As usual, this story is purely fictionally. If you are not into gay stories, please do not proceed further.

Ryan And Me, And Ethan 2

    That evening, back on my bed, the images of Ethan sucking on Ryan kept appearing in my head, no matter how much I wanted to avoid them. Ryan was always horny, and I knew that. He liked to show off (his huge size, and sex ability), and I knew that too. But to see him going to the extend of letting another guy taking his dick in thelatter's mouth - that I did not know.
    I asked him after Ethan left us. He just shrugged it off, as if it was nothing to think about further.
    'I was horny.' That was his best offer of any answer, eventually.
    To say that I was disgusted would not be true. I found myself getting a little hard to see my homophobic friend being manhandled willingly by a gay guy. To say that I was enjoying it would not be true either. I was not THAT hard.
    I needed to get my mind away. I called Diane.
    The next few days, I wondered if my afternoons, or evenings at Taza would be the same. It used to be just me and Ryan. Away from from our house troubles. Away from home nagging. Away from any house chores, or lectures. Ryan needed the place more badly compared to me. The years of abuse and hardships had him growing cold in the heart, and getting away was the only way he kept himself sane at times. Surely, most people saw him as bad news. My parents totally warned me to stay away from him. But being who I was, the more they disapproved, the more I got close to him, just to ticked them off. But then again, I knew Ryan more than others. Beneath that cold-heart son-of-a-bitch acting, he cared. Well, for me - and that to me, was important. And for his mom too. That was why Ryan did not go to college, unlike me. Any further discussion about money would only lead to arguments in the house, and would end with Ryan's mom being beaten up at home. Only lately Ryan stood up for his mom, now that he was bigger and stronger, and was able to inflict some fear in his old dad. College was not an option for Ryan. He could not bear to see his mom going through anymore problems for his sake.Taza was one of the few places he would go to, just to disappear for a few hours.
    I was more unfortunate. Mom caught me before I managed to vanish in the morning. So, I was stuck with several tasks to do, and I had to. I needed some cash, and I was not going to get any, until the lawn was mowed, the roof wasrepaired and the garage was painted. I called Ryan to join me, but the call went unanswered. He was one of those - never returned calls, unless he needed something.
    A day after the incident, I got a text from Ethan. 'Thanks for not telling - Ethan'. I should be surprised that he knew my number, but then again, back in school, I did receive calls from girls I did not know. So, there should not be any reason to think that guys, gay guys especially, would not be doing the same - getting my number someway, somehow. I did not text him back. I was not planning to tell on him. If I did, then Ryan would be involved. Besides, my being there, although I was not involved in theblowjob , could still somehow link me back to the situation. I kept my mouth shut. I only wished that I could say the same about my mind. It kept flashing the images of Ethan swallowing Ryan's cock in my head.
    So, when Friday came, and the morning quarrel about the escalating bills managed to sneak in again after lunch, I knew I had to get away. I took the motorbike and rode away. I got to the mall. Met Diane, who spent a few minutes with me, during her break time. And then, I was off wandering on my own. Grabbed cans of beer and took off. I headed forTaza.

    Ryan was there. Judging from the fresh butts of cigarettes around, I would say that he had been there for an hour or so. I threw him a can of beer. He smiled. Dashing. Just the way the girls liked him. And now, Ethan too.
    'No queer in sight?' I asked, teasingly.
    'Fuck you, homo.'
    'Seriously, you into this shit?' I asked, as I crashed onto my same spot. Just the right shade, right breeze and right place for me.
    'He sucked, not me. So, I'm not the faggot,' Ryan answered. That defence, that statement - one is only gay when one sucks, not when one is sucked.
    'Still... I don't know. It just feel not right,' I said. I open my can and took some sips. 'You gonna do it again?' I asked. Ryan was quiet. I searched his face for an answer. That much hesitation to answer - it only meant one thing. It was in his thoughts too.
    'I don't know. Why?' Ryan asked.
    'I don't know. Maybe I don't wanna be around the next time,' I told him. It was not true. I never thought of that.
    'Why? Is he coming again?' Ryan asked, a sudden interest noted in his tone.
    My eyes checked out his groin. Was he hard again? I couldn't see much. Instead, I was greeted by a grin. Wicked. Caught by him when I thought I could just casually check him out.
    'You want him to come?' I asked back, interested to know.
    There was a pause.
    'Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. Any word from him?'
    'How the fuck I know? Who do you think I am? His fucking friend?' I snapped. I did not know why I was irritated by his question. Maybe because Ethan did text me. And I did not want Ryan to know that Ethan did. And then, I wondered if Ethan had contacted Ryan too. I did not ask.
    'I'm no gay, okay?' Ryan said, suddenly.
    'Fine with me,' I said. 'Just don't make it a habit.'
    Ryan grabbed his crotch.
    'Horny again?' I asked.
    'Well, if he's not here, perhaps you can help me out,' Ryan said, and then he laughed.
    'Fuck you!' I said, and then totally looked away. I ignored his joke, but something in me began to ponder if Ryan had thought of that. He did start with a gay guy. I could be next.
    Ethan was not seen that day.
    But on Sunday, as Ryan and I hung out at Taza again, we heard footsteps approaching. Immediately I thought of Ethan. Ryan must had too. He was looking out for the figure. I got a little nervous. And somehow, a little excited too. It was not him. Just a kid who was probably curious where the beach really ended. The kid said hi. I smiled and Ryan lookedun-interested. Somehow, Ryan's expression scared the kid off, and he turned back.
    'Call him,' Ryan said.
    'The kid? Why?'
    'Not the kid.'
    'I don't have his number,' I lied. I did not erase his text from the other day.
    'Why don't you call him? I bet he contacted you,' I argued back.
    'Just give him a miss call. Come on. Linds putting out again,' Ryan said. Almost pleading.
    'What's with you two lately? She's cheating on you?' I grumbled, as I pulled my mobile phone out.
    'Nah.. Don't know. Don't care.'
    I searched for Ethan's text, as Ryan watched me from where he was seated. A hot guy like him should get easy fuck anytime he wanted. I just did not know why we were going through this with Ethan, if he could get the other girls when Lindsay was making herself not available. I pressed the call button, and prayed that Ethan was not available. Prayed that he would not answer the call. After two buzzes, I hung up. I looked at Ryan, as I raised my mobile phone slightly to tell him that I had done what he had asked me to.
    Ethan never returned the call. In a way, I was glad. I would not like to think of what to say to him. Anyway, maybe it was hard on him - to be used like that for Ryan's satisfaction. To be used sexually, and then nothing. Maybe he was humiliated, especially none of us tried to talk to him after. I did not reply his text, and I knew Ryan would not.
    Almost an hour later, I decided that Ethan was definitely disturbed by this whole thing, and was not going to contact us again. I felt bad for him. And it was then, we heard footsteps again, and from behind the rock, Ethan appeared. He brought beer. This guy really learned his stuff. I looked at Ryan, and somehow, a smirk escaped his mouth. He was glad to see Ethan.
    Just a little greet, and some hi's, and less than 10 minutes later, Ryan sat on a small rock with his jeans around his ankles. Ethan was on his knees, bending forward, greeting Ryan's cock with his mouth. I watched as Ryan guided Ethan's head with one hand, rocking the head back and forth. I could hear Ethan slurping away. His head was bobbing up and down in between Ryan's thighs.
    I was frustrated. I knew actions were going on, but I could not see them. Somehow, Ryan's thigh was hiding the good stuff away from my view. I thought I would be disgusted a little seeing the gay sex, but somehow, not seeing the sex,even though it was gay, was tempting me. I wished that Ryan would lower his thighs.
    Unlike the previous encounter, this time Ryan did not object to Ethan touching him with hands. Ethan's palms were holding onto Ryan's kneecaps for support, but later, the hands disappeared, hidden by the thighs. I figured that Ethan's hands were caressing Ryan's cock and those big balls. Ryan pushed his hips forward, trying to bury more of him into Ethan. Ethan gave out a little whimper.
    I pretended not to be keen on the blowjob, but my eyes kept watching to see if I could see more details. And then, Ryan stood up. His cock was already pointing hard, and were moistened by Ethan's saliva. Ethan got up higher on his knees, and continued to devour Ryan's 8 inches. I watched intently, as Ethan's lips slid down Ryan's rod, and then back up, holding Ryan's manhood in his mouth. Ethan must had done a good job, sucking it hard, because I had never heard Ryan moaning like that when Lindsay was doing him.
    Ryan held Ethan's head with his both hands, and began to hump Ethan's mouth. I watched Ethan trying to keep up with Ryan's humping. Ryan's hips were rocking to and fro faster. Groans escaped Ryan's mouth each time as he pushed forward, and then, that groan. Ryan was cumming.
    This time, instead of pulling out, Ryan kept his cock inside Ethan's mouth. Ethan did not protest. I watched Ryan's body jerked each time as his cock ejaculated into Ethan. A few drips of cum escaped Ethan's mouth. The rhythm slowed down. Ryan pulled out his wet cock, and offered to Ethan to clean it.  Ethan struggled to swallow Ryan's cum in his mouth, before opening his mouth again. I was turned on to see Ethan's hand holding on to Ryan's thick rod, and guided it to his tongue, licking thecockhead clean.
    I adjusted my sitting position. Unlike the previous encounter, this time I was hard. And they did not need to go.
    'Justin, you want?' Ryan asked, as if he was done with sex slave and passing it on to the next person.
    I shook my head immediately. I was hard, but I was not into this gay shit. No, not me.
    I thought Ethan would leave immediately. Ethan thought so too. But Ryan stopped him. And knowing Ryan, I knew there would be a round 2 this time. Ryan was never satisfied with only one round.
    I stayed too. The show might get more interesting. And I wanted to know what would come next.