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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 4

    In the past, what happened in Taza stayed in Taza. Ryan got his 8 inches cock sucked, Ethan was happy and I enjoyed the free show. And then, we headed back home. It was as simple as that. But it changed. I got to know Ethan. And when he asked me to add him on my contact online, I was more willing to, unlike a few weeks ago. No one was going to know. And through the net, we became more acquainted, and I would say that I was interested in his colorful lifestyle. And him, in my friendship with Ryan. In a certain way, I guessed I was his gateway to Ryan. Through me, I got to understand Ryan a little, whatever I could share, and also more about myself. The net was the answer. Ethan was gay, and I was not ready for others to know that I have a gay friend.

    The following day, I made my way to Taza again. This time, it was Ryan there. With Ryan, I did not need many words. We just hung out, talked crap about the neighbors, or some chicks we knew, and then, boasting scores, if any. More like when we were together, there was no need for any sensitivity, feeling nor emotion. All those were bottled up. Ryan did not do feelings. But I won't go to the extent to say that he was heartless. He fought off high school seniors when I was their target. He was the only one who dared to help me to fight them off years ago. And since then, I began to appreciate his protection.
    'Why him?' I asked, eventually.
    Ryan took a puff, and delayed answering me.
    'You mean?' he asked.
    'Why not go back to Linds? You had him once. You had him. Why again, and again?' I asked. 'Are you hooked?'
    'You won't understand,' Ryan said, in between his puffs. 'It was.. different.'
    'Oh yeah. Like how?' I asked. Images of Ethan sucking on Ryan's hard cock flashed back in my head. It was not easy to get rid of them. What worried me was that the images did get me hard.
    'Just different.' Ryan paused, and did some thinking for a while. 'If you want to know, all these are not getting me gay or anything. I still fuck any chick I find. Any pussy. So, I am no gay. Okay?'
    I understood Ryan's need to be defensive. One could not enjoy another guy's chewing on one's cock, and still claim to be straight. But I was not going to argue with Ryan. If he said he was no gay, he was no gay.
    And it was different again that day. Ryan let Ethan sucked his cock as usual, and unlike in the past, this time, Ryan just lied down on the ground, naked - pointing his hard dick to Ethan's eager mouth. Ethan tried to ignore his embarrassment that I was watching the whole scene, watching him going down on my friend's cock. Squatting on his knees on the sand, with one hand holding himself up, Ethan let his head be rocked up and down. His lips slid up and down on the Ryan's thick cock, enjoying every inch of the man pleasure Ryan allowed him to have.
    Ryan stopped him. Guided with his hand, Ethan moved up, kissing Ryan's smooth skin, feeling the skin of the man he desired on his lips. Ethan kissed Ryan's navel, before his tongue played around the tiny circle. Ryan's body jerked, shivered.
    I raised my thigh, hiding my hard-on. I was turned on by this whole show. How far this straight Ryan would let the gay guy explore his body?
    Ethan seemed to hesitate too. Ryan's hands had already left his head, and Ethan was no longer guided. He wondered how far he was allowed to go. Ryan's eyes were shut. His face showed ecstasy - a face revealing he was very much into this as Ethan. Moans escaped his lips.
    Ethan took that as an encouragement and lingered his tongue upward, stopping only where the tip of his tongue met Ryan's nipple. Ethan licked it. Ryan moaned. Watching Ethan hovering over a naked Ryan was too erotic. I had to raised my other thigh, hoping futilely to block any further blood circulation concentrating on my groin. I felt my own hard-on pressing hard on my skin.
    I watched as Ethan kissed and nibbled Ryan's sensitive spots. Ryan hardened his body every time he go excited at Ethan's touch. Ryan's cock twitched. Ethan would have loved to have that cock pressing against his own naked skin, but Ethan was wise enough to know he was not to ask too much. He took whatever that was given to him. And this time, Ryan's chests were his to devour. And before long, Ryan wanted him to finish the job. Ryan's hand pushed him down, back to where he belonged.
    Ethan bobbed up and down on Ryan's cock. Even more hungry now for Ryan's meat than minutes before, now that he had tasted Ryan's skin on his tongue. He was happy to please Ryan more. His hand stroked Ryan's cock furiously. He sucked harder, leaving Ryan to moan for more. Seconds later, Ryan could not hold any longer. He shot his cum inside Ethan's mouth. Ethan continued to glide up and down on Ryan's rod, with cum escaping his mouth, lingering down Ryan's cock. I could not take it anymore. I was too hard. When Ethan swallowed Ryan's cum, the movement of Ethan's Adam apple was way too much for me. I needed to cool myself down.
    I got up, leaving two guys who were still busy behind. I pulled off my shirt and headed for the cold water. None could see that I was getting hard, and should not see me getting hard. I removed my jeans, and jumped into water.

    Somehow in the water, I felt safe. I swam out, concentrating hard to divert my mind away from what got me hard in the first place. I needed to break free from all those images that got me horny. The water did the trick. And when my cock started to soften, I felt better. I rather stroke my cock though, but not while Ryan and Ethan were still in the watching distance.
    I did not swim out that far to hear a splash of water. I stopped and turned around. Ryan was swimming towards me. I waited.
    Ryan approached and smiled.
    'What happened?' he asked.
    'Huh?' I pretended to act dumb. 'Just want to take a dive. You know, swim?'
    'Sure nothing's wrong?' Ryan asked. Ryan did care, when it was about me.
    'Nah. Nothing,' I lied.
    Pause. Both of us just managing to stay afloat on the water.
    'He sucked good,' Ryan said, out of the blue.
    'Oh yeah?' I said. That was the best I could think of. 'Well, it was hard to tell,' I teased, chuckled, and Ryan laughed with me. It was obvious that Ethan was good.
    I looked back at the rocks. Ethan was standing there, unsure of to stay, to join us in the water, or to leave.  I guessed I was the reason the three of us separated. I felt bad.
    'Done?' I asked Ryan, fully aware suddenly that Ryan was naked in the water.
    'Phhhhh...' Ryan clearing water from his nostrils and mouth. 'Yeap!'
    'Sorry,' I apologized, when I reached the rocks. Ethan just shuddered his shoulders, and smiled. In new friendship, no one really got upset over anything. I was kinda glad that Ethan did not leave.
    As I got out of the water, I had nothing on, but a wet boxer. It was the most naked me that Ethan had seen, since his adventure with Ryan. I was suddenly conscious of my exposure. I felt naked. My hand moved forward to cover my groin. It was not the type of boxer that hid details. It was a thin, fair boxer, where the wet thread were sticking onto my hips. Where my hands failed to cover, I could see Ethan stealing shy glances. He was liking what he was seeing. I was flattered, but at the same time too, I was too edgy to enjoy the admiration. I knew I needed to cover myself up.
    A cat whistle made me turn. Ryan! He had seen that look on Ethan's face. 'Nice, huh?' Ryan asked Ethan, teasingly.
    'Fuck you, Ryan,' I said, not really angry. But I did not want any more attention. With my back to them, and my boxer being wet, I felt as naked as it was. I did not need 2 pairs of eyes checking my ass.
    Ryan laughed, as I turned and picked up my jeans. I must have looked furious, because the next thing I felt was a hand on my shoulder as I struggled to fit into my jeans, but I was not doing a good job. I was too nervous to get my own jeans on!
    'Hey, angry?' Ryan asked.
    I turned and smiled, just shaking my head. Ryan eased up, knowing that I was not.
    'Come on. Fuck the jeans. Let's just sit around on our naked ass,' Ryan said.
    I laughed. In no fucking hell, I was going to do that. If Ethan sucked Ryan one more time, and I knew they would, I was a goner. There was no way I could cover up my stiffy.
    'You would join us, right, Ethan?' Ryan asked. Except that, that was not a question. It was an order.
    I had never seen Ethan naked. And Ryan was not interested to see the gay guy naked. But Ryan was playing around, he did not know the limit. He was not bothered about the limits.
    Ethan nodded, but he did not make any move. Just like me, he was at lost what to do.
    'Come on!' Ryan barked, laughing, as he tried to pull my boxer down. But my hands were fast enough to hang on to the elastic band, and so, thanks to Ryan, Ethan was treated to a cheap show of left butt. I quickly pulled the boxer back up, and laughed. I moved away, just trying to keep my distance from Ryan. Ryan playfully kept reaching for my boxer and I kept avoiding his hands, jumping around and laughed harder. Ethan smiled. Ryan and I must have looked like two silly kids, goofing around.
    'Wait till I get you, Justin!' Ryan laughed.
    When I was cornered, I shouted unconvincingly for Ryan to fucking-leave me alone.
    But Ryan had this wicked look on his face. He was no longer interested in my boxer. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I was surprised, but played along - as long as it was not my boxer he was interested in. He turned me around, with me still puzzled and laughing along with him. With my back to him, he slid his both hands under my armpits, forcing them apart. I still tried to hang on to my boxer, too wary of his sneaky plan, which I did not know what it was. The next thing I knew was I was pushed back onto his body, when he raised his hands up and fell to the back of my head. His fingers locked together. I was trapped. I tried to break free, but our struggle caused us to fall back. Ryan fell on his naked butt, and I fell onto him. He was still holding onto me tight. I laughed as I tried to free my hands but I could not. Ryan was proving to be too strong in this position. His laughter was so close to my ear. I felt his hard body. And my wet ass was pressed against his groin. That was a first. Ryan pushed our bodies up, holding me in a sitting position.
    'Ethan!' Ryan said, laughing. 'Help me here! Pull his boxer down!'
    I laughed nervously. Shit! I was screwed. 'No, Ethan. Don't listen to him!'
    Perhaps my plead should have been more convincing, but my giggle were not helping. Ethan hesitated, but he was smiling still.
    'Come on, Ethan! Do it!' Ryan ordered.
    'Nooooo...' I begged. I was beginning to get nervous, but my grin was still shielding it.
    Ethan knelt in front of me. He was beginning to get himself involved in the game. His smile had turned into a smirk. Asshole! I chuckled, and kept shaking my head, telling him no. Ryan kept laughing, and encouraging Ethan on.
    Ethan placed both hands on my thighs. It sent shivers down my spine. This was real. Shit! He was gonna do it. I could have tried to push both of them away. I wanted to kick Ethan away, but I did not have the heart to lay my foot on him. I no longer struggled hard, but jerking my body to break free. His palms slid down my knees, fingers touching my boxer. His fingers gripped the boxer hard, as his eyes bored into mine. Ethan joked with me. He pretended to be serious, and as I braced myself for his act of betrayal to me, Ethan let go and fell back laughing.
    'Fuck you too, Ethan!' I said, half-laughing. I was getting too nervous.
    'What? Why did you stop? Shit you, Ethan!' Ryan cursed, as he held onto me. My hands arms were still locked within his.
    'Now, let go, Ryan. You lose!' I shouted, between my chuckles.
    Ryan held me more steady. 'Oh.. you forget. Ryan never loses,' Ryan said. 'Never,' he almost whispered to my ear, like it was a warning.
    'Come on, Ethan. Don't you wanna see Justin naked?' Ryan asked. Shit! Ryan was playing with Ethan's mind. He was trying to psyche him out.
    Ethan looked at me, wondering my reaction. I shook my head. But of course, that did not register anything for him. It was to be a naked me if he were to obey Ryan versus him obeying me. I tried to push myself up, but in vain. Ryan held me too strong.
    'No, Ethan. You don't want to do this,' I said.
    'Yes, you do, Ethan. You would want this,' Ryan cut in.
    Ethan's eyes alternated between me and Ryan. He was trying hard to figure how serious Ryan was. When I saw a sign of fear in him, I knew I was winning. Ryan saw it too.
    'Ethan! I'm holding onto him. There's nothing he can do. He's not going to hurt you. I promise!' Ryan persuaded. Ethan did not look convinced. Ryan was losing. I wanted to see Ryan's face badly when he knew that he was not going to win this. Ryan was desperate. 'Look! You can even suck him.'
    That surprised me and Ethan both. I shook my head. 'Ethan, no. Don't listen to him...'
    I was surprised to see that unlike earlier, Ethan looked more confused this time, like he was going to cave in to Ryan's demand. I did not know what to do. I pushed my body back, hoping that Ryan would fall off and I would break free. No such luck. My attempt got Ryan locking his fingers behind my head tighter. And looking at Ethan of me, there was no way I would kick him off. I did not have the heart.
    Ethan looked at me still, wondering if he should. But my struggle to break free, although weak, must have made him be on my side, and backed off from Ryan's suggestion. I felt Ethan was tempted. He wanted me. But thank goodness, he was changing his mind. I was worried too, because this continuous struggle had kept my ass rubbing on Ryan's cock, and he was getting hard on me. That had an effect on me as well. I needed to end this.
    Ryan stopped Ethan as he was trying to get up. 'Justin's big!'
    That worked the magic.
    Ethan turned and looked at me, and then at Ryan.
    'Oh, you like that, don't you? Trust me! We had seen each other naked. You don't know what you are missing,' Ryan brainwashed Ethan. 'Go ahead. Why don't you just feel him? He won't mind.'
    'Yes, I will. Fuck you, Ryan! Shut up! Let me go!!' I said. Just a few jerks of my body, and I surrendered again. I was helpless. I could not break free.
    I looked at Ethan. He looked lost, unsure of what he wanted. There was sadness in his face. I did not know why, but that got me stop myself to fight against Ryan.
    Ethan knelt closer to me.
    'No, Ethan. You don't want to do this. Don't listen to him,' I said. No longer was I pleading.
    'Come on, Ethan. See how big Justin gets!' Ryan said, as he laughed.
    Stupid me actually broke into a small grin at Ryan's words.
    There was no stopping Ethan anymore. He reached forward, and felt my groin. My thighs clamped together, but it was too late. His palm was already feeling me, and my thighs were only clamping on his wrist. Ethan rubbed my groin, feeling my cock through my boxer. My cock sold out on me. It was getting hard. It was getting hard in the hand of my new gay friend. My thighs gave up, trying to block him, and I released my hold on Ethan, giving him almost total freedom to enjoy me. He continued to rub my cock against my fabric. My cock grew longer under his palm. I lost.
    'Yeah, that's right. Keep rubbing. See, Justin's enjoying it,' Ryan said, encouraging Ethan on.
    As if to confirm Ryan's words, Ethan removed his hand, and looked at the outline of my cock on my boxer. It was big. My cock twitched, as more blood rushed up my cockhead. 7 inches. 7 inches to make Ethan happy, if he sucked me. I got nervous again. I was not sure if I was ready for this. And since that I was no longer fighting Ryan off, Ethan was no longer bothered about Ryan and my game. Ethan was interested in one thing then. Me. My cock.
    'Come on, Ethan. Suck it! You know you want it!'
    Ethan looked at me. Instead of a face of lust, I saw a little sadness in his eyes too, but he did not seem wanting to stop. He lowered his head. I felt his lips feeling the outline of my cock. It was only the wet boxer between my cock and his eager mouth. He wanted me. His hand caressed my rod, as his lips parted to mold my cockhead. I felt the pleasure. My cock jerked.
    'See, you like it, Justin!'
    I wanted to say no, but I was. I was enjoying - having Ethan's mouth on me.
    Ethan pulled down my boxer. Although I tried to stop him, I did not try hard. And there I was. My whole naked Justin for Ethan to see, to enjoy. Ethan grabbed hold of my cock, pointing it straight up as he stroked me gently in his palm. I was in his hand. I was at his pleasure.
    'Go on. Suck him,' Ryan said. Ryan was getting hard. I could feel his hardness on my back.
    Ethan bent down and took me in his warm mouth. My whole hardness felt his tongue and the back of his mouth. He sucked me. He sucked me hard. My body hardened. It was good. But I won't admit it. I won't let my body admit it felt good to be in a guy's mouth. But I felt his mouth. And how my cock kept pumping in and out of his wet mouth. And with thrust I groaned, as he took as deep as he could with my 7 inches. My cockhead prodded the back of his mouth, wanting more to get into his mouth.
    Ethan held me good with his palm and lips. I felt his lips gliding up and down on my thick rod. I was at the mercy of him, to give me that pleasure, that joy of mansex. My body shivered a few times, feeling good in him. And Ryan kept murmuring encouragement to my ear to let go and enjoy myself. My body relaxed and tensed at the same time. I looked down, to see Ethan's head buried down on my groin. That made me feel high.
    Ryan eased his grip on me. But I was no longer eager to be free. I was eager to cum - to cum inside Ethan. Ryan lowered his arms, and held them around me - holding onto me so that I would get through this whole experience, and not backed out. I just laid still in his arms, leaning back on his naked, lean bod.  His hard rod was still straining against my back.
    Ethan kept me hard in his mouth. It was a guy sucking me. Not a feminine mouth. A manly mouth sucking me, keeping me hard. His tongue played with my rod, licking every inch of me as he ran his mouth up my rod. And then, his lips closed in on my cockhead. Ethan ran his lips around my cockhead, tickling and tricking me into an ejaculation. I shot. I shot my cum up his mouth, feeling the warmness of my cum inside him. Ethan held on. He struggled to keep my cock inside him, and at the same time too, wanting to swallow my whole cum. I could still feel him sucking me off. He was trying to get every cum he could get off me. Reluctantly, eventually he withdrew himself, and ran his tongue down to my public hair, where my cum had ran down to. He licked me there. And then, he licked my balls, sucking me dry of any cum stain.
    I breathed hard. I got a little, to see Ethan, a face written with guilt. Ethan was wondering my reaction to his invasion of my sexual organ. I no longer minded, and wanted him to know that I was okay. I was okay with it. So, I smiled. Ethan smiled, feeling better.
    'You. Were. Fantastic,' I said, still trying to catch my breath. My chests heaved up and down, telling him that I was tensed from all the work he had done on me.
    Ryan pushed me off, and rolled to his side. He stood up. His cock was protruding hard from his groin. A thick 8 inches rod waiting to be served. I looked at Ethan. Ethan smiled. His duty was never done. And he was happy about it. His mouth reached for the 8 inches, as I watched on.
    It was going to be a long, hard evening.


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