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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 5

    'Ryan wants to fuck me.'
    I typed immediately. 'He said that? When?'
    I waited anxiously for his reply.
    'Today. At the rocks. You were not there. Bz?'
    I was. I was with my girl. But that was not what I wanted to talk about.
    'Yup. So? Did u?' I replied - my fingers jamming the keyboard.
    'Nothing happened. I didnt. We didnt.'
    'Why not?' I asked, half hoping that it did.
    'Dont know. Scared, maybe.'
    Scared? Then I thought of Ethan alone with Ryan. And I thought of Ryan being aggressive, and I could imagine his fear. Perhaps it was not easy to be with Ryan. Except if it was for me.
    'Yeah?' I typed.
    'Are u ok?'
    'What do u mean?' I replied.
    'Yesterday. U ok with it?'
    The sex. That blowjob. Ethan blew me. He took me in his mouth, and swallowed me clean.
    'Yeah. I am ok with it. Why?' I was. In fact, I did enjoy it, although I did not want to tell Ethan. Or Ryan. But I did like my cock swallowed by Ethan. There was a manly pleasure on me when Ethan took me in his mouth. Even when I was with Diane today, my thoughts did run back to Ethan. I was comparing. I began to understand the deal with a guy's mouth on another guy.
    'Tot it was the reason u did not show up.'
    'I was with Diane.' I told him at last. I did not want him to make a big deal of the yesterday incident. I did not freak out.
    'I see.' He typed.
    There was a pause, before I saw the next message. 'Wanna come over?'
    'And my uncle told me that among all, these are his precious!' In Ethan's hands, he held several single CDs - various collection of Madonna's La Isla Bonita, Like A Virgin, True Blue and a few others. 'He said that those were the songs that helped to swing his mood around. And I guess I am hooked on it too.'
    'Madonna? Seriously?' I asked, taking from him the CDs.
    It was either my question, or my tone, that rattled him a little. He blushed, and then, a smile.
    'Sorry. I did not know what came over me. I just got a little too excited,' Ethan said, embarrassed as he tried to take the CDs off my hand. I shoved his hands away. I was only kidding. I did enjoy looking at his collection. Well, his uncle's collection, until his uncle would return from Iraq. It was an amazing collection, from basically the 60's era till the recent ones, before the uncle left for the war. And it was even arranged in neatly, classified from rock to rock n' roll, from pop to hip-hop. The uncle must have spent a fortune on all this. But Madonna? Was the uncle gay too?
    Ethan's house was one of those houses that I had passed by several times, but I was never aware of knowing anyone in this place. Not that I was really aware of Ethan. But his house was one of those that told of his status. Ethan was one of the rich kids. My house looked pale in comparison to his double storey, came equipped with a pool, and a well-maintained garden.
    Ethan's room was by the pool. He told me that since he was 16, he wanted privacy. And it was granted. So, the pool house was his. Except that it would house his uncle's precious CDs as well, but it did not bother Ethan. He was happy to watch them for his uncle. His favorite uncle, he told me. I did not meet his parents. They were at some party, so I was told.
    '80's, huh?' I chuckled.
    'Madonna was, to many, an icon. A rebel,' Ethan commented, and took the CDs off my hand this time. If I was going to insult her, I was not worthy to touch her.
    'Gay icon,' I added.
    'I never forget that,' he said, as he carefully placed them back into the box.
    Like many, I only knew her from the Ray of Light years. Nothing before. Not the music to rock me.
    I dropped myself onto his Beanie Bag. It was pretty amazing room. I wished I had a room like that. The whole room to myself, and glass walls to watch the pool. Of course, I wondered what he would do for a jerk-off. Won't it be too revealing?
    'Your mom come here often?' I asked, wondering.
    'Nope. This place is off limit, unless they want me for dinner. Usually, the maid comes here. Only when I am not in,' Ethan said.
    I watched Ethan as he stood up and carried with him the boxes to be put away. Gay. Before Taza, I would never imagine myself befriending one. Then again, Ethan was not a sissy. He was acting as normal as any other straight boys. I wondered what gave him away. I wondered when he first knew he was one - not just that his first crush made him realized he was gay, but how? What happened? I wondered how it was like for him to be one, and braced himself for the days of verbal abuses and more.
    I did know a few of Diane's girlfriends who did like Ethan, until they heard he was gay. Wasted. That was what they said. And looking at Ethan, I could understand. He could easily be a chick magnet, and give Ryan and me a run for our money, or for our fucks, whichever one wants to put it.
    His figure showed a guy who took care of himself well. I guess the pool helped. He told me that he swam often. His arms were formed nicely, shown off by his cut-off sleeves. I was eyeing the V-shaped of his back, until I realized he was watching me from the mirror on the wall. He smiled. I nodded my head.
    'Nice ass,' I teased. 'No wonder Ryan wanted to try it out.' It was not true. I did not know about that. But it was true about his ass. It was fine, from where I could see.
    Ethan's smile grew bigger.
    'So, if Ryan asked again, would you say yes?' I asked him. We were playing cards. Ethan lied down on his front, while I was leaning back against the wall.
    'I don't know,' Ethan said, throwing down a Queen of Heart.
    'Why?' I asked, intrigued.
    I placed my cards down, stopping him from taking the next card. Ethan looked up.
    His eyes met mine. He knew I wanted answer. I wanted to know.
    Ethan sat up.
    'Maybe I am not ready for him. You know. Not Ryan,' he said.
    'Not Ryan?' I asked. I could not believe his words. It was always Ryan. Ryan was the chick magnet. Girls wanted him. I bet some would even count on Ryan to pluck their virginity away. How could it be 'not Ryan'? Didn't Ethan get down on his knees to suck Ryan? It could not register in my head that Ethan said that. 'You have any idea what you had just said? I thought you liked Ryan?'
    'I do. But it's not just like that! I can't tell you,' Ethan said, looking like he was lost for words.
    'Well, I just thought. You know. The way you...' I said.
    '.. suck him?' Ethan finished my sentence. 'Ryan's hot. That I will give you. But sucking him off was hot for me. God, you don't know how many times I had thought of that. But to fuck? No.. just not Ryan,' Ethan said.
    I wanted to ask Ethan if he had ever fucked. He could fuck any girl he would want to. Girls would kill to have a handsome boyfriend like him. And then, I remembered reading somewhere that gays were not made, but born. So, I did not ask him. I wanted to ask him if he had fucked another guy, but again, I remembered him telling me that he did not know any other gay guys his age in the area. So, I felt I knew the answer.
    'So... if Ryan is not, can I fuck you?' I teased.
    Ethan laughed. A nervous laugh. 'Do you want to?'
    I did not answer that. We both just chuckled and went back to the game.
    A few minutes past 12, Ethan's phone rang. He excused himself, while he took the call outside the pool house. I was not ready to go back yet. I did enjoy myself in Ethan's place - away from adults, away from my crappy and hot room. Ethan's place was cool. I was planning to enjoy the air-con place as long as I could. I saw his computer. Time to check my mails.
    I read a few, and logged out. My curiosity got to me. What would a gay computer hold? I clicked My Pictures. Nothing. It was all personal photos. I saw his mom. His dad. Saw his family photos and more. Each photo revealed a handsome Ethan, who looked so happy with his family. Family dinner, parties, gatherings and more.
    And then, I saw the folder 'school'. Photos of school, school and more school photos.
    I clicked back. There were several other folders - birthdays, camps, friends and JT. I was about to check them out when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
    'Anything?' I asked Ethan as I got up.
    I took back my same old position on the bed.
    'My uncle. He called from Iraq.'
    'Wow! All the way? Why?'
    Ethan smiled. 'He remembered it is my birthday.'
    'Your birthday? Today?'
    'Well, it's past 12. So, yeah!' Ethan said, with his happy grin on his face.
    'Happy birthday then.'
    'You said like you don't mean it,' Ethan commented, with his grin almost fading away.
    'Don't get me wrong. It's your birthday. Happy birthday to you. To me, birthday is just another day. Nothing miracle happens to me. I am happy for you, but that's just it,' I told him.
    'Birthday can be special. You just have to believe in it,' Ethan said, with his grin like a matured boy who still believe in good things, and happy dreams.
    'Oh yeah.. you got all wishes?' I challenged him.
    Ethan shook his head, but he was still smiling. 'Not all. But they may still come true. You never know.'
    'So, any birthday wishes this year?' I asked.
    Ethan nodded his head.
    'Wanna tell me?' I asked Ethan.
    Ethan stood there, pondering if he should. And then, he crawled up the bed, and knelt where his knees meet my legs. His smile never left his face. He touched my knees, and moved his hands upward. That was his answer. I knew his birthday wish then.
    I was not planning to spoil his birthday. If he wanted to suck my cock, I was more than willing to serve him.  I watched his fingers fumbled with my zipper. I raised my ass to let him slip my shorts down. Ethan threw it onto the floor. I was in boxer, all for him to enjoy. He bent down, and felt my cock with his fingers and lips. The feeling was coming back. To be in the hands of a guy to explore me, and to touch me, to make me feel good. Perhaps it was the forbidden lust that made me horny, but I was responding. My cock was hardening to his touch. My cock grew harder as his palm felt me.
    Ethan got up, and moved lower to the end of the bed. He pulled me down. I lied flat on his bed, with only my boxer to separate me from his hungry mouth. Ethan went back to his job. His mouth was wetting my boxer, and I could feel the warmness of his mouth on my rod. His fingers found my balls, and I groaned as he teased me.
    'My birthday wish? For me?' he asked, as he sat up again, looking at me.
    I was too horny for him to stop.
    'Take off your shirt,' Ethan asked.
    I did, as asked. Ethan took his off too. It was my first time looking at his naked chests. Ethan was beautiful. His body was built fine. Hours of swimming did this to him. Hard, lean and smooth.
    Ethan slipped his fingers underneath my boxer, and pulled it down. My hard cock flopped back onto my stomach. I was excited. I was embarrassed. I was naked in front of a guy, and I was enjoying it. I was enjoying his attention. I was enjoying what he had done, and would do to me. My cock twitched, excited.
    Ethan took my cock in his hand and stroked. I watched as he bent down and open his mouth, taking me into him. I felt his warm and wet mouth engulfed on my hard manhood. Ethan's body worked up and down, as he began to stroke me hard with his mouth. I felt floating with joy, passion, watching Ethan sucking me, to see his lips on me. Our eyes connected. There was this hungry look in his eyes, like he wanted more of me. I buried more of my hard cock into him, struggling to push it as deep as I could into his mouth hole. Ethan groaned, happy. I shivered. My hips rocked back and forth, matching his mouth thrust onto my 7 inches hard cock.
    Ethan's hand continued to pump me, as Ethan moved to kiss my hips, touching my skin with his lips and tongue. I felt his tongue snaking up and around, playing with my smooth skin, as it inched up, closer and closer to my abs. I felt it licking my hard stomach, feeling its way to and past my navel.  I felt his naked chests resting on my hard cock, while his lips found my nipples, and began to suck them, one after another. It was the way my body shivered, when he sucked hard my nipples that told him I liked it. My body was betraying my hetero sexual desire. I liked this gay Ethan's mouth on my hard body. I liked the way his lips teased my pecs, my nipples.
    With Ryan, Ethan stopped at the chests, and worked his way down. I expected that. But Ethan did not stop. He continued moving up, rubbing his naked chests against my naked abs. I felt his tongue continued to linger up, wetting its path, till where his lips began kissing my neck, and his mouth assaulted me sexually below my jaw. I felt his chests heavy on me. My panting matched his.
    I was high. I was too high.
    Ethan sat up again, disappointing me. I wanted his lips to tease me more on my neck.
    But my disappointment did not last. Ethan was sitting on my groin, where my hard cock could feel his fleshy ass. Only the soft material of his track bottom was covering his ass away from my cock. But still...
    Ethan rocked his ass to and forth, stroking my cock teasingly with his bums. He kept watching me. My eyes never left his. It was a slow rock, but it was working its magic. It was like Ethan was taking control of the moment, where my passion now lied totally where he and I touched one another. I was at his mercy. My cock jerked several times, telling me, and Ethan, how much I enjoyed that.
    Ethan raised himself up slowly, and removed his track bottom and brief together at once. I eyed at my prize for the early morning. Ethan was naked. His cock was hard. It was long. It was hard. His ass was gorgeous. And it was mine.
    Ethan wet my cock with his spit, and positioned himself on top of me.  Slowly, he lowered himself. His hand guided my cock, and the moment my cockhead touched his asshole, blood shot up prick, approving of what Ethan wanted to do. Slowly, he lowered himself down, pushing my cockhead into him. I just let him do the job, raising my hips a little, eager to feel the tightness of his ass on my thick rod.
    'Slowly,' Ethan whispered.
    I held his knees, wanting to tell him that it would be alright, that he could do it. Ethan's face showed signs of strain, but he was not giving up. I felt me opening him up. Ethan groaned. I was sliding into Ethan. I felt his tightness. I felt him. I rocked my hips a little, helping to push more of myself into him.
    I inched deeper into him. I began to rocked harder, sliding myself in and out of Ethan's ass. Ethan moaned. I groaned. I wanted more of him in me. I held him steady and rolled him to his side. I got up, and pressed him onto the bed. Ethan lied on his back. I raised his legs, and I took him. I buried my cock in him, and began to push harder. I got more inches in. My thick cock was sliding hard, jamming myself into him, with each thrust. Our bodies rocked together.
    Each thrust got me harder, and I felt my cockhead swollen hard within Ethan. I looked at Ethan. He felt me. He felt my cock thickened within him. His palms rested on my back, holding onto me for support. 'Harder!' Ethan mumbled. His grip on me tightened.
    And then, I felt him. Ethan shot his load onto me, onto his stomach.  I felt his warm cum on my body. I could not hold back. I shot my cum too. I shot my cum inside Ethan. I had wanted to pull out, but Ethan held me on. He would not let go. He continued to groan as he rocked his hips sightly, trying to squeeze as much cum he could get off me.
    We were panting. Our bodies covered with sweat and his cum. I felt my cock too, in my cum, inside him. I fell onto his body. Ethan hugged me. I was powerless. His sex wore me down.
    Half an hour ago, Ethan led me out of his house. We did not talk much, but we knew we both enjoyed the sex we just had. Something in my crazy passion told him that I would want more, and something in the way he smiled told me that I would get my wish.
    'That was your birthday wish?' I asked.
    Ethan smiled. 'Yeah. It was fucking great.'
    I smiled back, flattered.
    Without a second thought, I held the back of his head and pulled him to me. I kissed him. I kissed Ethan.
    When our lips parted, I smiled again. 'Happy birthday then.'
    I left Ethan smiling, knowing he was too.


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