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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 8

    'You think we are gay?' I asked. Not that I was really expecting a straight answer from Ryan. Both of us were willing to avoid any label, as long as possible.

    'Why? You think you are?' Questions. That was the best I could get from him.

    'I fucked Ethan. You fucked Ethan. You think we are still not gay?' I asked again.
    Ryan did not answer immediately this time. Not that I was eager for him to.

    We were resting under the tree in front of my house. Ryan showed up an hour ago. It was too noisy in the house, and I was only too happy to get out. Having a friend meant that I could avoid any house chores. The day was hot, and both of us had already stripped down to only our shorts. Of course, our shirtless bodies were getting admiration from those who walked by. Nothing lust - just admiration of two fine, hot teens.

    And since our sex with Ethan, I had admired Ryan's body more. To me now, his body also meant hot sex. Looking at him now, I got turned on a little, just by seeing the sweat trickling down his chests. Ryan knew my eyes were looking, and pretended he did not care. Why should he? It was Ethan who could release his lust. It was Ethan's butt that Ryan had tasted, and wanted more.

    'Yeah. But we fucked our girls too.' Ryan was referring to his girlfriend, Lindsay, whom I suspected, had dumped him. Ryan was seeing less of her nowadays. Not that I was making time for my girlfriend, Diane, but she was busy with her visiting relatives. That gave me excuses to hang out more with Ethan, and Ryan. That gave me time to enjoy my sex time with Ethan. 'You're thinking too much. It was just sex,' Ryan added.

    Sex. Was that all? Simple explanation to our animal lust, where Ryan and I had been willing to step out of our straight-guy boundaries and invited the forbidden into our lives. Our fear of the man sex faded, and now, we were nothing but hungry for more. If only Ethan was around.

    I agreed. I did not want to risk calling Ryan gay. If Ryan wanted to avoid the subject, so be it. I had started questioning myself. How far was I willing to go in this man-sex escapade? Was I turning gay? Was I willing to go through all this, pretending that I was still the same straight guy I had been weeks ago?

    Two older chicks drove by. As usual, we played the game. We knew they would check us out. They were hot enough that there was this wish in me they would stop the car. Fat chance. The car continued moving, with the girls shooting us their devilish grins, and then giggles.

    'Think Ethan has the hots for you?' I asked Ryan, when the car was out of sight.

    'Those girls do,' Ryan said.

    'And Ethan?'

    'Why Ethan?' Ryan asked back.

    It was too obvious. He was the hottest jock in school. One would not be surprised to find others having crushes, lusts for, or even masturbating to the sight of Ryan. One would be surprised if Ryan did not arouse that.  Since our sex with Ethan, I secretly got turned on, when Ryan's hard body was pressed against mine; when his naked skin touched my naked skin. But that had to be kept secret. I could never share with my straight best friend that.

    'Because everyone wants to have a piece of you. What's with the humble shit?'

    'Everyone? Everyone, including you?' Ryan asked. His eyes were looking for my response.

    'Fuck. You know what I mean,' I replied. I held my face expression as steady as I could. I was not going to give Ryan the pleasure to think that I had thought of him.

    'I don't know. I mean, what can I say?' Ryan said, as he turned his face away from me. Perhaps the subject was too much for him.

    'You mean, you felt it too?' I asked. Since that night, Ethan had been nice to Ryan. He had been too eager to jump at any of Ryan's requests. Too eager, in fact. Not that I was jealous. I was still having my fair share of fucks.

    'You know what? I don't give a fuck. What can I do if he does?' Ryan asked me back.

    I shrugged my shoulders. Ryan was right. When feelings got in the way, sometimes things turned lousy. I only wished that Ethan would be careful with his feelings. Ryan could be a hot guy in sex, but in feelings, Ryan could be cold.

    'Why not you?' Ryan asked.


    'It could be you he has the hots for.'

    'Nah,' I responded. 'You think?'

    'Why not?' Ryan answered.

    'Ryan, no one sees me when they see Ryan. Like I don't exist.'

    'Fuck you. Says who. I bet Ethan likes you. Com'on. Look. You are nice to him. You looked good. You have a nice body. What's there not to like?'

    I did not answer. I did wonder too.

    'Let's go easy on him. I don't want him to be hurt in this shit,' I told Ryan. Ryan did not reply, although he nodded his head once in agreement.

    I leaned on the tree, raising my hand and placing them behind my head. 'So...' I said. 'You like the sex?'

    I watched Ryan. He did not look at me. He dared not to look at me. But I saw his smile - his guilty smile.

    'Oh, com'on, Ryan. Tell!' I pleaded.

    'He gave good head,' Ryan said. 'You?'

    'His ass,' I said. I saw Ryan nodded.

    Ryan chuckled. 'So, you like this shit, huh?'
    'And you don't? Let's cut the bullshit. I mean, he's tight. Oh man! Talking about this makes me think of fucking him again. Gonna get a boner here,' I said, as I grabbed my crotch. Ryan just watched my hand.

    'You know what else I like?' Ryan said.

    I shook my head.

    'Man, it turned me on when he swallowed. If only the girls would do that!' Ryan said.

    'Some girls do. You had not met those ones yet,' I said. 'But yeah... I love him licking me clean after that. You know, it should be gross when he did that, but somehow, I always wanted someone to do that. Shooting in his mouth.. Oh, that was hot!'

    Ryan looked at me. 'Hot, huh?' he asked.

    I nodded my head. But Ryan's eyes were still on me. I knew that look. There was something sneaky in his mind.

    'What's up with you?' I asked.

    'Ever eaten cum? I mean, your own cum?' Ryan asked.

    'Ew. Fuck that. That's gross! That's fucking gay.'

    'What's so gay about that? It's your own cum!' Ryan said.

    'You mean, you have?' I asked back, shocked.

    'Yeah, after I cummed fucking Linds. You know. The eating her again after that,' Ryan said.

    'Oh.' I could not get my thoughts away from the idea of Ryan eating cum. Okay, it was his own cum. But still.. 'So, you like it?'

    Ryan shrugged his shoulders. 'It was the heat of the moment thing. Not that I eat cum all the time. Or wanting more. So, no, I don't know. You?'

    'Never do this shit. No, I don't know,' I answered, still in shock.

    It was then that my mom called. Dad and her were going out. And then she said something about telling my sister when she came back that the dinner was in the fridge. Something about the dinner needed to be heated up. And that there was extra, if Ryan would want to stay for dinner. Ryan was not sure if he would stay that long.

    Ryan and I watched as they got into the car, and drove away.

    'Look. I need a shower here. Alright with you?' Ryan asked.
    'Justin! Towel?!'

    I walked into my room, and grabbed one from my drawer. I walked into the bathroom, to find a naked Ryan just stepping into the shower. It was erotic to see how the shower was caressing his hard teen body, running down his fine chests, to his lean abs, down to his long dick and on to his muscular thighs. I watched his ass. Waterdrops trickled down his bubble butt. I had admired too long to escape his notice.

    I quickly placed the towel near the sink.

    'Justin?' Ryan called, as I was heading out.

    I turned and faced a wet Ryan. Water dripped off his hair, onto his shoulders and chests.

    'Join me?' Ryan asked.
    I knew what the question meant. It was not just an invitation for shower. It was an invitation for something that straight friends hardly accept. Something that straight friends would not do. Something that straight friends would not cross. And I wanted to cross it. So did Ryan.  Taking up his offer would mean that there was no turning back for the two of us, although I was pretty sure none of us would dare to go too far. But how far still, I wondered.

    My hesitation got Ryan impatient. 'You wanna?' Ryan asked. His hand reached out for mine.

    What the fuck!

    I unbuttoned my shorts, and let it slipped down. I was naked. A naked me, and a naked Ryan in my bathroom.

    I locked the bathroom door. Ryan stepped aside to give me space.

    My heart beat fast. I was worried. I was excited.

    I felt the cold water on my skin, but still, I felt the heat from my skin touching Ryan's. Ryan was near me. I felt him. I felt his chests pressed against my arm, against my back. I felt his naked dick pressed against my ass cheek. My body shivered.

    Ryan sensed my fear.  He put his arms around me, pulling me to him. My back was pressed against his chests. His dick poked my ass. I felt it rising. The cold water was not cold enough. Not that I wanted it to. My cock was hardening too.

    Ryan released me, and I felt his palms on my chests and then down to my abs. He touched me under the running water, rubbing my skin with his palms. I sighed. My dick was already hard.  My seven inches was pointing up. I felt Ryan's too.

    Ryan turned his attention to my shoulders, massaging me as he moved his palms down to my arms, and then to my back. I felt him close to my neck, almost like he was breathing me. Another sigh escaped my lips.  And then, I felt his fingers sliding down, feeling my wet skin as he went for my ass. Ryan knelt down. He placed both of his palms on my ass, and squeezed them gently. He felt my asscheeks and he touched my hips. He massaged my ass a few times, pushing my body forward. I had to hold onto the wall for support.

    And then, he felt my thighs. His fingers were only inches away from my crotch. But there was where he stopped.

    'Your turn. Clean me,' Ryan ordered.

    I stepped aside, and let Ryan stood under the shower.

    I took a look at his fine body, and sighed again. Ryan's hot body was there for me to feel, and I did not have to be shy about it. No straight crap to act all macho and pretentious. This was it - my best friend and me, and only the two of us with our secret.

    I placed my palms on his chests. Ryan grinned. He wanted more. I ran my palms on his skin, feeling his strong chests and pulled his nipples. Ryan groaned. Unsure of what to do next, I ran my palms down his arms and then, got him to turn around. I played his back, feeling his skin as my hands headed down to his butt. I felt his bubble ass, and my cock twitched excited. Ryan felt me. My cock was pressing hard on his ass. The shower space was way too small. And on this particular day, I liked it that way.

    I hugged Ryan, pressing my hard body against his. My hard cock was pressed against his bubble butt, and Ryan made no attempt to move away. I held him tight. I loved the moment. It was only him, me and the shower.

    Perhaps it was the forbidden thing that made us hard. Perhaps it was the wanting to taste beyond the boundary that was making us go this far. Perhaps that Ethan had pushed us a certain distance, and now Ryan and I wanted to see how far we could, and would go.

    Ryan turned to face me.

    'You have not done my legs yet,' he said.

    I was puzzled, but he was right. So, I knelt down. It was then I realized why he wanted that. It was not that he really needed me to wash his legs. He wanted me to kneel down in front of him. Ryan was turned on by this. I cleaned him as asked, but my hands touched not his dick. His 8 inches dick was pointing hard at me. His thick rod looked like it was threatening to explode if Ryan did not get his load off soon.

    I knew Ryan would want me to suck him. But I won't. I was excited, but sucking a guy's cock was not really something I was daring, or willing, to do right now. I was scared.

    I stood up. Ryan looked disappointed.

    'Suck me,' Ryan said.

    I shook my head.

    'Com'on. I am hard.'

    'I am hard too,' I said.  Our cocks were pointing hard at one another. 'Why don't you suck me?'

    Ryan said nothing to that. But he did not look happy. Both of us wanted to take the next step, but none of us was willing to make the first move. There was too much pride involved. The first one to give a blowjob would be the queerer one. Ryan was frustrated. I was nervous.

    The water was still running.

    'Okay, you suck me first, and then.. Then, I'll do you,' Ryan said.

    'What? Why me first? So you can back out later? No way. I'm not stupid,' I told him.

    Ryan was desperate, but he did not want to give in.

    Frustrated, he turned away, and turned off the shower. It was too quiet. Only him and me in the sudden quietness.

    Ryan turned back and faced me. Without any warning, he lunged at me, pressing his lips on my lips. His arms wrapped around body, and held me close. I was surprised, but I did not push away. I kissed Ryan back, but it was just a short kiss.

    'Kiss my nipples.' I heard him say.

    I did not want to argue with him on that. So, I obeyed.

    My lips found his chests, and I began to kiss one after another. I sank my teeth on his hard nipples, and playfully bit them. It was when I sucked the left nipple, Ryan groaned approvingly.

    I stopped. It was his turn. But instead of obliging, Ryan asked me to kiss his cockhead.

    I shook my head.

    'Not suck. Just kiss. Just put your mouth on the cockhead,' Ryan begged.

    I shook my head still.

    'Com'on. Just this one time,' Ryan pleaded again.

    I reluctantly obeyed. But Ryan had better be prepared to return the favor. I wished I could show Ryan how pissed off I was, but my hard dick was not conveying the same message as my anger.

    I knelt down and faced Ryan's cock. I knew he was happy at last.

    I braced myself. I brought myself forward, inching myself closer to his throbbing cock. His cockhead had grown real big. All his blood must had shot to this cockhead at this point, as I brought my lips closer.  With my mouth shut tight, I planted my lips on his cockhead. I felt him. Warm. Smooth. Big. Ryan's cock twitched again. His cockhead hit me on my nose.

    I had enough. I wanted to get up, but Ryan's hands kept me down, holding my head to make sure that I stayed down. I struggled a bit, but he was not letting go.

    'Place your lips there longer, Justin.'

    I saw that it was pointless to argue with him. Ryan always wanted things his way.

    Looking at his big cockhead, I resigned myself to it. I kissed his cockhead again. I felt Ryan pushing his hard cock. I refused to give in. I kept my lips shut tight, and at the same time too, I used my hands to push him away. But Ryan was stronger. I was not winning this.

    This struggle was getting me excited. The more I tried to push him away, the tougher he got with me. And the tougher he got with me, the more turned on I was with him.  My cock kept bouncing, as I got harder.

    And maybe because I was already fed-up with the struggle, or maybe I was already tired, I grabbed Ryan's cock with my hand, feeling his thickness in my palm. My mouth open and I took him. I took Ryan's cock in my mouth. I was surprised. I was surprised by my own action. I was surprised by the thickness of his cock in my mouth. I was struggling to keep him in me.  Ryan's cockhead was big enough to jam up my mouth real good.

    Ryan started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. He fucked my lips. He fucked my mouth hard. I felt his long cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, gagging me. But that did not stop Ryan. He kept going. He kept feeding me inches of his thick rod, and he groaned.  His hips rocked, pushing more and more of his manhood. I felt him. I felt him in my mouth, hurting me with every jab he thrust to my face. I felt his skin, as I held onto his hip and ass for support.  My fingers wrapped around his thick cock, feeling his mantool on my palm.  Ryan went wild. He liked it so much, that he kept increasing his thrusts, assaulting my mouth with his 8 inches.

    I wanted to tell him to stop. I wanted him to take it slow. I wanted him not to cum.

    But Ryan cummed. He shot his loads in my mouth, causing me to gag again. He kept his cock buried inside my mouth, forcing me to swallow his cum. I tasted his salty and warm sperm in my mouth.

    This was too fucking thrilling for me.

    I shot my own loads onto the bathroom floor.


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