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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 12

    Secrets. Overloaded.
    I woke up the morning after, finding myself alone in the tent. There were laughters outside. Freaking funny. I could understand when I heard Ethan laughed. But Ryan? That macho-acting Ryan? And the sound of water splashing told me what they were up to.

    I stretched my body. It was aching from all the sex-hungry activities that kept me up early this morning. And I was not referring to me being mentally awake when I said up. I thought I would not be able to keep my cock down. Pounding Ryan's tight ass with my hard rod was a pleasure. Pounding my best friend's ass was definitely a turn on. These few weeks had open me up for several new experiences. I had learned the pleasure of the male touch of a guy. Ethan had released the hunger for that kind of forbidden lust within me. The feel of a male mouth on my cock had made me yearn for more. The warm feeling of a hot wet male mouth around my stiff long cock - the sensation was wonderful. And to have my body pressed against the hot jock - Ryan's hard body freed the desire in me to explore every inch of my own best friend bod, including his hard 8 inches. And to feel the thickness of Ryan's rod wrapped around my lips - again, the humiliation and the lust drove me crazy. But Ethan shared with me the gentle side of a male bonding. He touched me, physically and emotionally. His passion for me made me mad for him in return. But he did not know this. And I was not sure if I would want him to.

    Last night? Well, Ryan pushed our relationship to another level last night. My homophobic, closet hunk of a friend open up for me. Open up, as in 'letting me in'. As in willing to let me have a go, a fuck, at his virgin ass. This was something I knew hard for Ryan to do. The sexual dominance I had last night drove me wilder. I pounded his ass, like punching my frustration with him, for his earlier lack of willingness to give me more in this sexual adventure of ours.

    All those pleasures. And then, of course, all the secrets.
    I peeked through the door. Ethan had just jumped into the lake, from a branch. Ryan was cheering him on. That was so unlike Ryan. Usually Ryan would be quiet type, opening up to only a few. Usually me. But even I had difficulties to communicate with him when he was down. But not now. I watched as he jumped on Ethan, and the two of them playfully tried to push the other down into the lake.

    There was the fuck Ryan and I shared this morning, that Ryan did not want Ethan to know. Ryan had given me that much, that I had to understand a self-denial gay jock was unwilling to let a confirmed gay Ethan to know. There was a certain degree of ego that could not tolerate the degree of humiliation a jock could take, to let a gay know that his jock ass had been violated.

    And I knew Ryan wanted my ass too. There was this bonding between the two of us that I knew Ryan wanted to be the first to plow my virgin ass, just like him giving me his virgin ass this morning. Except that my ass was not longer virgin. The day that Ryan had frustrated me - that shower incident, I had decided to let Ethan feel - the manly pleasure of plowing another man's butt. I knew Ethan wanted me. And he did not ask me to. For that, I was more willing to give.

    Ethan was happy, although I had told him that it would be some time before I was ready for another 'invasion'. He did not push for more. And Ethan did not know about the shower incident. That I had given my first blowjob that day, to Ryan, and not to him. With Ethan, it was all sentimental reasons. I was his first, when he forced himself on me during his birthday. I was afraid, he wanted himself to be my first too, even in blowjobs.

    And then, there was this issue of Diane, my girlfriend. My supposingly girlfriend. The more time I spent with these two guys, the less I felt I needed her. Sex with her was still on the table. But was I looking for another helping with her? I was, with Ethan. With Ryan. Not Diane. There was no 'grief'. Ethan was happy to be with me. Ethan did not mind Ryan's presence. Neither did he want to dominate my time. All he wanted was me being with him, with or without Ryan. And Ryan enjoyed Ethan's company. Who else was able to bow to Ryan's consistent demand for sex job and more.

    And of course, the issue to be dealt with. Did I need to come out?

    Secrets. They were way overloaded.
    'Do you guys think there should be some changes when I bump into you guys the next time? You know, like at least say hello to me. I'm not asking to hang out with you guys out in the open. At least, a hi. Or maybe a nod, maybe?' Ethan asked, as he licked his spoon clean.

    I looked at Ryan, hoping to see his reaction, before I said okay. Ryan's face registered nothing, which made me unsure if I should nod or pretend this was a question to be answered by Ryan. But Ethan was not looking at Ryan for an answer. He was looking at me. I gave him a weak smile - one that did not tell him no, but did not promise him anything.

    'Why bother?' Ryan asked.
    'Because I'm human? Because I exist? Because I'm a friend? Why is that so difficult for you? It's not gonna make you less gay,' Ethan said. That new demand was going to add weight to our relationship. But I was wondering when this was going to be an issue. Ryan and I could not continue to ignore Ethan every time our paths crossed. I had winked at Ethan when I thought no one was watching. I knew that made Ethan happy, to imagine that we had some kinky secrets that the public knew not. But Ethan was more than a friend now. I knew what he was asking was right.

    'Ethan, this town accepts no shit like this. Do you think they won't talk? I mean, all suddenly this.. this.. being friendly with you?' Ryan spoke.
    'You mean, this town accepts no shit like me, isn't it? Or perhaps it's you who won't accept no shit like this?' Ethan answered. 'You know, it would not hurt you really, if you just try to treat me like a friend. Are we still gonna pretend nothing happens? All this fucking. All these blowjobs. Nothing?'

    'Hey, it's not me. You know how people are like.' Ryan paused. 'Look. I know you have been good to us.' Wow! That was a different Ryan. 'But if the words get out, I don't know if we are gonna continue this. Justin and I can't do this with you no more. Do you want that? I don't want that.'

    'Really, Justin? You'd quit?' Ethan asked.
    The fact that the question was directed to me made me uneasy. I felt Ryan's eyes on me. Ryan could tell that Ethan wanted my answer more than his. This was rather confirming Ethan's attachment to me.    'Do we have to do this now? But really, Ethan, I did not think that far. I don't know.'

    My answer seemed to disappoint Ethan. It did not meet Ryan's approval either. I felt Ryan would want me to back him up.

    'You know, Ethan. It's not like we can tell others we like the sex with you. C'mon. Think about it. What others would think of us?' Ryan said.

    'That you two are gays?'
    'Hey, I'm not gay!' Ryan snapped. There. It was the first time I had heard Ryan saying that to Ethan. Sure, when he said it to me, I could entertain his pretentious self. But to Ethan?

    'You're fucking kidding me, right? You? Not gay? And you too, Justin?' Ethan asked.
    I hated to be drag into that situation. I did not know what to say.
    'Justin has Diane!' Ryan muttered. This was not the answer I would want Ethan to hear.
    Ethan looked defeated with that answer. If he was hurt, he was holding up well not to reveal that to us. I could not bear to see like that. Fuck Ryan. I stepped up and held Ethan in my arms. That did the trick. With his face pressed against my chests, I was letting Ethan know, without words, that he had me too. I was there. I was with him. I knew Ryan was seeing this, but I did not care. I did not want Ethan to be hurt. I wanted to protect him. I wanted him to know that I want to protect him.

    'I'm fine,' Ethan mumbled, as he let me go. There was a short silence, before Ethan added. 'Sometimes, I do wonder where all these will lead to. I mean, I think I have been the luckiest guy. I have you, Ryan. And Ethan. How many gay guys can be this lucky like me? I told myself from the start, just remember how lucky I am. Don't get involved. Don't let your emotion get involved. It's all sex. But how far do I wanna go on this? Don't I want a boyfriend? Don't I deserve a boyfriend? Fuck! I want love too. What? Only straight people get love? Gays don't? I wish many nights that one day, there is this guy... this one guy.. who makes my struggle.. who makes my waiting all whole while. That I don't have to be jealous of girls having their boyfriends holding them. That they can hug and kiss whenever they want. And that when they want, they make love. Not just sex. Love. That's what I want. Not just Ryan and Lindsay. Or Diane has Justin. And Justin has Diane. I want that 'Ethan has someone. Someone has Ethan.''

    I wanted to hug Ethan again, but I knew it was not enough this time. As if Ethan felt he was responsible killing the mood of the conversation, he kept his silence this time. He said no more. I felt I had heard enough to know his feeling this far. Ethan got up and walked away.

    'You know he is right, Ryan. We can't keep treating him this way.'
    'So, what you want us to do? Gay up our group so that Ethan can join?'
    'No. But we have to do something. You know that!' I said, as I got up and went after Ethan.
    I did not want him to be alone. Ethan had changed me. Like it or not, I knew I was on this path, where I was looking at several directions, wondering which turn I should take. Without Ethan, I would not be on that junction. And I did not regret being at that junction.

    Ethan was sitting by the lake. He saw me. There was this faint smile on his face, welcoming me.
    'Hey you,' I said, as I sat down beside him. 'You're ok?'
    Ethan nodded his head.
    'You know, all those things you had mentioned earlier? Please don't blame us. Not Ryan. Not me. I mean, all these are too fast for us. Maybe it was supposed to be just sex. Maybe it was only for one more time. But it went on. And then, we have to ask the question. But we did not stop to think of the answers. Does that sound fair to you?'

    Ethan thought of it for a short while, and nodded reluctantly.
    I knew he was just being kind to me. Ethan was like that - often wanting to make things easier for me. That was Ethan. That was my Ethan.

    That was MY Ethan.
    'I'm sorry for all those things you said you could not have, but Ethan, how about this? Right now... at this moment... you have me. Only you. Is that alright?'

    I did not know how those words could come out from me, but it did bring a great relief to me once I had uttered them. Ethan looked like he was going to cry. I felt for him. I felt him. And I did not want him to feel he did not have me. I kissed him.

    I did not know how long our lips were locked, but I did not want the kiss to end. I wanted to feel his lips. I wanted to feel his soft lips on mine. I wanted him to know he owned my lips - these lips he had yearned for.

    We did not hear Ryan's steps. I only knew he was behind us when he placed his palms on our shoulders. Ethan and I broke our kiss. Ryan knelt down. His eyes looked at Ethan.

    'Sorry,' Ryan said.
    Ethan said nothing, but to offer his lips to Ryan too. They kissed, in front of me. But I was not left out for long. Ryan's lips parted with Ethan's, just to meet mine. Our lips met. It was a show. We were doing it for Ethan. But I did not want Ethan to just watch. I wanted him in. I pulled him closer, as the three of us exchanged kisses, and feeling each other's tongue.

    Ryan stopped us. He pulled Ethan to face him. Instead of kissing Ethan, Ryan pulled apart Ethan's legs. I placed my arm around Ethan, and planted my lips on him. Ryan struggled, pulling down Ethan's shorts, while I lifted Ethan's arms to pull his t-shirt off. Ethan was naked.
    Ethan raised his thighs up, the way Ryan liked it - his butthole up for offering. Ethan leaned on me for support, while my hand took advantage of Ethan's naked bod, exploring it with my palm, feeling Ethan's smooth skin, and played with his nipples.

    Ryan stripped himself off his clothes. He was naked, with his 8 inches already standing hard. Ryan was gorgeous. Ethan and I stole a look at the handsome hunk, sighing at the beauty of the jock in front of us, before returning back to locking our wet lips together.

    But instead of holding Ethan's legs up, Ryan knelt down. Ethan pushed me gently aside, to see what Ryan was up to. I followed his eyes.  Ryan was holding Ethan's cock in his palm. With a single lurch forward, Ryan bent down and took Ethan's cock in his mouth. That surprised Ethan and me. Ryan gagged. But he did not give up. Ryan stroked Ethan's cock, as his head bobbed up and down on Ethan's thick 7 1/2 inches cock. Ethan shivered. I knew how it felt like. It was a definite turn on, to see a hot jock going down on another guy.

    'Oh, Ryan...' I muttered, with admiration.
    Ethan's hand found my hard-on and began to massage it. It felt good. I took my shirt off, and Ethan's hand slipped through my shorts to feel my hard cock. His palm wrapped around my cock, and began to jerk me off. I struggled to get my shorts off, allowing my cock to be freely felt by Ethan. Ethan stroked me good, as he moaned to the good feeling he got from Ryan. Ryan was struggling with his first blowjob. He did clumsily shock Ethan with his teeth, but his continuous attempt kept Ethan hard down there.

    I wanted more. A handjob was not enough. I sat down, hoping that Ethan would bend over and take me in his mouth. But seeing my legs stretched out beside Ethan's, Ryan stopped. He looked at me, grinning - proud of his first blowjob. I knew it. I knew what he wanted. I placed my naked hips close to Ethan's, and felt Ryan's hand crawling up. His fingers wrapped around my thick cock. My body tensed. I wrapped my arm around Ethan naked waist, and pulled him close.

    Ryan stopped, and moved his attention to me. My heartbeat raced. I wanted this too. I wanted my best friend to get down on me. I wanted his lips wrapped around my cock. I wanted to feel his warm mouth on my thick rod. The feeling was sensational. I felt breathless. I was panting. My grip around Ethan tightened. I needed Ethan. Ethan pressed his lips on me.

    I felt Ryan's lips and tongue on my rod, as it slid in and out of his mouth. I raised my hips, pounding my long rod into his mouth, again and again. I heard Ryan's groans. It excited me. I pumped harder.

    I was disappointed when Ryan stopped. He raised himself up, and looked at us. And then, his eyes rested on Ethan. 'Wanna do me?'

    'Serious?' Ethan asked, surprise. I was surprise too, and glad that Ryan asked.
    'Before I change my mind?' Ryan mentioned, before he bent forward, with his face buried on my crotch again, savoring his favorite cock, I assumed.

    Ethan did not have to wait to be asked again. He got up, and asked me to spit on his hard cock. I did just that, before giving his big cockhead a kiss. Ethan positioned himself behind Ryan, while I held Ryan's head down. My hips kept thrusting my 7 1/2 inches into Ryan's willing mouth. Ryan moaned louder. I knew Ethan had jabbed Ryan's asshole with his cockhead. Ryan had stopped moving. My cock was still buried in his mouth. He was waiting for the complete assault by Ethan's cock. I smiled at Ethan. He looked like one happy boy who had found an extra big gift under the Christmas tree. Ethan spitted more. And then, he pushed. Ethan forced himself into grunting Ryan. Ryan's palm pressed hard against my thigh. He moaned. My cock slipped out. Ryan pressed his face onto my crotch, burying his face on my cock, my pubic hair. He was in pain.

    And then, the struggling stopped. Ethan was already in Ryan. I watched as Ethan's body rocked back and forth, plunging his cock in and out of Ryan's ass. I knew how it felt like. I was fucking Ryan just hours ago. I still could imagine his tight asshole. My cock jumped. I was excited. Ryan's tongue caressed me, licking my smooth and tight skin. He ran his tongue on my cock, tasting it.

    Ethan pumped Ryan harder. His body swung faster. Ryan's moans grew louder. Ethan claimed he was cumming. And then, the whole body rocking stopped. I watched Ethan's body tensed up, as he shot his cum up Ryan's ass. Ryan rested his face on my abs. I felt his panting.

    'Ryan, my turn?' I asked.
    Ethan and I watched Ryan for his answer. Ethan withdrew his cock out of Ryan's ass. Ryan still said nothing. But of course the answer had to be yes. I did not have to ask. His ass was mine. It was mine to be claimed as I wished. Still, it was good to see that eventually Ryan gave in, and nodded his head softly.

    I was excited. I got behind Ryan. Ethan had already lied down, and took Ryan's cock into his mouth, taking care of Ryan's hard-on. Breaking into Ryan's hole this time would be easier. Ethan had already loosened that up for me. I pushed my hard cock into Ryan. I felt Ethan's thick cum inside Ryan. I fucked Ryan. I drove my cock in and out of Ryan's ass, feeling the warmth of his no-longer virgin ass. It felt tight. It felt good.

    I cummed. My thick cum spurted out inside Ryan. But I did not stop. I continued drilling his ass, until the last load of my cum oozed out of me. It was then I stopped, panting. Reluctantly, I pulled my cock out of Ryan's ass. My half-hard cock was covered by cum - mine and Ethan's.

    I offered my cum-covered cock to Ryan. 'You wanna clean this... with your tongue, or you wanna let Ethan do it?'

    Ryan said nothing. He offered me his tongue.


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