I love the story this boy is telling and I will try to be true to his telling without trying to correct his grammar. I do have to guess at how to spell some of the words that he uses. They don't seem to appear in my dictionary but they are cute and add to the story. Just sit back and picture a tiny ninety five pound, freckle faced boy telling about his summer experience. Here it is in his own words as we start with

The Dirty Old Man
Part II
Chapter 9


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     Samantha Kincade ran into the room and up to her son, Justin. "Wait, ma. I have to do this." He started to push forward. Franny and Matt moved toward him as he dropped to his knees and grabbed Jeremy. He pulled my boyfriend to him and began to cry. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I was wrong. I couldn't stand to see you do what I had done and ruin your life like I have." He grabbed me and pulled me into his little huddle then kissed me on the cheek. "You two are so right for each other and I couldn't stand it. Please forgive me. Please let me know that you don't hate me." We hugged him. Jeremy started to cry and hold onto his father's neck.
     We got Mr. Kincade on his feet and led him toward the table. He stopped and looked at Franny. "Frank, you are beautiful. You are more beautiful than you were on the night of the prom. I still love you. I have always loved you. I will love you until I die." Mark was up and posturing. "Set down, Mark. You have him. You always loved him yourself. I have not come to take him away from you. I have come to make peace with my mother and my son. And I see that Ryan is here so that I can ask for his forgiveness also."

     When Mr. Kincade returned from the train station Friday morning he found his wife packed and awaiting a ride from her sister. She could take no more of Justin Kincade and his domineering spirit. When he threw his own son out of their house she drew the line. Justin Kincade sat in his house crying over his spilt milk all day Friday and on into Sunday. He realized that his son had done nothing more than he himself had done. His father had nearly beaten him to death for loving another boy and he would not have his son go through life as a homosexual.
     He had Jer in his lap as he looked his son in the eye throughout his story. He had me pulled up close against his side and looked at me time and time again. He begged us for our forgiveness. We both agreed that we would forgive and forget the entire incident.
     Granny set down and held the hands of her only surviving child in her own. She told him how his father had hanged himself shortly after Justin had driven away. She sat with the sheriff as he told her how he and John, Justin's father, had been experimenting in their own youth and had carried a fondness for each other all of their lives. Their romance had not lasted all the way through highschool as it had with Justin and Frank but their friendship had and it had lasted until the very morning that Jonathan Kincade hanged himself. The sheriff shared how he would always love what they had and would look upon it as a part of growing up.
     Granny turned to Kyle and had him come and shake hands with his uncle as she told Justin of his sister's fate and the wonderful young man that she left behind. Justin sat with his head in his hands as he cried over all of the life that he had missed out on and of the lives that he had ruined by running away. He felt that his father would still be alive and that he could have saved his sister. He was sure that he would still be with Frank. Then he looked at Jeremy and grabbed him for the tightest hug yet. "But if I had stayed here I would not be the father of the greatest boy to ever walk the face of this earth." That set us all to tears.

     Mark and Franny left. They said that they would be at the mountain Sunday. They had a cabin reserved and they were going to take their vacation. Justin stayed for the rest of the week working about the farm with Kyle and Jeremy. He kept calling for Judd and I to join them but I felt like I didn't belong and found other chores that needed to be done.
     Friday afternoon it all blew up, big time. Mr. Kincade had called for me to join him and Jeremy. I turned him down, again. He threw his shovel down and stomped toward me sending absolute fear trembling through my tiny ninety five pound body. The others were running toward us as Mr. Kincade picked me up by the chin and lifted me off of the ground. "You listen to me and you listen good, faggot. My son loves you and I love my son. I want to love you too. You don't want to forgive me for what I did to the two of you last weekend then so be it but you will not avoid my boy or avoid working along side of him. I have a lot to make up to him. I have a lot to prove to you but damn it, boy I am going to do whatever it takes to let you know that I support the two of you and I will always be there for you for as long as you are together." Then he fell to his knees and cried as he wrapped his arms around my waist and held on.
     Jer was on his knees beside his father, kissing the man on his tear streaked cheek. I managed to pull away and get to my knees to wrap my arms around the man's neck. "I just wanted you and Jer to become friends and not have to remember that I am that sick little fag boy with that queer brother that lets me do all kinds of perversions to innocent little boys."
     His eyes widened, "I said that didn't I? Oh, Ryan please understand. I don't want the kind of life for my son that I have had to live. I was so wrong. You love him enough that you came here, all by yourself, just to be with him. He loves you so much that he was willing to go against me, knowing full well what I could do to him. He called you to come to him. My mother loved the two of you so much that she was willing to hide you from me and let the two of you be together.
     "My boys, I don't know if this is a teenage experiment of if you are truly in love. You don't know either. Right now you will both swear that you are in love. Only time will tell. I let the one person in this world that I loved get away and now he is lost from me. I was ashamed of what was done to me because of my love for a great friend. I will do whatever it takes to see that these things do not happen to the two of you."
     "That's very sweet but you don't have it completely correct, Justy. I was left alone but I am not lost to you. I loved you then and I will always love you. If you want to pick up the pieces and try to put our lives back together I am here." Franny was standing in the doorway of the barn with granny Sam at his side.
     Justy rose and started toward Franny. Just like in the movies the two ran in slow motion to meet several feet in the air in an earth moving kiss and fall back to the ground entwined in one another's arms. It was almost embarrassing to watch as two old men made out with passionate love before our eyes. That and the fact that one of them was my boyfriend's very own father. Jer stood with his mouth wide open and a weak little giggle shaking him at his core. The two men had their hands all over each other as they explored what the years had changed and what their love remembered of the other. I looked toward the door to see granny entering the back door of her house.
     "Franklin Jethro Hornsapple, I love you. Take me, please."
     "I'm yours forever, Justin Donald Kincade. Do with me as you will."
     "No, you. I want you. I need you." Franny looked at the man as Justy nodded. "I need it, Frank. Long, hard, and all night. I need it so bad." He started to pull Franny toward the house. Franny stood still. Justy looked at him. Franny pointed at the hay bales stacked against the wall. Justy nodded toward us.
     Franny nodded and pulled the man after him, "We're family. They've all seen me get fucked now let them see me be loved."
     "I want you in me, Frank."
     "Yes, my love. I am here for you, now and whenever you want. Just remember who's the sensitive one that needs his man to hold him." The lips locked again but the pants were sliding down. Judd and Kyle ran over and pulled the boots and shoes off of the pairs' feet then pulled the pants and socks off. Kyle threw a saddle blanket over the hay and Justy lay on his back with his legs pulled back. Except for the hairy chest and the smaller dick it looked like Jer laying there. Yeah, I'm not kidding. From where I stood Jer has a bigger dick. I checked it out up close later and Jer is the man in that family with seven and a half inches of extra thick cock to his dad's six and a half medium thickness.
     Franny has a bit more than I do at around seven and a quarter inches of pretty thick cock. Justy had not had a cock in his ass for sixteen years. Since before he left home and got married. Franny was trying to find something to lube Justy with when I wiggled my tongue at him. I made signs with my hands like I was spreading Jer's legs and wiggled my tongue again. Franny caught on. Justy had never been rimmed. He went wild. Franny ate the man's ass and used his fingers to widen the long time unused hole. Justy was begging for Franny's cock.
     I got where I could see the entry as well as Justy's face. He hurt. He was tight and that cock hurt as much as it had when he was a virgin school boy but he lay there and begged for more. Franny was all of the way in and Justy was relaxed as Jer and I high fived each other. "Fucking time. It's time for the entire Kincade family to get fucked. Come on Judy. Ry is going to go up into Jer and you're going up inside of me." Kyle lay down close to his uncle. Jer lay on the other side so that his shoulder could touch his dad. Judd and I took up our positions and slid our cock's on home. The three of us got into a rhythm together and fucked in unison. Justy had his son's and his nephew's cock in his hand and stroked them as we fucked. Franny took Justy's cock and stroked it at the very last. All three guys sent streams of hot cum streaking up their bellies as the three of us sent streams of cum up their tight ass chutes.
     Each of us pulled out and knelt down to lick their bellies clean of the offering that lay in the open air getting cool. Then we cleaned their wilting cock's so that they returned to an erect state. It was our turn. We rolled up onto our backs and spread our legs and waited for a return of the favor. In no time the three of us were coating our own bellies as Franny handled Judd and I quite nicely.

     We had some chores to get done or granny would have our hides hanging on the fence to dry. We sorta worked together, as close to each other as we could so that we could talk. Kyle and Judd had a rotten fence post to dig out and replace. Justin wanted to go through the tack and make sure that all the leather was well oiled and nothing presented a problem for horse or rider. Jer and I got the great job of mucking out the stalls in the barn where our horses had been the night before.
     Jer had to ask about Mark. Franny stopped and called us to gather around him. He told us that he and Mark had been having problems for sometime. Mark didn't like the flaming fag routine. We told him that he was sorta out there maybe too over the top for this part of the country. Justin hugged him and told us that this was his Franky and he loved him anyway he wanted to be.
     Mark and Franny argued about everything, including Justy returning and Franny just blew up. He told Mark that the only thing he had was a big dick but he had a small mind. He told him that maybe they needed time away. Mark got really nasty and brutal and told Franny that he didn't want to be around him anymore. By that time they were back in Paul's Valley. Franny helped Mark load everything of his into the jeep then walked away from him. Franny said he peeked out of his window and saw Mark crying. He was punching out a tree and screaming as he cried. Franny said he felt sorry for him and almost went to him but Mark got in his jeep and drove away.
     Franny wanted time to think so he went for a drive and found him back at the farm. He was glad he was here and if Justy would have him he wanted to make a permanent life change. Justin pulled him close for a hot kiss. We were kinda in the open and could be easily seen from the drive into the farm. A pickup truck pulled almost all of the way down to where we were.
     Judd took off for the barn with Kyle right behind him. A tall cowboy got out of the truck. I don't know how else to describe him. He was dressed in tight jeans with the round circle worn in his hip pocket from his can of dip. The crotch of his jeans was worn from sitting straddle on a horse for long periods of time. The front of his jeans was worn about the, not to big, basket area. I would think that he was another of the smaller cock set. His boots were worn and badly needing polish. The hat on his head had serious sweat stains almost two inches above the hat band.
     "See you're still a fag boy Justin. Thought your old man taught you a lesson that night." He sneered at Frank as he faced Justin.
     If ever Jeremy was ever more proud of his old man I don't know when it could have been. Justy covered the ground between himself and the big mouthed cowboy at light speed. He pulled back his fist and hit the bigot so hard that his head snapped sideways and, just like in the movies, we saw the blood and spit fly through the air. The cowboy reeled and Justy hit him again, this time sending the dude to his ass.
     "I have owed you that for fifteen years, Hiram Alonso Jones. You are the biggest hypocrite in the whole fucking county. You talk shit about cock suckers but I remember a boy who crawled through the pig trough, naked, for the chance to suck my cock and take me up your ass. I used to fuck you everyday until I met a real man, Frank." He put his arm out and Frank rushed into him to be cuddled close to his first love.
     "And why the fuck are you wearing my belt buckle? Did you steal that?"
     "No my father gave it to me. It's mine."
     "Your's my ass. I was the Junior Rodeo Champion for 1985. I'll bet you anything that my name is engraved on the back." He bent over and grabbed the buckle. It came loose from the belt notch then Justy pulled the whole belt off of the man's pants. He turned it over and looked at the back and then showed it to us. I could just make out the name of Justin Kincade bareback champion Jr. Division age 14 - 15. Some one had tried to remove the name with sandpaper or something.
     "A cocksucker, a take it up the ass faggot, a bigot, a hypocrite and a thief. Boy, you are all that."
     "My dad is a cocksucker?" Judd ran out to look down on the man.
     "Fuck yeah, Hiram and Mark used to suck each other in the boys' gym shower every afternoon. They used to chase me and Frank around trying to get into our pants."
     "Well, love, they were chasing you to get into your pants for love. They were chasing me to get into my pants to emasculate me. They used to threaten to kill me if I didn't get away from you. They both had the hots for you. If you want the truth a lot of the boys wanted to be with you. They weren't queer or anything they just wanted to suck your cock and let you corn hole them." Hehehe
     "So where did you get my buckle?"
     "My dad gave it to me the day your old man offed himself. He said that the buckle should have been mine anyway but that you probably blew the judge to get it." Justy laid a left hook on the man's face that lifted him off of the ground and onto his ass again.
     "Mr. Jones, I hate you and I despise you. I am going to have my name changed. I don't want anyone to know that I have a liar for a sperm donor. You are pure shit to me." Judd was screaming at the man as Kyle held him close.
     "I don't care no more anyways. I've had it with you, all of you. Mark came back to me last night. Frank couldn't even hold on to him. He told me you were back. I didn't think you'd ever show your face in these parts again so I had to come see for myself."
     "So you've seen. Now you're going to hear. I am back to stay. I will be right here, on this ranch. Everybody in the entire county is going to know who and what you are and how you killed my father by spreading tails about me. Of all the guys I knew, back then, I would never have thought that you would out me like that. All of us fooled around with each other, we were kids and constantly horny. I never got into livestock like you did. Yeah, Hiram, I know about the calf. So do several others. You knew better than to let Forbes see you fuck her. He couldn't keep his mouth shut in a room full of poison gas."
     The man got into his truck and was about to leave, "and the name is Al," he called back at us.
     "Fuck you, Hiram Alonso. You will always be shit to me. Come around here again, come around these boys, cause me some grief and I will show you what I do with shit."

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