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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 11

    'You know, if someone were to tell me that one day, Ethan.. one day, you'll have good sex.. no wait.. great sex, great fuck with.. Ryan... with Justin, I would tell the guy to fuck off. I would not have believed him,' Ethan said.

    I glanced at Ryan to see his reaction. None.

    'Now.. it's like I'm being pushed to believe that anything is possible,' Ethan continued. He grinned. Cheeky!

    Ryan looked like he sneered at that belief.

    'Ethan.. how did your mom and dad know about you?' I asked, curious.

    Ethan's grin faded. The fire we had built shone light on his handsome face, and I was worried if I had brought up a sensitive story. I wondered how my parents would have reacted. I doubted that they would care. Ryan? It would have been another excuse for Ryan's dad to lay his hand on Ryan.

    'You know those stories you guys heard in school? Well, pretty silly to think that the stories would just stay in school, huh? One talks to another, and then another, and then one thing leads to another, Sue found out. And Sue's mom found out. And then, my mom knew,' Ethan said. His eyes were no longer showing the excitement he had when we were swimming naked in the lake just now. Ethan was upset.

    'Sue?' I asked.

    'My classmate. And... my neighbor. And whose mom would love nothing but to embarrass my mom. Told my mom in front of others in this book club. What a bitch!'

    'So, was your mom upset?'

    Ethan nodded his head. 'Damn upset. Told Sue's mom off for talking about me. And went on to lecture about me being free to choose who I want to be. Who I want to sleep with, and just because I did not let Sue go near my cock, there was no reason for Sue's mom to believe that Sue's gossip.'

    'Woh! She said that? Your mom said that, in front of them?' I asked, surprised.

    'Yup. And then she came back and gave me the lecture. About how if her son were gay, she should find out from him, and not from others. That if her son were gay, it was only right that he would believe her mom would stand by him, just like in the past. That she started to list the events where she stood by me, and she went on and on. I had to stop her. She went on and on. So, I said - mom, I am. I am,' Ethan said. 'And that was when she stopped. I was nervous. I knew she loved me, but I did not know where the boundary was. I was really scared a gay son would never be something she would accept. I was so scared... errr.. I was so scared..' Ethan said, before breaking into small sobs.

    Ryan was stunned. I got up and moved closer to Ethan. I open my arms, and held him close, letting him cry on my shoulder. Ethan hugged me close for a short while before he let me go.

    'I'm alright,' Ethan said, wiping his eyes. 'Thought I had disappointed her. She saw the tears. And then she told me not to be silly. Told me that it did not make me any less of a son to her. She hugged me, and told me that she loved me. And told me never to forget that.'

    'So, she was okay with all that?' Ryan asked. 'With you? Gay?'

    Ethan nodded his head again. But I knew Ryan's question was about Ethan being gay, and less about his mom's acceptance.

    'She faked it. I knew she faked it. At first she was not alright. But what was she gonna do? I just told her that I was gay. I was forced to come out. I was down. I was scared. She knew. She could freak out, but she did not. She let me freak out, while she played the stronger person. She told me that I would be alright. That we would alright, and that we would face this together - she, me and dad. Told me that she would have to tell dad, but he would accept me,' Ethan said.

    'How? How did she know your dad would?' I asked.

    'Because she said he would. And when she said he would, he would,' Ethan said, before breaking into a smile. I understood him. Ethan's mom was the one who controlled the family.

    'We talked that night, and somehow, I was glad that she knew. I know. I am lucky. Not every mom is that supportive! But she was. And she helped dad too. I know everyone in the world claims that his or her mom is the greatest, but really, my mom is the greatest.'

    Well, I did not argue with him about his mom being the greatest, but I was not so sure about wanting to claim my mom was. Ryan looked hurt. He could bluff the world by being a hard ass bad boy, but I knew he had a soft spot for his mom. I wondered if Ryan would be that close to her if she was any different. That she was not ill and was strong enough to carry out her role as a mom to Ryan, instead of Ryan babysitting her often.

    Ryan knew I was reading his thoughts, and he looked away. I knew his game. He could never let anyone catch him vulnerable.

    'And now?' I asked, turning my attention back to Ethan.

    'And now, she had been setting me up with guys. Not easy you know. Since that I wanted her to keep it low, and she had to sneak around to know others. It's not like she can just walk to any guy and ask if he is gay. And if he is, what is she gonna say? Wanna date my gay son?' Ethan chuckled.

    I felt a tingle of jealousy. No, that could not be it. Envy? Yeah, that must be it. I was envy. Envied Ethan for having such a liberal mother. It still did not feel right. Jealousy. It was jealousy. I was jealous. Oh god. I forced myself to keep a straight face, a smiling face - anything to deny that I was jealous, and I certainly did not want Ethan, or Ryan, to know. It was making me uneasy.

    'So, did you?' Ryan asked. I thought Ethan had told me that he did not, but I was unsure now. And I was glad that Ryan had asked the question. I feared that the tone of my voice would give me away if I had asked.

    'Nope. She did find a few. But I was not interested,' Ethan answered. He avoid eye contact with me, but I had already figured the reason. 'And then she gave up. I told her I was not ready. And I told her things I was feeling inside.. and she knew. She knew.'

    I knew the last two words were referring to me. I said nothing, not wanting to Ryan to pick up any hint.

    'You never have sex with anyone but us?' Ryan asked.

    Ethan shook his head. His eyes never left Ryan. Hmmm.. that was interesting. Ryan was Ethan's first.

    'So, how did you get off?' Ryan asked again.

    Ethan raised his hands and showed us his palms. 'Well, imagination helps,' Ethan answered, cheekily.

    'What imagination?' I asked.

    'Well.. I mean, I can always imagine the guys. It was not like I did not see them naked in the shower. And of course, I did think of the guys when I beat off,' Ethan said.

    'Like who? Matt? Ben?' I asked, and laughed, imagining those homophobic freaked out knowing that they had been objects of lust to Ethan.

    'Yeah... and you,' Ethan cut in, looking at me. 'And you,' he continued, turning his eyes to Ryan. 'And sometimes... what you two would do to me. And sometimes.. what you two would do. Together. Without me. In the picture,' he said. 'Get the picture?' He got that wicked smile on his face.

    'Fuck you!' Ryan snapped. But Ryan was not angry. It was merely a spontaneous reaction to this situation that was getting him uncomfortable. I did not have to react. Ryan had already done it for the two of us.

    'You don't have to get angry, you know. Let's face it. You two? The hottest jocks? Always together? Why not? I bet girls got wet thinking of you two doing it. Why not? Why not me too?'

    Ryan and I kept quiet. It was true that we both hung out together way too often.

    'You know... It's my ass at stake this weekend. I know you two love this ass. It's not like you guys will let me fuck any of you,' Ethan said. Ethan was keeping our secret for me. Ryan did not have to know that I had already allowed Ethan to fuck my ass. 'And it's not like I'm getting any help from you guys to get my rocks off. None of you is willing to blow me.'

    'So?' Ryan asked.

    'How about giving me some pity, and show me some hot jocks kissing?'

    'You fucking serious?' I asked.

    'It's only kissing. Not that I am asking you two to fuck.'

    I looked at Ryan. He did not respond. He was not saying yes. But neither was he saying no.

    But Ryan and I had that moment already - where my lips met his. It was just that Ethan did not know. We were too coward - too straight to do it in front of a gay.

    'Just this once. And I'll never ask again,' Ethan pleaded.

    I did not mind. And I was so sure that Ryan would not make the first move. So, after considering, I got up and pulled Ryan to me. I faced him, and yet I was not sure I knew when I should have him - to have his lips on my lips. I felt his breathing, and the silence between us made us more tense. Ryan moved his lips forward, and touched me. I felt him again. Just like when I felt him in the shower. It was just our pairs of lips keeping our passion locked in between. I felt his moist lips. He felt my tongue, exploring his eager mouth. We heard nothing but the sound of our lust for one another in the kissing, as well as Ethan's moan. I figured that we had turned him on enough, and that he was already jerking off to this requested scene of his - a scene of two supposedly straight jocks locking lips.

    Ethan groaned louder, and then, a long sigh. I knew he had cum. It also meant that Ryan and I did not have to continue holding one another, embracing one another in long kisses. Unless Ryan would not want to let go... but he did. I was not sure if I was disappointed, or if I was relieved.

    Ethan turned his attention to us now. He knelt in front of us, and felt our hard-ons through our shorts. He stroke us, played with our hard dicks, and sucked us hard, until both of us cum inside his mouth. And all the time, Ryan kept his hand on me, as he held my body close to his. It was not so much as to him wanting to keep me close, but the way he was holding onto me. I felt him. I felt him caressing my back. It was him displaying his emotion to me, without wanting Ethan to know. It was him showing his feeling to us, while Ethan was kneeling right in front of us two, swallowing our hard cocks.
    His touch sent shiver down my body. I cum harder.

    That night, we messed around for a while, before we got tired and called it for the night. Ethan wanted to get more sleep so that he would be fresher tomorrow. To serve us better, he said. So, we let him sleep to my left. I had to sleep in the center, to keep Ryan away from disturbing Ethan for another fuck.

    Ethan dozed off real soon. That left me and Ryan still awake, and the tension that we both felt. It was uneasy for us, as we kept tossing and turning. That failed miserably to get us sleepy. The sex session we had with Ethan just now was hot. I held Ethan's head as he bobbed up and down on my cock, while Ryan fucked him from behind, driving his long, hard cock into Ethan. And then, we switched. I took my place behind Ethan and felt Ethan's tight ass as I made hot love to his butt.

    But far from being sleepy, Ryan and I began to feel uneasy with the tent condition, and wanted more space. No matter how I tossed and turned, Ethan seemed to be undisturbed by me. I slept facing Ethan, who had his face towards me. He looked so calm, and beautiful, in his sleep. If Ryan was not there, I would have reach out and kiss Ethan. But I held back. Ryan was there. I did not want him to question me.

    Ethan stirred. He turned to the other side, and pushing his back to my side. I reached out and hugged him around his waist. Ethan murmured something in his sleep and snuggled closer to me. Feeling the warmness of his body, I felt good. I drifted to sleep.

    It was in the early morning when I felt a hand on my hard-on. Even with the amount of sex that I had, I still could wake up having a stiff dick. The hand on my 7 inches hard cock was stroking me. It felt good. The hand had slipped into my boxer, and it was exploring the length of my cock, and eventually cupping and playing with my heavy balls. I parted my thighs to let the hand have more access.

    I open my sleepy eyes. Ethan had moved to the further side of the tent. He was still asleep. It meant only one thing. Ryan wanted me. His hand had slipped in, and grabbed hold of my cock, wanting me at this moment. I felt his body moving closer to me. He pressed his hard body onto my back, with an even greater pressure of his groin on my backside. I felt his hardness. Ryan's 8 inches was already demanding attention. Ryan wanted to feel me.

    I let his hand stroked me harder. I was excited. I began to pant, wanting more of him to serve me sexually. Ryan pressed his lips on my neck. I felt his wet lips. I felt his tongue. I moaned. Ryan stopped. He whispered softly, asking me to keep it down. Hmmm... Mr. Hot Jock did not want to wake Ethan. He was scared to let Ethan knew that he was giving me a handjob.

    When I obeyed, Ryan continued to jerk me. The suppression of the need to moan, and the pleasure Ryan was giving me pushed me to a far limit. I was really turned on. My eyes watched Ethan, fearing he would wake up. I knew Ryan would stop if Ethan did. I did not want Ryan to stop. Ryan's palm wrapped around my stiff cock was thrilling enough. The pleasure, and the pressure, continued to build up inside me. No, I did not want to cum this way.

    I stopped Ryan. I wanted more.

    I climbed over, pushing Ryan down. Ryan struggled a little, but it was hardly a fight. I wanted him. After that blowjob he had tricked to give him, I wanted something more than just this blowjob. Ryan knew that. He knew that since he walked away from the shower, leaving me behind, frustrated. It was either continuing to delay what he should have done, or face me now, once and for all.

    I held Ryan down. I turned Ryan, and pushed him to face down. Ryan slept naked. His ass was all I focused on. I wanted it. His ass would be mine. His ass cherry would be mine. I struggled with my boxer, and climbed on him. I pulled his ass cheeks apart, exposing his asshole to me. I wanted to embarrass Ryan. I wanted him to know that the ass would be mine in a matter of minutes.

    My fingers traced his ass crack, lingering around his asshole. Ryan suppressed his groan. I pushed gently my finger into his asshole. Ryan wanted to protest, but dared not. My friendship to him was way too important for him to be a coward this time. I poked his asshole gently, as I spit more onto the virgin entry gate. I got my finger in a bit. Ryan's body tensed. He wanted me. He wanted more of me in him. I pulled out a little, before I jabbed in further. Ryan shifted his body. He was really tensed up. I was not letting him changing his mind. I pressed more of the weight of my body onto him, holding him still. More of my finger slipped into him, and began to finger-fucked my best friend. There was pleasure in him. I felt it. And there was the fear of being caught too. His eyes kept glancing at our sleeping friend.

    I replaced my finger with my cock. With more spit, I positioned my cockhead at Ryan's ass. Ready or not, I was going to nail my cock into his tight ass. My heartbeat raced. I knew Ryan's was too, in anticipation of my invasion of his most private part of his body. I was going to fill his asshole with hard cock. I was going to own him.

    I pushed. Ryan's body tensed forward. I held his shoulder. I was not going to let him run away. I pushed again. My wet cockhead struggled, and slipped into Ryan. It was tearing Ryan's sweet virgin asshole apart, forcing itself to gain access into Ryan.  I pushed further. Ryan's butt took more of my rod into him. It felt tight. It felt great. It was not so much of the sex. It was more of the fact that my cock was buried inside my best friend's ass. I was inside my hot best friend. I started my rhythm of fucking him, letting myself to feel good having the power to pleasure myself at his expense. I drove my long cock in, and pulled out in a fixed rhythm. I kept my promise. I held back my moan, and channeled the whole frustration into hurting the ass of the guy in front of me. I pricked his tight ass again and again with thick cock, all aware of my cock stretching Ryan inside him. Ryan pressed his face onto his sleeping bag, and I heard soft whimpers of pain. Instead of pity, I was fired up. I pounded his ass harder. And then.. I cum. I shot my loads inside Ryan, and my body jerked hard, with my cock still buried inside Ryan. Ryan felt my eruption within him, and he stopped struggling.

    But I was not done. My cock was still inside him. I wanted to fuck him again, once the panting subsided. Lubricated by my cum, I helped myself to a second round of Ryan's ass. Oh... it was way too good to enjoy Ryan's hard ass only once. I began to fuck him again.

    Ryan was surprised, but he said nothing. The hot jock Ryan gave in. He knew he had to be punished.


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