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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 6

    The thoughts of the sex with Ethan were a great distraction, getting in my way in helping Ryan. Cleaning up the garage was his punishment today, for answering back his dad. It was in defense. Not his, but for his mom. It was the same old bickering about how she was eating up the family's money with her needing to go back again and again for her treatment. And how she was not the woman she used to be, or expected to be. Ryan told him off, reminding his dad that the family's money was hers, and how he switched from one odd job to another, wasting all on liquor and gambling. Unlike in the past, this time Ryan was less prepared when his old man grabbed his neck and punched him in the face. There would have been more, if it was not for his mom's wailing for Ryan's dad to stop. And he did. And then slapped Ryan with more tasks to do around the house.
    I came by to help. I had to. Sometimes I worried that Ryan would not be able to take all these. Ryan acted tough, but he could not lie to his mom or to me. Deep inside, we knew he was shaken. There was this young man within Ryan who had been forced to act beyond his age - to take up responsibility and commitment that a guy his age should not be burdened with. Ryan might have many friends who would stick with him because he was the popular guy in the school. But few knew his problems. Few knew him. And I was one of the few. And I was one of the few that he got.
    Clearing the garage was a tough task, judged by the amount of waste that was already chucked there, gathered since years ago. Ryan's dad had often promised to clean them, but at the end, the job was left to Ryan. Together, we pulled the damaged boxes with heavy stuff within out of the garage. We chucked things we believed no one would still want, out to the garden. Between curses and heavy groans, we were clearing most of the garage's garbage by the evening. I kept looking at my watch. I had only one thing on my mind - another appointment with Ethan.
    I was awakened by my mobile phone buzz at early noon. It was Ethan, with just a simple text message.
    'Can I still claim another birthday present today? Before the day is over?'
    That message brought a smile to my face. I was looking forward to hearing from him again. I wanted him. I wanted another sex with him.
    I quickly replied.
    Unfortunately this afternoon task with Ryan stole my time. I could not leave Ryan to do all this alone. His useless dad was of no help. As soon as he had his lunch, he was out the door. Ryan had to lift his mom to her bedroom, to let her rest.
    I thought of Ethan. And I watched Ryan, standing at one corner of the garage, occupying himself with the task of sorting things into different boxes, to be stacked up on the shelves later. I was sweating. My naked body was already bruised by the sharp edges of the boxes, and dirt stained my wet body. Ryan was suffering the same fate too. Standing there, with sweat covering his body, I knew the image was good enough to turn Ethan on. Ethan.. if only he was here. Ryan's body formed well. Even without trying, one could see the outline of his lean abs. And his pecs.. the curves of his well-built pecs.. only brought back memories of Ethan, licking on those nipples.. I shook the images off my head. Without Ethan, I did not need this. I did not want this. Ryan was my best friend. Not my gay friend.
    'Wash up, and then I'll make you something,' Ryan said, as he threw me a towel. I wanted to tell him that I was leaving, but I was hungry. And I did like Ryan's sandwiches.
    Ryan was standing in front of me, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His naked torso was a joy to watch. I wished to have a great body like his. I had a good body, but it was not a great body. Maybe it was the genes. Curse his family for having such genes. And curse his family jewel too. Big and thick. If only I was able to claim such physical attributes..
    Ryan' mobile phone beeped, reminding him to read a message he had received earlier.
    'Fuck!' Ryan cursed.
    'Your old man?' I asked.
    'No. Linds...' Ryan said.
    'Why? What's up?' I asked. Curious.
    'I swear I'm gonna break up with this bitch one day.'
    Bitch. Heard him calling her that too often. Sometimes, I wondered how his relationship with her could last this long.
    'Seeing her tonight?' I hoped for a yes, so that I could get away from him. The sooner he would get to her, the sooner I could contact Ethan to tell him that I was coming over. Ethan had requested for that - that I would come alone. He had promised his mom that he would let not more than a friend to come over, to stay overnight. Stay overnight - when I saw these two words on the text he had sent me, I knew it was going to be a long night. I was excited. I had wanted it. And Ethan requested. Even without me asking.
    'No. That bitch said something about being upset with me. About me not calling her last night. Damn that girl! Sometimes, I just wish I know what she wants..' Ryan complaint.
    'Oh.' I was disappointed. Oh well, I could still try to make it to Ethan's place by midnight.
    'You think Ethan's free?'
    'You think Ethan's free?' Ryan repeated.
    'You want him to go over to Taza now? It would be dark soon,' I said.
    Ryan paused, thinking. He cupped his cock, and did a quick squeeze. He was horny. Without Linds, Ryan would have to jerk off on his own, and it was something Ryan would prefer to have as the last option.
    'You think he would let me fuck him?' Ryan asked. I was a little stunned he brought it up.
    'You want to fuck him?' I asked, pretending to be surprise.
    'I'm not gay, okay?' Ryan said, as if I was questioning him. 'He sucked my dick. That was all.'
    'And this? Sticking-your-dick-up-his-ass thing?' I asked, cautious that it could trigger him to jump on me.
    Ryan remained silent for a while.
    'Linds did not want to. She told me to fuck off. I wanted to. You know, curious.'
    'But to go this far?' I asked again.
    'Hey. It would be just a fuck. One fuck. One tight ass to fuck. Don't make a big fucking deal over it. Besides, if not Ethan, you?' Ryan asked, teasing me now.
    'Fuck you! Don't get any stupid idea in your head!' I said, half-laughing. I tossed his pillow at him.
    Ryan easily blocked the pillow off. 'Come on, Justin... how about just a suck?' Ryan teased, his hand cupping his groin this time, offering it to me. If it had not been said with a cheeky grin on him, I would have worried. I mouthed another 'fuck you' to him, before I grabbed my mobile phone.
    I called Ethan. Perhaps it was time to adjust the plan. I had decided that it was either here, in Ryan's room, or not at all. It would be to dark in Taza by the time Ryan and I finish our meals. But I did warn Ethan, when I was sure Ryan could not hear me, that Ryan wanted his ass. It was up to Ethan, if he would still want to come over.
    I hung up, looking at a waiting Ryan. 'So?' he asked.
    'He said, an hour.' I smiled.
    'Nice room,' Ethan said, as his eyes scanned around the room. He was just being polite. I had been to Ethan's place. Ryan's room was small. There was barely space for us to move around.
    Ryan turned around, and locked the door. He did not want any intrusion. His mom was watching tv at the other end of the house, and Ryan knew with her favorite show on, he won't be disturbed for 2 hours. And his dad won't be back anytime soon either.  I drew the window curtain close. I had to admit that my heartbeats were racing, knowing that we would be doing something bad and naughty.
    Ethan hesitated. He was not sure if he should drop to his knees immediately or should he wait for instruction? Should he come to me, or should he serve Ryan first? He looked at me, and when our eyes met, I was pretty sure he was reading my mind - that I wanted him bad since the sex we had hours ago. I wanted a repeat. I wanted him. I wanted to fuck him.
    Ryan let his jeans slipped down. No boxer. Just a big cock that was already hardening without Ethan touching. Ethan eyed the cock that he had grown to be familiar with - the first cock he had sucked, and the cock that had satisfied him.  Ethan dropped onto his knees. Ryan played the same game again. He liked me to watch. He got even harder, humiliating Ethan. And he got hard, knowing that I would get hard too, watching him with his cock in another guy's mouth.
    Ethan licked Ryan's thick cock, guiding him with his palm. His lips covered Ryan's big mushroom cockhead - gave a hard pull on the love-muscle head, getting Ryan to moan. Slowly, Ethan swallowed Ryan's rod, covering an inch after another, trying to take as much as Ryan into him. I knew Ethan liked Ryan. Who wouldn't want a hot jock in his mouth? I was getting hard, watching Ethan bobbing up and down on Ryan's long dick.
    I looked at Ryan. He was watching me. His eyes were watching me, seeing my reaction as he began the rhythm of fucking Ethan's mouth. I moved. He knew I was adjusting myself. My jeans was revealing the obvious dent. His fingers signaled me to join him. It was an invitation that should had come sooner.
    I stood beside Ryan, and felt his arm wrapped behind me, pulling me closer to his side. Two groins at Ethan's attention. Ethan looked up, with his hand still holding onto Ryan's thick, but wet cock. Ethan turned his attention to me, pulling my jeans down to the floor, while Ryan pulled my shirt off. I let these two guys stripped me naked. My hard cock was already pointing straight, teasing Ethan to open his mouth and take me in. Ryan took his shirt too.
    So, there we were, two jocks naked, offering our cocks to the only gay we knew. Ethan held us in his hands. His right hand stroked Ryan's 8 inches, while his left hand had me - the 7 inches. I groaned. Perhaps it was the touch of a guy on my cock that got me excited. Perhaps it was something new that we were going to experience that thrilled me. Perhaps it was Ryan's smooth, naked skin touching mine, as I stood beside him. I moaned.
    Ethan took my hungry cock into his warm mouth. I shivered when his mouth wrapped around my 7 inches hard cock. I felt his tongue. I felt him pulling my rod, as he slid down my cock. I shivered again, when his lips touched my cockhead. My body shook, sending even more blood rush up my dick.  I wrapped my hand around Ryan's shoulder for support. The touch of my best friend's naked skin on mine added the excitement.
    Ethan moved back to Ryan's cock. I looked down, watching closely how big my best friend's cock was. I watched Ethan's struggle to get more of the inches into his mouth, and felt Ryan's body shaking, enjoying the attention his big cock was getting. Ryan's eyes were close. His breath quickened. I felt his hand feeling me. Feeling my back. His hand slid down until it was rested on my ass cheek. The feel of Ryan's hand as well as Ethan's palm on my cock were making me even harder.
    I pulled away. I was going to cum, and I did not want to cum so soon.
    'Ethan, wanna get out of your clothes?' Ryan asked.
    Ethan got nervous. He was horny, and should have been ready for Ryan, but the question shook him a little. He looked at me. It probably meant nothing, but Ryan caught that. Ryan also looked at me, puzzled. He wondered what was that about. I acted cool. Smile, just smile, I told myself.
    Ethan stood up. He took one item after another off his body. Ethan's lean body stood out attracting attention. It was Ryan's first time seeing him naked, and seeing the ass he wanted, and would be fucking. Ethan's cock was hard. It was also a thick 7 inches cock, just like mine. Ryan whistled, making Ethan blushed. Ryan touched Ethan's ass cheek, trying to warm up to his prize for the night.
    'You wanna have a go at it?' Ryan asked me. Ethan just waited, as if he did not have any say in this - his ass was up for grab, and there was no one asking him if he was okay with it.
    I shuddered my shoulder, but inside, I wanted to fuck that fine ass. I was eager to go, but had to play cool. I moved closer, but Ryan stopped me.
    'Me first,' he said. 'Ethan, here.' Ryan instructed.
    Ethan just obeyed, climbing onto Ryan's bed, and knelt on all four. I watched Ryan's face reaction. He looked like he was enjoying this. He was gonna get his first experience, banging an ass. A grin appeared on his face. He wanted it bad, just like me.
    'Wait!' Ethan said, before Ryan got to his position. 'Lube. I need lube.'
    Ryan grumbled, as he reluctantly got down from the bed and headed to his bathroom. We could hear him searching for one.
    I took the chance to ask Ethan if he was going to be okay with this. Ethan just smiled, and nodded his head. 'Did wish it was you,' Ethan joked. I laughed.
    'But hey..' he added. 'If you think I can't take it, just hold me.'
    To me, it was a strange request, but we were about to fuck a gay guy. Strange did not have a place. I just nodded my head. And it was my mistake this time, to talk to Ethan so close. I was whispering to him, not wanting to let Ryan hear us. When he walked in on us, I knew he began to believe something was going on between Ethan and me. Sex was the furthest border Ryan believed we could go and still be straights. Intimacy - that would be gay. I saw his face when he walked in. His eyes told me he wondered. But a second later, he acted like he did not bother.
    I stepped back. Ethan took my cock and bent down to take me in his mouth. His ass was all Ryan's.
    Ryan smiled. 'I don't want to be sloppy second,' he said cheekily.
    This time, Ryan was ready. He stroked his cock back to its hardness, and pointed the cockhead at Ethan's ass.  Ethan had paused. My cock was still in his mouth, but he was no longer moving up and down on my rod. He was waiting, anticipating the pain Ryan's thick cock would do to him. Ryan pushed. His hips thrust forward, pushing his cock in.  Ethan groaned.  My cock flopped out. I held Ethan's face on my palms, hoping that somehow, it would help. Ryan pushed deeper. Ethan cried pain, burying his face in my abs. I hugged his head close, letting his groan drowned within my hug. I felt his body struggled, trying to fit in Ryan's thick cock. And then, Ethan's body started to ease. Ryan had driven enough of his rod in.
    'Fuck.. this is tight. So tight!' Ryan cried. His hips began to thrust back and forth. Ryan rode Ethan's ass, pumping his big cock deeper inside Ethan. Each thrust got Ethan moaning. Ryan's pecs and abs tightened as he fucked Ethan faster.  Ethan struggled. He wanted me to hold him. He pushed himself up, and hugged me. He wrapped his hands around me, holding me tight. Ryan inched closer, continued to fuck Ethan hard.
    'You've gotta try this!' Ryan told me. I smiled, although Ethan's tight hug was getting me to worry for him. I could still hear his moans, and I took them as he was enjoying it. I felt Ethan's hard cock poking my abs, and mine on him, as our bodies shook together. Ethan was sandwiched. His naked body was caught between the guy who was assaulting him with pleasure with each thrust, and me - the guy he was holding close, not letting go. Ethan's face rested on my shoulder, and I faced Ryan. I could see Ryan. His fuck was hurting Ethan. His eyes told me of no mercy. It was intentional. He wanted Ethan to feel his big cock humiliating and giving him pleasure at the same time. Ryan's eyes met mine.
    And I saw it. I saw jealousy.
    As his face inched closer, I knew I had to oblige. If not, he would hurt Ethan even more.
    I was breathing him. I parted my lips a little. Ryan inched forward and kissed me.
    Ryan kissed me.
    It was something like in the heat of the moment, and something wild, passionate exploding in the room, and Ryan gave in to his desire. With his cock buried deep inside Ethan, pumping it like a mad man, Ryan was holding back no more. He kissed me.
    It was brief. Our lips parted. I was stunned. Ryan's face was not. He was angry.
    And then, he cummed. With a long groan, Ryan shot his cum inside Ethan. His body tensed. I felt Ethan's body tensed too. I felt spurts of warm cum hitting my body. Ethan moaned, as he tightened his hug around my sweating body.
    Ryan was panting, and his eyes had not left me. They looked hurt. He pulled out his cock, drenched with his cum.
    'You want him now?' Ryan asked.
    It was a question that I was not allowed to say no to. At the sound of Ryan's question, Ethan let go off me. He looked up. I was not sure if I should look at him or to avoid looking at him, now that Ryan was watching me. I just got up, leaving Ethan to support himself on all four.
    I took my place behind Ethan, the position I so loved hours ago. But I felt different this time. Ryan was behind me. I felt his eyes staring at me.
    I did not need any lube this time. Ryan had already loosened Ethan's ass for me. Even in slight fear, I was still turned on by Ethan's ass. I pushed my hard cock in. I felt Ryan's cum inside Ethan. I should have freaked out, but I did not. I liked it.  I felt feeling the warm asshole, and feeling Ryan's cum on my cock. I thrust my hips forward, and began fucking Ethan. I drove my 7 inches in, burying my hard cock deep inside him, feeling his asscheeks on my hips.
    Ryan moved closer to me. His arms wrapped around my body, just like the first time when Ethan sucked me. I felt Ryan's naked hard body on my back. I felt his wet sticky cock on my ass. My thrusting shifted me between these two guys. Thrusting forward, I felt Ethan's naked ass. Pulling back, I felt more of Ryan's skin on my skin.  I felt Ryan's breath on my ear, as he pulled me closer.  My cock jerked hard. Ethan moaned. He felt it poking him inside.
    'You are fucking my cum,' Ryan whispered to my ear.
    With that thought, I cummed. I cummed hard. I shot my loads inside Ethan. My body shivered hard, but Ryan held me tighter, holding my body close to him - holding me until my body tensed no more.   


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