Ryan and Mark Part 3





"Ryan! Ryan!"  A voice sounded, it was his dad and Ryan awoke from a deep sleep and rubbed his eyes to see his dad standing over him "hey son, come on get yourself showered and dressed, we have to be out to this college you want to go to in 45 minutes" his dad said.

Ryan rubbed his eyes and focused on his dad "okay dad keep you shirt on" Ryan replied sleepily "and I think you had better take care of that as well while your in the shower" said his dad and motioned his head to Ryan's shorts.

Ryan looked down in horror and saw they were tented, not just tented though, really bulged out "ohh ermmm ohh yeah ohh shit!" Ryan waffled on nervously, his dad was grinning "hey I know how it is son, I was 16 myself onetime you know" and laughed "just don't let your mother catch you sporting one okay, you know how she is, she will bend my ear about me giving you the "talk", "not as I think you need it anyway" he went on and winked.

Ryan smiled weakly as his dad went and left the room, he climbed off the bed and stripped off his tee shirt and admired himself in the full length mirror he had "Mmm nice ribbed chest" he thought to himself, he slipped his shorts off and stood in his white cotton underpants, still tented and with a patch of precum appearing, he opened his door and looked out and saw nobody was about so set off to the bathroom and slipped off his socks and underpants and ran the shower and stepped in under the warm water.

Ryan stroked his cock and got the hardness back, he pulled his long foreskin up and down his throbbing shaft, he moaned slightly and closed his eyes and images of Shaun naked and also of Mark swirled into his brain and he pumped his cock up and down, he groaned and shot a good load of cum onto the shower wall, four good spurts of his thick teen sperm trickled down the wall and got washed away.

Ryan came down from is high and washed his cock clean, paying particular attention under his foreskin, he rinsed off the shower gel on his body and switched off the shower and stepped out and grabbed a towel and dried off, looking in the mirror he checked himself and sprayed deodorant onto his body and then grabbed a bottle of expensive after shave he liked and sprinkled some on his hand and splashed it on his face, it stung slightly and he winced.

He left the bathroom wrapped it a large bath towel and headed for his room, on the way his parents bedroom door opened and his mum came out all dressed up "Mmm you smell nice Ryan are you out to impress someone at this college?" she said, Ryan blushed and said "Ermmm no mum, you look nice by the way"

She did a twirl and giggled "you fancy me then?" she said giggling again "Mumm!" Ryan said in frustration "just teasing you sexy boy" she replied and set off down the stairs "ten minutes okay, we are running late Ryan, after the college we are going to have a meal okay" she said as she descended the stairs.

"Okay mum I will be down shortly" Ryan answered as he entered his room, he took off the towel and stood naked in front of his mirror and gazed at his body, his cock lay soft between his legs and his balls hung loosely, he turned and looked at his shapely bum and gave it a slight slap and grinned, he opened his drawer and grabbed a clean pair of his white cotton boxers, he liked wearing this style of underpants and had a good few pairs along with vests to match, which he sometimes wore in the winter.

He slipped on his pants and a clean pair of grey socks and looked through his shirts and picked a nice blue one and tie to match and slipped it on, getting his new grey suit out of the closet he slipped on his trousers and tied his tie and slipped on his jacket and black shoes and he was ready, a quick check and adjustment he was good to go and smiled at himself in the mirror.

He skipped downstairs and joined his parents in the kitchen and said he was good to go "ohh my isn't he the handsome one dad?" said his mum and beamed at her only son, "he is, just hope he meets a nice girl tonight at this college thing he has dragged us to" said his dad with a wry smile, Ryan flashed him a scowl.

They set off to the college in his dad's car; it only took them about 15 minutes driving to get into the college complex and park up, they went into the college and were greeted by a young lad who gave them directions and a brochure each, people were milling around and it was hard to find the place they had to go for the PE section but they found it and were soon chatting to a tutor about what the college offered, tea and coffee and biscuits were offered to the guests so his mum and dad went and availed themselves of a drink after chatting with Ryan and Mr Reynolds the head of PE studies, he called a Jamie Nelson over who seemed just a bit older than Ryan and asked him to show Ryan the facilities they had.

"Hi Ryan" said Jamie "hello Jamie" Ryan said after they were introduced, it turned out that Jamie was a second year student and was helping out, they set off down a corridor and through some swing doors at the end and then another set and they were in a large changing area which Jamie said was the main gym changing room, off that he showed Ryan the showers and Ryan saw the showerheads were arranged in the centre of the room in a sort of carousel way, with 4 heads to a carousel, in a small room off that was a small sauna and plunge pool and a couple of steam rooms.

They went next door and Jamie showed him the 6 rooms that comprised the sports massage suite and explained that sports injuries to the students were treated there, Ryan said he was impressed so far, through another door was a big sports hall where they did athletics and the such and circuits Jamie explained, next room to that was a fully kitted out gym with weights and bars and running machines and the like you get in commercial gyms, a door off that led to a 25 metre swimming pool, depths ranging from 1 metre to 5 metres Jamie informed him.

Through the windows at the back of the complex Jamie pointed out the soccer, rugby and cricket pitches and the tennis courts, all in all a state of the art sports college and only built 3 years ago said Jamie, they left the sports complex to go and re-join his parents when they bumped into Mark and his parents, Jamie left them and Mark and his parents chatted to Ryan, "the It suite is ace!" cooed Mark "why don't I show you it Ryan?" Mark went on. Marks parents wanted to look at the sports suite so Ryan volunteered to show them, much to Marks dismay.

After a brief tour on which Mark's dad was trying to get Mark to sign up for PE classes they went back to the main area and met up with Ryan's parents, it turned out that Ryan's dad knew Mark's dad from the golf tournament they had both been in and Mark's dad had won it narrowly from Ryan's dad, they paired off to catch up and their respective wives did the same and that left Mark with Ryan on their own and Ryan was now bored with Mark's talk about the IT suite, so to placate him a bit he gave in and suggested Mark take him to see it.

All the way Mark talked about nothing else "god he can be such a geek at times" thought Ryan as Mark took him first down one corridor and then another until they got to a door with a young guy standing by it, he let them in after Mark told him who he was, "they have to keep the door locked because its crammed full with state of the art computer stuff" Mark said and smiled at a bored Ryan, when Ryan saw the banks of computers his eyes popped, he had never seen so many, at their old school there was possibly 30 to 40 aging computers, here there we banks upon banks of what he could see were top of the range desktop and laptop computers and large displays, coupled with a printer room with loads of up to date printers, he was impressed given he was only just computer literate.

"Why don't you join me on this course Ryan?" said Mark and looked hopeful at Ryan; Ryan looked around and shook his head "its not for me Mark, I only just about scraped through on my IT module at school so I didn't get high enough grades to do this" Ryan said and was confident that this explanation would kill this conversation, "you did enough Ryan" said Mark and looked a bit sheepish and handed Ryan a sheet of paper he had taken out of his inside pocket.

Ryan took it and read it, it was a grade paper and on it, it stated Ryan had passed his grade with a higher mark than he had been told he was given, therefore enabling him to get into the IT class here, "what the hell is going on here Mark?" exclaimed Ryan "my original grade paper said I hadn't enough marks to be able to qualify for this course, where did you get this from?" he went on without drawing breath and looked angrily at Mark.

"Now don't get upset Ryan, but I had a word with Mr Andrews the school IT head and he decided he had marked you too low, so re-issued your grade and asked me to pass it on to you, I only got it today and you had left the school by then" Mark explained and looked a bit frightened Ryan looked at him and wondered what the hell made Andrews to change his mind as quite often him and Andrews had locked swords over Ryan's reluctance to knuckle down to work on his computer, preferring to mess about a lot.

"Okay so what did you have to do to get him to change my marks? Wank him off! Suck his cock! Let him fuck you! What?" shouted Ryan, Mark looked at him and felt himself colour up and he was close to tears "I did nothing of the sort, just because you hate Mr Andrews and he doesn't get on with you, doesn't mean he is a bad teacher, you're the one who pissed about Ryan, if you must know all I did was fix his laptop for him he had been having trouble with and when he suggested he pay me I refused and suggested he take another look at your grade" Mark said and now the tears were flowing.

Ryan looked at Mark and a lump came into his throat, he had really hurt his school friend and that was wrong "look I'm sorry okay? I never meant to hurt you Mark" said Ryan and pulled a clean handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Mark, Mark took it and wiped his tears from his cheek.

"All I did was to help you Ryan, you're my best and only friend in the world" sobbed Mark, there was nobody else in the room so Ryan took hold of the sobbing Mark and pulled him towards him, Mark rested his head on Ryan's strong shoulder and Ryan said " I am such a wanker Mark, please forgive the despicable things I said, you were only acting in my best interests and I am grateful to you and I will enrol on this computer course, but I want you to help me please"

Ryan felt his cock stir in his pants as he was holding Mark close, although Marks body was thin compared to Ryan's he felt so sexy when he held him tight, they pulled away and it was noticeable that Ryan was semi erect and Mark was too and the both blushed, but didn't say anything "well okay then I will give you extra curricular tuition if you will help me with some PE and bodybuilding" said Mark

"Your wish is granted kind sir!" Ryan said and grinned and bowed they both laughed and Mark was now okay and Ryan suggested they find a toilet so Mark could wash the redness on his face the tears had made, they left the IT suite and went into the toilet opposite and Mark swilled his face as Ryan went and had a pee and then washed his hands at the next wash basin to Mark, there eyes met as they looked in the long mirror over the sinks and then Mark turned to Ryan and said "come on sexy, lets get you to the registration table to sign you up for IT before you change your mind"

Looking baffled by his remark and slightly elated he said it though, as they went out the door Mark put his hand on Ryan's bottom and steered him through and gave it an ever so light squeeze that made Ryan jump slightly as he was expecting this, he didn't have time to quiz Mark as they bumped into Mark's and his parents who had come looking for them "Ryan's going to sign up for IT now" said Mark and beamed at his parents "is this true son?" Ryan's dad asked him "Ryan looked at Mark and he grinned at him "yes dad it is, Mark showed me the IT suite and I think it's fantastic so he persuaded me to join the course and said he would help me extra curricular as well, plus I have to help Mark get better at sports and help him do some body building" Ryan answered.

"Well that's great news son" said Mark's dad "perhaps now Ryan can help you bulk up a bit and get fitter" he went on and beamed at Ryan "yeah and you can learn something else in case getting a job in PE doesn't happen, well done son" said Ryan's dad "and thank you Mark for persuading him" he went on "nothing to it sir!" Mark replied and grinned at Ryan again, they all decided to go eat together as soon as Ryan and Mark had signed up for their courses, Mark's dad said he would pay, Ryan's dad disagreed, but said he would get the wine and any drinks they had so they struck a compromise and left to go to the main hall.

Having signed up on their courses Ryan and Mark joined their respective parents and they set off in the two cars to a restaurant that Mark's dad knew was a good one, it was set in some nice gardens and they made their way inside and were greeted by a head waiter who seemed to know Mark's dad and greeted him warmly and found us a table, when we looked at the menu my eyes nearly popped out to see the prices and I was looking for the cheapest meal, even that cost and arm and a leg, I plumped for the large hamburger with chips, but Mark steered me to the steak as he was having that, so to placate him I had the same, my dad ordered drinks and let me and Mark have a small beer each.

The meals came and they were great and Mark and me were giggling a lot, it was the beer I guess as it always makes me giggle, we had our dessert and then Mark and me excused ourselves to go and get a breath of fresh air in the garden as the rents had coffee and a good chat, we found a spot in the garden and sat down on a bench.

"Mark, why did you have a feel of my bum when we came out of the toilet in college?" Ryan said Mark looked at him a bit wide-eyed "did I? I don't remember" he replied "yes you did and you said I was sexy, what is that all about?" Ryan went on.

Mark was now colouring up and he looked away, when he turned back to Ryan the waterworks were on again "Mark answer me please" Ryan continued Mark looked at him and felt that the crying thing wasn't working this time, he gulped and said  "Ryan, you're the sexiest thing in our school and I fancy you like mad" there he'd said it now "that means your gay then?" said Ryan and his heart skipped a beat on hearing that Mark fancied him.

"I think so Ryan, never done anything with a boy, but want to eventually, I am sorry but I can't help it, don't tell my rents will you please, I trust you Ryan" Mark said and looked tearfully at Ryan.

"So all that to get me to do IT was a ruse to get me to be with you in class?" quizzed Ryan "well I guess you could say that, anyway I want you to help me get fitter, so it's a trade off" Mark replied and felt the storm was over and dabbed his eyes again with Ryan's handkerchief he had been given at college.

"Well I think you are a shit Mark, getting me to sign up so you can perv me, it wasn't really about me doing IT was it?" ranted Ryan and looked so angry he was ready to thump him.

Mark's bottom lip quivered and this time the tears did flow "I am so sorry Ryan, I didn't mean to hurt you, you can change your mind about the IT course and I will leave you alone at college, we probably won't see each other anyway," he cried

Ryan looked at the sobbing 16 year old at his side "fine that's just what I will do, I will tell my rents I changed my mind about the IT class, and I never want to see you again Mark" he said brusquely to Mark and got up and made his way back to the restaurant leaving Mark sobbing on the bench, their parents were coming out as Ryan went in "oh Ryan we are ready to go now, where's Mark?" said his dad "he's over there he's having a sneezing bout I think, I need to go to the toilet before we go" Ryan said lying through his teeth

"Okay but be quick Ryan" Ryan's dad said and Ryan skipped inside to the toilet and went to the end cubicle and shut the door and sat on the seat and sobbed his heart out into his hands "what the fuck did I do that for?" he thought to himself "I want Mark to be gay and now he has told me I have pushed him away" he thought again.

He heard the door go and his name was called "Ryan! Ryan! Are you okay" said his dad "yeah dad just finishing here, sorry I was a bit desperate" Ryan replied and got up and dried his eyes "well the Halseys have gone, Mark wasn't well, something about an allergy he has to some plant or other, they said their goodbyes to you" his dad went on. Ryan flushed the toilet and opened the toilet door and went over quickly to the sink and washed his hands and face and grabbed a few paper towels, drying off they both left the toilet and headed to the car.

On the drive home Ryan said nothing, just looked out the side window in the back seat as his mum drove as she hadn't had a drink only cola, soon they were home and Ryan said his goodnights and headed to his room and undressed and stowed away his suit and tie and threw his shirt in the corner of the room, he was angry with himself for what he had done to Mark and wished he could at least put it right, he took off his socks and got into bed and switched off the bedside lamp and tried to sleep, it wasn't coming and he kept seeing the figure of Mark on the bench crying his eyes out.

At sometime during the night Ryan managed to sleep, over in the Halsey household Mark was tying to sleep as well and for him it was the same thing, he kept wishing he had never told Ryan Evans that he was gay, now he would probably tell the boys in their class tomorrow and he would be "outed" he contemplated ending it all, but decided he was better than that, eventually he drifted off into a restless sleep.

Ryan awoke early next morning and padded in his pants to the bathroom and had a pee and then threw his underpants into the laundry basket and had a quick shower, he left the bathroom and passed his mum in the hall and they said good morning to each other "only two more days Ryan" she said "what mum, what do you mean?" he asked quizzically "just two more days at school and then college in Sept" she explained

"Oh yeah, early finishes today and tomorrow as well" he said  "just until lunchtime, time to clean out my locker and hand in my key and say my goodbyes really" replied Ryan and without saying anything else he went into his room and sat on the bed wrapped in his towel, after a few minutes pulling himself together he got some clean underpants and socks and a clean school shirt and his school trousers and jacket and threw off the towel and got dressed and then grabbed his school bag and went downstairs for his breakfast.

Still feeling delicate over Mark he sat and ate some toast and sipped OJ in the kitchen saying nothing "you okay Ryan?" said his mum and looked concerned at her son "yeah just a bit tired mum, guess it was that beer and the big meal, I couldn't get to sleep at first" Ryan answered "well come home when you are finished today, do you have PE at all?" she said

"No mum, none now, its just a matter of sorting out my old kit and bringing it home, and yeah I will be home at lunchtime" he replied and grabbed his bag and said he was setting off for school "well I will be out today as they want me to go in, even though its my day off, a couple have gone off sick at work" she said and kissed the top of Ryan's head as he passed her, he said goodbye and then left for school, he took his time as he was well early and hoped Mark wasn't hanging around by the gate waiting for him like he usually was.

Right now he had to think and he didn't want to see Mark until he had thought things through, he approached the school gates and saw that Mark wasn't there, he sighed a sigh of relief that he wasn't and went through and into school and to the canteen and grabbed a cola and a bar of chocolate from the machine and sat eating the chocolate and drinking his cola and contemplating what he would say to Mark when he saw him.

A voice brought him out of his thoughts, "hey Ryan, how's it going?" it was Shaun Morris "fine Shaun, how's it with you?" Ryan replied, "Yeah I'm cool, glad to be finished here soon" Shaun went on "you want to meet up later? Maybe come to mine as the rents are out all day," Shaun asked

"I'm sorry not today Shaun, I have to go to the college to sort out some paperwork from last night, I dunno how long it will take" replied Ryan "well I will come with you if you want, I have nothing to do" went on Shaun

Ryan could see that Shaun really wanted to have sex with him again, and he said "okay give me your mobile number and I will call you when I have left the college and come to you at yours" Ryan said, Shaun smiled and gave him his number and Ryan put it in his phone and called Shaun's phone and he added it to his favourite numbers "okay I have to go now, see you later sexy" Shaun whispered that last bit so nobody could overhear and grinned and was off through the door.

Ryan grimaced at that as he remembered Mark saying that to him last night, he finished up his drink and went to register, he sat at the back of the class and saw that Mark was nowhere to be seen, one by one other boy's arrived and then the teacher arrived with the register and the bell rang and he gave them all another 5 minutes to settle down and then started to call the register, when it got to Mark Halsey's name the teacher called out he was sick and went on calling out names.

"Mmm sick" thought Ryan, he felt that was his fault, the next two hours they had talks by a careers adviser and were showed a short video on what they could hope to do in the real world, then he was glad break time was here and he could get a drink and something to eat, then all he had to do was go to his locker and sort out all the books he had and check the ones that were the schools back into the library, he had his food and drink and a few boys sat with him and chatted before they went off to their lockers to do their emptying.

Ryan sat a bit more and thought about Mark, the more he thought the worse it got and he knew he had to go and see him to apologise, he decided he would try and contact him and hit the speed dial number he had for his mobile, it rang and then he was cut off, he guessed that Mark on seeing who was calling ended the call, he tried again and got his voicemail, "hi Mark this is Ryan, I missed you at school today, they say your sick, I guess it's because of me, will you call me so I can apologise properly? Take care mate, please let me in Mark, I have been such a shit again" Ryan said into his phone and made sure nobody was in earshot, he ended the call and switched off his phone, sighing he got up and put his rubbish in the bin and left the canteen and went to his locker.

When he got there he saw the next locker door wide open and he looked in, it was empty and it was Mark's locker "so he has been here" Ryan thought and perhaps he had gone to the school office to hand in his key, he decided to rush and see if Mark was still there and soon he got to the office and opened the door, he saw the office was empty except for the school secretary "excuse me mam, has Mark Halsey been and handed in his locker key?" Ryan asked as she looked up from some papers "she looked down a list and said "yes he handed it in about 15 minutes ago, have you come to hand in yours?"

"Oh no, not yet, just in the process of emptying it, be an hour I reckon" Ryan said and looked a bit crestfallen at her answer "well soon as you can boy, once you have done it that's it, the head says that you don't have to come in tomorrow if you haven't got business here" she went on " I don't understand mam, what's this about not coming in tomorrow" queried Ryan

"Well I have just posted a notice on the main notice board that all sixth formers have no need to come in tomorrow at all, as long as they have given back any books they borrowed and handed in their locker keys" she explained "oh right, okay I will empty my stuff asap and get the key to you" said Ryan and turned and left the office and headed back to his locker, he unloaded everything and sorted out his books and the PE kit he was keeping and stuffed what he wanted in his school bag and the rest he took to one of the waste bins, checking he had left his locker empty he took the books back to the library and checked them in and then to the secretary's office again and handed in his key and she checked his name off the list.

On his way out he said goodbye to a couple of teachers he liked and made a special journey to the gym and found the PE teacher and thanked him and he was out the door and took a look back at the place he had spent 5 years of being educated, he though back to when he came here on the first day as a very nervous 11 year old boy, he smiled wryly and went out the gates for the last time and made his way home.

Arriving home he dumped his bag in the kitchen and opened it up and took out the smelly PE kit and his soccer boots, putting the PE kit in the washer he put the powder in and set it going as he had been taught by his mum, throwing his boots in the shoe closet he picked up his bag and went to his room and fired up his laptop as he took off his tie and jacket, he decided not to undress as he wanted to go out to the college to cancel his IT course, he opened up his MSN messenger and saw that Mark was online, he quickly sent him an instant message and waited for a reply, none came.

He tried again. And said "hey Mark, I know your pissed at me, I would be to in your case, but please let me say sorry to you to your face, if you still are pissed at me then okay I will leave you alone, I am thinking of cancelling my courses at the college anyway and trying to get a job, so you won't see me there"

This time it got a response "what the fuck do you mean, cancelling your PE course?" typed Mark "its what I said, I will cancel both the courses and leave you alone and your secret is safe," typed Ryan

"No fucking way Ryan" typed Mark "your way to good at PE to do that, and I won't be the one who makes you do it, if you don't want to do IT, than that's fine, but don't for fucks sake cancel PE, your rents will go ballistic" Mark typed.

"It was only a thought, calm down dear," Ryan typed and sat back in his chair and waited for a reply

It was a couple of minutes before Mark replied "cam with me" and the little cam symbol of Mark's lit up on Ryan's laptop screen, he clicked on it and the cam came on and he nearly flipped out, Mark was shirtless in front of the cam "what the fuck!" typed Ryan  "invite me to cam" came the reply, so Ryan clicked on his own cam and sent an invite to Mark, Mark accepted and his own cam picture came up underneath Mark's.

"So what is al the nudity about then Mark, it's not like you to undress on cam" typed Ryan Mark stood up and Ryan was even more shocked to see Ryan was just in his underpants, sexy white ones like he wore as well "fucking hell!" Ryan typed and his cock started to harden "you like this queer boy's body?" typed Mark and he did a twirl

"Ermm ohh ermm well yeah" typed Ryan after a few minutes of staring at Ryan "Mark you don't have to do this, I am so sorry I said what I said, I have a confession to make anyway" Ryan typed nervously.

"What's that then?" Mark typed back and sat down, Ryan steeled himself for what he was about to type "well last night I was a bit shocked you felt my bum and called me sexy, quite frankly I have been having thoughts about you, especially when I wank off, I wanted to respond positively, but something snapped in my head and I reacted to you confessing that your gay and fancied me, the truth is Mark I have been fancying you for ages and I guess that makes me gay, there I have said it now" Ryan typed and sat back and breathed a big sigh.

For a few minutes Mark didn't reply then a message appeared from him "so you're a fucking queer like me?" Ryan answered, "Yes I am a goddam fucking 24 carat fucking queer who wants you to beat the hell out of my arse!"

Onscreen Mark broke up in laughter and so did Ryan "and I want to suck that big cock of yours" Ryan typed again "I want to suck your cock Ryan, and with that Mark stood up and pushed down his white pants and revealed his throbbing cock to Ryan "oh fuck that's beautiful" typed Ryan as he saw Mark's cock for the very first time and yes he was right, he was circumcised, a thin shaft though, but a nice five or six inches of boy flesh topped by a lovely purple bare cock head, Mark turned sideways and let Ryan see it side on sticking up to the ceiling and Ryan's cock got harder, he turned back and fondled his boy balls, Ryan could see they were low hangers and he so wanted to suck on them.

"My turn now" Ryan typed and stood up and quickly stripped to just his school socks and stood in front of the cam, he too was fully erect and stood and let Mark see him in all his glory "fucking hell what a gorgeous cock Ryan" typed Mark "thank you" Ryan typed back "pull your foreskin back for me" typed Mark and Ryan stood and grabbed his cock and pulled all the way back on his long foreskin, exposing his fat knob and it was leaking precum, he pushed it as close as he could to the fixed laptop cam.

"Oohh fucking gorgeous" cooed Mark typing furiously, Ryan flexed his stomach muscles and Mark nearly passed out with desire "I want you!" typed Mark  "I want you as well" Ryan typed back "I am yours forever and a day" he carried on typing "when can we meet?" typed Mark "I dunno, what do you suggest?" Ryan replied "the rents are away this weekend at a friends wedding, come stay over with me and we can, well we can you know, get it on" Mark typed

"Well yeah, but I will have to ask my rents, I don't know what they got planned, can I call you later when they are in?" Ryan typed

"Yeah no prob! I will answer this time" Mark typed "thanks Mark, I am sorry for what I did" Ryan answered  "yeah and so am I for duping you into the IT course, we both acted like idiots" Mark replied, Ryan nodded on cam "hey what we going to do about these?" Mark said and stood up and showed his erection again "lets wank and shoot our cum, I can't let this go to waste" typed back Ryan.

Mark grinned and reached over and got a tube of something and smeared it on his cock and started to wank whilst looking at Ryan's cam, Ryan in the meantime was standing sideways and looking at Mark wanking his cut cock and drooling as he wanked his own and showing Mark up close what he was doing, it wasn't going to take the horny 16 year olds that long to spunk up and first Mark gasped and grabbed his cock harder and he shot his sperm into his hand and showed Ryan, no sooner as Ryan had saw that he started to moan and he held his hand by his knob and spurts of his white teen sperm jetted out into his palm and he licked it in front of the cam.

"Ohh fuck I would love be doing that for you" typed Mark, Ryan grabbed a tissue and wiped his hand and cock clean and pulled up his white pants, Mark did the same and they said their goodbyes on MSN and clicked off their cams and switched out, Ryan was knackered now after his show and he lay down on the bed in just his white pants and socks and started to drift off to sleep, his mobile went off and he saw it was Shaun Morris "fuck!" He thought, he had forgotten he was supposed to call him, he answered "hey Shaun, how's u?"  Ryan said and put on a weird voice.

"Hey Ryan what's up man? I thought you were going to call and come over maybe" Shaun said "yeah I was, sorry I am not feeling good, I think I ate something dodgy from the canteen today, I got the runs bad so I am at home, never went to the college at all" Ryan replied and hoped his lie had worked  "okay no prob, I understand, its not much fun when you got the runs is it? I really wanted to meet up with you again and have some sexy fun at mine this time, maybe do some other things" Shaun replied; Ryan thought about it and he felt he would have liked what Shaun had in mind.

"Maybe tomorrow okay, I took something that's supposed to help but it makes me drowsy and I need to sleep a bit, I will call you later okay" said Ryan "sure mate take care and I'll await your call, won't be able to invite you here though as the rents are in I think, can I come to yours?' asked Shaun "lets see how I am later okay, I dunno if my rents are home either yet till they come in" Ryan answered, and Shaun said to get well soon and rang off.

Ryan settled down again and smiled to himself, he now had two sexy boys who wanted him, but which one was he in love with? No contest he thought, it deffo was Mark Halsey; he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep and dreamt of them both.

Ryan awoke after a couple of hours good sleep, he got up and went to the toilet and emptied his bladder, he stood looking at himself in the mirror and thought about the days events and what he had got himself into, Shaun was after him for more sex, he had patched things up with Mark and come out to him and of course school was finished until he started college in Sept doing Physical Education and IT, he heard a car pull into the drive and he went and looked out his bedroom window and saw it was his dad, he grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and slipped them on and went to meet him downstairs.

"Hey dad, how's it going?" asked Ryan as he walked into the kitchen and saw his dad getting a cold drink "hey Ryan, its going fine, I had a good day son, you seem in a better mood today compared with late last night? Ryan's dad answered, "yeah I do feel better, school is over now and I made it up with Mark, I was an idiot with him last night and said something I shouldn't have cos he pissed me off with talking about the IT course I felt he conned me into signing up for" replied Ryan

"Well I thought you two had fallen out or something by the way he jumped into the car and told his parents he was ready to go home," His dad said

"Well it was something and nothing and it's all sorted now, oh by the way he has asked if I can go and stay over with him this weekend as his rents are going to a wedding or something and staying a couple of nights, would that be okay if I did Dad?" Ryan asked and looked hopeful at his dad

His Dad thought for a minute and replied "I can't see any problem, we have nothing planned, but clear it with your mum okay?" and smiled at him

"Thanks dad, and I will aske her as well" replied Ryan "Ask me what?" a voice said and they both turned to see that Ryan's mum had arrived and they hadn't heard her arrive.

"Oh hi mum, nothing, it was just that Mark has asked if I could go stay with him this weekend as his rents are going to a wedding or something, would it be okay mum? Ryan asked again

"Well I will ring and see if it's okay with his parents, but it's fine by me and I presume your dad as well" she answered and went to hang up her coat, as she did the phone rang, it was Mark's mum, Ryan heard them chatting and after a few minutes Ryan's mum came back and said "well it's sorted for you Ryan, they seemed pleased that your coming over on Friday, they won't be back until Sunday evening though, and one thing Ryan, don't mess up their house okay, if I hear that you and Mark made mess, your for it my lad"

"We won't mum I promise" Ryan said, he went over to her and hugged and kissed her "thanks mum, you're the best" "well that's nice son, maybe I should let you go and stay more often if I get hugs and kisses like that" his mum said and grinned at him.

"Well I am going sort my old school stuff out mum, give me a shout when dinner is ready" said Ryan as he went to make his way upstairs "be about an hour or so yet Ryan, chicken pie and vegetables okay?" his mum replied "fine mum, that's my fave" said Ryan as he scampered upstairs

He got into his room and started to sort out his school books and put them away in his bookcase, just then his mobile rang, it was Mark "hey sexy" Mark said "hey yourself sexy Mark" Ryan replied and they both chuckled at what they had said "so what time you coming over tomorrow Ryan?" asked Mark "what time your rents setting off?" answered Ryan

"I think they are going around lunchtime, can you be here say about 1pm?" Mark said, "Sure, sounds good to me Mark" they chatted a bit more about their old school and what they were going to do when they got to college, then they rang off, his phone rang again after a few minutes, it was Shaun asking how he was now.

"I feel better now Shaun, but my rents say I need to stay in bed to be sure I am, what you got in mind?" answered Ryan "well if you are okay tomorrow, why don't you come over after my rents go to work just after 8 am, we can have a couple of hours, but I got to go to the art college for an interview at 11:30 am" Shaun replied

"Okay I will give you a call before I set off to see if it's still okay" said Ryan "cheers, that'll be great, see you tomorrow then Ryan" Shaun replied and then rang off.

Ryan smiled to himself and thought that tomorrow he would be having a lot of gay sex, he licked his lips and had a feel of his erected cock in his shorts and decided against wanking off so as to save it for Shaun and Mark.

End of part 3

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