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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 10

    That night, and the following early morning, for the one time I let Ethan had access to my ass, for the one time I let Ethan fucked my virgin cherry, for the one time I let Ethan plunged his 7 inches down my tight butt - I fucked him back. Three times. It could be that I wanted to remind Ethan who was in charge. I wanted Ethan to know that I was the dominant one. Or the way Ethan said it - I was a top, whatever that meant.  Or it could be a simple explanation such as I loved Ethan's hot ass. I loved feeling his butt cheeks on my skin as I slammed my hips hard on him when I plunged deep into his ass.
    The night was erotic to me. The night was a satisfying one, where my lust was not restrained. Ethan was willing. He let me have him in any way I had wanted. I was happy. I should have been ecstatic. And I was. But not completely. When we were resting, when the head was doing its thinking, the mind could not help but to linger to Ryan. There was still this frustration I had with him. I could not be happy knowing that he had conned me into giving myself up for his sexual pleasure. The fact that I was tricked to give my first blowjob - taking in his 8 thick inches rod into my mouth - agitated me a little. But this pleasure that I had with Ethan was also raising another question. There was no doubt I liked the sex - the hot passionate animal-like sex. But there was also the fear. I was scared. Was I gay for wanting the man sex with Ethan? If I could, I wished Ryan was there with me. I did not want to be gay alone. I wanted someone there with me. I wanted my best friend.

    I thought it would take a long persuasion for me to forgive Ryan. That he had to act up in order for me to forgive him. I wanted him to know that what he had done was not acceptable, and as a man, as a best friend, he should keep his words and returned the favor. It was also a want of redemption. For every thought that I had knelt in front of him and let him fuck my mouth, and I did not get to do that in return, made me feel like I was cheap. I hated that feeling. I hated Ryan. I hated Ryan for making me feeling that.

    And then the call came.

    'Wanna get away?'

    These three words from Ryan were enough. Whatever I had planned to make him realize that I was not pleased was forgotten. The feeling of doubt that I would still be having a best friend ended with that call. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was glad that he called.

    It was a simple getaway as I had thought. Ryan wanted us to get away from the town for the weekend. One where we would have Friday and Saturday nights to ourselves. Just Ryan, me and Ethan, as suggested by Ryan. The thought of only the three of us together, without any restraint and interruption excited me. Not that we had any trouble to have some fuck together, but the thought that we could have more than just merely a few hours together was encouraging. we had more than 24 hours to get wild. We had more than a day to be as sexually charged as we would want to. It was easy to get Ethan to say yes. He had wanted this as much as I did. I did wonder if he had wanted this to have Ryan's hot body, as much as I had also secretly hoped for.

    Friday came, and I jumped at the sound of Ryan's car arriving. I was waiting for 10 minutes but it felt longer. I was anxious, but I worked hard to suppress it, not wanting questions from my family. Camping away with Ryan and friends was common. It was not my first time. But of course none of them knew that it was Ryan, Ethan and me only this time. I rushed out, carrying my backpack in my hand. I saw Ryan. He smiled. Ryan had always been close to me. Yeah, we had our ups and downs. But no matter what, he was still my best friend. Seeing that smile, and thinking of the promises the weekend would bring, I pushed whatever little thoughts of the frustration I had with him to the back of my mind. The weekend was ours. It belonged to the 3 wild young men, and I was not planning to have any grunges to spoil the weekend.

    We talked as Ryan drove to Ethan's place. We talked about everything, and everything but sex. Or that shower event that led me to be upset with him. But a few minutes before he turned into the lane where Ethan's house was, Ryan placed his palm on my thigh. He let his hand rested there, as he continued talking about his aunt in his house that weekend, taking care of his mom. This was the reason he could get away for the weekend. But his hand gesture was more than one that was merely friendly. He wanted to tell me that he was making effort to be more romantic in this relationship we were having. I did not push his hand away. But neither was I sure if I had wanted my relationship to be anything but best friend, or good fuck buddies. Ryan's hand moved away as soon as we could see Ethan.

    That night that I had spent with Ethan revealed more than just merely his crush for me. I found out too that his parents knew about me. They knew about his crush for me. I believed that his mom was happy to see Ethan spending time with the guy he had been admiring for years, but I doubted that she would be happy to know that I had slept with him.  I did not ask Ethan about all this. I would want to, when I had the chance.

    The campsite was an hour drive away. We knew a few places, but we wanted privacy. So, it had to be Sam's Hill that we would head to. Sam's Hill was once a popular spot for picnic, but lately, as other places began to merge as spots for family getaway, Sam's Hill's popularity began to dwindle. Not that it was totally deserted, but given this particular month, given this particular time, we knew that it would be more likely to be free.  Of course we could be wrong. But Sam's Hill was just right. We could set up our tent. There was a small lake. There were trails for tracking, which I was not sure if we were going to be doing that.

    'Ryan?' Ethan called, as Ryan kept his silence, driving with his eyes focuses on the road. The silence was either due to that he was thinking, or that he was just not easy to strike any conversation with Ethan. 'I heard that Lindsay and you are over. Is that right?'

    Ryan nodded his head. I was surprise to see Ryan so willing to answer Ethan on this matter.  Usually, Ryan would demand for his privacy.

    'When?' I asked. Curious. I had suspected that Ryan would break up with Lindsay, but to know that Ethan had known about this before me was surprising. I thought Ryan would have told me first. I should have found out about this kind of thing from Ryan, and not having to hear it from Ethan.

    'Does it matter?' Ryan asked, without looking at me. At the back, Ethan moved himself forward, clinging on to our seats to make sure that he would not be left out from our conversation. I was rather disappointed with Ryan's response. As if he was reading my mind, he said - Wednesday.

    Wednesday. I thought of Wednesday. And then, I realized it was the day Ryan came over to my place. It was the same day where we committed... well, I committed my first act of blowing him. The images of his thick, hard cock pointing at my face flashed through my head. I felt a tingle inside. It would not be long before we would all be naked again, and I would be able to see a naked hot Ryan again.

    'So? What happened?' Ethan wanted to know.

    Ryan paused. I wondered if he would answer Ethan. Ryan was not one who could put his thoughts or feelings into words. Neither was he one eager to share his personal stuff. With me, Ryan could open up a little. With others, even less. Perhaps because of that, I knew I was always special to Ryan. And for that, I could never be angry for a long time with Ryan.

    Ryan shook his head. His eyes were still staring out, avoiding any eye contact with anyone of us. 'Something about us not connecting. Something about wanting something different. I don't know. That bitch!'

    My eyes caught Ethan's. Something in Ryan's tone was telling us that he would not want to talk more about this.

    'You're ok?' Ethan asked, in a sympathetic tone.

    Ryan shrugged.

    'Here, maybe this would make you feel better!' Ethan said, as he leaned forward and kissed Ryan on his cheek.

    'That's all? How was that supposed to make me feel better?' Ryan remarked, after Ethan backed himself away. But Ryan was smiling. What he had said was definitely a tease. 'Gonna have to do better than that!'

    Ethan smirked, before he leaned forward and caught Ryan's ear with his lips. I watched, engrossed, as Ethan licked and nibbled Ryan's ear. Ryan liked it. I could see his chests heaving, and he was trying hard to focus his mind on his driving and yet, he wanted so much Ethan to continue.  Ethan's hand moved forward, to feel the hardness of the body lying underneath Ryan's shirt. His fingers played with Ryan's erected nipples, and slid down his hard abs, before groping Ryan's big bulge.

    I was jealous. I wanted a bit of the action too, but I would not make any move on Ethan, with Ryan there. Neither would I want to touch Ryan's body in front of Ethan.

    Ryan was losing his concentration on the road. The car swerved slightly, prompting Ethan to let go. We just chuckled, when Ryan got his car back on the right track. The road was still empty, with occasional moments of one or two cars driving by. There was no car behind us.

    Ethan turned to me. 'Kiss me,' he said.

    I was unsure. But I was pretty sure that Ryan heard that. I was not clear if kissing Ethan was something permissible in front of another self-denying gay best friend, but the damage was already done. Ethan was not asking for permission to kiss me. Ethan was asking to kiss me. The tone Ethan had used was telling Ryan that Ethan was already comfortable enough to go that level with me.

    Anyway, I figured that Ryan had his fun. It was my turn. I turned my body sideway and kissed Ethan on the lips. Ethan held my face, as his lips covered mine. He sucked my lips as he held me close. I was pretty sure that Ryan wanted to see this, and was surprised to see this, but I could not let myself to be thinking of his feelings. I wanted Ethan on my lips. I wanted to feel and taste him. I let myself go. Ethan parted my lips with his tongue and slipped it inside my mouth. Our tongues met, and we unleashed whatever hunger we had in that moment, exploring each other within our binded, parting lips.

    But I let myself to secretly hold Ryan's arm. I did not know why I did that. Perhaps I wanted him to know that he was still with me, even when I was making out with Ethan. That he was not excluded from me. Ryan did not push my hand away.

    So, it was the scene of these 2 guys - Ethan and me, making out in Ryan's moving car, without a care in the world of being caught or being watched. Ethan was a great kisser. And I enjoyed being lips-handled by this newly discovered lover. I was getting aroused. Ethan knew. His fingers had already found my hard-on, trapped in my shorts. He was stroking me, teasing me.

    I was hard. I did not want to wait. I unbuckled myself and let Ethan pulled me back to the backseat, leaving Ryan alone to watch the road. I unzipped my shorts and offered my hardening cock to Ethan, who took it and almost swallowed the whole rod of mine in his mouth. I groaned. My hands struggled to find places to balance myself, as Ethan laid back, to give me more room to squat over him. My hand found Ryan's strong shoulder and held on. Ethan bobbed himself up and down on my stiff dick. I swayed my hips back and forth, jamming his mouth with my cock.  Ethan grunted each time I gagged him, as my cock hardened more between his lips. I felt his tongue as I slid in and out. I felt his spit sliding down my balls. I was thrilled. I plunged my cock deeper into Ethan's mouth, feeling my balls hitting Ethan on his chin. I groaned more. My hand gripped Ryan's shoulder tighter. Ryan just kept silent. I knew his eyes were watching me from the rear mirror. He was watching my face in ecstasy.

    A few more mouth-fuck, and I cum. I moaned. I pulled out my cock, and aimed at Ethan's open mouth. Some loads were shot directly into him. Some oozed down, covering him on his lips. I was panting, happy to get my first loads out. I looked down and smiled at a proud Ethan. He was always happy to serve me.

    I thought of Ryan. I bent down and whispered to Ethan. Ethan grinned, and nodded his head. I moved aside, and let Ethan sit up.

    Ethan leaned forward, and spoke to Ryan's ear. It was soft, but loud enough for me to hear. 'Justin wants me to kiss you.'

    I wondered what Ryan's reaction would be. He knew what this was about. He knew both of us would cum inside Ethan. He knew I was pushing him. But would he take it?

    Ryan's car slowed down. Ethan turned Ryan's face towards him, and their lips met. I watched from the rear mirror Ryan's lips touched Ethan's cum-covered lips and held himself there. I watched as Ethan's tongue pried open Ryan's lips, and forced its way into Ryan's mouth, making Ryan taste my cum inside his mouth. I wanted this. I wanted to watch Ryan's humiliation.

    But Ryan surprised me back. Instead of being just a passive kissing partner here, Ryan held Ethan's head and licked the cum around Ethan's lips before letting Ethan go. Ethan was surprised too, but he did not say anything. Ryan's eyes met mine through the mirror as he continued driving, increasing the speed.

    It was like Ryan was telling to tell me - the game was on.

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