of his pants where the horse had been nosing him. He grinned at us as the horse ate the carrot.
     Kyle threw a big blanket on the back of the horse then tossed up a saddle. He made it look so easy as he cinched the saddle down and put the bridle on. I tried but couldn't even pick a saddle up. Kyle got down eye to eye with me and smiled, "Don't worry little brother, we were all young and small once in our lives. You will grow up. Until then I will be here for you." He kissed me. Long and deep and with tongue he kissed me. I melted in his arms. Am I falling in love with him. I do love him. I looked at Jeremy. He was all smiles. He put his arm around me and just held me as Kyle mounted his horse and rode away.
     Jer led me over to a stack of hay bales and we sat down. "He is easy to love. He and I took right to each other. I kind of think that he likes younger boys but he does love Festus. Don't worry, babe, I'm not jealous and I am not afraid that I will lose you. I know your heart, and I think I know Kyle's. You will play around with him and sometimes may do it without me being there but I think that you will always come home to me." I will have to get my mind around this. I could never do anything without Jer. He is my whole life. I like Kyle, yeah, a lot, but leave Jer? NOT.
     In about fifteen minutes Kyle came in leading five horses. Mark, Franny, and Festus each took one and saddled them up. Kyle was busy getting a saddle one of the two smaller horses. Festus had his horse saddled and he began to put the tack on the last horse. Kyle took my hand and led me and the horse he had outside. He gave me the leather straps, which he called reigns, and had me hold them and talk to the horse. Kyle poked me in the back with a carrot, but my dirty mind was thinking something else until he said, "take if faggot." I reached behind me and felt the carrot as we both giggled. I held it before the horse who took it and chewed it up.
     Kyle led me around to the side of the horse and helped me to mount him, er her. I saw Jer feeding his horse a carrot with no one around him. He went to the side as Kyle ran over to give him a boost up. Kyle came back to me and led me around a bit as Jer walked his horse along side of me. "Well, cowboy, are you ready to ride?" Kyle asked. I kind of nodded not to sure of myself yet. Kyle whistled and his horse came to him. He mounted and the others followed us down the road.
     Festus rode ahead and opened a gate out into a field where we entered. Very slowly we increased our speed as Kyle watched me to be sure that I was doing okay. By the time we got across that field we were going at a pretty good pace. I was scared shitless but I was trying very hard not to show it. Mark had the next gate open so we didn't even break stride as we trotted right on through. I tried to look back at the house. We had to be about a half a mile or so away. One more gate and we were up on a little ridge. It was probably just the soil from the field piled up here over the years, I don't know.
     "There they are boys. We're not going in their today. You would be eaten alive by the bugs in there. The worst of them are chiggers." I had to know what the hell a chigger was. Was it any kin to a snipe? They all laughed at me. "No, my man, they are real. More real than you want to find out about. They are tiny little blood suckers. They have a bite that will make you itch for hours. Some of them will get under your skin and feast on you for days. I have some stuff up at the barn that I will spray all of us with before we go in there. I doesn't smell so good but I would rather stink that itch myself to death." He turned and looked at Jer and me.
     "Now you two hear me and hear me good. We're going to be down in there with picker bags on our shoulders. We will be picking these berries, one by one, by hand. You will wear heavy boots with the legs of your pants tucked into the top. You will wear a long sleeve shirt with the collar buttoned and the sleeves buttoned. You may want to wear a hat to keep the sun off of your head, no ball caps. There are snakes in there so you want thick boots, as tall as we have that will fit you. When we come out of there we will go over into those trees to a small pool and scrub each other down with soap. We will also want to watch for ticks. Lime disease was over in the eastern part of the state last year and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever pops up ever now and then. There are ticks around that creek so we will check each other out again at the house. If you find a tick let one of us know. If he has his head dug in you don't want to pull him off. His head will stay in you. We will show you how to make them back off so that you can kill them."
     Okay, like I am sufficiently scared. Is there really any reason that I should want to go in there. "So like, why not just take a tractor and some kind of thingy and go pick them?"
     Kyle's smile was a mile wide. "Thank you little man, I knew you were bright and I really hoped you would ask that. Ryan, those berries are wild. Nobody planted that patch. They have been since time began. The ground has never been prepared. It is rocky. There are some boulders in there as big as Daisy here," he patted his horse. "A man would destroy any kind of machinery in there. It would need to be cleared out by burning then the rocks removed. Then plowed under and reseeded. You notice how low it is. When the spring rains come this land floods. That whole area is kind of marshy. At this time of year it is not swampy or wet but very damp, which is what those berries need to grow. Okay?" He has a way of making me feel so good about being dumb.
     We stayed along the ridge that I later figured that it acted like a levy to keep flood waters off of the fields. They told me later that I was right. Three miles south from where we started we came to a heavy duty fence with five rows of barbed wire. Signs along the fence said that this was state protected land, no hunting. Mark was beside me. He told me that this was Murray Lake, a state park. We rode along the fence to a small road with a bridge across the creek. The fence made a sharp turn south along the road. We rode on down that road toward a house set in a clump of trees that grew right down to the water's edge.
     The man in the scooter that we had seen earlier in the day sat on a wide porch working with a lap-top computer. He was naked. The guys introduced me to Mr. Carl Dickson, an avid story teller who would probably love to talk with me.

Well, that my friends is how I met Ryan Edgecomb. He had a nice story to tell and maybe later we will get together to hear the rest of it. For now, I am tired and I will go get me a fishing pole and sit down under that big Oak by the edge of the lake. You be good to yourself.

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