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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 7

    The sex was so good that night, none of us wanted to let it end. Ethan lingered. I did not bother to mention that the time was already close to midnight. Not that we were on any curfew, but Ryan's dad had come home drunken, embarrassing Ryan and then knocked out in the living room. We took a little snacks from the fridge and sneaked out way up to Ryan's room, avoiding any sound to attract Ryan's mom, who could still be awake. Ryan did not bother to check on her. His mind tonight was on us - him, Ethan, me and whatever else that could continue in his room.

    As time passed, it made more sense now that Ethan and I had to crash in Ryan's place. Ryan wanted further attention and care from Ethan. And Ethan was more than willing to serve. I had seen the look in Ethan's eyes. This was more than a dream come true - to be able to sleep over in Ryan's place. To suck hot jock's cock was one good dream come true. To be able to sleep over, and hang out with Ryan was another for simple gay Ethan. It would mean more hours for this cute gay to please the straight jock. It would mean more chances to repeat the sex, between an eager him, a horny Ryan and a tempted me.

    I was relieved that the angry episode of Ryan was over. Ryan was apologetic, not in words, and made Ethan his famous sandwich. Ethan was pleased. The funny thing was Ethan did not even realize that Ryan was hurting him. Ethan enjoyed every deep thrust, and even rewarded Ryan with another blowjob. Ryan's moans when he cummed told me that he was ready to forget the reason he got upset.

    'So, what's it like for you? How do you get off?' I asked.  Not that it was a stupid question. I had seen him cummed. Either he jerked off, or when he got so hard from our bodies rubbing together, Ethan shot his loads. But he knew that was not what I asked.

    'Well, able to suck off hot guys does it for me, you know,' Ethan said, as he sat on Ryan's bed - the same bed where he had his two favorite young men for his sex meals. Ryan stopped checking his mails, and turned to us. He was also interested to know.

    'That's it? That's all? What about the mouth? What about wanting to be sucked?' Ryan asked. 'Don't you want that?'

    'You guys offering?' Ethan asked.

    'Fuck No!' I said.

    'He lied. Justin wants to,' Ryan teased. Ethan's eyes were on me.

    'Fuck you, Ryan!' I said, and threw a pen at him. It missed.

    'So, sucking alone gets you high?' I asked, again.

    'Okay. Imagine this. You and Diane. Ryan, you and your Lindsay. Why do you guys go down on your girl? Because when it comes to having your girl, the center of the sex focus is not on the lips. That's for kissing. The center is down there. So, to me, guys are hot. Sure, I want to kiss cute guys. Hot guys,' Ethan said. I was relieved we did not make any eye contact. I did not want Ryan to be upset again, for reasons I was unsure of.

    Ethan continued. 'But when I have them, lips are good. Chests are good. Abs are good. But fuck all that. Nothing beats having to pleasure guys on their hard cocks. Imagine. Hard cocks. Hot guys. And I have them in my mouth. That's my kick.'

    My eyes met Ryan's. Somehow, whatever Ethan had said made sense. But I felt that was not complete. Having to beat oneself off was not the way I would imagine myself ending my sex ride. Feeling pity on Ethan would make the situation uncomfortable. So, perhaps it was best to end the topic.

    'So, any thought crossed your mind that we would suck you off?' Ryan asked, with wicked grin. 'But you know it ain't happening.'

    Ethan smiled. 'A gay guy can wish, can't he?'
    The early morning continued with us clowning around in our boxers. Ryan would danced around in front of me, thrusting his crotch to my face, again and again. His hard abs was showing his fine 6 packs as he twisted his waist around, before I kicked his ass. Ethan jumped on Ryan, which Ryan was glad to carry him on the back, horsing around, before both collapsed onto the bed. I would smear my nipple with cream, and demanded an obeying Ethan to lick the nipple clean.  Of course, Ryan would want to top that. He pulled his boxer down, and creamed his balls. Ethan was a happy boy. On his four, he licked Ryan's balls clean. That led to another blowjob, with me getting hard watching.
    'Let's play a game,' Ethan said.

    It was only 2 in the morning. We were worried that our noises would get Ryan's dad banging on his door, but nothing happened. We were totally secured away in his locked room. One locked door to keep our forbidden lusts separated from his family. And the game was welcomed, because none of us was sleepy enough to sleep yet.

    'What game?' I asked.

    'Spin the bottle, but.. with a twist. I spin. Whom it points, the guy has to do what I say,' Ethan said.

    'That? No way!' I answered fast.

    Ryan shook his head.

    'Oh, com'on. Why not?' Ethan asked.

    'Coz if you say I have to suck your cock, it ain't happening!' Ryan said. I agreed.

    Ethan looked dejected. He spun the bottle in his hand, and we watched. None of us was interested to see whom it would point to when it stopped as there was no deal. It pointed at the space between Ethan and me.

    'Ok. How about this? No sucking..' Ethan said.

    'And no fucking..' I added, quickly.

    'Unless you want us to do you,' Ryan said. 'Only you..'

    Ethan smiled. 'Deal! So, we're on?'

    We shifted around, and sat in a circle in Ryan's narrow room.

    Ethan took the bottle to spin. Ryan stopped him. He took the bottle away from Ethan.

    'No, not you. Me first,' Ryan said.

    He spun. We watched. It stopped and pointed at me.

    I stood naked at Ryan's window, and sang the national anthem. I sang it real fast, before rushing back to laughing Ryan and Ethan.

    I spun. It stopped between Ethan and me. I spun it again.

    Ethan and I watched through the window, laughing, as we watched a naked Ryan ran naked out to the street, and then ran back in.

    And then more.
    ...I gave a blowjob to the bottle...
    ...Ryan stood on his hand, while Ethan licked clean the cream on his navel...
    ...Ethan had to post a pic of his cock to the net.. and of course, deleted eventually....
    ...I had to lick the cream off Ryan's navel...

    Ryan and I did not push the button when it came to the challenges both of us had to do. It was different for Ethan. He started with easier challenges, and I knew somehow that he would push us to the limit. So, when it came to his turn to spin the bottle, he seemed to hit the target when he got Ryan again.

    'Kiss me,' Ethan said.

    I laughed. This was good.

    'What? What the fuck?' Ryan snapped.

    'A deal's a deal. Kiss me,' Ethan demanded.

    'Com'on Ryan. It's not a blowjob. Just a kiss,' I said, not wanting Ryan to get out of this. I wanted to see this straight hot jock kissed a gay.

    'Okay! Just a kiss. Alright. I can do this!' Ryan said, as he got up on his knees, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Ryan leaned forward. Ethan's lips met Ryan's, and before Ryan could pull away, Ethan put his arms around a surprised Ryan and pulled him close. Both of them fell onto the floor, with Ryan on top of Ethan - lips still locked.

    I laughed. Ryan struggled to get up.

    'Fuck!' Ryan lashed out, but he was giggling along too when he saw us laughing.

    I had to admit it was hot to watch 2 guys kissing in front of me. It was hot to see Ryan kissing a guy.

    But I knew we had to pay the price.

    Ryan spun the bottle. It pointed at Ethan.

    But I was involved too.

    My boxer was stripped down. I was asked to lie down on the bed, facing down, and I felt cream on my ass. Ryan sprayed cream on my ass.

    'Lick him,' Ryan ordered.

    I felt the bed moved as Ethan climbed on. Hs legs pressed on mine, as he struggled to find the right place to squat down. His palms rested on my thighs, and then, I felt it. I felt his lips touching my skin, as he ate the cream off me. Ethan took his time slowly eating up the cream, and at the same time too, I felt him caressing me with his lips. He was kissing me. Gently. Calmly. Then, I felt his tongue, lingering around, licking me clean. My cock began to rise.

    I felt his warm breath on my skin. I turned and saw a grinning Ryan. He was enjoying this parade.

    Ethan's tongue did not stop at where I thought he should have. I felt the tongue lingered down my ass crack. My body shivered. Ryan's face changed. He, too, was intrigued.  I felt Ethan's tongue lingered lower, as his hands pulled my ass cheeks apart, giving him more access to my private spot.  Ethan's breathing became longer and harder. I felt him. I felt his breath. I felt his tongue. I shuddered when I felt the tip of his tongue touching my asshole. Ethan licked. He was rimming me. His tongue kept teasing me, like he was eating me up down there. I moaned. My cock was already hard, pressed down against Ryan's bed by my body. My body rocked as Ethan kept pushing his face against my butt. I felt his tongue on my balls. I felt his tongue on my hole.  I was turned on, hard.
    'Are you guys planning to continue the game, or what?' Ryan said at last.
    'Okay, Justin. No sucking, right?' Ethan asked. I nodded my head. He had better not come up with something like that.

    'I want you to face Ryan's cock. Just face his cock.'

    'You are such an asshole,' I said, while Ryan happily got up and stood in front of me.

    'Feel free to suck it, if you want,' Ryan teased.

    I placed myself on my knees, standing real close to Ryan's cock.

    'Closer,' Ethan said.

    I inched forward. I could see the effect on Ryan. His long cock was hardening.

    'Asshole,' I cursed at Ryan.

    'Go ahead. Open your mouth. Don't blame me if my cock slips in,' Ryan said, laughing.

    'Closer, Justin,' Ethan said.

    I moved closer. Ryan's cock was 4 inches away from my face.  It was still getting harder.

    I could smell him. It was as if I could feel the warmth of his hardening cock on my face, as I was pushed to move closer - to see how far I would go. Ryan's hard cock was already pointing hard. It twitched. My eyes stayed on the angry-looking cockhead. It looked so big up close.

    'Less than one inch. Move closer, Justin,' Ethan nagged.

    And I did. There, Ryan's 8 inches cock stood out long and hard, pointing at me, at my lips. My eyes looked up and I saw Ryan's evil grin. He thrust his hips forward. I turned my face, and felt his warm, hard cock on my cheek.

    I jumped, and cursed. Quickly I took my shirt and wiped my cheek, as if I would wipe that moment off.

    Ethan and Ryan laughed.
    'No more games, guys! I had enough,' I told them.

    Ryan stood there with his hard on. 'Okay,' he said. He turned to Ethan. He did not have to order. Ethan knew what Ryan wanted. He stopped laughing, and got up on his knees. Kneeling down in front of Ryan, Ethan held Ryan's hard cock in his palm and brought it to his mouth. His lips covered the cockhead and Ethan sucked. He sucked hard. Ryan's body tensed. A long moan escaped his mouth.

    I did not want to be left out this time. I pulled down my boxer and sat down behind Ethan. I pulled his boxer down, exposing his hard ass. Ethan struggled to get his boxer off, while his mouth never left Ryan's long cock. His mouth continued to swallow more of Ryan's 8 inches in. I pulled Ethan close to me, raising his ass and slowly guided him to sit on my cock. Ethan groaned when my cockhead opened his ass. I pushed myself further into him. My hard cock glided into his ass. My hips rocking back and forth, burying more and more of me in him.  I felt like my cock was tearing Ethan apart inside, with more of my long cock pressed into him.

    I watched as Ryan guided his head, not willing to let Ethan's delicious mouth to leave his cock. Ryan pulled Ethan's head forward, as he thrust his hips toward Ethan's face, fucking Ethan's mouth.
    I held Ethan's body closer to me. I put my arms around his lean abs and held tight, feeling his body and mine rubbing against one another, skin to skin. I felt his pressure on my cock, tightening his grip around my hard cock, punishing me for wanting more of his pleasure. Ryan's cock kept fucking Ethan's mouth, only inches away from my face.

    I cummed. I cummed hard inside Ethan. I felt my warm semen covering my thick cock, still buried inside Ethan.

    I felt Ethan shivered, and hardened. Ethan cummed too. I felt his warm cums spurted onto my thighs.

    And then, Ryan groaned. His abs and thighs tightened, as he shot his loads. Ryan pulled out his cock, with his hand stroking his cock hard, aiming his cum loads at our faces. He was cumming more. His sperm shot all over. I felt Ryan's warm cum, ejaculated onto my face. I was stunned, but I did not back away. I looked up, and saw a happy Ryan. He smiled. Slowly, I smiled back.

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