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    It had been weeks. Weeks since the weekend getway camp. Weeks since Ryan stopped being such an macho ass, and bowed to my demand. Weeks since Ethan, Ryan and I first had our threesome without the need of Ethan being the only willing bottom.

    And then again, it had been weeks since our threesome.
    My relationship with Ethan had grown. We were an item - closet item, though. Ethan was understanding enough to let me come out at my own pace. It was not easy. I broke up with Diane. There were a lot of questions from her side to know why, who and what happened. I did not answer her that much. I would, one day, come out to her, but I was not ready yet. Ethan had been patient. But I wondered how much more he could bear, because I knew there was something in him wanting to burst out happy, to let the world know that I was fucking him. That I was sleeping with him. That I was making love to him. That I cared for him. That I loved him. His grins of happiness were a joy to me, and I hated to disappoint him as I delayed any attempt to acknowledge our feelings for one another to our friends.
    I could not say the same me and Ryan. Since our outing, we did not meet up much. He did pick up the phones, but there would be this-and-that that would prevent us from getting together. Ethan asked me if there was a problem. I did not know. It was like he had found new friends. I did see him hanging out with others, but no one consistent. No one like him and me - or what was used to be 'him and me'.

    Ethan was hanging out at my place, when Ryan eventually showed up.
    I was surprised. And happy. Ethan said hey back, while I smiled. Oh, what the heck! I stood up and hugged him. Tight. He hugged me back. There was something in that hug of ours, that told me I was right. He missed me too. I missed him. I missed his body. I missed his touch.

    'My turn?' I heard Ethan said.  Well, he should. I was feeling myself getting hard, pressing my body against Ryan's hard body.
    'Miss us?' Ethan asked, as he stepped forward, with open arms to receive a smiling Ryan.
    'You know I do,' Ryan said, as he pulled Ethan close. 'But I was not sure if your boyfriend would allow me to miss you that much, cutie.'
    Boyfriend? Wow! Even Ryan had already used that word to describe Ethan and me. I had not even used that word. Not even with Ethan.
    Ethan laughed, while Ryan still held him close, grinning. I smiled, blushing.  I moved in, and the 2 of them made space to let me have a short group hug.

    'So, are you two really an item now? Shall I tell the others?' Ryan asked, as he pulled away. Slumping himself down onto my bed, he leaned his head on the wall, exposing his lean body when his shirt pulled up. We had seen less on him. There was no need to cover himself. We were sex objects to one another, and we had stopped hiding our lusts.

    But I had not talked to him for quite some time. We knew sex was in our minds, but this time, I needed to know what he had been up to. So, talk was in. Sex was out.

    'We are only an item, when Justin says so. When Justin thinks so. In school, we are a no-no,' Ethan answered. Sounded like he was whining, but I knew he was just kidding.

    'Sorry,' I muttered, as I touched his knee, hoping somewhere along the line, he could sense from my touch that I meant it. Ethan smiled. I was glad.
    'What about you? Where have you been?' I asked. Half hoping to avoid the topic of Ethan and me being a couple, and half eager to know Ryan's reason.
    'Nowhere. You know, work. In the house.'
    'Com'on, Ryan. Tell,' I said.
    I nodded my head.
    'I have been having sex. Plenty of sex. Getaways. More.'
    'Who? When? How?' I blurted out. Ethan held my hand, to stop me. He wanted Ryan to continue.
    'Okay... You know me and sex. Just basically what I really liked. Humping and getting my rocks off. When we got back from the camping, I wanted more. I wanted to call you guys out again, but an old friend called. He asked me to go over and visit him. And I did. A fucking 2 hours drive. And he was not in. I was pissed.'

    'He didn't know you were coming?' Ethan asked.
    'It slipped his mind. So, there I was, pissed off. And I did not want to drive back. So, I drove around, hung out and hoped that he would come back by the time I checked on him again. And then, I saw a disco. Gay disco. Stoned.

    Ryan pushed himself up, and leaned his back on the wall. His lean abs was no longer in view. Although I was disappointed, I was more eager for him to tell me more about him and the disco.

    'Well, I stepped in. It was early still, and the crowd was not so big. But the men..' Ryan sighed. We were hooked.
    'Oh. I saw this. I saw pictures of these kinds of discos. Man! The guys were packed. Fit, and hunk!' Ethan claimed.
    'Yeah, but except this time, they were in front of me, and not on your computer screen for anyone of us to jerk off to. These guys were fucking hot. Some shirtless, some tight-fitting tops. However they were, I was cruising them. They were cruising me!'

    'Eying each other, for sex,' Ethan said, when he saw my face expression.
    Wow.. Ryan even knew what a cruising was.
    'A few asked me to dance. I said no. And then, when one hot guy came along, I could not say no anymore. His body.. man.. God perfected him. We danced. He held me close. His groin kept grinding onto mine. I did not know when. but he took my shirt off, and then we were body-humping one another. It was like in some cheap orgies. The disco was getting crowded Hands were reaching out from everywhere feeling us. I was freaked out at first, but when hottie laid his lips on me, I did not even care who was touching me. I was so turned on...'

    I was getting hard again. And from the way Ryan adjusting his butt, I knew he was too. Ethan's eyes never left Ryan. He was expecting Ryan to tell more.

    'And then...' Ethan asked.
    'Well, he led me to this room at the back..'
    'The Dark Room,' Ethan cut in.
    'Yeah, the dark room. There were a few there, and I knew immediately what the room was for. I heard the moans. I bumped into bodies. Hottie pushed me against one wall, and he groped me. I was practically hand-raped there. And he got down on his knees, and sucked me...'

    'Fucking shit! Was he any good?' I asked.
    'He gagged at my size.' 8 inches, hard. 'But he tried. He kept bobbing up and down on my dick, that I came in his mouth. I wanted to return the favor, but by then, someone was humping on his ass. I had him, and there was another guy grabbing me away. I saw him. Dim light. I liked him. And we fucked. Hell, I think I spent more time in the dark room than on the dancefloor. They should have just called the place a gay fuck place, and not a gay disco.'

    'Wow!' That was all I could say.
    'But that was only one day. You didn't disappear from us for only one day. Unless..' Ethan said.
    'Yeah.. Addiction. If that is a problem. On other days, I was just too tired, and slept almost whole day. There was once, this guy wit a fucking 10 inches.. I think I was not able to walk straight for hours. He was good. Even took me back to his place. I know, I know.. I should be careful, and I was. But there were so many men there. It was fucking steamy. I could have any guy I want. They want me. They need me. They fucking need me. I gave them a taste of me. And then, the word went around.. I was the hot new guy. The one everyone wants to sleep with. I was hungry. They want to eat. But I gave myself to only those who were scaled 8 and above only. Nothing less.'
    'Why didn't you call us? Ask us to join you?' I asked. I looked at Ethan, to see his reaction. I was not sure if he would approve on this idea that we would become sex sluts overnight, and I was relieved to see him nodding his head. Ethan's eyes met mine.

    'I have heard of these places, but never got the chance to go. Just curious, you know,' Ethan answered.
    'You two? Ask you two to go with me?' Ryan asked, with a grin. 'Look. I did not know how far involved I was for getting Justin into this gay sex thing, and I did not want any blame. And then, I saw this thing between you two. I knew. And it worked. And do I want to be responsible for you two? Do I want to tempt you two with the guys there? You have no idea the lusts in that place. I cannot ask you guys. It would be just too wrong. It is a place for me. But not you two. Not now anyway.'

    'Wait, Ryan. What fuck is this that I will be blaming you? I'm not. I'm in this on my own will,' I said. 'And if there is anything to be said here, it should be a 'thank you, you asshole'. No you, no Ethan. No Ethan, and I think I'll never know what this is. And I love this.' There I said it, and I pulled Ethan close to me, and kissed him. It was true. I loved his lips. I loved his lips on me. I loved my lips on him. I loved him. I did love him.

    Ethan smiled. He squeezed my hand, and muted 'I love you'. I blushed, and although I knew Ryan was watching, it felt just right.
    'I love you too, Ethan,' I said.
    'I think I should go,' Ryan said, as he got up.
    'No!' Ethan said. 'Not now! You just got back to us.' Ethan got up and stopped Ryan before he got to the door.
    'Yeah,' I said, wishing not to lose Ryan to the many days of not seeing him again so soon.
    'Tell you what. I think you two got many things to say to one another, without me being in the picture. Why not I go out for a while, and I'll see you guys later?' Ethan said.

    'Aren't you afraid your boyfriend will rape me?' Ryan teased.
    'As long as he rapes me more times that he rapes you, I'm okay with that. And only with you,' Ethan said. 'My jealousy allows only one guy, and that's you, Ryan.'

    'I'll remember that,' I promised. 'No others.'
    'Later, Ryan. Bye, Justin.'
    'Bye, boyfriend,' I said.
    Ethan kissed me, and left the room.
    'I was not so sure if I could handle all emotional thing.. there...' Ryan said, when the door closed. He giggled at his own joke.
    Ryan was different. He was more relaxed now. Weeks before we had Ethan, he was all toughened up inside. At least, now he was sharing his thoughts and feelings.

    'A little bit.'
    'Do you really need me to spell it out? It's you. I do not know when it became you in my life, but it was you ever since. But I screwed up. I took my time, and took you for granted. Ethan was already ahead of me. What can I do? What should I do?'

    I almost said 'you could have fought for me', but then I realized that I wanted Ethan. Ryan was good to me, but he was right. He was one step behind. I had to commit. It was either Ethan, or waiting not-knowing when Ryan would come around. I had made my decision, and I stood by it.

    I said nothing.
    'And I could see that Ethan has this major hype over you. And you care for him. And how can I come in between you guys like that?'
    'You know I care for you too. So, don't crap this bullshit again.'
    Ryan smiled weakly, and nodded his head. 'I know. And that's why I owe you this one. To let you know. And to say sorry.'
    I pulled Ryan to me, and hugged him. God, I felt weak all of a sudden, and was not sure if I could survive Ethan without Ryan beside me. Or that I was fearing Ryan out there without me. My best friend. My great lover. My big lust.

    As if he was reading my thought, Ryan said 'I'm gonna be ok.' And then, he chuckled. 'I may have to check on you two, to make sure you two behave yourself.'

    I still held on to him. 'Promise?'
    Ryan slowly promised.
    I raised my eyes, and met his. They were trying to hide emotions, but were speaking sadness.
    'I love you too, you know.'
    Ryan nodded.
    I kissed him.
    His lips. There was that demonish passion again. Those lips were no longer belonging to me only. Other men had tasted these hungry lips; my Ryan's lips.

    'Perhaps I should go,' Ryan said, as he pulled away.
    'Why?' I still held onto his hands.
    'Your boyfriend is out there, you know. Just in case you miss him.'
    'Ethan will be fine. He has already got used to this house.'
    'Like he has got used to you?'
    'Like you have got used to this house. And to me,'. I grinned.
    We stood in silence. My hands were still holding to his, not wanting to let go. To let go those hands would be to let him go for I-don't-know how long. I wanted him to stay longer. I wanted him longer.

    'Kiss me again,' I demanded.
    'Because I want you to have me,' I said.
    'I had already had you,' Ryan responded, smirking.
    I pulled him close, and kissed him hard. I did not want to miss his lips too much. I lingered my tongue up his cheek, and whispered to his ear, 'No, you didn't. I had you.'

    Ryan remembered.
    I knelt. It was easy to spot his dick. It was already hard, and straining against his jeans. My fingers felt the outline. I loved his 8 inches dick. I wasted no time in pulling his jeans down, and let my lips emptied my emotion of missing his hard cock inside me. Ryan moaned. I pulled his boxer down, and was greeted by the familiar giant manhood of Ryan. I was really missing him much. One look, and my hard cock inside my short jerked.

    I opened my lips and welcomed his thick tool into my mouth. My tongue felt his hardness. Ryan moaned again, when my lips enclosed tight and pulled on his rod. Ryan placed his hands on my head and started to pump my mouth. His cock slid in and out of my mouth. I groaned. The taste of his cock in my mouth was making me high. I wanted more of him. I pulled his hips towards me, and gagged when his cock poked my throat. But I did not care. I wanted more Ryan. So, I did again. And again.

    And I obeyed his instruction. I slowed down, and Ryan pushed himself slowly into me. I felt my throat opening up. I could smell Ryan's pubic hair now. I could smell Ryan. I was nervous, but told myself to relax. I felt more Ryan sliding into me. And then, he pulled out, before sliding in again.  Ryan fucked my mouth a few times, but never brought himself to bury himself totally in me. He was worried his 8 inches would hurt me.

    'Enough of that. My turn.'
    Ryan pushed me onto the bed. We exchanged a few hot kisses, before Ryan ripped my shirt off, and licked my chests. His lips and tongue teased me at my abs.  He pulled my shorts down, and I buried my cock inside Ryan. Really, Ryan's skill had improved. I felt his tongue, licking me, from the tip of my cock head, down to the base, sniffing my pubic hair, and swallowing my balls in his mouth.  I lost count of the many times moans escaped my mouth.

    It felt good, to just lie there, and to have your best friend's face at your groin, working to satisfy you. I felt the satisfaction.
    'Fuck me.'
    'You sure?'
    Since day one, I had sucked Ryan's cock. He had sucked mine. And I had fucked him. And that was it. He had never crossed that line with me.
    Ryan turned me over. I was expecting him to climb on me, and pushed his hot dick into my ass, but he did not. He buried his tongue in my ass and licked me. I felt the moist. I felt Ryan on me, tasting me in this intimate spot. I was aroused. It felt good to feel my best friend's face pressed onto my buttcheeks, breathing me in.

    I threw Ryan a lube bottle.
    'I'm ready,' I mumbled.
    Ryan climbed up, and positioned himself at my ass. I felt the coldness of the lube on his cockhead. Ryan pressed on. Relax, he said. I listened. I eased my breathing, and braced myself for Ryan's thickness. It felt like I was tearing apart down there. It hurt. But it felt so good because this was Ryan. This was Ryan getting into me. This was Ryan becoming one with me. I felt my tension eased away.

    Ryan put up less struggle this time. His manhood eased easier into me this time. I held tight his wrists, and he just chuckled lightly, to tell me it was okay. I was going to be okay, because he was going to take care of me. Ryan raised his ass, and began to buttfuck me. I felt his thickness sliding in and out of me. This was heaven. I was in heaven. This jock was mine, and he was making love to me. My ass was his.

    Ryan cummed, without warning. His groans were the only sound to match his cumming inside me. I turned sideway to look at him, stunned.
    'That was fast.' Usually, Ryan would last longer than this. I was surprised. I was disappointed.
    'I'm not done yet, sucker. Turn around.'
    Ryan pulled out of me, and let me turned and faced him. I lied on my back, raising my thighs. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass onto my bed. I didn't care. I wanted him. I wanted his cum. I wanted his cum all over me, and all over my bed. Ryan pushed forward my thighs, and positioned himself again. With his cum, he slipped into me this time with less problem.

    Our eyes met as he pounded his cock into my ass. Before, they were sadness. Now, they were lust. I knew Ryan saw it in my eyes too. I wanted him. He knew. He pumped me harder. I groaned.

    'Did you really expect me to hold longer, with your ass like that?' Ryan mumbled, between his panting. 'Surprised I did not cum earlier.'
    He lowered his lips, and kissed me. I felt his tongue. I felt his teeth. I felt them biting my lips gently, and playfully, pulling back only when he knew I wanted more from him. Teaser. Just when I thought I had to grab him and pull him back to my face, he lowered his face willingly and teased me again, tasting me in his mouth.

    My phone was within my reach. I picked it up. I dialed.
    A familiar voice answered. 'Justin?'
    'Come in here!' and I hung up.
    Steps were heard running up the stairs, and then, heading to my room. The door was open. Ethan stood there. He smiled, when he saw the positions we were in.

    'I figured.' That was all he answered.
    'Come over here,' I said. My body was still rocking, from the pressure of the humping Ryan was doing.
    Ethan walked over, and unzipped his shorts. He pulled down his shorts and boxer at once. His cock was already growing. I grabbed Ethan's thick cock and pulled it to my mouth. I sucked my boyfriend. I sucked his 7 1/2 inches hard. Ethan moaned. His hand caressed Ryan's body, while his eyes admired Ryan's ass, and thrusts. He bent down and planted a long kiss on Ryan's lips. I choked on my boyfriend's thickening cock.

    'Do you want me to suck you off?' Ethan asked eventually.
    I pulled his cock out, and smiled. I shook my head. 'You don't have to.'
    Talking was easier by now, since that the pain was more bearable. Ryan was still drilling his hard cock in and out of me. Ryan took over, and sucked Ethan's cock. It was heaven. I was feeling Ryan inside me, and watching my best friend sucking my boyfriend's cock, right in front of my eyes. Ethan moaned. I knew he was enjoying Ryan's new learned skill. His thighs tensed, telling me of his pleasure felt in Ryan's mouth.

    They kept going, until Ryan pulled out. Ethan looked amazed, but was quickly replaced with disappointment. He did not want Ryan to leave him incomplete. I knew how it felt like. I felt that too earlier.

    'Fuck me.' That came from Ryan.
    We knew what he meant. Ethan looked at me, excited. I was hard before. Now, I believed my dick was straining to a bursting point.
    'Well?' Ryan asked.
    Ethan climbed on the bed, putting himself behind Ryan. I could just imagine - Ethan, facing Ryan's hot and sweaty back, holding onto his waist and poking his hard cock at Ryan's butt. Ryan adjusted his position - pushing his ass higher to receive Ethan. I felt his hard cock inside me pressed against, within me. I groaned. Ryan did too. Ethan pushed Ryan's body down, pressing it against my agonized body. I felt the pressure of Ethan's weight, crushing down on me through Ryan. Ryan held his weight, not wanting to hurt me any further. My cock was rubbed hard between my abs and Ryan's. I was going to cum if Ryan did not get off me soon.

    Ethan found his way into Ryan. Ryan's face changed. He was gritting his teeth hard, not to scream. I pulled his body down, holding him in my arms tight, hoping that somehow this would lessen the pain. I knew it would not, but I was still hoping. Ryan's body tensed up, but I knew he wanted this. Ethan's pressure on us was felt further, and then, we felt Ethan rocking the bed. He was humping. His cock was fucking Ryan's ass. Ryan's body rocked forward and back, rubbing his cock in and out of me. I felt the rhythm. I felt the pressure. I knew the pleasure. It was great.

    Ryan lifted his head, and pressed his lips on me. It was like he was passing his pain onto me, smoldering me over all my lips to feel me within him. I kissed him back. I kissed him for the many days I had missed him and longed for him. I kissed him for this animal pleasure I found with him. I licked him, wherever my tongue could find, could taste his skin.

    I could hold back anymore. I cum. The warmth of my cum spread between Ryan and my body. Between his body being rocked forward by Ethan, and him taking me up in my ass, his hand reached below and fingered for my cum.  He raised his fingers up and offered it to Ethan. Ethan licked his fingers clean. And then, Ryan went down for more. This time, he smeared the cum around my lips, and his tongue licked my lips clean.

    With all that continuous fucking, I was not allowed to stay soft. My cock stayed hard. But Ryan had reached his limit. He moaned hard, and body stiffened. I felt his cock stiffened too, within me, before I felt the cockhead expanded and pumped cum inside me.  Ethan groaned too, and I felt his body shuddered, as he panted and pressed himself onto Ryan. 'Oh shit' was what I heard from Ethan, before he slammed his body down on Ryan.

    'I am off sex. I swear!' I kidded when they shifted their bodies off me. I grinned. We laughed.
    Ryan left soon after that. He promised to stay in touch.
    Ethan was sad that Ryan had to be this way. I told Ethan not to worry. Ryan would stay in touch. Soon.
    'How sure are you?'
    'Pretty sure. Sex. You. Me.' I smiled.  'He'll be back.'

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