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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 3

    My encounters, although purely voyeurism, got me worried. And excited. Excited, because I got to see my homophobic best friend, Ryan, having his cock sucked by Ethan. It was one to watch sex. It was another to see my friend in one. And it was another to see two, mind I would say, hot guys getting it on. Worried, because I was enjoying it while trying to convince myself that a straight guy could actually bring himself to enjoy watching a sex act, even thought if it was a gay sex act.
    And another thing - I realized that I was getting hard from the watching. Not hard hard, but getting hard.
    So, I did the thing that would confirm to me that I was still very much the man I believed I was. I called up my girl, and got her to get my rocks off.

    On Wednesday I went over to Taza again. I questioned myself the actual reason I headed there. I told myself that I needed a break, to get away from the assignments and the house commotion. And intentionally avoiding Taza was making me restless. So, I went. I pretended that I did not care if Ryan was there. Or if Ryan and Ethan were not there. I was there for them. I was there for myself. But there was a wish that I was not alone. I needed someone to talk to. I needed Ryan.
    When I reached the spot, someone was there. Just that it was not Ryan. It was Ethan. He jumped at the sight of me. There was an uncomfortable silent, as we tried to acknowledge each other's presence.
    'Alone?' I asked.
    'Yeah. Ryan's coming?' Ethan asked, as he wiped sand of his shorts. It was the first time I noticed Ethan's legs. For a non-athlete, Ethan looked good. Heck, Ethan looked great. He was a handsome guy. His body was lean, and I wondered how this guy kept himself in shape. I realized that I did not really catch him on the field or in the pool. If it was not for the rumors, girls would have loved to have a guy like him as a boyfriend. Because of the rumors, girls were having him as a good friend.
    'Err... I'm not sure. He told you?' I asked, as I walked to my place. Ryan and I had this non-verbal understanding of our favorite spots. He liked to take the rock closer to the cliff, while I preferred the corner, shaped by two huge rocks. Luckily, Ethan seemed to respect my space. He was near Ryan's area. I sat myself down.
    'He would not return my message,' Ethan confessed. So, as suspected, Ethan had Ryan's number as well. And then, I realized that I did not return his message as well. I looked away, as if I did not want him catch me guilty.
    Ethan was still standing. He was not sure of what he should do next. But before he could say bye, I stopped him.
    'You wanna wait for him?' I asked. I did understand Ethan's desire. Ryan was a hot guy - the jock. The one who would turn heads and get attention without much effort. The one who either receive admiration or jealousy, or both.
    'You mind? I mean, I do not want to take your space. I mean, maybe you want to be alone,' Ethan said.
    'No bother. Could use some company,' I said. And then I realized that what I had said could be interpreted that I wanted some too, since that I wanted him to be around. 'Just company. Nothing more,' I added.
    Ethan sat down opposite me, with his back against the rock. We sat together, in silence. I did not know what to say to Ethan, and I guessed he would wonder the same too. It was awkward.
    'So...' Ethan murmured.
    'You are gay?' I blabbed it out.
    'Excuse me?' he responded, with a surprise.
    'Sorry.. I did not mean to ask it out like that.. Never mind,' I said, feeling bad that I was insensitive.
    'I guess you can say that I am. You had already seen me,' he said eventually, with a little chuckle. He looked at me, smiling, hoping that it would ease the tension.
    I smiled back. It did.
    'Thanks for not screaming.. telling.. or blogging about it to everyone.'
    'Ha. I don't blog. But I did not snitch on you either,' I told him. 'But it was because Ryan was involved. That was all, I said, hoping that Ethan would really believe I did it for Ryan, and never would think that I did it for him. 'If you were so scared, why did you do it?'
    'Are you kidding? It was Ryan,' Ethan confessed.
    Ahhh... The Ryan factor.
    Who could blame Ethan for such public display? If someone were to offer me Alba in such situation, I would have done the same thing too. Ethan was good-looking. I was good-looking. Ryan was HOT!
    'So, you were not like that? I mean.. errr...,' I said, looking for kinder word.
    'Slut?' Ethan said, laughing it off. Well, he got me. 'Look at this town. Who else are there?'
    True. This town needed life. As soon as teenagers grew up, they would leave the town and came back no more than for their folks' birthdays, family reunions, Christmas and occasional escape from city life. I knew when it was my time, there would be no looking back. This town would be history to me.
    We talked. Something that surprised me, but I did welcome the change. With Ryan, it was usually quiet hangout. But I was listening to Ethan. He was sharing. Not preaching. Not whining. But sharing about his closet life. How he first knew he was different. How he realized he did not have any interest in girls the way his friends were. How he had no desire to check out the girls, but seeing them nothing more than just friends. And how his first crush was a guy, and since, he knew he was gay. He hesitated to share this part, but since that I did look interested, Ethan just continued talking. He talked about his confusion, his difficulty in hiding his secret, about how Jenna - his best friend being the only one he could talk to, about the teases he got that hurt him (which made me feel bad, because I did have a part in this) and about the times he thought of running away.
    'I'm not boring you, am I?' Ethan joked, waiting for my response.
    'No... No.' I was lost for words. 'You know what?' I said.
    Ethan looked at me, waiting.
    'I think you must be one hell of a tough guy to stand all these. I do.'
    Ethan smiled. He was grateful.
    'You too, you know,' Ethan said.
    'What are you talking about?' I asked.
    'You know... when you stood up for your sister back in high school. When the school wanted to whip her ass.. I mean, get rid of her for being a trouble-maker.. you told the principal that if she was out, so would you from the school team. You knew the school was nothing without you. And you were right. So, she got warning, and hours after school. But you cared. You cared for her,' Ethan said.
    I was surprised. No one was supposed to know about this. Only Mr. Brown and Mr. Riddel were supposed to know this. How did Ethan know?
    'I was with her in the detention. And she knew. The school told her. And she kept it to herself. Well, except for me. I told no one. I assumed she did too, since then. We were friends. Well, for a short while,' Ethan answered, as if he knew what I was thinking of.
    I was silenced. No one was supposed to know about this. But I could never let anything like that happened to her. We were close. I was the world to her, when we were kids. She cherished me. She idolized me. But as we grew up, we grew apart. We argued more. We fought more. Something went wrong. It just happened. I had different needs. She had needs that no longer involved me. But when I found out that the school found stolen school items in her locker, I could not let her be pushed into a corner. I stepped up. I bargained for her second chance. And I got it.  But I did not want her to know that I did it for her. I was no longer the brother she needed. And if I was no longer needed, I did not wish to be.
    'You know,' Ethan said. 'She still loves you.' He was reading my mind.
    Ethan and I met again the following day. I just enjoyed his company so much that I asked him to come over the next day. He did. We just talked, as we sipped beer and joked about the town's lost hopes. But our chat did not last long. Ryan showed up. I was glad. And I believed Ethan preferred Ryan's presence more, than just our chat. Ethan was breaking out into this big grin.
    'So, what are you sissies up to? Naughty without you?' Ryan asked, as he jumped down from the rock. He grabbed a can too, and gobbled down half a can, within seconds.
    'Fuck you, Ryan,' I cut him off. I was okay with his name calling, but since knowing Ethan a little bit more, I was not sure if Ethan would be offended.
    'So, you are back for more?' Ryan asked, smiling at Ethan.
    Ethan stole a quick look my way. Since our chat, I guessed it did change the moment. Ethan was no longer the gay slut. He became a friend, who would be doing a slutty thing in front of me. But the sound of Ryan's zip opening brought our attention back to Ryan. And there, we watched as Ryan let his jeans fell onto the ground. He was not wearing anything beneath. His cock and heavy balls were exposed to Ethan. I was treated to Ryan's smooth ass.
    'So, you want it or not?' Ryan asked, as he removed his t-shirt, standing there naked without a single thread. This was the first time Ethan got to see Ryan totally naked in front of him, offering himself as a piece of meat for Ethan to enjoy.  There was no way Ethan could resist this. Ryan's body was developed well for a guy his age. The consistent farm work had done well for his chests and making sure that the 6 pack would be visible without a hard try.
    Ethan knelt down. But instead of walking towards Ethan, Ryan took steps back until he was in front of me. So, this was his game today - to let me have the view up close. Ethan crawled over, and although I felt pressure building up for him that he had to suck cock in front of me - his new friend, he was going to do it. Ryan's cock was hardening in front of me. I watched as it rose, even without Ethan's touch yet.
    Ethan grabbed Ryan's cock, feeling its thickness with his palm and guided the cock into his mouth. This was the closest view I had, sitting where I had always been, to watch my best friend's cock to be sucked by another. Ethan's lips worked on Ryan's cock, sliding up and down on the rod, bringing it to its full life. Ryan's cock grew within Ethan's mouth. Its length grew. Soon, Ethan was having difficulty to take the whole length in. Ryan's cock had grown into its 8 inches length, wet all around the rod, covered by Ethan's spit. I watched as Ethan held the cock and bobbed up and down on it. I adjusted my sitting position. Watching so close a hard, huge cock being sucked was having effect on me.
    Ethan pulled away from Ryan's cock, and began to play with Ryan's cockhead with his tongue. I watched closely, less than 2 feet away, Ethan's tongue licking Ryan's cockhead, and how his lips would enclose around the head, and Ethan would suck deep. Ryan moaned. I felt my cock twitching.
    As if tired of the slow play, Ryan took hold of Ethan's head and began to guide it in a faster rhythm. Ryan fucked Ethan's face. I watched as his cock would drive in and out of Ethan's hungry mouth. Ryan's balls swung forth and back, matching Ryan's body movement pumping his body onto Ethan's face. Ethan gagged, but Ryan wanted more of his hard cock in Ethan. Ryan thrust forward harder. Ethan groaned. But Ryan did not stop. He kept humping.
    And this time, when Ryan was about to cum, instead of letting Ethan swallow his cum, Ryan pulled out his hard cock and aimed at Ethan's face. With a few more strokes, Ryan shot his cum, spurting all over Ethan's face. I was turned on. My cock was really hard, and I was only glad that none of them could see it.
    Still holding onto his own cock, Ryan went on to rub his cockhead over Ethan's face. Although I felt that Ethan was humiliated, especially with me watching, he did enjoy all this. Ethan liked feeling Ryan's big cockhead against his skin. Ethan would have stroked himself there, except that he was unsure how we would deal with a gay guy touching himself in front of us. So, he did not. But I could see his hard-on straining against his own jeans.
    As for me, I wanted to stroke myself so badly too. Instead, I just raised my thighs up, hiding my hard-on. I did not want any of them to have the wrong idea.
    And knowing Ryan, this was not the end. There would be a second helping in a short while.

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