This story is purely fiction. If you are not one into gay sex, then please do not read further.

    Ryan and I were hanging out at the far end corner of Taza Beach End. Climb over some high rocks and walk another 5 to 10 minutes, one could find this secluded place, far from any disturbance. Only a few times we were treated by some occasional adventurers. Other than that, we practically had the place to ourselves. There would be our place where we would go to, when our houses became to noisy. Or when our dads were looking for us. Or running away from chores. Or getting away from anything, where we just wanted to have some private moments. At times, I reached here, to find Ryan was already here for hours. And likewise for him, with me. When we first found this place - cool, calm, quiet and nointerruption . Away from prying eyes, away from interference - just cool feel and relax sound of the beach.  We wanted to have this place so bad, we just kept this place a secret between us two. No pact made, just agreed silence between the two of us. None of our friends know.

    Lately, it was no longer the same. It was no longer Ryan and Justin's place. It became Ryan, Justin and Ethan's place. It started a few weeks ago, and since then, it was something that Ryan was looking for. And I had to admit, mine too. Ethan was the school fag - closet though. Not that he bothered me much. Back in school, I had caught his eyes checking me out. Checking Ryan out. It was nothing uncommon. We had our fair shares of admirers - girls, guys, gays. Girls' admiration was welcomed although at times it got us into argument with our girlfriends. His Lindsay and my Diane. Guys checked us out for the obvious reasons - to see what made us look hot, and to see if they could imitate us. But gays checking us out was different. I was more okay with it, as long as it was just the eyes' admiring, and nothing more. Ryan was more aggressive, and it was not easy to hold him back from blasting some fag-gist slurs. And Ethan had been targets at times of Ryan's tasteless humor.
    My sex life was nothing bad. Diane did take care of me. Occasionally, without, or perhaps with, Diane's knowing, I did fuck a few girls on the side. Ryan was the culprit. Often setting up double dates for him and me. One Lindsay was not enough to make him happy. Ryan was always horny. Catching him jerking off when girls were not around would not be anything surprising. Sure, Ryan was not just beauty only. He had the brain too. But at times, it was his dick that ruled Ryan.

    Ethan happened to bump into us one day when we were hanging out at our usual place. His face expression was one of shock. It was like he had just walked into a trap of vicious crocs, and the crocs were showing no mercy. I was stunned too, but I was more in fear of what Ryan would do, or say. My eyes checked out Ryan, and I was glad that for the next few seconds, nothing fag came out of Ryan's mouth.

    'Hi.' I detected that hesitation and fear in his voice.
    I forced a slight smile, and raised my fingers slightly to wave a hi back. Friendly, nothing too friendly to encourage him to talk any further with me. I was not in the mood to avoid any tension between him, Ryan and me. I just wanted to enjoy my time out there, that evening. No fuzz, no talks, no worries.
    Ethan smiled back. He looked more relax, since that one, he realized that I recognized him, and two, I was not about to pounce on him. He took a quick glance at Ryan, expecting some response. I thought it was a bad idea. He should just go back, or move on. Ryan was not going to entertain him. I glanced at Ryan too. And I understood why Ethan was hesitating to move. Ryan had groped himself. His big bulge was in his hand, and I had no doubt that Ethan could see the hard-on Ryan was having. It was outlined clear enough on Ryan's jeans. Ryan was still puffing his cigarette away, with his eyes saying nothing much, other than 'You like this?' - and we knew it was not cigarette Ryan was asking about.

    I had seen Ryan naked before, with or without his hard-on. Ryan was big. Stiff, Ryan boasted proudly of his 8 inches. But what complemented it was the thickness of his rod too, standing hard and straight, like a perfect tool to tease his fucking preys. Ryan was proud of his tool. Those who had not seen it, were often curious to know if it was true. And Ethan just had a preview - a sight which I felt would stick to Ethan's head for quite some time.

    'You want something?' I asked, trying to break Ethan's stare. Standing here any longer would not be a good idea for Ethan. I was worried that Ryan would do something that the three of us would be sorry about. I doubted that Ethan would be an easy victim of any bashing. He was no small target. For someone who avoided sports, Ethan was no thin geeky guy. He was almost as tall as Ryan and me, and looked like one who could do some punching back.

    'Just walking through,' Ethan answered. Nervous was creeping back into his voice - Ryan's effect. He looked like he wanted to say something more - but I tilted my head slightly. Time to move on, Ethan. Ethan got my message, and mumbled a 'later', as he continued to make his way among the rocks. Soon enough, he was out of sight, and then we heard nothing but the sound of his struggle with some rock-climbing and jumping. And then, he was too far for me to hear anything else.

    I wanted to get out of the place before Ethan would pass by this place again on his way back. I did not feel like hanging out there any longer. Felt like my privacy was already intruded by someone who knew me from school. Damn. There went my quiet evening. I looked at Ryan, wondering if he wanted to make a move too. Ryan was occupied. He was too engrossed with his hard dick, to be concerned with my presence there. He was sitting on the ground, with his back onto a rock, like me. Except that his eyes were closed, and his right hand was stroking his hard-on slowly. It was not the first time. I had gotten used to the horny Ryan. I had seen more than this. I had seen chicks sucking his hard cock. He was proud to have an audience. He was a show-off.

    Ryan opened his eyes slightly, and grinned cheekily. 'Horny.' That was all he could mutter to me.
    'Where's Lindsay?' I asked.
    'Putting out. Fucking bitch.' Ryan cursed. Suddenly, he was no longer in mood for more stroking. He adjusted himself up, seeking for a more comfortable way to lean back. His hard dick was still visible through his jeans. I kinda pitied him at times. There seemed to be an endless urge for him to release his sex stress. I grinned.

    'You wanted a piece of this?' Ryan teased.
    'Faggot!' I snapped at him, tossing some sand at his direction playfully. 'Why don't you ask him?' I teased him back.
    'That guy? That fag?' Ryan asked.
    'Think his name's Ethan,' I said.
    'Fuck you!'
    We said nothing more. I wanted to get up, but the thought of going back to the house and answering to the nag of where I had been did not look like it was a fun option. Maybe another 1/2 hour here. I looked for another can, but all were empty. Ryan had closed his eyes again. I did not wish to disturb him, and his horniness, and his hard dick. I stared out the beach. Something about the large space of water calmed my mind. I just let it be.

    Minutes later, I heard the footsteps again. Ethan was walking back. I watched Ryan. He heard them too. Perhaps I was expecting the worst - that Ethan would get a gay-bashing there and then, and I did not want any part of it. I did not like it when Ryan got aggressive and it would be quite hard to get him to back down when he wanted to be a jerk. I decided not to entertain Ethan this time. Perhaps that should give me the warning to continue walking. And then, as expected, Ethan appeared. He wanted to smile at us, but I looked away.

    I could hear him walking away. And as I thought he would disappear for his own good, I heard Ryan shouted out - 'Wait!' I watched Ryan getting up and disappeared behind the rock, going for Ethan. I was confused. Ryan did not look angry to beat Ethan up, and yet he was chasing after Ethan. I listened for any angry sound. None. I could hear their voices, and some silence too, in between their voices. I wondered if I should go over and join them. I was curious to what they were talking about.  But before I could, I could hear footsteps coming back to my spot.  Ryan appeared, and behind him, walked a nervous Ethan.

    'Justin, not a word of this to anyone,' Ryan said, looking at me, as he proceeded back to his sitting place. It was not a request. It was a warning. Instead of sitting down, he leaned his back against the wall. A worried Ethan stole a glance my way and then looked back at Ryan. With a nod, Ethan was on his knees. His fingers were shivering, as they reached out for Ryan's zip. And the feel of Ryan's hard cock against his fingers were strong enough to confirm to Ethan that this was happening, and that Ryan was indeed 'big'.

    The zip was undone, and the jeans was pulled down to Ryan's knees. Ryan's hard cock was straining against his boxer, delighting a still-nervous Ethan. he wasmesmerized by the big wonder that was eager to be released from the boxer. Ethan grabbed Ryan's cock, feeling the big tool through the soft material and was rewarded by an approving groan from Ryan. But Ryan was impatient for any delay.  He wanted his cock sucked. Ryan's fingers slipped into the elastic band and pushed his boxer down, and thrust his hips forward, poking his cockhead onto Ethan's eager mouth and face.

    I was dumbfounded. I did not know if I should be amused. There I was, watching my homophobic friend, getting sucked by a gay. Or I should be interested. My friend's big cock was going to be buried in a guy's mouth. Either way, I was not making any attempt to move away from my place. I found myself wanting to know how far this would lead.

    Ethan was treated to the thickness of Ryan's cock, widening his mouth, and I watched how Ethan struggled, slurping Ryan's cock. Ryan groaned. He wanted to hold Ethan's head, but hesitated, as he did not want to touch any guy with his hands. The mouth that was making him feeling good was the most Ryan willing to go, to let a guy touch him - no more than this. Ryan leaned back. Ethan did the work. Ethan lunged forward, trying to bury more of Ryan inside his mouth. Ryan's cock was big, but Ethan was not going to let Ryan down. He struggled to take more inches of Ryan into his mouth.  Ryan began to rock his hips back and forward, steadily pumping Ethan's greedy mouth.

    I watched as the whole 8 inches of Ryan's cock began to thrust itself deeper and deeper into Ethan. Ethan gagged, but he did not back away. Neither did Ryan slow down. He continuously jammed his cock into Ethan's mouth. Ethan's hands moved up from Ryan's jeans, holding onto to Ryan's thighs. That freaked Ryan out. He stopped. 'No hands!" I heard Ryan said.  Obediently, Ethan lowered his hands.  Only his lips were holding onto Ryan - Ryan's cock, to be precise. Ethan continued sucking Ryan, but eventually, his hands were raised again, holding onto Ryan's thighs to steady himself. This time, Ryan did not make any sound of protest.

    Soon, his hands crept higher, and I watched as my friend's cock was being manhandled by another guy. Ethan held the thick cock in one palm, as the other tried to feel Ryan's balls. Ryan moaned. He was liking it. The thrust became stronger.

    A few more thrusts, and Ryan's groans changed. He was cumming. I had heard it before. Ryan pulled his cock out of Ethan, leaving Ethan looking disappointed, but he was instantly compensated as he watched Ryan shot his cum all over the place. His hips thrust forward, as hestruggled to get every spurt of his cum to ooze out. Ethan was watching as if he was watching his Greek God had just demonstrated his godly sex ability in front of him. And without any instruction, Ethan opened his mouth again, and took Ryan's cum-drenched cockhead in. His lips and tongue worked to clean Ryan off his cum, swallowing however much he was able to get. Ryan was stunned as he watched the gay guy slurping up his mantool, as if greedying for more. And when he was satisfied, Ethan reluctantly pulled himself away from Ryan.

    His eyes met mine. He was not sure of my response. Was I disgusted? Was I going to tell others? Would I cause him pain? I looked down, avoiding any further eye contact. He turned to Ryan, and all Ryan said was just - tell no one. Ethan nodded his head. Ryan asked me if I wanted to have a go at it. I shook my head immediately. That should not even be a point to consider. I looked at Ethan, hoping that he agreed with me, but I was not sure if he was or not. I kept my silence and Ethan left.

    And I could say was that that was not the last encounter I had seen between Ryan and Ethan.